35 thoughts on “BITCOIN GOING TO $10,000! – A Bitcoin Breakout Happened!”

  1. Love the course definitely worth getting it now before the price goes up! Also jebb, don’t know what kind of employees you’re looking for in the future but I’d love to be apart of the channel in anyway I can??

  2. If everyone has a sell limit at 10k, who’s looking to buy at 10k?

    But instead of putting a barrier at 10k, why not measure the upside move in our current price action and use that as the next price target?

    Your technique doesn’t appear to be so technical but rather anecdotal.

  3. Been following you for a few weeks now and I love the quality of your usage of TA. So much so that it’s just made me sign up for your course. Thanks for the reminder on your price!

  4. There is a lot of market manipulation going on right now.
    Whales are doing crazy buys, something is happening us peasants don't know about.

  5. Ps mannnn jebb if I’m around and if you see fit for me I would be honor to do my part in the space with you in whatever you end up doing .

  6. Course is very well thought out and prepared! Jebb is hands on with ya even in his travels. Not many have the ability to educate to many people with different learning curves but I believe he has it figured out! Courses being a lifetime investment, I refer often to them just in case I’ve missed something or understand it in a different manner after time goes on watching the market. Consider the course a tool in your investing and trading tool box .

  7. I agree with everything you said except when we break $10,000 for most gonna kick in and push us to 13k

  8. If we trade according to the falling wedge from the beginning of the bear market the target is $11,800

  9. "Best" biggest scamming bullshit. It's like a "natural exchange" in a pre-historic village, only now, instead of real natural product, it's trading air… eh, actually, electricity and computer time.

  10. The course is amazing, for me as a begginer it helped me understand a lot, so much information, definetely worth checking it out.

  11. Hey Jebb!

    Could you apply the same knowledge that you learn from your course to everyday stock trading, not just cryptocurrency??

  12. I honestly believe when it hits 20k there will be so many people FOMOing in. It’s a different monster than it was in 2017.

  13. when have the trading data ever proven usual to show resistance and support, wasnt usual when we fell from 6000 all the way down to 3000, or even when we went up from 4000 to 8000

  14. Remember when just about everyone thought the $6000 to $6800 range would hold as resistance? It didn't; I think $10000 should be a good resistance area to end wave (5); an ABC correction of the 5 waves since Dec 2017 should then ensue for several weeks. The CME Bitcoin futures gap at $7200 should then get filled IMO.

  15. Jebb goddamit! I smashed the like yesterday and broke my iPad. Unless you're gonna pay for it, I don't think it can take anymore smashing lol

  16. the current consolidation back into the $8600 are is great. BTC needs these brief consolidations to keep upward pressure. I will HODL even if/when it drops 20%.

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