43 thoughts on “Bitcoin Going PARABOLIC!!! Whales Moving MILLIONS of $BTC! Straight to $20,000?! ?”

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  2. If btc reaches $10k in the next week or so, we might get a major case of FOMO, a massive pump, and then get our blow off top

  3. I don't like the idea of global coin, but, let's be honest, it's gonna be a good entry point for fb users and noobs. Decentralization is seemingly overrated, isn't it?

  4. I'm pretty sure there's still some channels claiming we're still in a bear market ? and won't be in a bull market until over 10k. C'mon, are they having a laugh!

  5. I feel like I'm going to run out of witty commentary before I win a damned Ledger…. Good thing I actually enjoy these videos 😛

  6. Why the price is pumped? It is because people buy BTC to get rid of scammy Tether. There is no resistance at the top, and there is also no support for this pump. The dip could be huge.

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  8. I had been watching that resistance region closely. but the pump happened at 2 am. Totally missed it.

  9. Anyway of finding out who these whales are (individuals or governments)? If they done this through exchanges those amounts of transactions can only be done once KYC is established….hoping for a pullback and that ledger.

  10. Not even a holiday like Memorial Day will keep you at home… so thank you for your insights CZ… and definitely BTC to the moon!

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