Bitcoin for Beginners – Coin Clip Series

How’s it going everyone. It’s Austin over here at the Crypto Playhouse
and we’re cooking up something a little different for our followers, so we a lot of people that
reach out to us asking about different coins, how they work, little things that set them
apart and we were trying to figure out kind of how to do this effectively and the reality
is there’s just so many coins out there. There’s like 2000 cryptocurrencies. It’s just not possible to hit them all at
once, so we’re gonna kind of do something different for our channel. It’s basically just going to be a little mini
series and we’re going to spend 60 seconds and talk about a different currency each clip
and we’re gonna just kind of mention what puts it out in the community and sets it apart
from the other cryptos. So I guess you can kind of think of it as
a “Crypto for Dummies” if you will. So we’re just gonna be going through some
of those and we’re gonna start out with Bitcoin today, so stay tuned and we’ll jump in. [opening music] OK, so obviously if we’re gonna talk about
different cryptos and all that, everyone knows Bitcoin, but realistically I don’t think as
many people know the logistics about Bitcoin as they should. So just a few quick things that are notable
is Bitcoin is hashed from the SHA-256 algorithm. It was the first real big cryptocurrency. The creator is the kind of fabled Satoshi
Nakamoto that nobody actually knows. In fact, it’s really a personal or a pseudonym
for who created Bitcoin. And some notable features are the block time
is about 10 minutes. The bock size has been a point of contention
within the Bitcoin community. That’s actually one of the things that caused
the Bitcoin Cash spin-off and of course it is the highest market cap coin of the current
cryptos. [ending music]

6 thoughts on “Bitcoin for Beginners – Coin Clip Series”

  1. Great crypto clips for beginners. I like the idea. Whatever can get the word out when it comes to cryptos, I'm all for it!

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