Bitcoin FUDcoins are the latest form of cryptocurrency terrorism! Ignore BTC community bad actors

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you know the latest the latest and greatest innovation by the forces of I
mean you just have to call a cryptocurrency terrorism I mean these
are sociopathic type of people and forces for whatever reason for greed for
power for ego just like to slow down the progress of Bitcoin and now there are
people out there who are creating nothing but their alt coins
the name Bitcoin in them I’m not even gonna name them okay I’m not gonna give
them links I’m not gonna give them any publicity because that’s part of their
thing but they’re only being created these
coins for fear uncertainty and doubt purposes to inject that into Bitcoin
these aren’t long term coins we’re talking about they’re only being created
to cause havoc and mischief and that is where the name fog coin comes from so if
you write an article about one of these five coins you’re you’re giving
legitimacy to something that is nothing it is not real it is not a legitimate it
isn’t awkward at best at best it is one of eight hundred alt coins and these
ones that are being created and it’s not just one it’s gonna be numerous it’s
gonna be numerous ones in the next August first around then apparently
they’re choosing that day to make this Bitcoin Forks these aren’t friendly
Forks I mean it I’m a – and I will link to it below I forgot to add the link I
made a link about friendly Forks in the past that it would be interested in
people and people have forked off Bitcoin to do friendly projects this is
an unfriendly for this is a body coin this is cryptocurrency terrorism there
are bad actors out there in our community this is a bottom of the bottom
line so if you are you’re gonna write articles and you’re gonna try to say
that this is legitimate you’re helping bad actors that’s all you’re doing
you’re hurting the price of Bitcoin you’re you’re you’re slowing down the
progress of the price of Bitcoin you’re injecting fear and confusion into our
ecosystem into our community because there’s so many new people out there
who rival here in fact and so and they are
unhealthy people but but you don’t give them this don’t give them this toxicity
and they’re innocent people out there who unfortunately are addicted the doom
form and stuff don’t give them this toxicity if you are um a content creator
ignore the these flood coins ignore please please don’t name the people by
name don’t try to make excuses for these people they don’t think like us they’re
not trying to do good for the community they’re trying to do bad really bad
stuff and it might might be an exit scam as as turned broad turn Bay’s brought up
I don’t know why they’re doing it I mean they’re sick individuals i guess i yeah
i mean it’s it’s fun coin it’s fun coin the latest thing naina bitcoin terrorism
is fun coin town that like button if you don’t like these fuck corns alright so
what else do we have here i’m said that they were bad at occur
okay i’m i’m beating around the bush about the articles we’re gonna get to
that in a second um alright and these these these all coins that are being
created to hurt the legitimate bitcoin and and stop the progress of segregated
witness you can’t even buy them you can’t even buy them in um on regular
exchanges you’re gonna have to go to china to buy these things or and again
some of you are thinking i want to get it for free if they gonna split the
chain and this is gonna give me a great big favor okay
now we’re gonna get to that and cilinder by the way is is i’m gonna let him speak
he is just surprisingly absol linda has joined us on this show live which is a
very rarity i’m gonna let him get into this right now
he’s muted and I’m still doing my introduction here because I want him to
say a few words but he has been great during all this you
following him history watching his show he is not afraid to say it like it is I
mean I don’t care who I offend okay I mean I’m not here to make friends and
stuff with with the people who are wishy-washy on this and everything so
again why are these random Chinese altcoin here whatever maybe they’re not
from China I don’t know why are they picking August first of all dates to
have their hard Forks why well you know if they’re such great coins and they’re
not trying to do something to Bitcoin why are they picking the most food the
date most associated with fun for the last two months months has been August
1st August 1st August 1st and I tell us I told people don’t worry about August
1st so magically all of a sudden one of these things or a few of these coins
whatever or want to introduce themselves on August 1st of all days they’re gonna
have their magical hard for where do you everyone’s gonna get they’re free
whatever coin FUD coin what they’re picking this date for flood purposes all
right so Jimmy song has an article out there
that big that gives and I don’t know if I’m gonna even link to it below I don’t
think I have yet and he is a good man he is a smart man but he is unwittingly
doing their dirty work and he has done this many times now many times he has
given them hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars of
free advertising for their whatever they’re trying to do whatever these
people are trying to do he has by mentioning them by giving him legitimate
well thought how articles he has given them at least hundreds of thousands of
dollars if not millions of free advertising in free advertising ok these
people deserve nothing but a quick little tweet that says
they’re creating their own little what was clams clams with some altcoin from a
long time ago that was built forked off a Bitcoin and I got I guess you got a
lot of free clams if you wanted free clams okay that’s what this is and when
you start to write articles about it you are doing exactly what they want you to
do you are building them up you are building the fear you’re giving them a
shot you’re letting them raise capital but they’re gonna sell this stuff now
they’re gonna sell their little altcoins and stuff and maybe that’s all they
really want to do I don’t know what they want to do but by by not ignoring them
and naming them by name because right now I’m I’m beating I’m not saying who
they are I’m not giving links to them I’m telling I’m giving everybody a
warning about the situation that you’ve got them the fear just hold on to your
Bitcoin hold on to your Bitcoin don’t do anything with it for awhile and you have
nothing to it when you start to get greedy when you’re
like well I’m gonna have this free other coin and I’m gonna try to sell it or I’m
gonna try to buy it I’m gonna try to flip it or whatever you’re getting into
a situation where your short term greed it’s gonna hurt me in the long term
because it’s not that simple what’s going on here
um and again you’re hurt but by naming them by name by giving them legitimacy
it the mainstream media will pick up on it the newbies will pick up on it and
it’s it’s just gonna slow down the inevitable price rise of the real
Bitcoin to baby see again this is not a contested hard fork we’re contentious
hard fork we’re talking about here we’re talking about dudes just doing their
random all coin pretending like it’s a contentious hard fork okay
hoping that people write articles about them hoping the mainstream media picks
up on it okay this is all there this is hopes and Vinnie lingham who I
respect a lot who is another smart person who knows a lot about business
should know better then to retweet some of this stuff to put it out there see
bitcoins gonna have a bad month because of stuff like this
Vinnie knows this is not contentious hard for you are helping helping their
marketing team and you have to know that you’re doing this you’re a good
businessman you know this is it’s hundreds of thousands when you tweet
that stuff out Vinnie it’s $100,000 worth of free marketing for these guys
so this city there’s gonna be trouble you’re adding to the trouble and they
get I do I mean maybe you’re just trying to form everyone and you’re gonna and
you are trying to inform everyone your intentions are good I’d have to believe
that they’ve been healing him I like Vinnie lingham um but but it’s
it’s done to a point now people where it’s ignore ignore what are your parents
tell you when your little kid just ignored the obnoxious kid you said no
you know someone is is poking out here would have just ignore them and no or
else they’re gonna keep while doing it ignore Trump people tell me ignore
trolls and you know sometimes it is hard to give you things like that sometimes
it’s a but this is a really important thing we’re getting to a point now where
it’s just like it’s it’s an illness that’s in our community and by giving
them any form of legitimacy it spreads this vicious disease a flood cream
Bitcoin terrorism on that like button if you’ve liked this so far so I want to go
talk about vortexes show um which was cool on the world cup of network which
was this Sunday and uni I’d link to that below watch that show at least it’s the
18-minute mark where Ansel Lindner is on the show and where they’re talking
things that I have talked about before how there’s a pre perhaps as a premium
and holding Bitcoin that exists now before all this nonsense occurs
I think they talk about long term thinking they talk about this situation
and they talk about ico people don’t have the same minds the
long term mindset that’s one of us Bitcoin people have things I’ve
discussed the world it’s a really interesting show I don’t know of all the
guests but if you’re a short term thinker you’re gonna be unhappy okay
in the current environment they talk about and they bring up something the
replay attacked now if you mess with this this fun coin that’s out there are
numerous flood coins that are gonna be out there I don’t know enough
technically about replay attacks okay but if you are cool if you start trying
to split your Bitcoin or ask for your free flood coin I don’t from what I
heard of vortexes show you might be putting yourself up for a replay attack
where you lose your real Bitcoin now I can’t confirm that or deny that vortex
and that’s ansel ask the people that were on the show I don’t know but learn
what a replay attack is and learn what that mean about people how people lost
our exchanges lost real coins because of the Scituate acts and again I’m gonna
lose your real Bitcoin because of this if you but the simple answer is if you
do nothing with your Bitcoin if you just keep your Bitcoin on your trace or don’t
have it someplace else you don’t try to split it you don’t try to turn it into
mr. Fudd coin you’re not going to worry about anything but once you start
messing with this with the altcoin side of it with the fun coin side of it you
get yourself into a mess of trouble a mess of trouble for what for what it’s
gonna sell for a dollar in China are you gonna go to the Chinese exchange and
give them your Bitcoin where they gonna steal your Bitcoin I mean you’re putting
your Bitcoin at risk here for to get a $1 chinese altcoin is this
is this what all of this is a bat for you again
and when people legitimate people out there start writing about this $1 FUD
coin or whatever it’s gonna be it might be four five hundred dollars
for one minute and then ghosts go down go a dollar when it debuts okay will
that make you happy then you blew all your wad at first and then it now it’s
worth one dollar I don’t know I don’t know what to say I think I’ve said a lot
here all right and something something that the great Ansel wrote wrote we were
exchanging that information last night we’re emailing each other I’d like to
mention famous he wrote famous he saw these Forks for what they were from the
beginning altcoins and rightly moderated discussion on our
Bitcoin you go down as a hero to know what I plan for that because you know I
never thought of that before you this months ago this Bitcoin drama and drama
by the way is just for the it’s either I don’t want is for the week it’s for the
drama orient it’s not for people who are trying to do business who are trying to
move on with their lives and stuff but when this Bitcoin drama started into the
trolls back in the day well he loved to talk about our Bitcoin exchanges
censoring people you know what it’s come full circle now because they knows who
supposedly was censoring which all he was doing was preventing people from
talking about an altcoin the king of the trolls was promoting and that altcoin
has come up in various forms and might actually come to life on August 1st
through new through these new food coins but this day most dude who supposedly
was censoring what no he was right it’s a bit if this stuff is all coins it’s
nothing but all coins and their though they’re not friendly for
coins they are five coins so famous was right that should be someone should make
it one of these shirts that says that Davos one is right all right and he’s
still right so here is a tweet by a guy could be Africa which really sums up how
media people or how people with cont content creators should be thinking in
our space and this was directed at Jimmy’s son and again Jimmy Suns not a
villain or a bad guy he’s a smart guy who’s
getting unwittingly played as a tool I mean your your guys are being tools of
these uh fun corners don’t be a tool of the bud corner and this is what it says
Jimmy I will be forking Bitcoin on the 2nd of August calling it Bitcoin trilogy
when will you be writing an article warning people about I mean that sums up
right there anyone can form anyone can for Bitcoin
so give them attention don’t give them attention it’s like it’s a tree falling
in the woods just don’t pay attention to it who cares who cares about Bitcoin
trilogy which is obviously a joke but how did Bitcoin if I make the the
Meister Bitcoin coin coin bit Bitcoin found that like button coin that I fork
out Jimmy so I’m gonna write right about that and people are gonna say well
there’s major players in China who are interested in it interested in it really
really are they are they gonna buy it are they gonna just want you to buy it
so they steal your Bitcoin because a lot of people in America started writing
about it in English and so that people who understand English started to learn
about these five coins and thought they were real I thought it was something
they should be messing with and something that that isn’t there just to
mess with the real Bitcoin and hurt the real Bitcoin so uh
yeah what else do I have here I have new I’m making new thumbnails now that have
a crypto graffiti logos in them maybe I’ll mention that in another video
alright so again don’t be an unwitting tool of the flood corners um and again I
respect you me song and Vinnie lingham I really do ah let’s see what else here’s
Toshi China kind of coin here and there’s some of this stuff they will
talk about next time so Ansel are you there do you want to do
you want to add anything to this please the floor is yours
I’m here hi hi do you hear your great so just did you hear that whole rant of
mine or all is beautiful alright so dad to the situation here
what’s what’s going on what do you think about all this well I think you said it
was an illness you call it called it an illness in Bitcoin I think that illness
is almost over I think our fever is breaking the these guys are floundering
there they’re rushing like you say till August first rush rush rush even the 2x
half of Sigma 2 X’s is completely rushed we are way more immune today to these
type of social attacks than we were you know before all this segment drama so we
get say gwit plus we get all this education and all this community
awareness so I think that this whole thing is just making Bitcoin that much
better a store value long term so that’s a positive at least yeah last thing I or
next thing is I co bubble I think that these guys are trying to model some of
their stuff off the eye cos they think they might have some traction because
these icy O’s can pump with nothing behind them right no code no anything is
just one simple smart contract on aetherium and they launch and get a
hundred million dollars and they’re trying to do something similar in that
vein all hundred-percent marketing to launch this hard fork
so there there is that aspect of it and lastly I ought to talk about Jimmy Jimmy
song yeah like you say I respect him he’s he’s a good developer he’s a core
contributor actually so you know he’s he’s done stuff for Bitcoin and and he’s
a very smart guy but you know I think he’s ever since this segues stuff and
the user activates software stuff in particular started blowing up Jimmy was
on he got more clicks he get was up doing more interviews you know he got
into the limelight a little bit maybe he’s trying to build some credibility
which is good and some brand awareness the Jimmy song brand and that that’s
that’s fine by me but it’s completely sensational its sensational journalism
it has nothing to do like what leads the the 10 o’clock news oh it’s the murders
on the corner you know even if that’s not even a big deal or there’s one that
whole year in this town that’s going to lead to 10 o’clock news so it’s it’s all
just sensational journalism and let’s see does he I don’t know if he’s trying
to be sensational it but it ends up being sensational it really it does I I
agree with that point I don’t know where he’s if that’s his goal but he it does
end up being bad I think my personal opinion is that he is trying to be
sensational and he push not he doesn’t have an agenda but he’s trying to push
you know himself out there so whatever you’ve got this you’re about to say
something else that I interrupted you yeah sorry about replay attacks and
holders and things and everyone is so worried I was on the vortex show and
they were all talking about oh these replay attacks are really big deal we
don’t know yeah yeah and I was like they replays only if they only affect you if
you spend money right if you hold if you’re a long-term holder you don’t even
care just ride it out just like every other attack that’s happened to Bitcoin
and we’re still sitting at $2,700 so all of these all of this is just doubt fear
uncertainty and and it will it’ll blow over there’s
really this whole new Bitcoin cache I don’t even like saying the name of it is
very very insignificant in the grand scheme of things and I expect it to just
blow over yes III wanted to say you meant mentioned before that it’s the
marketing that powers this thing so none of us should give any of these people
any any marketing any free marketing the people who are promoting these random
altcoins that are out there now what you said about the about the free attack and
that you should just hold this entire situation
no one’s strategy should have changed at all just because something’s going on in
China you should never keep your money your
coins on in exchange you should never rely on a third party you should never
invest in weird things not that that overall long term strategy
should never not be altered and should not even be given legitimacy by by
anyone else so again if you just ignore all this stuff do the mature thing
ignore all this stuff and stick with the original strategy and it’s just every
everything’s gonna be fine but once you deviate from the plan and get caught up
in this sickness you are just gonna be led into weird places again I am I’m no
expert on these replay attack is it possible if someone starts to try to
mess with one of these random FUD coins that’s created as a fork that they could
lose they’re big they’re real Bitcoin in a replay attack yeah if they are not if
they don’t know what’s going on don’t spend any sort of fork coin if you spend
your regular Bitcoin you might get the your forked coins replayed but that
really doesn’t matter so much it’s only if you mess with the four
side and you think it’s going to be separate from true Bitcoin it’s not it’s
gonna be replayed most likely and you’re gonna lose your Bitcoin yes and that is
horrifying people for what is it worth that you get you were gonna try to sell
this fun coin for five dollars and make what make twenty five bucks or something
like that and you might end up losing a twenty three thousand dollar coin I mean
think about this is a serious serious situation really serious but it all can
be avoided if you just I mean ignore and just do what you were doing the other
day I mean so I have been saying all along everything is going to work out
fine and everything will work out fine if you just again don’t worry about
these random FUD coins that are gonna be created to have names that have to do
with Bitcoin just don’t worry about them but again what inspired all this is that
Jimmy Stein is a respected individual and he writes an article that brings
legitimacy to these people that make so many people worry that people have to be
reminded once again not to worry so and so any conclusionary thoughts before we
end this show because I’m gonna end it pretty soon nope just keep holding and
yeah don’t don’t just jump on like if someone like you see an article by vinny
you actually have to read it and don’t just read the headline but read it and
think about it before you kind of jump to any
conclusions because bitcoin is super safe right now it’s super secure it’s
the future has never been brighter we just got sig wit we’re building the
social immunity to these type of hard forks and like I say it’s a better store
of value today than it was yesterday so everything is rosy with Bitcoin all
right everybody well and so Leonard thank you for coming on the show
it’s such short notice that was you you don’t know what you’re gonna get on this
show so pound that like button everyone if you like this show if you like
surprises i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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this one was a really fun one so bye bye everyone talk to you later

32 thoughts on “Bitcoin FUDcoins are the latest form of cryptocurrency terrorism! Ignore BTC community bad actors”

  1. Why does everyone think Jimmy is smart? He has 5 commits to /bitcoin/test/… Seriously?

    This is the "expert" we have to listen to?

  2. Adam brings up a solid point about inadvertently promoting these projects.

    Adam, "bitcoin terrorism" in black/red on your thumbnail is rather fuddy as well.

  3. @BitcoinMeister thank you for your great work, i appreciate you for donating your energy on getting everyone on the same page GOLD&HOLD GUYSS !!!

  4. Great show. I've wondered why people do not give Ansel more air time. Adam, agree with pointing out Vinny + Jimmy excessive FUD. I hope the community will quit giving unnecessary publicity to the terrorist types soon.

  5. seems to me that the 21 Million Dollar Club Boyz want bitcoin to split so they can make more CA$H on a cheap generic alt coin… maybe some new company will start a FUDCoin 🙂

  6. Adam, you are right I am not going even to claim for a free forked shits because Bitcoin is one and only. At least guys stop using the word Bitcoin when you create another alt.

  7. This guy (Adam) is so full of shit, I don't know what happens when he goes to bathroom…. does he just explode?

  8. It's ok I think everyone knows the story with these clowns. But good Adam, Tone & the rest bashing them & telling it how it is.

  9. hold is the only strategy. replay's are real, if you are paying anyone other than another of your own addresses on either coin after the fork (or even before the fork should your tx be stuck in the mempool at the time of the fork), you can almost be sure that your transaction will be confirmed on both. For that fact the fud is real too… it means that approaching July31pm, bitcoin is less of a medium of exchange (unless those coins are being sent to one of your addresses). sounds like cheap coins… but be careful buying after the fork… are you paying for 2 coins and only receiving 1?

  10. Jimmy is the only right person in this debate. Unlike you, he is only presenting FACTS not picking sides with baseless opinions.

  11. FUDcoin Cash is just another ALTCOIN… They can mine it all they want, we don't want it. We all know what it is. nice try, now go home and point your miners back at the REAL blockchain.

  12. Adam, have you still got your sanity? Chill out mate.

    Everything you say about 'fudcoins' applies just as easily to bitcoin for most people out there. All of it is just crazy speculation. Swap everything you said about bitcoin (MySpace) and fudcoins (Facebook) and see how crazy you just sound. Just because you were first to market does not mean you will survive as the number 1 for all time.

    You bag out these fudcoins and altcoins – but then go right ahead in your description and Channel About state "I ACCEPT EVERY ALTCOIN". wtf? How about you just list a bitcoin cash addy and people can send you some.

  13. Adam, please fork Bitcoin and create the 'Pound that like button' coin. I am very interested in this project.

  14. Couldn't agree more. It is time to stop validating anyone that wants to create a forkcoin. It serves to confuse the large segment of the community that is new to all of this and lends credence to what is otherwise just another altcoin. It sets a bad precedent because the fact is that anyone at any time can create a fork will remain forever. I am glad that BCC is being created actually because it will finally make people realize that this sort of thing poses no threat to Bitcoin and shouldn't cause the markets to panic.

  15. Do not be discouraged Adam, I understand your frustration watching all these ploys in an effort to 'steal the thunder' that is bitcoin. This is always true for any success story, be it crypto-currency or something else. If the freedom of having your own bank filled with an appreciating asset, like a bitcoin wallet, were not real, these attempts to subvert it would not exist. This is something you have to come to terms with, as currently all crypto is priced by fiat value, which we know to be what it is, debt-based inflationary script. The problem is that the vast majority have not yet awakened to the emperor having no clothes, but they will, its coming, and that right soon.
    Your heart-felt passion to warn others is commendable, and thank you for your contributions to the bitcoin community. Take solace in the fact that many others see the same things as you, and realize going forward, which crypto represents freedom and prosperity, and which only reflect the same petty greed of a few insiders that want more for themselves and less for everyone else.

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