27 thoughts on “Bitcoin FOMO is REAL! Cryptocurrency Market BULLISH, Cardano, Twitter Coin?”

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  2. If Jack Dorsey crypto is shaddowbanned like Twitter accounts then that will suck, in the last 6 months my Twitter fo

  3. I hope to see a day where people like O'leary will regret not having bought bitcoin. Bitcoin allows anyone to be their own bank. No more 3rd party entities, no more banks that won't issue you a loan for whatever reason, no more ridiculous interest rates on the little money you save away while they all play with it making millions, no more governments spying on your every move. Only pure peer to peer exchange from one person to another. This is the value of cryptos to me. Thank you for the update. You’ve told us a breakout would come and it happened ?? I invested in crypto last year and I kept going down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Jacob, I didn't hesitate to contact him. I traded with him and went from having 3 Btc to 11 Btc. Thanks to the lady who posted about Jacob, Let’s keep spreading words about him to help the Ignorant people who are losing, If you have less than 3 Bitcoins or more why not trade it and make more profits? It’s no news that Jacob Wesley has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. Imagine selling each of them at 20k in a few months, you can contact him via email at *([email protected] gmail. com*) or Whatsapp +1(405)266-3731 Telegram @Jacobwesley22. You will enjoy success working with him

  4. XRP UNDERVALUED at 42 cents … $XRP SHOULD BE AT $1.69 NOW compared to #bitcoin at $8800 which is 44% OF all time high price of ~$20K and $3.84 XRP.

    The NEXT #bullrun …with @Ripple XRAPID now live since October 2018 only !!!

  5. Did you know bit is actually short for only having a little bit. Theres 7 trillion people on the planet but there will only ever be 7 million bit coins

  6. Any insight on why altcoins are lagging so much? when bitcoin was this price in 2017 the altcoins were wayyyy higher

  7. Crypto from leftist, censorship- driven social media companies. Personally, not interested in ever owning that garbage.

  8. Can anyone explain how, just on coinbase alone, every crypto listed moves up and down simultaneously? Been watching for years and cant figure it out.

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