BITCOIN FLASH CRASH WikiLeaks Julian Assange – Bakkt New Hire – Crypto Stripe Flexa – EOS Job Site

hi everyone Tony here hope you're doing well welcome to the thinking crypto YouTube channel I hope you're holding strong in this new emerging asset class that is crypto currencies it is Thursday April eleventh that I have some big news to share with you guys this is of course not financial or investment advice if you're not subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash the like button we are seeing a flash crash in the more in the market here guys Bitcoin at five thousand twenty five dollars down five point two nine percent from a 24-hour perspective Ethernet just over a hundred and sixty three one hundred and sixty three dollars down seven point four percent also XRP is close just sitting below thirty three cents also down seven point five five percent so what caused this now we know that you can't have a continual run-up right there has to be corrections along the way however this was a bit of a steep correction I think much bigger than our normal pull backs or normal Corrections along the way up now a lot of folks are saying it's related to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is arrest that took place and why is that what's the connection well as you know WikiLeaks being an and a foundation so to speak Anjuli which Julian Assange I found it they do a lot of leaks and highlight a lot of things that governments are doing wrong and so forth right now as a result they were all in their finances and credit cards and bank accounts were all shut down globally so they had to resort to crypto they had to get Bitcoin and they took a lot of donations to be a Bitcoin to try to escape the the governments and so forth from locking up their funds so they had a significant amount of Bitcoin which some folks looking at the wallet address while it addresses I should say are seeing that some of these the Bitcoin they had is being liquidated most likely to pay for a legal fees which Julian Assange is gonna need right now obvious being facing charges right so we see a few folks I've been talking about this so for example this person here crypto hype dough and then they tweeted and Maddy Greenspan saying this is the reason we have the little flash crash and shout-out to two youtubers mr. Kristoff and the martini guy who both did videos talking about the movement of the bitcoins from the wallet addresses so they did some research here and subscribe to their channel by the way and they found the movement of Bitcoin and what appears to be that it's being sold off once again but to potentially pay for Julian Assange's legal fees so it could be that's what's causing it I don't we can't with 100% certainty say it is but I think I think so because of the connection once again that they are they are depend on crypto they depend on Bitcoin to at least move move funds get funding and so forth because all their avenues of financing and so forth have been shut off so interesting stuff happening here but let's see if it continues to go further down I don't know right now it's still good that bitcoin is over 5,000 and as we know the market moves a Bitcoin right so if it goes up the market goes up it goes on the market goes down so let's see what happens my my hope is that it doesn't go below 5,000 and doesn't keep going down and at least we bounce back but obviously not idea ideal and this is one of the things I talked to you guys about a lot where the price can be affected by many many different things but and and you know negative news and so forth but we know the markets here to stay we see the building that's happening the government's are on board and regulating crypto and establishing this new asset class now moving ahead here guys speaking of big money and establishing this new asset class we have an update from back you know I know a lot of people are beginning backed a lot of so to speak on on social media and so forth saying you know you guys keep delaying and so forth but it's actually not their fault it's the CFT see they are waiting for the CFTC to approve they have already submitted their applications they already have their stuff ready but goes back to the US government dragging their feet and I'm hoping the token taxonomy Act gets passed in Congress and go you know get signed into law by the president so that they can move ahead so that we can get different things like Bitcoin ETS and many different institutions can start going alive and utilizing digital assets well we have an update here that they have hired PayPal and Google veteran Mike blend inna and he's going to be the chief product officer this is a big hire for them remember to build your team out and we noticed we've seen this and talked about about it with ripple you need the right people you need the talents right you need the people who have the experience and you have a guy who's I mean obviously PayPal very relevant right and Google so and they said here one of the the letter or I should say the article from their CEO Kelly Lafleur she said one of the most important aspects of building back is in technological it's human building an innovative innovative company from the ground up allows us to assemble a team of trailblazers and doers those who want to deliver on our shared vision for digital assets and it we tirelessly and work tirelessly to execute and deliver last year we began with several critical hires including Adam White which they poached from coinbase our founding CEO oh and who heads up our institutional custody and traded products we also recruited Balaji devar Sethi who joined from worl pay as our VP of tech to advance our payments platform to help build out our engineering team and so on and so on so she talks a bit about Mike blandina and the work he's going to do and obviously she says here previously Mike served as the head of payments and credit engineering at PayPal and director of engineering of Google Wallet at Google so the guy knows about payments and the technology and it needs to build around that now why is that important guys who is back to partner with Starbucks what are you going to be able to do with the back tap in Starbucks Starbucks coffee and products it's not a direct crypto transaction it's a quick crypto to fiat payment transaction that is what where we're headed and as you can imagine backed is not only gonna partner with Starbucks they're probably gonna partner with other retailers and stores and whatever right and this is gonna lead the adoption guys are people being able to use crypto where they're gonna facilitate the trading the custody and the spending the usage so big things are ahead and friendly reminder backed is founded by the IntercontinentalExchange ice which is the owner of the New York Stock Exchange and many other markets guys so this is a big big deal here and they are making the right acquisitions and you know as far as acquiring companies and technology but also people so great update here and we just have to be patient like I said it's not their fault you know they're waiting on a CFTC and the US government as we know they've been dragging their feet and we've been talking a lot about that now speaking of buying coffee with crypto guys well crypto stripe flex erases 14 million dollars so you can buy coffee with Bitcoin the investment and the money being put into this market continues guys the building is happening it's right in front of our faces here consider yourself 14 point 1 million dollars closer to buying your morning coffee with Bitcoin new york-based payments startup flex adjust raised the amount in a private token sale involving pantera capital 1kx nema capital access ventures and others the startups token flex a coin is an aetherium base ERC 20 token you guys know I'm bullish on aetherium that will eventually be used by developers and business businesses to stake value on flexuz network for merchants aiming payment processing while flex a co-founder Tyler Spalding declined to specify which merchants will accept Bitcoin through the this app video tests show users buying Starbucks with it a Starbucks purse spokesperson told coin best it is not working with Flex up Spalding emphasized that flex a is a business the business startup shoppers won't need to old or interact with flexor cones at all flex a co-founder Trevor filter said details related to such governance in participation are still under development so obviously you're still trying to test a few things here but notice they're in there mocked or I don't know if there's a mock-up or tests or whatever but they were testing it in Starbucks so who once again what we just talked about right you see where we're headed guys everybody's gonna try to build products for it improve the utility and get their technology use for the adoption and growth of this new asset class so the future is certainly bright and they're getting the funding guys now we've got some news here 21 US lawmakers urge the IRS again to crowd clarify crypto tax rules so as you can see again to my point the US government is CFTC SEC the IRS and whoever else all dragging their feet that's why I keep saying I hope the tax in token taxonomy that gets passed and that will help position all of these different sections of the government and get them on the same page with the deadline for Americans to file their taxes days away more than 20 US lawmakers have again urged the IRS to provide clarity on cryptocurrency questions the lawmakers letter addressed to the IRS commissioner Charles Rettig retic excuse me explains that taxpayers may find it difficult to calculate how much they owe to the agency due to the unanswered questions about how the IRS are treating various cryptocurrencies the IRS issued guidance on a subject in 2014 but has not updated its guidance to acknowledge Forks and other advances in the space since so out they have issued their their stuff that they issued years ago is outdated it's been five years right so this is great though that these politicians are waking up and they're putting the pressure on these folks and it's just a matter of time before we get more of these politicians and on board and then we get the laws and all these things pass for the growth of this new asset class guys now the blockchain Association also tweeted about this dogma Tom Emmer and the rest of these folks who you know are urging the IRS to provide you know more guidance now now some of you may have seen the IMF's seminar or event they had yesterday we're obviously dynamic chief Christine Lagarde was there and they were talking about crypto currencies and he or she said distributed ledger technologies are shaking the system and I remember I personally saw the video it was the folks from JP Morgan and the ECB as well Circle it was an interesting conversation you can see the JP Morgan woman was trying her best to say here's why JP Morgan coin is great and it too was doing a bad job at it because it's a stupid stable coin right but the reason why I'm highlighting this it shows you guys that crypto is here to stay and at the world the government's all these associations and foundations and so forth are waking up and recognizing this this disruptive technology is here to change things so that's where we we as the early adopters have to be patient once again the facts are in front of our face right guys so the iMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has said that blockchain innovators are shaking the traditional financial world and having a clear impact on incumbent players the guard made her comments in an interview with CNBC on April 10th following a panel devout devoted to money and the payments in the digital age as part of the 2019 spring meetings of the World Bank Group and IMF in Washington DC so let's see here is a Lagarde observed that financial disruptors are having a clear impact on incumbents and reshaping the system from within pointing to JPMorgan Chase's move to launch its own digital coin as well as the new ECB initiatives to provide to aim that aim to provide instant virtually cost-free value transfers here's a quote I think the role of disruptors and anything that uses distributed ledger technology while you call it crypto assets currencies or whatever and it's far from bitcoins we used to talk about a year ago that is clearly shaking the system so he's recognized the IMF is and and he's like I said these big governments and central banks they are waking up and seeing what's happening and remember what ripple is working with the IMF and that is great great news if you're holding X RP and you guys know I hold Bitcoin you theorem x RP and many others so I think big things are ahead for crypto and I'll see with the IMF and central bank's x RP as well now block stack announces plans to raise 50 million in Sec relate regulated token offering so block stack a decentralized computing network is raising a new round of financing rejecting the traditional initial coin offering path taken by other crypto startups block stack is working with the Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct its 50 million dollar token offering under the SEC regulation A+ framework if approved this could be the first SEC qualified token offering of its kind as part of the sale Harvard's endowment fund Lux capital as well as foundational excuse me foundation capital and other individual investors have agreed to purchase approximately 96 million Stax tokens at a price between 12 cents and 30 cents each so token economy guys as we've been talking about that's where we're headed starting with crypto but it's gonna go to everything being tokenized and as you can see things are evolving how these folks are gonna raise funds through not even doing a traditional IC o—- but going and working directly to the SEC so do you see what's happening here guys how the process is changing how the crypto market is influencing even fundraising or financing this is uh this is pretty amazing to see now we got some news about AOS and you guys know I've been talking about I want to add es to my portfolio maybe with this drop in price here I may get some I'm still doing some research but this is great real-world adoption job marketplace site plans to move 700,000 profiles onto the EOS blockchain following a five million dollar investment round led by fin lab EOS VC fund a freelance job research job search site a website moonlighting is planning to move its infrastructure onto the EOS blockchain the company has seven hundred thousand users and is planning to grow its base further with new funding this is great news according to moonlighting CEO Jeff Henry putting user profiles on the EOS blockchain will enable them to import it on any platform quickly and with low transaction costs so this is great to hear this is real-world adoption and you guys know I call it like it is right I'm bullish on e theorem but if EOS continues with this – and that's why I've been looking to add it to my portfolio this this is what you're looking for now there's a lot of things that are being built in the crypto market and I'm not so bullish so much on let's say EOS building something for the crypto market itself I'm interested in how are they taking a technology or any crypto right taking in technology and apply into the real world like this where you have a non crypto industry using the platform that is what I'm looking forward because that has that has potential to grow right because then you would have others are gonna follow suit and you know in the real world so to speak outside of crypto things are you have a bigger reach right and there's more opportunities there so this is great I call it like it is the facts right so I'm certainly looking to add Yasu to my portfolio and I'll let you guys know what I do now Pennsylvania State back VC firm is tokenizing an investment fund the token economy guys this is interesting the venture capital arm of Pennsylvania's economic development offices tokenizing one of its funds Ben Franklin technology partners of southeastern Pennsylvania one of four regional outposts formed by the Pennsylvania Department of community and economic development in 18 1982 excuse me launched the global opportunity Philadelphia fund or go Philly fun in February with 15 million dollars committed unlike Ben Franklin which receives funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and it's restricted to the investing in companies based in the Greater Philadelphia area go go Philly can raise funds and invest globally cheese is a lot of like long names here for for these different things so let's see here go fund a Philly fund has been a trailblazer not only in the blockchain space but also as an impact fund securitized CEO and co-founder Carlos Domingo told coin desk now you guys recall I interviewed the president and co-founder of securitized Jamie Finn check out the interview if you want to learn about what securitized is doing securitize also raise funds from coinbase and ripple we remember we heard about that like two months ago so securitized is helping different platforms to go tokenize and to issue tokens right and that's what we're headed to guys token economy finally guys I've moved a lot of my my videos like the one I'm doing today will probably go up as a podcast I move them as podcasts where's the audio so if you want to listen that way you can I just wanna let you guys know I'm on iTunes SoundCloud and stitcher as well so you know if you want to listen that way or you prefer to videos up to you but it's an option and I would see like I said I put somebody recent interviews up there and the daily videos will be up there as well so I want to make sure that you guys can access the content however you want you know to your preference so guys what do you think about the news do you think that the week EP weekee wiki Peaks WikiLeaks Julian Assange arrest is what is causing some of this flash crash I think it's likely guys because we know they have like a lot of Bitcoin WikiLeaks over 4,000 and from that mistake in near 20 million dollars and they're selling some of it it seems like to pay for legal fees so let's hope Bitcoin does not go below 5,000 I hope it doesn't I it bounces back up and even goes sideways at least preferably versus keep going down but this is the nature of a young market where news like this could really send the market down but guys what do you think want to hear your thoughts and comments leave them below thumbs up if you liked this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter links in the description if you'd like to support the channel check out my donation links and patreon group link thank you to my patreon supporters as well and I'll talk to you all

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  1. With bitcoin’s move today to its 5 month highs near $5,080, the transition from bear to bull market appears done and dusted. The trend change would gain credence, though, if and when BTC finds acceptance above the former support-turned-resistance of the 21-month exponential moving average (EMA), currently at $5,200. After today’s breakout, bitcoin (BTC) now needs to move above crucial resistance near $5,200 to solidify the case for a longer-term bull market. A monthly close above that average would solidify the bullish reversal and encourage further buying, possibly leading to a move above $6,000. This could only mean one thing for traders, it’s the perfect time for profit more than what was anticipated. With the right strategy, you can easily triple your holdings before the full blast of the bulls takes effect. Both beginners and well experienced traders must take hold of this chance immediately so there would be no cause for regrets later on. You can do this by finding a great system to trade with where you can copy strategies and signals and one of the best providers of such services alongside coaching in Allan Shaw. His system comes in handy mostly in scenarios like this and I have profited in all market trends (bulls and bears) using his system. [email protected] or +447427159640 (whatsapp) are his contact details if you would need some serious guidance in making the best use of the current prevailing market

  2. Why people always wants to find reason why price pumped or dumped?
    It won't move up or low forever, all the indicators are showing bearish short term signs.

  3. Guys, pls, not EVERY movement in the market is due to some news. We went from 4 2 to 5 4 this is huge! Ofc we couldn't stay!
    And secondly, a pullback to 4 2 WOULD be healthy, if we stay there and don't go further down bc then the market could reach 6k in the next run up.

    Other than that, thanks for the vid!

  4. If you listen to Tony’s video everyday : take a vodka shot every time he says « and so forth » and let’s see if we get alcoholics or millionaires first !! Haha 🙂 btw Tony, love the content, peace

  5. so just beause JA is arrested and he now needs cash and liquidates to pay for impending expenses the market falls ? This sounds like the best argument ever against digital assets !!! If a random person is arrested then liquidates their real-estate to pay for legal fees the whole real-state market falls ? BUUUUUUUL SHIT !!!!!!!!!!

  6. I find it hard to believe that Bakkt would be so incompetent that they would keep announcing their launch without being almost certain of getting sign off. All smells a bit fishy to me…

  7. With 0.05969320btc you can go very positive in binary options and forex trading…. That was exactly what I started with, you think is not possible Lemme know…

  8. Bakkt – quit saying “it isn’t their fault,“ because it Absolutely is their fault. They shouldn’t of said a word until they had regulatory certainty. Those guys have been talking shit and making false promises for nine months, and they’ll be doing that same bullshit for another nine months. They need to except responsibility for leading everyone on a fucking wild goose chase

  9. Dude that was the dumbest tin foil hat supposition I have heard in my life. ???

    If Julian Assange's arrest has ANY impact on the market I would throw my XRP away.

    Matter of fact Bitcoin would be in the lead garbage truck.

    Don't become another CKJ and the Bearable Guy.

    Jesus fucking Christ man!!!!!!?????‍♂️

  10. The mini-crash didn't have anything to do with Julian Assange. A shooting star candle formation appeared on the daily chart and then it crashed. The whales are following the candle formations in order to take profits and reenter the market. Nothing more. It's all about making money.

  11. This will get turned into crypto being used for illegal activities. It will not help crypto progress in the US at all.

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