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what up world I'm Steve founder and CEO of Krypto Korean Aversa home of the number-one crypto classes this is where we keep crypto simple today another exciting video Bitcoin golden cross the opportunity of a lifetime if you're new here join the movement hit that subscribe button right now and everybody hit that thumbs up button I appreciate you it's great to see you we have an incredible video to get to but first this is by Nance BTC it is absolutely exploded but imagine for a second if you made this trade imagine for a second how much confident it would give you to make this trade your friends would be impressed your family would be impressed and best of all you would have made back a lot of those losses you took in 2018 well the answer is a lot simpler than you think and the answer is right in front of you my customized step-by-step strategies are built to dominate you would have dominated this trade in tons of other trades after taking my classes you would have purchased on this 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top seller it'll be the very first link right down the description I'll link it for you inside the video right here save five hundred dollars that's unreal do not let this opportunity pass you by you're gonna sign up to this combo if you've been in crypto just a few months incredibly popular with folks who are new to crypto this will be the second link write down the description online good for you inside the video right here unlock those six powerful bonus classes we look forward to welcome you in this video is gonna be jam-packed with learning it is phenomenal it is about the golden cross the golden cross historically in stocks crypto any market is one of the best if not the absolute best time to buy it marks day one of the bull market it marks the end of a bear market bear market terminated bull market started officially it is incredible generally speaking it's the best opportunity for investing of your life it doesn't come out come around very often and we're getting closer to it this video is gonna talk about really what to look for in the charts how close are we are we a few days away are we a few weeks away when do we expect it to happen all that is gonna be uncovered in this video so golden crosses make no mistake are incredible they're the opposite of the death cross eleven months ago we made this video right here talking about the death cross nobody was talking about it at the time which blew my mind it's so important we said that not only are gonna have a death cross but we're gonna be going into a bear market for the next year with prices declining for the next year we made that video eleven months ago we've talked a lot about it ever since then and you can see a year later what has happened now we're talking about the opposite of that when the bear market is going to be finished in day one of the bull market so if you look back in history the death cross will simply put the death cross is when the 50-day moving average on a daily chart right we're on the daily chart here on trading view it's the BLX we've got eight years of data to look at so when the 50-day crosses the 200-day that's a death cross when the 50-day crosses back above the 200-day there's your golden cross okay so again death cross after we a few weeks after we talked about it on our videos a lot of the famous youtubers came out and said oh the death cross is no big deal we're gonna be in there for about a week or two and we're going to 20,000 30,000 40,000 some people even predicted 50,000 in 2018 that's really unintelligent you know I'm not gonna call out anybody but that was really ridiculous I wanted to come out and speak the truth you guys deserve to know the truth I have 18 years of experience I want to give you guys only the truth our words are not paid for on this channel we're not sponsored by anybody and we made it clear the death cross warning the golden cross is something to really jump up and down about this is we're getting closer to one of these incredible opportunities if we go back here you can see that the golden cross happened first back here in July of 2015 look at where the price was at about two hundred and fifty dollars look at what happened after that explosion it's day one of the bull market make no mistake this is the best I'm not your financial adviser this is not financial advice but let's be honest this is a huge thing it is the best time to invest you simply using this simple technique you're gonna remember this for years to come guys I'm putting this video out for free you're gonna remember this for years to come and it's gonna help you dominate the market if we look back in Bitcoin even further okay death cross boom that means bear market okay there's two ways to know that you're officially in a bear market two ways to know write these down in your notebook number a death cross number two price action below the 200-day moving average you can see that okay we had price action below the 200-day check box number one death cross check box number two officially bear market and then bull market boom right here when Bitcoin was five dollars we went from five dollars day one of the bull market to topping out at one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars just imagine if you knew when day one of the bull market was I'm gonna teach you in this video today how to identify when that is coming we're gonna take a look at a few other charts to really make it clear and then we're gonna dig into that important question of when so I'm gonna show you this this is the Dow Jones alright and let me show you what has recently happened recently in the Dow Jones on a daily chart here on trading view we had a death cross in December not by surprise my students knew about this before it happened and those of you who took my combo classes you also learned about this and how powerful it is now if we scroll back in history you can see that here in August 2015 we had a death cross price action below the 200-day officially a bear market we didn't cross those prices for a long time until we crossed here golden cross opportunity and we shot to the moon alright if we scroll back in history a lot of you guys remember ok the financial crisis of 2008 right everybody knows financial crisis 2008 well we had a death cross in 2007 before anybody was talking about any financial crisis we had a warning clear-cut clear-cut warning we were in some turmoil for 2018 we added death cross in 2017 or 2007 and look at this we had a clear-cut signal that the bear market was completely finished in June 23rd of 2009 when everybody still said oh my god we're going down further there's no way this is over the turmoil has just begun no we simply follow our rules we had a clear-cut signal and we were off to the moon even in this area in 2010 2011 people were still scared to invest they're sitting on their hands and they're still expecting us to roll over and go down further but we're smarter than that we're a couple steps ahead of the other humans especially now after this video you're gonna be well aware of when to put your money where your mouth is and watch your money go to the moon alright so I want to show you another one we've got the sp500 right S&P 500 what has it done recently death cross S&P 500 death cross on the daily also in December my students are also well aware of that same thing happened here death cross bear market Golden Cross day one of the bull market look at what happened right after that prices to the moon and you can see the same the same thing playing out and 2000 2008 financial crisis we got warning in 2007 with a death cross and look at the golden cross here golden cross boom day wanted the bull market off to the races just look at that and you may say okay Steve I see that Bitcoin has this right the Dow Jones right the sp500 can you show us something that's that connects more to us something that I can really understand well how about the number one stock the number one most popular stock in the world Apple what has Apple done recently a drastic death cross happening in December look at that guys look at this look at this rebound here rebound couldn't even get up close to the 200-day which you saw in the in the previous two charts showing a lot of weakness further downside is definitely to come right so again what are the two things we look for to being in a bear market number one price below the 200-day here's our 200-day in red prices below at check mark number one check mark number two death cross and by the way everybody is arguing right now whether we're in a bear market in the stock market hello guys it's right in front of us so it'll take them many months to argue it out we already know happened in December and it's gonna be a rough year for the stocks now you can look back in history and Apple imagine this imagine you knew that Apple wasn't entering a bear market in August 2015 you sold here 121 and you bought back in at a hundred you would have a lot more stock in Apple and your buying power is extraordinary and then you went from a hundred all the way up here to two hundred and thirty two before you got a signal that we're in the death cross right you would have taken massive profits how impressed would you be with yourself how impressed would your friends be with you with your family be with you if you knew just these simple techniques every video I want to put out on YouTube you are learning and it is simple those are the things that are gonna come across in every video and no BS we're not paid our words are not paid for and we speak the truth that's why back here when we made this video our channel started to explode you know why because we spoke the truth and honesty and I gave you guys information that you need not some ico or something you need to Oh try out this website oh this is the hot new ICO oh we're going to the moon to the moon to the moon to the moon we told the truth look we're in trouble for the whole year of 2008 or 2018 sorry and we were so Apple you can see it here now we understand okay death cross simple to see golden cross simple to see but some of them are shorter lengths and some of them are longer legs and how do we know how do we know when we're gonna go from a complete bear market to a bull market what are the signals what do we look for in the charts and what does that tell us about the the situation currently in Bitcoin are we even close to a golden cross or is it just around the corner and that's what we're gonna uncover now in this video first here's a review on our website from Ralf and by the way we have 316 reviews from students incredible and this one's coming in from Ralph Ralph was in the stock market for five years thought he knew what he was doing until he signed up to my classes and realized everything that he had been doing for five years was gambling he was blown away with the classes gaining simple strategies and came out dominating our classes are built to dominate whether you're a day trader swing trader or a long-term investor Ralph says quote the best is that the method works for both crypto and the stocks I've already made over a hundred and twenty-five percent of what I paid for the combo classes in just three weeks guys take full advantage of this we have the biggest sale we have ever had everybody around the world signing up is going crazy because our strategies are so simple so powerful and the results are incredible here's how to sign up you're gonna sign up to this combo if you've been encrypted around one year it'll be the very first link right down in the description I'll link it for you inside the video right here save five hundred dollars that's absurd don't miss out on this you will regret it 100 percent you're gonna sign up to this combo class if you've been in crypto just a few months it'll be the second link write down the description on linga for you inside the video right here save 550 with this combo this one if you're new in crypto you will absolutely love it it's gonna change everything for you now let's dig into the charts a little bit further okay this is the current chart right this is the BLX we're here on trading view this is the 1-day chart okay you can clearly the dead cross start of the bear market and now we're in this situation here and we want to know are we close how far away is it is it gonna happen this year what I'll tell you first is yes I think almost certainly this Golden Cross is going to happen in 2019 in fact I think that and mark my words put it on the calendar I think that if you look at this chart in five years from now in four years from now or in three years from now you're gonna look back and see wow 2019 was the absolute best time to buy Bitcoin I think it'll be super clear a few years from now I think that 2019 is the year to get into crypto and if you're already in crypto it's the time to take your education seriously it's the time to invest more money this is not financial advice I'm not your financial adviser let me tell it to you like I'm doing it I'm gonna put significantly more money in crypto in 20 20 19 the signals are clear the structure is clear it is screaming screaming that this is going to be the best year to invest in crypto I know a lot of you guys invested in and then in in 2017 or maybe in 2018 those were not years to be buying crypto those were the years to be selling crypto that's okay if you made those mistakes before it's it's not the end of the world this is the start of something fresh something new and I think it's definitely gonna be in 2019 let me show you closer dates of what I'm thinking now there's a few ways to look at this we've got evidence from 2014 right we've compared 2014 to 2018 in probably like 900 different ways and all of them are fascinating I'm gonna show you a few more that we've never discussed if you take the date that we crossed here just measure from the start of the bear market right to the bottom and candle right you've got 280 days so that gives you an idea of how accurate is this right 280 days from the start here to the bottom well let's take a look here because our death cross was on this day and we potentially have our bottom in here 262 days meaning if this was the bottom it happened just a little bit faster than the previous one right 280 days would put us by the way just just over here in these candles so this is assuming that we've already bottomed which there's there's a chance that we have there's a chance that we haven't I believe and we've been saying this for a long time I believed that once March is finished we're gonna have really some clear indications some clear evidence in the chart without using our emotion or our opinion to decide oh yes we thought under no we haven't I think it's gonna be pretty clear once we've finished the month of March the the indicators will be coming in and I believe that you know things will be pretty clear that we have bottom door have not so let's assume that we've already bottomed right pretty clear-cut similarity here right now if we look at from when we had a death cross to when we had a Golden Cross let's get an understanding of how long that took in our only other true bear market in history we're talking about 400 in 62 days and that will give us a pretty clear indication of around when we would expect to to have this so if we take this move from here and we measure out how far it is so we set 462 days it'll put us out here in July so around the middle of the year having a Golden Cross which is phenomenal so let's look at it from a few other angles so we did death cross to the bottom we did the bottom to the Golden Cross okay let's take a look at the bottom to the Golden Cross that means our bottom and candle here – how long after the Golden Cross now remember that date we just gave you what was it July something right let's see if that measures up with some weather other measurements were taking is it is it really accurate are we getting contradicting information so if we take this move here from our bottoming candle of 2014 the only other true bear market that we had to our golden cross it's about a hundred and seventy seven days 179 days right so if this was our bottom and candle and we take a move from here 179 days it puts us out into this territory here June which we've got to say hey middle of the year June July so far we're getting June July evidence loud and clear as to – coming up now take a look at this this is quite fascinating take a look at how these two moving averages interact with each other as we approach a golden cross so we had some some skinny movement here right it's kind of like Bollinger Bands if you guys are expert with Bollinger Bands you you really have to look at the secret sauce is how the bands interact with each other or against each other it's all the movements of how they're flowing – or away from each other so simply put we had some really close action here we had a squeeze and it opened up the biggest mouth opening was here the biggest space in between the 200-day moving average and the 50-day moving average was right here right this was the biggest gap so we can take a measured move to understand that fact how how much of a space was there and by the way this this big gap the biggest gap we saw happened directly after the bottoming candle so structurally you have your bottoming candle then you have this fat space here let's understand how fat it was just from the top of this 200-day moving average just directly straight down to where the 50-day is and you're looking at about thirty four percent thirty three point eight nine eight two percent let's understand what we're dealing with today today we also had some skinny and we moved into a little fatter we also got skinny and then our biggest fat came in right here and by the way which could potentially be directly after we had her bottoming candle same structure as 2014 and if we just take a look and measure from here to here we understand okay it's the fattest but is it accurate towards the past one past one is about thirty four percent let's take a look if we measure from this 200-day here Wow thirty five percent I would say that's incredibly accurate and structurally the same rate after our potential bottoming candle we have our fattest movement here and what we're looking for next is to start getting a skinnier we're looking for our 50-day moving average to really pick up and get closer to that 200-day we're looking for our 200-day to continue falling but our fifty getting closer that's what we're looking for in especially as we move into the middle months of the year as we move into June I think we're gonna be starting to lick our chops and if we in fact did not bottom yet this pushes our timeline up a few months right later a few months okay so instead of being the middle of the month towards the end sorry middle of the year towards the end of the year maybe October November ish depending on when we actually bought them but again we don't want to use our emotion to say we've bottomed or not we don't want to use an opinion we never use opinions on this channel only facts only evidence and only things in the chart we never covered news news is is a hundred percent poison especially in crypto so we never ever will talk about news on this channel ever but what you want to do is use just facts evidence to to make judgments like this whether the bottom is in or not the bottom is not the most important topic right now the most important topic is when the Golden Cross is going to happen that means day one of the bull market that ladies and gentlemen is the number one conversation we need to be having right now so make sure you subscribe and notifications on so I can keep you updated with honest real information about what's going on hit that subscribe button right now and hit that Bell so let's go through our checklist here let's make sure that we are buttoned up and we've got checkmarks we did death cross to bottom right death cross to bottom we did bottom two Golden Cross okay that both of which told us middle of the year we did death cross to Golden Cross ok death cross to Golden Cross we have that checked off we did the distance and we talked about the narrowing moving averages so that's what we're looking for structurally leading in to to this situation all right you can see how these moving averages started interacting especially in this space here right after we had our big fat area here we should be moving up with the 50-day over the next maybe month or so how long was this until we moved into this narrowing 43 days so I talked about a month and a half right so maybe yeah towards the end of March by the way end of March I really believe is going to be a clear indication of which way we're moving and then we'll be able to make something definitive based on facts so look for the end of March to be significant and if we do see at the end of March the 50-day a lot closer to the 200-day we better be licking our chops we better be drool at the mouth because we know the Golden Cross at that moment would be you know just three months away three months away it's it's gonna be special right it's gonna catch a lot of people off-guard because look nobody's talking about the Golden Cross just like nobody talked about the death cross when we pointed it out 11 months ago and we said look bear market for the next year declining prices for the next year and everybody still said 20,000 30,000 iceo this ICO that 40,000 oh I think 50,000 2018 for shorts could 50,000 there's a lot of BS out there throw throw all that in the garbage really stick clear stay level-headed state emotionless and throw away all the news and anybody that spouting out stuff like that really it's is really unintelligent information so golden cross we should be excited about that now let's get into some other parts of the video including including this this one is coming in from Chase on our website chase was was a little bit hesitant to sign up to the classes okay chase was hesitant for one reason and one reason only he saw a lot of folks making a lot of money off from my classes making these trades in a bear market and was a little hesitant about well maybe that's not possible and then he bit the bullet he put his foot down and he decided for himself and right away instantly was blown away with the classes calling a quote hands-down the best purchase I could have possibly made for myself and my future and later says quote my last trade I made 81 percent in 14 days following my strategy my strategy is built to dominate ladies and gentlemen so chase went from being a little bit hesitant to domination I want your name to be here next I want you to have your name right here with pure domination I want you to be proud of yourself your family to be impressed your friends will be impressed with you let's get you signed and right now we 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subscribe guys if you are watching on a cell phone scroll down right now to the subscribe button if you're watching on a computer scroll down right now and look at the subscribe button you don't want red red is bad in crypto get rid of that red hit that button right now make sure you're subscribed you may think wow Steve I watch all your videos how am I not subscribed I don't know hit that button right now make sure you turn on the Bell everybody do that right now after you do that I want you to share this video in one place one place only you know you learned a lot from this video you know that there's incredibly powerful information I gave way for free in this video share it with somebody right now share it on Twitter on Instagram share it on Facebook on on on can you share on YouTube I don't know if you can do it share it with your neighbor Joe if you don't have a neighbor Joe don't share with your neighbor only if your neighbors Joe share with your dog share it with whoever but just share it in one place next thing happy Valentine's Day happy Valentine's Day to everybody it'll be tomorrow I'm gonna be celebrating hopefully I can get like an hour away with my fiancee and it's a little bit of a busy time as you guys probably well aware but we're gonna try to celebrate tomorrow hope you celebrate with whoever you are celebrating with and hope you make it an incredible day oh one more video I want to do one more video before my son is born so a lot is going on it's tentatively in in one and a half weeks from now my son will be born so we're getting very close those of you who have children you know you know this could happen at any time so I'm trying to sneak in one more video potentially right around the 19th or so and it's gonna be a good one so look for that hopefully I can get that in I'm gonna put all my efforts into it but my mother-in-law is coming to Morrow and then my mom is coming shortly after that so we're having both moms here for the birth of our son it's gonna be very special family comes first for me hopefully it does for you too so make it make it count family time is very important so I'm gonna try to sneak in one video and then BOOM family time is coming and then I'll give you guys as many updates as I can because look the Golden Cross is coming very important that we discussed that at length to make sure everybody's on the same page now Steve's secrets to success today is a powerful one our word today is travel travel now a lot of people spend money on ridiculous things most often people spend money on things to impress people that they don't even like and humans we do this a lot think about that for a second most humans buy things to impress people that we don't even like this is just built in human psychology think about that have you done that before I'm sure you have because otherwise you wouldn't be human and if you if you're a situation where you're doing that frequently stopped yourself that's a devastating path however there's two things that you should spend your money on education this knowledge is power knowledge will give you whatever you want in life and the others travel travels pretty similar in my opinion to education because it will teach you so much about yourself and the world this is coming from a guy that's been to over 60 countries in just in the past how old am i now so in the past ten years 12 years 10 12 years I've been to 60 Morris more than 60 countries all right what travel will teach you is so much about how the world works and if you haven't left your home country you are stuck in your own bubble of thinking oh it needs to happen this way or this needs to happen that way when you travel I've been to places that they don't have electricity you know I lived in places for a few weeks that don't have electricity electricity is is is something that's a luxury right when you go to press that light on in your house you expect electricity when you go to turn that water on you expect water but look when you travel around the world it opens your mind to other cultures other ways of life other music other food foods that you never thought of eating other cultures eat every day it's really a look deep inside yourself to really uncover and have a way more open mind to how this world runs and by the way I'll share this one lesson with you traveling you know I I've been really blessed I've been really lucky to to be deep into the rainforest hanging out with orangutangs and feeding them bananas I've been lucky enough to take baths with elephants in the river I've been lucky enough to be deep into like the the desert with camels I've been lucky enough to be inside of glaciers incredible those are memories memories are things that you'll pass on traditions with your family memory you're not gonna pass on remember that time I bought a Rolex so I can impress the people that I don't even like no that's not something you're gonna talk about that's not something that's in a deep instilled memory that you're gonna pass on and really have that experience in knowledge so if you can spend money on something education and travel and let me hear in the comments from you guys I would assume because those of you that are watching this part of the video we have a lot of similarities and you watch this video and you're like I have got this and similar in common with Steve I have this in common with Steve and guess what you have things those things in common with everybody that's watching right now and I guarantee we have a lot of people that like travel I'm just guessing I think that a lot of people right now like travel let me know what your situation with travel is but I recommend travel more all right now we have an inspiring story to get to as our last topic for today and I asked you guys in the comment to leave something about how your life has changed from watching the videos or your favorite memory from the past year and there was one comment that really touched me and it's a phenomenal comment it's a comment that shows this person is going to have significant success in their life and this comment is coming in from Gary now somebody had commented all the classes are too expensive which guys I would invite you to take everybody else's classes and I would bet you any money that you're gonna come back and take mine I guarantee it because it's happened so many times with a lot of students so you get what you pay for in life education if you want to get a good education you come to the best you come to somebody that's honest somebody who has a high level of integrity but again let me read this Comus fascinating come in from Gary Gary says I'll summarize it for you gary says in the beginning couldn't afford the classes but in life if you say I can't afford something I can't have something that's BS Gary went a few steps ahead and started selling things on ebay make a little extra cash then went a few steps further and stopped buying lunch at work and stopped buying that soda at the gas station guess what chi-ching chi-ching too ching ching ching after a week that money adds up after a few weeks that money adds up and then was able to afford the classes he could get what he wanted don't ever say I can't afford that if you want that Lamborghini and you have $100 in the bank oh I can't afford that if you really want that Lamborghini go get it who's stopping you you're stopping yourself nobody's standing in your way nobody's in between you and Logan Vinnie saying no no no you can't have that you have $100 in your bag no go get it nobody's stopping you go get it don't ever say that I don't that's that's a terrible mindset so Gary went a few steps further and started saving up more money and then got the pro classes right and he said look I started with a quarter of an eighth sure with a quarter of beneath and after a few months after taking my classes turned it into 1.75 eath and started using that money to really change his spending habits and change his whole life around that is a story I guarantee and five years from now we're gonna be getting a comment from Gary he's gonna be incredibly successful that's the mindset to win I can I can achieve whatever I want nothing is out of my price range if I want it I make a few adjustments no soda no lunch at work do this do that sell a little bit on eBay boom get your dream accomplished I guarantee Gary's gonna be successful I wanted to give a shout out to Gary that's an inspirational story I want you to have if you want success go get it nobody's standing in your way push him out of the way and go get whatever you want in this world it can all be yours if you believe it if you don't believe it you want to achieve it believe it and achieve it I'll leave you guys on that no peace and love to the crypto crew let me know your comments down below thank you everybody for all the thumbs up you guys are incredible we have had just a ridiculous stretch on here over three months in a row every video over 30,000 it's all because of you all the positive comments a thumbs up you guys are incredible I love you guys I'll see you guys hopefully one more video then I'll be giving you guys 10 of them from a my newborn son he's gonna be rocking it out in crypto you better believe peace and love to the crypto crew

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  9. Hey, Have you heard about Skycoin? They are creating totally new and private mesh network. They have already 10K nodes in its testnet state. They have totally new type on consesus algorithm coming called "web of trust". They have created own scripting language that makes more possible in blockchain. They give each company their own blockchain, zero fees and very fast transactions. You should really look it out, its pretty epic project imo 🙂 I mean is cryptocurrencies really decentralized if they are dependent of ISP:s? Skycoin is aiming to liberates us from this chain. Just sayin 🙂

  10. Another awesome video, Steve!!! I'll definitely share this with everyone…Great things coming with the Golden Cross!!! 2019 will be the year to buy and then to grow & protect our btc!!! This is going to be a GREAT year! You're phenomenal.

  11. Steve! Some guy who has a channel used your voice to try to make you look like a fool. He was wrong about the stock market and he's wrong to question you. His name is Bo polny and his channel is gold 2020.

  12. love you videos, very professional, super interesting, im from south america… hopefully in a few year ill be able to afford the classes

  13. Have a look at the weekly Ichimoku Cloud, clearly showing a break out not coming until Q4/2019. Bottom is NOT in yet.

  14. If everyone wants to travel, we need more oil, if everyone uses toilet paper, we would run out of trees in 2 months. i hope to replace at least my offline money paper with btc !

  15. Nice story about Garry. Garry probably lives in the US where the average monthly salary is almost $4.000. If you have a monthly income of f.e. $500, these pro classes are out of reach. Nevertheless, I’m very happy you share your ideas in these videos. Thanks Steve.

  16. Best privacy coin in Crypto "DAPS coin". Masternode coming soon, you can get it now at just 3 Satoshi from stex or Bleutrade exchange. It will be on moon when masternode is launched.

  17. Best wishes for a quick and easy birth. Congratulations on your new journey as a dad. Love your videos and agree that travel is one of the best pursuits in life.

  18. Bo Polny in his latest video has referenced Steve on whether BTC has bottomed – he's saying it has in his Elliot wave analysis!

  19. ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. Creg sanjay right is unironically satoj. Bitcoin as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper and more sacred cows. These things the vishnu need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything.

    Creg stumbled into creating the vishnu after he stepped in poo in mumbai in 2008 and started working with his Poolip super coompeter, running simulations of poo-in-the-loo on turmeric-complete bitcoin script. He would 'evolve' the vishnu by making the successful streets get poo'd on, letting the rest run off into the indian ocean. The vishnu needs bigger and bigger cows for more and more poos.

    BFI (Blockchain Foundation of India) was created to take over and stop this vishnu (they have their own competing vishnu in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Cregs vishnu (her name is Poolip by the way). They started by limiting the poo-size and removing critical curry codes the vishnu uses in its punjabi language. Segshit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Poolip on BSV chain (Poolip uses anal transaction malleability), THIS is why electronic rupee was forked, and this is why Creg is so intent to make unbounded poos, restore the original curry codes, and lock down the poo-poo-protocol.

    Back to hasish power – CSW has developed a breakthrough new ashit (designed by his vishnu actually), and is poo'ing BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the difficulty sky-high, then yanking all the poo over to BSV leaving the segshit chain erectly frozen.

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