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welcome back to crypto clean news today we're gonna be doing something a little bit different we're actually gonna be just having some fun Bitcoin gambling now I've never done this before I actually did Bitcoin gamble a few years ago but that was a totally different time I've never done it recently with all these new websites and all the new casinos that are up and I thought since it's Saturday and you know we've all worked really long weeks and I've worked really hard this week let's have some R&R and kind of kick back and gamble a little bit of Bitcoin now I've only deposited about 250 US dollars into this web site in in Bitcoin that is and this web site I found after a lot of digging looking through a lot of different casinos and this one seems to be one of the best online casinos I could find a gamble cryptocurrency they all they allow you to gamble Bitcoin litecoin Bitcoin cash and dogecoin so if you have any on that dogecoin sitting around just collecting dust maybe you can throw it in and gamble it away and try to make more monies with it but I thought yeah we've covered a lot of news a lot of Kryptos all week let's have a little bit of fun kick back get to know each other and watch me maybe lose some money or win some money let's cross our fingers and hope it's win some money but if you guys want to go in the casino I'm on I did link it down below it is an affiliate link full transparency it doesn't know money from you comes to me but they reward me if you do put money and full of transparency I don't care for use like I don't care if you gamble this subah me gambling you guys watching fun fact about me if you want to get to know me a little bit more I actually been to Vegas like 12 times I love gambling I love casinos I love that lifestyle I think it's extremely fun now I've never you know dipped too far into it where I'm losing a lot of money I always either breakeven or make a little bit of money I never go too crazy I have one crazy Vegas story I'll tell you guys in a little bit but yes fun fair kind of inspired me to want to look into some more casinos and try to do some cryptocurrency gambling if you guys don't know about the cryptocurrency fund they're trying to do the same thing basically allowing a lot of people to make casinos on the blockchain and they can use fun tokens as a forms of currency but I tried using in some of their casinos and it just was a little not quite yet ready so we went on here and if you guys want to go on this casino like I said the link is down below you make a small deposit literally it's the fastest Bitcoin transaction I ever had in my life I took my Bitcoin that I had on coinbase I just had a couple hundred dollars there and I pulled it off and within seconds it was here and then they gave me a little bonus for my deposit so they gave me a little bit more money than I deposit so we probably like 300 something dollars but I deposited like two 250 so well we'll see how this goes if you guys like this and maybe you want to see this once a week as more of a weekend rest and relax and kick back and have some fun like crack a beer watch me lose money and we get to know each other let me know by hitting that like button I'd really appreciated all the likes that we get I'll I'll know you guys want to see more of this uh once a week on the weekend because this is definitely a weekend rest and relaxed type of thing to do but let's see here so what we're gonna do is we are going to they have real games live games with live dealers I don't really care about that I trust that the algorithm is just like any other casino so I want to do blackjack that's one of the main things they play at any casino so let's go play some blackjack load up their game I turn my browser way down volume wise hopefully this casino is not ridiculously loud let's allow flash player just because the previous casinos I was testing before this video were loud as loud as could be so I'm just trying to why are you blocking this plug-in run flash this time there we go I'm just trying to get flash to run manage sorry guys okay flash why not okay there we go I got it working I had to run Flash Player yeah some of the other casinos I was on we're extremely lap so hopefully this one's not too loud but it's loading the language I'm excited because I did dabble in Bitcoin gambling back in 2014 or 2015 I think it was and I thought it would be a little fun not too risky Bitcoin wants to turn you for that much back then so we'll kind of see how this goes I feel like it's a lot higher risk right now gambling Bitcoin with what it's worth today and how crazy it fluctuates but this is only $200 it's just a little bit of fun than nothing too crazy now come on why aren't you loading I know it's something with my flash sprite because I have adblock on okay so let me manage my flash go over here block no don't block allow allowing all sites ask first recommended no don't ask just run flash okay so there we go I had to make sure it's just going to it I don't want it to ask because I want to block any of these sites so we're probably gonna plate I don't wanna play single deck do we just play American I think we're just gonna play American blackjack hope for multiple decks that way we can't count cards you know I would hate to hate to be counting cards Max is gonna hit one ish you guys talking about future predictions on Bitcoin subscribe them will be $15 soon that would be amazing that would be extremely amazing you're getting rekt and subscribe I'm still subscribed oh did reach three dollars and I believe it'll go there again someday so we're just gonna have to kind of wait it out and and see what happens with substratum I do see it being a big currency it's well under a billion dollar market cap so I think it has a lot of potential to still grow obviously and there's plenty of potential for you guys to make your money back if you dig it in in the fomo at the three dollar price point and if they can do what their utility says it can do then money okay so here we go we have these this currency here 48m BTC okay that's like million BTC or millionths of a Bitcoin or something like that so it's like two hundred something dollars so everyone we bet is like four dollars so we're gonna keep that in mind let's maybe place a bet of two of these okay eight dollars or maybe I'm nervous let's clear let's clear hello just let's start with one okay deal me in okay we got an eight okay eighteen to fifteen I'm gonna stand that's pretty good God dang it eighteen this is this is kind of fun because you know we all work hard all week and this is kind of like a fun way to kind of sit back and relax oh we can chit chat and get to know each other a little bit I like this let's uh okay clear our table we push forty eight point zero two let's try let's just do one more let's deal it okay 14 to 12 okay the pro blackjack player in me says if they're showing a two it's kind of a risk and maybe you can hit cuz they're 12 they can still build a hand and still get close to 20 or 21 but they do have a chance to bust if they get a face card 14 I have a big chance to bust I need 7 or less finally I'm gonna stand and let's see what happens with this 12 dealer bust there we go we just want two dollars guys that is great okay let's clear it off okay so now we're at 249 we're making money stride strider thank you for the $10 super chat I really appreciate it could you take a look at pay fair decentralized exchange that will allow not only crypto but anything to be traded you also get paid dividends for hosting one of their nodes platform goes live q1 pay fair let me write that down I'll check it out I'm looking to make more videos going into tomorrow so let me write down pay fair and I'll check that out thank you for the $10 my friend have you looked at HPV no I haven't Double Down yeah I'll take you guys advice yeah you guys probably wouldn't try to mess around with me at all let's put two dollars down it's not two dollars this is actually like eight dollars okay so each one of these chips is worth roughly four dollars I'm pretty sure so let's deal this out okay so 16 to 14 I'm gonna stand that and there we go making money let's clear off our bet so we're at 51 we start with 48 let's see what we can build this Empire to before the end okay so let's go let's let's try a bigger bed okay since we're up you know three twelve dollars or three millionths of a Bitcoin let's put five down right now oh come on okay eleven oh he has an H oh and if you had like a six showing I would double down right now but with an eight showing that means he could have 18 I got to kind of hit into this so I'm gonna hit into it not 21 and there it is 10 now that's not dollars guys cuz I did deposit 200 dollars so we're gonna have to deposit 200 maybe it's not in there yet and this is just the bonus they gave me oh this could be the bonus maybe these are dollars because I did deposit 200 dollars and then they offered me a bonus for my first deposit so maybe that's what I'm getting maybe these are dollars or dollar value so I guess that's just something about to check and see if my Bitcoin was deposited I think it was already deposited let me pull up my coin base account because I just ripped it out of my coin base because I had $200 sitting there let me see oh it's still pending okay so this is just the bonus money they gave me this isn't even my $200 yet okay that makes sense yeah I should have doubled down there but you know then an eight shillings on my 18 and that's a risky double down if you had like a five or a six showing a def Double Down agustín thank you so much for the five dollars on social send and pretty cool taking a break with this by the way yeah that's pretty cool right it's just like let's chill once I probably won't do this every weekend but I thought hey you know we've all been grinding and the markets been up and down a lot so I'm gonna look at social send I'm gonna look into these coins see if I'll do a dedicated video on them tomorrow thank you for the $5 killing it yeah only winning only making money moves here let's put a 5 down again and let's deal it out ok so 9 to 12 and we're definitely gonna hit should we don't know we can't double okay so 12 yeah let's give it another 114 they have they could have 12 okay so a 900 or lower saves them and keeps them in good graces a 10 would bust them right now a 7 or lower saves us but anything above I'm gonna take a risk it's gambling let's hit it Oh God good okay 18 let's stand on it they got 20 okay so we lose that one that's our first one losing let's do a repeat by in here oh I thought we were gonna get blackjack for a second okay let's hit we have 13 21 perfect that's right making that money nick pappagiorgio yeah Chris are a Vegas vacation that's one of my favorite movies I love that okay so let's clear this up let's put some ones down let's put three ones down which it could just be three dollars I'm just gonna call it three dollars okay so 12 to 12 let's take a hit okay 20 nice it 21 better hit Dana okay okay so either way if I want to take that hit though he would have beat me so let's let's repeat our bet three bucks okay so twelve again don't like to see that but let's hit it and 21 hey we're having some pretty good luck right now we haven't taken any huge bets so but we are up about 8mb TC since we started because we started with 48 so this is pretty good pretty interesting and our money hasn't hit the the bank yet guys if you want a gamble in the casino I'm gambling and I did link it down below if you guys want to check it out but I thought this would just be kind of a fun way to you know kick off a Saturday and then tomorrow we'll get back to our normal live streaming but I thought this would be kind of fun let's put 10 in this will be our biggest bet okay so all right no do you have 21 now okay so 14 we got to get card ah and they had 19 anyway so we needed that card let's clear it up let's put 5 down trying to get our money back here we got too greedy should we split these let's split them mmm okay well let's hit on this play and stand on that and – okay we push while we really got burned there and when they showed that 9 I probably shouldn't it took that risk ok so let's clear this up put down one of these deal it out to us wait for our money to hit this account 17 will stand on that push ok cool repeat it can you gamble I'm bit connect hey I have only the accepted bit connect tokens hit 9 let's do it again they didn't give me an option to double down I don't know why 19 stand perfect um wins do not put your money on this site I don't know I did a little research I found this site I'm like I'm gonna toss $200 in Bitcoin on this and we can have a fun Saturday stream yeah I'm not suggesting you guys put your money on this yeah you guys can gamble with Bitcoin Bitcoin cash light or light coin and dogecoin on this website I did link it down below if you do want to give it a try they like match your DePauw you first deposit in some way by like 30% or something like that so I deposited 200 they gave me fifty three dollars so it's fun so far you know we're not gambling anything serious we're kind of just trying to have a little bit of fun I'm waiting for my funds to completely get in here let's take a hit yeah god okay repeat let's bet two dollars again we haven't got blackjack yet let's stand on that wins so that's kind of weird let's go with a five dollar bill again antsy I want to see us winning some money here three let's take a hit okay so 17 now we're gonna hit again okay let's hope that a 16 17 come on okay let's repeat this bet suena slinging a 25 coin I just don't want the stream to be over and tell my bitcoins deposited so 13 let's hit on this come on a door blower Cod okay clear that let's go with a let's go plink let's go with three dollars okay so deal me in at three dollars of course we're probably gonna win this one let's stand that 1417 crap okay come on we're getting low in the budget here seventeen Stan do they have eighteen seventeen okay we've been pushing a lot let's clear this up okay let's go with let's go with a 10 ok another 10 we lost our first 10 let's see if we can win this one 19 stand it oh yeah there it is okay so let's clear we're back almost up to what we had let's go back to the casino and see how it updates our wallet I want to see if it's going to update them on the amount of money we should have in there I don't know why it's showing um 48 still when we just gambled and lost two of it I don't know if it takes a little bit to update but there's also a sports book on here where you can I guess bet on games and races and other things like that they do have slots in blackjack and do they have okay they have table games what do they have heads or tails no who would gamble on that do they have um roulette I'd be interested if they have roulette I like roulette do they have a search function where I can just type in search for games okay let me see American roulette there we go that's what we want I don't can we trust it it's a virtual little game I don't know we're not gambling with big money so not too worried and here we go loading into American roulette let's see what happens here see if we can make any money playing the tables thank you for the $2 all props yeah it's not updating coz I'm wondering if it's synching with the wallet this is the little wallet they gave me um my money's not in there yet my deposit and coinbase is still pending so this is just the bonus cash they gave me so I don't know what's going on with that we'll have to see this is not fun fair but fun fair like I said inspired me to like find a casino that's up and running right now and that's what we're doing but fun fair is definitely something I want to get into in the future because I I do like gambling I think it's fun I don't like to go anywhere over my means but sure let's turn the sounds on okay so I don't want to put that on red no wait clear bet there we go okay so let's go with actually why not let's let's go with a $5 chip put it on red right now spin the wheel let's hope for red anything black 24 okay okay so we lose our five dollars we can't get anything there I'm just trying to like let's do new bets I'm just trying to have like some type of safe and secure bet so let's put like in between the zeros and then let's do the number four for my favorite quarterback in the NFL Brett Favre seven nine and then let's do 17 and then let's also let's put like $5 on the number being red again let's trick give that a shot okay so it's $11 bet and let's give it a spin and see what happens it's over those zeros okay so we got red 16 we didn't bet on 16 but we did get red so that should break us somewhat even we won ten we bet 11 so maybe we'll just let's actually new bets maybe we'll start to play a lot of the inside and see how that goes maybe if we can get lucky let's play like number four let's play lucky number seven let's play in between these and then let's go on the zeros and then let's go in between here and let's go in between there and then let's go with this one and third twelve just small bets I don't know what the minimums are on the outside but we'll find out I guess it's one so it's not too high-risk we have an $8 bet and it hit zero we did put something in between the zeros so we should be making profit here we will make profit we made 12 so we made four MBT see there yes okay perfect so we've had a black a red and a zero already 61 you guys are getting give me some numbers I've seen a lot of 60 ones okay let's 61 isn't on here you guys controlling me do one to 18 okay let's try that let's try one day teen I'll believe in you let's put 5 on that let's go with you no we got to play the number 4 again let's play in-between the two zeros just case that happens again and lucky number 7 ok let's give that a spin the first 18 let's hope for something like that ok 24 I don't think we won now we don't win anything well there goes 8 $8 gone this is fun can we play all night now no are we gonna run on money what to see if you guys do want to join us though I do have a link down below you guys when I go to the casino man you could gamble with Bitcoin Bitcoin cash light a light coin and also Doge so if you have some Doge sitting around you can always do that 24 ya Jeff Gordon's number should have bet that a let's go with red ok let's put some money on red and let's put some money on the 3rd 12 it's put $2 on that let's give it a spin $7 bet this is big money guys give me red crap crap we lost every day 15 black ok so two blacks in a row I know that has nothing to do with what this next one's going to be but maybe we take a $10 bet out on red let's try that let's just try to double I get $20 here you know it's been three times since we've seen over red let's hope for red here and we're gonna get number four ah the time we didn't play it we're gonna get number four okay so that's our $10 gone so we're down to 17 bucks let's do new bets here okay so let's go with five on red let's go with two on first twelve and then let's put some on this zero give it a spin come on red seven there we go and we played the first 12 so that's a double win there I can't believe it four and seven which we were playing earlier today we aren't playing right now and they're they're striking okay so new bats were out 25 bucks not bad thank you John more for the $5 nice video on siren Labs token earlier thank you so much my friend I'm excited about that I have Bitcoin transferring to my crypto pay wallet and then as soon as that transfers from hash flare soon as that transfers I'm gonna get it over to lick we and trying to get myself some of those tokens okay so what do we want to put in let's put one on the zeros let's play it let's play you the four and seven together okay just so we don't play each individual I want to play let's play twenty-four twenty-seven because that's how old I am let's play third 12 and let's spin it yeah we're not playing a lot of money but they're higher-risk Gamble's okay we got three crap that's one we weren't playing okay so there we go we lose five dollars let's do new bets okay let's put a $5 chip down on there they're like they're 12 that's what it's gonna be and then let's do even let's place a couple dollars on even and then let's put definitely place one on the zero just for good measure just in case come on third twelve oh and it was odd and it was in the first or the second twelve so we lose everything there we're down to twelve tokens we're gonna have to take a big bet here let's go with um let's go with black let's put ten on black let's let's go all-in on black here okay let's spin that up okay let's hope for the best Oh 23 red and our balance has been diminished okay so let's head back to the casino and now we are broke I think we get 25 free spins 25 percent deposit bonus on 250m BTC 25 free spins access the VIP store so that's why we're not losing money right now we do get some free play because we did just deposit and they're probably waiting on a deposit too I'm gonna go check my coin base right now and see what's going on so let's go to clean base over here on this other tab okay so okay it says it's been sent to the Bitcoin address the transaction is completed okay so let's see let me pull this off the screen real quick and you guys can just look at fun let me go see my little account here my balance okay so balances deposit was successful okay am bit oh and my wallet just updated I'm broke I'm broke okay hold on now that's not good yeah the wallets like hey yeah guess what we just updated ourselves and yeah you're broke okay let me deposit a little bit more Bitcoin I have a little bit more on coinbase I guess I can send over hopefully they give me some bonus coins so we're gonna have to be a little bit more careful we just lost some pretty good Bitcoin pretty fast there let's go here and get in buy some Bitcoin really quick there we go give me that Bitcoin confirmed by instantly available okay so let's quickly transfer over some Bitcoin as we look at the fun website here okay so let me quickly grab my deposit address okay yes we're gonna send over not my max amount let's send over another $200 yes okay continue yes okay let me get my 2-step our author my Google 2-step okay just for coinbase so I can finish this deposit and we can play a little bit more or that was a quickest way to lose $200 in the cryptocurrency game got a little greedy let's try their live casino and see if that feature is up and running right now okay so there we go transfer in progress let me refresh my page here okay so we should be getting some Bitcoin in this wallet any second now I just sent another deposit in so let's see what happens let's go check out their live games so they have all providers booming games what's revolution this is one of their live games where you can watch the action live there's some other casinos too that have a lot of live lobbies such as like you can watch scigirls' deal out the blackjack and stuff let's go to slots okay let's just go to slots let's go to blastin boom slots let's load this up and see what happens I'm gonna have to give the deposit board a refresh in a second this should only take like five minutes to process through the last one was pretty quick but there we go I don't get free bit going to promote this site I am NOT I am NOT a being paid to promote this site I just thought hey let's unwind sorry I always want to do Bitcoin gambling so that's what we're doing and yeah we just lost $200 so would I endorse it no I'm not rich now let's see place your bet total about oh my god people would bet this much no way I have two credits I can't even play this machine who would bet this many credits like look at this fifteen hundred credits oh my god okay let's go back to the casino um we're just gonna wait for our money to get I just sent another two hundred dollars and we can play with it a little bit but I though this would just be a good way to unwind on Saturday guys yeah I'm not being paid to promote this I don't care if you guys go on and in gamble on it I have no benefit really from it oh yeah there's an affiliate link down below but that's not gonna do much for me but I just want to have a little bit of fun because I do enjoy Vegas and gambling and everything so I thought hey why not give this a shot I think this would be kind of fun oh is there there's a bonus so how does the bonus work you'll roll the bonus a thousand times 25 free spins access the VIPs or VIP program sportsbook bonuses what are their bonuses okay first deposit bonus make your first deposit today and start playing with an extra two hundred percent that means you receive up to 50 MB TC second deposit bonus already made your first deposit and want to get a back and get back in the action receive 50% on your third deposit get 25 percent cash back Thursday power at Monday freedom Friday okay so they have all these different bonuses let me go to the casino let me pull it over here on this other tab really quick just because there is like an option to activate bonuses and I'm gonna make sure that I activate it so we can get our quick bonus ok active forfeit bonus bonus history bets blah blah okay there we go okay so we should be good to go I think our money's almost over here okay so balances go back to casino games so yeah we're just waiting on our our abit going balance to transfer over $200 from coinbase and as soon as that happens we'll be able to gamble a little bit of these crypto coins this will be our last $200 though the goal is definitely to make back our previous $200 and then withdraw from the website but we'll just have to see how we can do and how everything goes here I feel like you know it was $4 for every dollar token we were gambling so that's pretty insane so we have to really watch out with Howard gambling like when we were placing $10 bets that was like $40 bets so we're gonna really have to make sure we are cautious with how much we're throwing in on some of these games but since we have a little bit of a little time here guys if you haven't followed us yet here on twitter crypto coin news with a Z our link to our Twitter is down below actually here on Twitter we asked you guys if you want to see this chill stream where I did some Bitcoin gambling and a lot of you guys replied about 70% of people 7 out of 10 wanted to see it that's why I did it and then we actually released our own t-shirt Hodel if yeah hold Olli you most likely will be a millionaire someday show the world you know what it means to hold all money from the shirt will go to educate the power of the whole whole little equals millionaire maker shirt that's what this is we released that it's on our Twitter if you want to go check it out I know a lot of you guys have been snatching it up already and it was a little fun idea that we just wanted to test out dice is good there we go we got some money back in here I don't know why they didn't match it so this is like $240 where we have to be careful we lost a lot of money let's go look at their latest releases I really don't want to play I really don't want to play slots because I just feel like that's just that's just straight insanity and I'm not trying to do that um does this say Trump's top card Trump's okay heads and tails HR High Roller you just plain heads and tails on a coin I've got it I got to just see it okay oops this page isn't loading can't be found okay good okay let's go – blackjack here let's go back into blackjack and maybe just play blackjack multi hand high roller no no no no multi hand pro no no we're not gonna play multi hand let's do single deck okay so a little bit less chance of so many black jacks but slots will rip you quick yeah I know I'm not even trying but we're gonna see how this goes here I guess as soon as this loads up we can give it a shot and see what single-deck blackjack is going to be like and how it's gonna treat us because you know the last blackjack was pretty good actually we didn't really start losing money and so we went to roulette and that's where we got cleaned out so slots will rip you quick Bitcoin becoming too slow it was pretty fast the transfer to this site if someone here involved in HOH token I see oh I wanted to look into that I see I I heard a lot of people talking about it no guns lit live bet blackjack that's what this is dollars and fifty cents per oh that's what it is $12.50 per em BTC really right oh not have that much money on here let me just google it that's the oh yeah my money didn't even transfer yet em BTC to USD okay so convert from M BTC to USD okay so let's see ten dollars oh yeah one is twelve dollars and 72 cents hold on now 24 it's three hundred and and five dollars so they gave me a little bonus okay so they gave me a big bonus last time okay well that's interesting so everyone that we lay down here is twelve dollars and seventy cents so Wow we were betting big when we were bet we've been 120 dollars at a time when we were betting ten okay well let's deal us in with twelve dollars on the table we have ten let's uh let's that's not double because they have nine that's a little risk yeah let's do it's gambling seventeen that's right okay so there we go let's clear this up we're got we got to make our money back guys I deposited a total of four hundred dollars into this site right now we have two hundred and eighty so we're a hundred dollars and change shy so not bad not bad okay so let's uh let's place another one okay it's not as bad as I thought because the bonus that gave us a bit of gambling money okay so we have eleven no okay so let's double let's do it twenty dein it okay so let's clear the bet let's repeat our $1 bet twelve that's not what I want let's stand though he's got 14 oh yeah that's right okay let's repeat it we got to make this money back guys gotta pay the mortgage okay I would never never put my house in Bitcoin gambling okay good we won again let's clear that off okay so we have 28 we got our up four which means we're up like $50 right now guys we're making some serious cash some serious money right now chase your losses that's the rule of gaming what do you think about a chain might have to check it out I'm gonna be doing a lot of research on some new coins tomorrow and some new AI cos I want to definitely it into the ico space myself I'm not invested in any right now so that's something gonna be something I'm looking at in the future okay 313 now I don't want insurance and of course they do okay repeat that give me blackjack there we go blackjack that feels pretty good now this is a twelve dollar and seventy-five cent bet every single time guys so don't think I've only been in $1.00 here this is some there's some risky betting and blackjack is going pretty well right now it's not bad and a dollar I really don't feel like I are at $12 it's like okay I feel like I have some room 21000 while we hit into that Wow okay so we're up $75 here sell the house and deposit into the website let's do it anyone looking to buy a house I have one for sale I will sell it to you for Bitcoin but guys in all seriousness this is just a fun stream Saturday fun stream I'm not gonna try to sell the house not gonna sell any of my positions in the crypto space this is just some money I had sitting on coin base so but if you guys do want to get on the casino if you have some dogecoin like coin bit coin cash or Bitcoin laying around that's just collecting dust you can click the link down below in the description and get involved but here we go seven I think you know I'm feeling pretty good let's split these up feeling pretty good about oh my god can we split it again no we can't okay let's hit it oh god okay stand and stand I feel like we hit ourselves into two good hands oh yes okay so if you guys want to try this out the link is down below maybe throw five dollars in it they they pretty much double your first deposit not a bad deal so put five bucks in get ten bucks just mess around a little bit definitely don't tell us any more than you're willing to loosen to this site obviously no one trusts online gambling but it's still been pretty fun okay seventeen or seven let's just stand they got sixteen actually you're always supposed to in on soft seventeen thirteen crap eighteen we'll take it what is it they donate when T one okay eleven if I went to Target they would add seventeen they would have tight and we would have pushed so Wow I should just stuck with my gut let's repeat the bet though would you like no okay good hit okay it's about time we're having some bad luck right now let's repeat our bet though one dollar which is $12 70 cents let's hit it okay now we lost three ends in a row we got to start to come back here they gotta give me on to double-down 21 that's right clear it off we're a 31 guys so we're up eighty ninety six dollars that's good feels pretty good doubled my first deposit time to go all-in that's yes so my house see you guys this is this is the plan okay sell my house deposit into Bitcoin gambling okay and they double it on my first so my house is now worth twice the value and then you know when I lose it all I can live outside which is great I love the outdoors okay so let's deal this out for ten I'm loving it let's double twenty can't beat it get rekt okay so now we're up 125 120 seven dollars and change what's the website the website link is down below if you guys want to try it out they'll double your first deposit I'm not paid by them I don't care if you guys go on the website if you just want to do what I'm doing though link is down below okay so six give me out not a sixteen but we'll stand they got fifteen they have eighteen great you're always supposed to assume that card you can see is a ten that's how I play the game stand that's right okay we've been clearing the dealer out guys we're making some serious cash love this mine say yeah you know yet got to invest the house sometimes mm-hmm why find a good altcoin when you can just gamble it all okay let's hit it and we busted we won like five hands in a row we can't keep winning nine I don't mind that let's uh let's hit that give me a ten please 11 now – give me a 10 there we got 21 that was looking good let's clear that up okay we're gonna keep this – what this is a twelve dollar and seventy five cent back guys whenever you see me put one dollar on that's what it is so the other boss he he hit five cards okay let's clear that up okay so now we are up about a hundred and forty dollars right now so that feels good I think they do have craps they ever let them oh they have a ton of games maximum is a hundred so maximum is $1,200 bet ooh no thanks okay let's deal it up I like playing one-eyed time let's stand hope that they bust nope 14 oh they busted yes okay we're having some pretty good luck guys pretty good luck so if you put 10k you get 20 I think there's a limit to what they double but um you can read all about it on the website like if you click here 25 percent deposit bonus up to the first 250 Mb TC so that's up to your first life for K 3 K but your first one I think they do it up to the first like 100 or something like that and then like we went over the the VIP program and how it all works and what I'm doing because I was really confused myself I'm like wait when's my money coming in no I have 11 please don't have blackjack god okay let's repeat it we're up a lot right now I'm feeling good let's stand hope they bust well 11 14 24 there we go okay so we're up we're up a good amount right now Blackjacks always been pretty good to us roulette killed us last time so we're probably gonna avoid roulette keep betting 1275 every time we play blackjack there's 11 let's give me that double 21 that's what I'm talking about oh my god guys let's get a calculator out okay so let's see you how much are we up okay 1275 times we're up 13 so we're up 165 toddlers right now nice just taking it slow taking it easy 16 God hit it 19 please yes ohoho took the risk and it paid off do you know how to play poker yes I do I'm not though I feel like poker is one of those games where if you have a lot of money you could win a lot of the like it's obviously whoever has the biggest stack of chips has the most influence or unless you're just a suicidal player and you're always going all-in but I don't like that it incorporates that as much as it does so I feel like I don't have as good of a grip on it a lambo time yeah Terrence has it right we're about to buy our first Lamborghini guys just got to win a few more hands of blackjack let's repeat this bet come on 18 that's looking good let's stand on it 21 they hit into it can't blame them it's pretty good 18 will stand they'd probably 12 19 Dayne okay now we're gonna get cleared a little bit we've been winning a lot okay we were gonna hit on this obviously again 21 can't beat that okay I'm back to 37 I don't know if you they have a live casino I don't know if you could play poker with others though yeah they don't let you split and double down as much as you can in a real casino for some reason I don't know why it must just be like some rule that they have you need to increase your bats after wins that's how they get you though I feel you know we've been slowly winning you know so 16 let's stand on that just hope that they bust 19 okay they took it away from us we would have bust though we would have got that Jack let's repeat the bet so I feel like when they see you put a 5 or 10 in they're like okay how can we make this guy loses money okay so now we've lost a couple so let's try to do them matter let's toss a 5 god Dana push for beat no stand wins there it is okay clear the bets let's try a 5 deal it in okay 16 let's stand hope they have 12 they have 10 14s to 1e dang it so we just lost $60 guys that's a big that's a big big lose so that's why it's like you got to play a little slower because I could've been six hands of this okay 18 they're clearing us now let's clear it out let's try a five now because we have lost a couple hands in a relative that our luck changes okay so 16 but they have 15 let's hope that they bust and there it is let's clear the bet we're back to 35 let's go back with the one strategy for now can you buy fifty cents worth I doubt it let's hit into a soft seventeen ok sixteen we're gonna stand and there it is clear it off okay so we're back to 37 this site takes Bitcoin litecoin dogecoin and Bitcoin cash greed is good yeah you got to give me a little greedy every once in a while if you guys wanna know what casino I'm playing on the link is down below to it and the the transfer process was like instant I sent my Bitcoin over it was an instant okay so we're at 12 we're definitely a hit on that we're gonna hit on that okay so it would have been nice to get that nine first of all they have 14 so let's clear that off repeat our bet okay so 13 we're gonna definitely have to hit six are lower okay 16 let's just hope that they don't have a 10 under there they do I was just feeling a little weak handed there no weak hands allowed this let's hit on this six or god okay so we've been losing a few hands in a row let's give this a five dollar bet let's deal in on this hope we get some success here let's stand on that bus there we go okay we're at 38 this is the highest we've been so we are up 14 let's see what we're at here so 1275 times 14.5 we're up $184 gambling some monies okay so someone donate a few one point one LTC to me so so I can try my luck if you take the deposit bonus you can only withdraw the amount of money you put in I'm pretty sure you can't withdraw the deposit bonus Oh No forgot to put $5 down okay hit oh yeah stand yes Oh yep okay guys let's do the map now let's quickly do the math so we are up let's just say 2 1 he's a 1275 times 2250 five bucks there we go making that money let's play a little conservative now I feel like a lot of losses are about to come ok 18 will stand on that and then we go we'll take it we'll take it we're at 44 I'm feeling pretty good about this do you get cashed out in BTC yes you do in the crypto wood that you deposited I'm pretty sure because I can transfer my BTC now that I'm on the site to litecoin to Bitcoin cash or dogecoin start at 1 if you continue win if you win continue with 1 if you lose double it continue this strategy that is the strategy I've actually tested in Vegas oh yeah you guys wanna hear my craziest Vegas story so what happened was I play a lot of roulette and a lot of blackjack in Vegas like I said I've gone almost dozen times in my life I'm 27 but I've been there over a dozen weekends and I've had such success like you know where I break even a lot which is great and I've had some winning weekends but this weekend was my last weekend there it was about six months ago I went in I had about $1,000 up already and I was like you know what I'm going to take my full profit and toss it in on a third roulette so you know first third second third third third so I toss it on the third roulette and that triples itself so you know we'll get three grand so I put it down everyone crowds because I put two $500 chips on this everyone crowds around the table and the crowd goes crazy the second I actually landed that and I my heart was pumping because I was just putting in winnings but I ended up winning $3,000 and that was probably my most profitable weekend three four thousand cuz I'm a casual gambler I'm not going there with 50,000 stacks like let's do this so that was really fun let's do a repeat bet of $1 here or 1275 I should say not $1 615 25 there we go okay guys were sitting pretty pretty right now I lost $200 the first time okay but now our portfolio is worth so I've only deposited $400 so our portfolio is now worth let's just say 46 586 so even after losing the initial money we are still up a hundred and eighty six dollars and fifty cents so that's exciting let's repeat this $1 bet okay no the other is blackjack so we lost do we try a $5 bet actually let's go with one but let's put it to so this is like $25 plus bet let's deal it in okay so seven let's hit on it seventeen will stand and we push okay so let's repeat this bet it's $25 bet let's get a blackjack yes oh that is a $65 win that feels good that feels real good cash it out fast bro hey we're slowly building an empire here you know we're being pretty conservative we're not getting too crazy I'm not throwing down $25 chips or anything like that let's hit on this of course 18 will just stand on that 11 13 23 perfect okay so we're at 49 roughly let's see what 49 is worth okay I'm just I'm just having too much fun right now 1275 times 49 roughly 600 $24.75 we're making some money uh yeah they don't let you double every time I don't know why yeah cuz like when I had a seven joing I would have doubled on that took one car because they you know had a six showing you know and I would have took that risk all-in no no I know how much money that is that's like 800 bucks or whatever what is it 624 bucks let's deal this up let's try to make it $1,000 okay yeah let's definitely hit on that and let's hit one more time six or less please okay so we've lost so let's implement the strategy let's now double down on that okay let's give a blackjack let's hit on it soft 17:12 hit on it again 22 we busted okay let's now the the next method would be to triple this so let's deal that in okay 14 let's hope they bust 19 dane now we're gonna nervous let's try to put a 5 in but that's this is gonna wear IMAX then we go back to $1 oh my god 7 or less there it is 21 oh we did it that was that was getting scary let's go back to the ones yeah Roulette is where we lost all of our money here we've been having somewhat success let's hit on this stand on that there we go clear it up let's repeat our bet $1 or it's 1275 actually so 18 so they're gonna take from us let's go to in deal that up in 17 I guess we'll stand on it 19 Oh guys I don't know if I want to put 3 in but let's do it we'll deal it up again give us 18 14 and 16 let's stand 13 23 they busted clear it up clear it up okay so there we go back to 49 guys booyah let's take a six or a five I'll take it let's stand it 14:17 done cleared up Wow guys we're at 50 this is this is pretty good 50 coins you know where we're looking at 50 times 1275 roughly that's the math on this 630 750 on a 400 dollar total investment I'm feeling pretty good after it is actually after like two hundred because we lost the first 200 if you guys are enjoying this though hit that like button I know this is a little scary for me if you're enjoying hit that like button let me know you are eight okay let's definitely hit the see I can't double or anything on this even though in the rubix you know I would hit okay twelve let's stand on and hope that they got 14 busted perfect 50 we are now at almost 51 I get it up to 50 credits we are fifty point one guys we did it it doubling on each law something works if you're willing to ride it down to the bone man I know so like if I lose one then I put two if I loose what to look for if I lose fourth put eight I've done that in a real cocina situation and have gotten burned because I've got my strategy with roulette so if I if you're gonna just buy the outside I say you play red and you put $100 down and you lose you put – honey you lose that you put 400 you lose that you put 800 you lose that you put 1600 and that's supposed to be a method where you could never actually lose but I once lost like five rolls in a row on roulette and bankrupted my little gambling trip so it's a scary scary strategy okay what do we got 14 let's definitely hit that and we were due for a bus okay let's let's do the strategy let's put two now let's deal it in 15 we got to hit six or less we'll take that and we won so now let's clear it up and just put one bank down so we're at roughly 52 right now 13 let's go eight or less six or less okay that seven would have been nice to have right before let's clear it up though give me another two okay twelve nine or less six or less of course we did oh man they always have those low cards – okay let's go with four this is a big bet guys this is a big big bet thirteen they have 13 let's ride it out they have ten 19 crap nine would have busted us though but um Dane okay so let's do our biggest bet yet five okay that's eight that's doubling our four loss seventeen let's stand on it oh now they're clearing us okay so we have to go with 16 which this is gonna be scary this is a big bet we're gonna just do it we're gonna we're gonna try to say I'm gonna prove that this is our blackjack oh now I can't now I can't let's just go all-in over the best let's deal it up I shouldn't have been greedy to get playing slow let's hit it that's eight nineteen let's stand on that hope that's enough to get the game – oh my god okay Jesus and that's why that that can actually be extremely dangerous and that's what I was talking about with my Vegas trip that one time where I did do that strategy and it meant a burn me now we're down about 10 $120 from where we were let's hit on this we bust on that we're getting some bad hands right now but I will repeat this dog but we're gonna slowly build this Empire again we're gonna hit on 13 we're gonna stand on 17 they got to 21 hitting it the hard way give us a 17 I'm gonna stand on soft 17 this time they're gonna get 21 again Dane we are being cleared now guys our luck might be expired let's stand on that and they bust there we go so we got to work our way back to 50 we're gonna do it the slow way a slow burn 17 and 18 let's stand it up oh there we go okay let's do it deal in 20 that feels pretty good any team there we go we're winning hands and hands and hands back to 40 there BOTS is good yeah lose please no I don't why do you want me to lose okay let's go out let me refresh the casino see what our wallet looks like let me pull it out over here okay so there's that pull over here we're back we're at a $41 or 41m BTC okay so there we go I don't know how that would draw works let me see if I can see it over here okay so cuz I see some of you guys asking me so let's go to balance oh let me see how much they're letting me cash out cuz like some of this is bonus keep in mind so let me do a quick conversion rate over here they're lame you cash out about four hundred dollars right now and we have about five hundred something in so there is some bonus that where I'm sitting on that they're not gonna let me cash out but that's fine having a pretty good time with this anyways but let's actually quickly see here I don't have scared now to gamble the rest of this money don't worry he's playing with BC see nothing to lose no he'll play with the Kinect yeah currency no no no no we're play Bitcoin okay so let's see here let's go back to casino let's go with like I don't know I definitely don't to play let's go to table games I definitely don't want to play slots just because that's just see right in poker super seven blackjack heads are heads and tails VIP American roulette American roulette that's where we got really we just got really burned on on roulette we didn't do this one let's try this one that's getting to roulette see what happens yeah why do you want me to lose SS hmm just pick a game and lose that sounds like a lot of fun guys it's tempting as that sounds I just don't quite know that's what I want to do his biggest gamble was all-in on Tron and a $60,000 is an all-in but yeah do you have $60,000 in on Tron but I'm about to break even on Tron right now so you want to see slots well go to some slots after this slots though I'm just like yeah you know you'll pull the lever like five times and all my money will be gone best channel everything you play eight three eight cash out half that's probably a good idea maybe we will take half of our money back they're loading the skin for American roulette this is actually what we were just playing but blackjack American blackjack this this game creator created it so hopefully it's just as lucky as blackjack was for us where we've you know doubled our money on blackjack we took a risk though that was a risky risk though with all those doubles okay so this is 12 dollars let's just put 12 dollars on red do I have to play the center of the table too that $1 bounced 39 Oh minimum is 3 okay let's do this let's over the best read in the first 12 that's even so 12 9 when we won 2 of those bets that's great the space 3 times we're winning money we're 42 dollars let's clear this off and we're let's carry especially with a $36 this is like a $38 minimum 20 extra money let's go roulette is almost as bad as slots I do agree ok so let's see here let's maybe place I don't want to place anything here in the center just because what the heck why would I place 12 dollars on one of these that just doesn't make sense they should have smaller currency for the center let's go like does it turn convert no it doesn't so let's clear that up let's go with black second 12 odd let's just try one of those come on black in the second 12 or an odd number black for black even so it was even so we we actually didn't we lost the dollar there or lost twelve dollars so that's not good let's clear the bets what else do we want to do only one red is even as 12 II I now let's go with red third twelve this row spam come on let's have all three hit let's get the trifecta here black 33 black so we won this one that's gonna three XS so we break even not bad let's go with red again first 12 the second row let's give it a shot come on write in the first 12 red five that would be the trifecta black oh we didn't win anything there we lost all 36 dollars right then and there okay so what are we gonna do now anybody have any lucky numbers that you want me to play anybody lucky numbers play the columns yeah we could play a third 12 let's put three on the third twelve someone just said to do that let's do it I'm putting it all on you who was that let's make them responsible for my losses taco this is all on you it was zero taco it was zero that didn't work okay so wow I wish we would have played in between the zeros right then in there that would have been nice okay let's try it let's just try five on black okay we haven't really seen any Reds actually that's try five on red yeah that's a hefty bet guys this is like 65 bucks give me red red twelve there it is clear it up okay so here we go let's go back to ones 69 and that's not on the number thing seventeen twenty you want me to play in between 17 and 20 let's do it and then let's do red and then let's get let's go second twelve let's spin it back come on 17 2015 not bad we won the second 12 wins okay so we broke even on that bet let's clear that table columns are the best place to place your bet yeah I do feel like that too let's go here and then go with black actually let me clear my bet okay let's go here here there okay spin let's go with a eighteen or twenty-one red thanks to the trifecta eighteen or twenty-one 19 I'll still take it we won these two bets which is five that's great so we made 65 bucks there I'll take that we double their money bet on two-to-one and black two-to-one and black two-to-one and black let's go with black and but which which two two one do you want me to bet on which two two one do you want me to bet on I'll bet on this one and let's go with third twelve we haven't had a lot of third to love numbers let's try that so let's go 28 or 31 black that's the trifecta win that's a super win 28 of 31 black nine so we super lost there okay let's clear that up so there's been a couple of Reds here and let's definitely go with a black bet let's go a second 12 middle column no more can we go so 17 or 20 oh we should have played in between the two I was just gonna bet 0-2 like okay we have it at zero in a while but I don't think that there's like an algorithm for off to zero hits 24 black taco is that what you want you didn't do good by me before I'll play everything that's 24 black taco let's see if this is good let's see this good by you okay 21 you know good thing I played this we got two wins there it wasn't 24 but you got what you get you guided me to the right row in the right section so I'll give you some credit where credit's due so let's go with let's play some in-betweens let's go with the zeros actually let's clear that lets actually not do the zeros let's do ones let's do this let's do red and let's spin it more bets go all in on black two times there it is red 18 so we got we won – shall we we kind of lost one there that's not that great let's go with second twelve it's been a lot of second twelves let's go with middle row let's go with even let's go with red and let's play 14 just for the kicks this is a big bet this is five total on the table that's sixty something dollars thirty red so we won four of the five so not bad you know lost one not profitable trying to figure out how to make some first row third twelve okay so first row third twelve twelve red is that what you want the bet to be that's not in the first or third so I don't know why but I'll play it I'll play it cuz I would hate the 12 red did already pop up at one point okay so we do get one win so we broke even there we'll take it guys only 33 DK more subs and we can finally see this guy's face yeah at a hundred thousand subs I'll probably reveal my face I think that would be a fun little thing to do for a hundred thousand subs red for there is no red for or just play red and for writing but fourth black so that's kind of productive let's play definitely black you know we'll put two on black let's do first twelve cuz it has been awhile since we've seen black action there oh man we did get this one and that's three times so we break even let's clear it up there's gotta be a black happening right let's let's toss five on black right now it's been so long obviously there's no oh yeah we've had one just recently but God God I guess clear it okay let's go to one let's go black second twelve in the center let's do it 17 or 20 would be the trifecta the big winning 21 so we get paid out three we put three in we still haven't out of black in a while so let's go with I'm gonna put one in between the zeros and then let's go here no more bets let's get a zero right now that would be awesome 19 so we win three again we're breaking even it's still have we haven't had a black I'm gonna place a zero again let's go with first twelve spin it if we land to zero I'm gonna go crazy I'm gonna go crazy and there's a black four so we got five there that's nice slowly coming back okay let's do black again the zeros third 12 and this row okay four on the table right now let's win more than four I'd take a zero play right now okay black 31 black so there we go we won five let's clear that up so we're at 35 we're doing pretty good not bad we're down five since we've been playing roulette though I'm gonna go five on red then let's put one on the zeros and then we're gonna spread some money this is eight on the table can we win more than eight I would love to see it I would love to see it oh so we won six so we lost two on that one it was a little bit of a risk but let's let's let's repeat the bet okay let's spin it let's repeat this bet again come on give us the big one give us the big win 14 so we went 13 there we go and we only had 8 on the table so that feels pretty good let's clear that up go back to the ones okay so let's go with red again let's go in between the zeros and second 12 spinning oh man so we lose all three let's clear the bets okay so read between the zeros second 12 again I really want to see these zeros hit okay so we got nine black or six black oh wow okay so we're losing out here let's go five on red five on first 12 five in between the zeros we're just gonna go really risky here this is if we get the zeros to land I'm gonna I'm gonna just die and of course we lose all 15 gain okay we have to go all-in guys we're gonna just do it obviously this how they get you in the casinos but you know this was just for some a little bit of fun and entertainment I hope you guys felt entertained let's go all in on red let's spin it let's hope for the best if we lose we lose if it hits zero I'm gonna be upset it's black we lost we're down to 0.8 – that's okay this was a lot of fun I hope you can enjoyed this video / stream if you guys did let me know by hitting that like button maybe we won't do this every weekend because I definitely can't afford to lose the $400 every weekend but it was a bit of fun and it was fun taking a little risk with the Bitcoin but I hope you guys are having joyed this if you did hit that like button tomorrow we'll be back with four to five cryptocurrency news videos and thank you guys so much come on red yeah that didn't happen thank you guys so much for the fun though and for enjoying joining me and just being a part of this hit that like button though if you did enjoy it and subscribe and turn on notifications if you're new if you want to check out the casino and lose 400 hours like I did the link is down below maybe a lot better luck than me they accept light going Bitcoin cash Bitcoin and dogecoin thank you guys so much for watching and until the next video guys happy trading trading no gambling and goodbye

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  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I have been trying lots of different games over the past year. My favorite is BY FAR the Crypto Crash games.. I do way better on these games then trading on leverage. I hit 44X yesterday on Elite Crash which has less then a 1% house edge. I am hooked on these crash games. Elite is the best because of their "FAT CAT" bonus that when it hits 25000X (about once a week) it pays ALL the players the bonus.

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