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hello ladies and gentlemen crypto deep typhus welcome back to weekly crypto today I'm going to talk about Bitcoin so people only want to buy Bitcoin after price rises this is based on Google data basically for more in and don't forget the next half-inning will be next year may 25 2012 405 days left and uber IPO is coming up so also there's article saying that mixed stock buybacks illegal and trauma meat is the fat job to push the stock higher and just in case you're new to the channel just to remind everybody that MPT air drop make sure you claim it so the snapshot was already talk was already taken on March 15 you have six weeks to clean the token you can use your scare the water to clean the NPT token but if you claim the token you is going to use some of your RAM so make sure you have enough RAM in your wallet and also POS so make sure you claim your PS by April 25th either you claim it using the scatter wallet or you can send tiny of our peers to another year's account to claim this token otherwise it will lose forever so you can send tiny amount as 0.001 peers to and other year's account before we get into that make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out the upcoming airdrop token small or have fun also you can follow me on Twitter as well so this is a pretty interesting article basically when pick on as 20,000 there's a lot of people talk about it and people FOMO in and they want to buy even a grandma I want to buy they don't even know what is Bitcoin they just want a piece of it I just want that you know everybody talked about it right but right now we are still in a bear market so not that many people talk about it but then remember April 1st April Fool with a big thumb up it comprised from 4200 all the way palm to 5,000 right and based on this Google analytic Go Go trends so the interest in pine become appear to be the cryptocurrency price rise across the look at the trending you can see the past months we will that the phrase by Bitcoin tend to increase in interest only after the price of Bitcoin has actually increased I think basically formal in right so by Bitcoin terms follow a to become price and this basically you can see the data from the Google trend review the volume of the search like by Bitcoin the past months you can see April for us I think April 3rd April April 1st you know Abu Firas we have a big bummer I remember it prefers me a big palm up to become price and April 4 you can see the day the trend in a Google Analytics he pumps remember it pumps all the way to five thousand three or something like that right in five dozen free and this is April 4 you can see the the phrase by beacon phrase on April 3rd hitting a score of 100 hundred on the Google Trends so this is peak popularity of this particular term in this selected period so this is a lagging indicator so the the price pum to five thousand three hundred and then April 3rd April 1st and then a book three days later then you have a peak on this Google trend and so remember I was trading at five thousand three remember there's a big pump on April Fool's days right and then from four thousand two and then you can see here this knows there's not much interest in here at this during this time because you can see not much interested in this time because at the time is around the pecans are running around three thousand eight or four thousand you know so this is a signs of FOMO people are feel missing out because they have afraid that if they don't buy the price will keep on increasing and increasing so this is known as fear of missing out right FOMO in and so basically the interest in binary counting climb when the price is punching perhaps this is an indicator this is an indicator showing that this type of a psychology of trading so the top 5 countries were pick on such triple in popular tea followed the rally was Nigeria I'm not surprised Netherlands South Africa Austria Switzerland I'm surprised about Austria that's interesting not in the US in here US is not in here so another thing I think the research on finance research saying that the the crypto the Bitcoin price have been bottomed out and all that and and the thing is I don't know when people talk about Portimao nobody knows right we'll see and also the next happening coming up right so what do you think so it looks like people are not interested to buy Bitcoin because at 3000 or 4000 they are more likely to buy when be kind of 30,000 or higher so this is based on what the Google search Google data showing the psychology of trading in the mass majority of the people so let me know what you think about this I called you up trading you are the formal formal type of person like you're missing out present or you look at the indicator before you buys anything let me know are you the formal person or not a formal person so beacon happening coming up May 20 May 20 2009 here and uber IPO is coming up so uber so live forever IPO already and even though life has been have substantial loss they still have a IPO and this is interesting right and to me uber IPO uber the growth of uber is not is not so it's not so drastic compared to like for the first few of first three or four years or first five years to grow for substantial during that time but right now to meet upin smallest stabilized already they already expand to different countries and all that and Google was established at 2009 it's like a 10 years company to me I think this is they just want to cash out before the end of the bull market cycle also a lot of investor early investor in the hedge fund invests early on uber back in 2009 and on 20/20 and all that they probably don't want to tie up the capital they want to cash out that's how I fell but this is not a financial advice use your due diligence this is just my personal opinion and the company is aimed to raise ten billion from this IPO and also they value about 90 to 100 billion so in the pirate in the pirate the pardon in the pirate funding fundraising it was about 76 million and in terms of fundraising I mean they I don't think they need money to expand the growth they already have tons of money to grow in different area like uber eat uber who both fly and all that I mean to me this is just my personal opinion and another interesting thing is uber right now they don't have direct acceptance of Picon as of this now and this is still a long way to go seems like but in some third-world country like argentina and the those uber driver they actually accepting some of them they try to accept Bitcoin instead of accepting fiat currency the pesos because pesos has been depreciating and they were rather people pay them in Bitcoin but uber has not support this cryptocurrency payment yet so there's a driver in reddit they say that accepting beacon off-the-books for the rise and he complained that the process is problematic because uber app does not support pick on payment so this is interesting if they expand if uber expand to accept cryptocurrencies I will be interesting to see I mean I'm not surprised in the future they would do that just like overstock they already accept Bitcoin as a payment mmm in the on their website so so if you look at left the price see so lift lasers have a teachers have an IPO in terms of the price you can see like on opening of course it's really high right 86 bucks right right now is right now it's only 59 or 16 so people basically they just want to cash all to me and again this is not that financial due diligence and so this is interesting thing is that I live shot selling bills up to uber file IPO paperwork that's pretty interesting and also another article talked about make stock buyback illegal right now the SMP 8 is at all-time high is almost about two thousand and nine hundred right SMP and then right now we are close to your golden cross which is 250 50-day moving average cross the 200 day moving fish this is a pretty bullish signal so all this easy money policy the quantitative easing back in 2008 in 2008 after the financial crisis so we're printing all this money and and all this money from the stock market through to the real estate and right now there's no tightening because remember when it is tightening back in last year December before Christmas when there's a tightening because the fat trying to do tightening right the SMB punch before Christmas so they have been increased interest rate and then they do a quantity tightening the SMP punch light from two thousand seven two thousand eight hundred to two thousand four hundred or almost four hundred points so if they do tightening to stop markets not going to hole up so this is pretty interesting another thing is so petro the torah they he treat about the SMP and people saying a bullish right also we are going to retest the support break out to the sky it may be the break out their orange line is no longer touch that's what has respond that's pretty interesting and so another interesting thing is because there's no more tightening right so basically there's a treat from the Trump today if the Fed had done its job properly which it has not the stock market will have been up 5,000 to 10,000 additional points and a GDP would have been well above 4% of 3% with almost no inflation qualities retightening was a killer should have done she had done the exact opposite so this is the treat from the plant from Donald Trump so basically the trauma meat is the first job to push the stock higher so this is pretty interesting so I mean I don't know how far this Poong will go it looks like that it's going to pump even higher because with the easy money policy so if you're in a stock market there's a pretty pretty good right now let's see so just be careful out there but let's see boom to you so if you find this video helpful smash the like button subscribe also share with your friends make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out the upcoming edge up giveaway or have fun also you can follow me on twitter as well if you have already subscribed make sure you hit a notification bell and so you don't miss out the upcoming and drop-off or token swap those can be time-sensitive remember crypto deep divers we the people take on the control of your money stay wise stay safe peace I'm not a financial advisor investing in crypto currency or I CEO has inherited species of due diligence

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  1. Does claiming MPT token work the same way as claiming PEOS token, where you can send 0.0001 MPT token to another EOS account to keep the MPT tokens without using any RAM

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