21 thoughts on “Bitcoin FIRST A DROP, THEN A BOOM?!??-LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News”

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  2. I was at a store that had a water cooler and I asked the guy standing by it if his name was James. It wasn't. Bearish.

  3. Seems everyone has cash on the sidelines waiting for the retracement, or hodling.
    Neither of these two categories are sellers. And if no one is selling, then the price can’t go down much. It just all looks too much like the beginning of a bull rally. So the sentiment is to hold. It may just keep going up with small retracements back to immediate support. There are plenty of stock market examples of twin parabolic rallies a year or two apart.

  4. Bought altcoins 2 weeks ago right now I can see altcoins gains! Waiting for a pullback so I can buy Bitcoin.

  5. There are no weak hands left, said bixweir. The big whales will just gobble up the corrections with a big big smile ?????

  6. Thanks for the level headed TA. It's good to hear you bullish. My thoughts exactly, wait for a correction, possibly after 10K is hit. DCA in around .5 to .618, then long term HODL. My concern is we might not get the correction down into .618 though. If panic sell becomes a factor then yes. Every good analyst is calling for a correction, could BTC defy these odds and keep going parabolic to mess with us? I've tried so hard not to FOMO in, but I missed the boat thinking 6k wouldn't break. After it did I've been waiting for a correction to test the 6k region….Oddly this feels exactly like Devember 2017 with all the moon talk and crazy BTC predictions and we know what happened after that! We are coming out of a bear market not finishing out a bull market, how quickly we forget.

  7. Excellent one, Kirbinachio. I like how you addressed the psychology of trading and how this market has fractured the trading psyche of many beginners. TA is just one aspect of successful trading.

  8. Kirbinaccio, let Bitcoin fall to your support box, consolidate, and wait for Fidelity this coming week or two…and then Boom!

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