43 thoughts on “BITCOIN GOES PARABOLIC ? – Price Jumps from $8K to $8,600 in 1 Hour – Bitwise & Robinhood $200M”

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  2. Having faced rejection several times above $8000, there are strong indications for a bullish breakout which is expected would push price above $9,000. That in its simplest terms can only mean one thing: the bitcoin is set to quickly ride uphill and so many people would live to regret not having accumulated enough while its still affordable. In my own position, i think anybody serious about bitcoins should not hold less than 20 (i am at 14 already) if the goal is to be a millionaire in the short term. Suffice to say, the quickest way to accumulate is by buying but the safest and quickest way to accumulate on a budget which is where most of us stand is by trading. I grew my 14btc by trading from a meagre 6 but i was smart enough to use the services of a professional. Ron Amaya ([email protected]) is a trader who provides trade patterns and signals for other traders and i got to know of him through my colleague and with his assistance, i was able to grow my portfolio. There are a few others who provide similar services but i think form my personal experience that Ron is mostly likely the one with the most accurate signals in the crypto space

  3. All you guys making Youtube Videos make me laugh. BC goes up 500 to 1000 and you're going ballistic. Compared to what is going to happen this is Chicken Feed.

  4. I don't believe in TA that much. So I'm not cashing out untill BTC is hyped to the upside. With the coming halvening, influx of new/institutional investors this might take a while.

  5. This is nothing but bot action… Tomorrow is Memorial Day no trading, price will continue to run… then Tues ……. Crash

  6. Moron, going up doesn’t equal ‘going parabolic’. You really are the saddest commentator in the space. You guys need to look up the actual meanings of words before parroting shit you heard other morons say.

  7. Here we go, counting your chickens before they hatch! lol. I remember hearing you go through this last year and then the market crashed, lol 🙂

  8. We have received reports that user deposits and withdrawals are impeded. Please be careful with your funds.

     Negocie Coins

    $2,546,910,969 USD 
    295,388 BTC

    From Coin Market Cap

  9. Started by 2.5B purchase on BZ exchange Nogocie, currently on lockdown.
    Implicated in 50M theft from crypto bank.

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