20 thoughts on “BITCOIN GOES MAINSTREAM // $28,000 $BTC or Bear Market Rally? // Tokenize SpaceX?”

  1. Hi mist the boot 3000doller Bitcoin ???????????? maby 300k hi min Bitcoin is hot Now Fidelity bakkt ETF halving we go to 100k thil halving after halving 300k to 500k to 1 milion

  2. BTC bear woke up again … I knew it … If you believe it's going down – go short or stop spreading FUD …

  3. Once lite coin gets halved in August 2019 the price is going to double and next year when bitcoin supply gets halved it will also double ! This is a holding game, hold for the future and diversify your portfolio people

  4. the only problem is that everyone that has tried to predict BTC… if is not the next few mins/hours they have failed mate…

  5. You know how many people would be pissed if they got into BTC now? Thieves. liars and con men and women run the show. Then if they loose there money in some scam exchange (cryptopia, Mt Gox)) or major spontaneous crypto moves (like present pop) created by thieves (tether) and businesses (bitfinex and Binance) that will take your money while you sleep, and think nothing of it. Can backfire for BTC enthusiasts, if we are too eager for so called adoption, and majority of new investors get scared off . thanks

  6. Turned it off the second a grown man speaks to other grown ups, saying boom shaka laka, what's going on. Can't listen to this clown.

  7. Hey man, Long time fan! Great stuff as always, thank you

    For the MACD, what smoothing signal do you use? Settings 12, 26, 9?

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