49 thoughts on “Bitcoin FINALLY showing real signs of recovery!!”

  1. Bitcoin finally showing real signs of recovery! The news of the Bitcoin ETF being canceled may have been what the market needed to show we have found or are really close to bottom.

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  2. Damn bro, this predition was dead on as of Feb 9 19. More good news, my eletrivity charge rate is .0364 per KWh

  3. GOLD lol im not buying jack lol this old people that hold gold actual gold is closer to sign off in this world, so they have to sell the gold (in short Dump) example this 2 brothers get paid every year as a owner by the NBA without owning and running a team but in 2014 they are so old they finally sold their rights back to NBA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozzie_and_Daniel_Silna so why would i get gold if i can have the millennials future currency, for now the price is manipulated for bitcoin coz this Gold /silver derivatives traders make the price go crazy in fiat value, 3050 my bottom we try to touch 3000 in december 17 2018 and we have not come back to that position we did come back but not as low as 3000. im not a trader just a miner like you boss but im a hobby miner i watch all this tech analysis from different people to understand all it is is speculation 🙂 after everything is said and done and i try to spread your video to channels i watch so some people see what is mining proof of work,

  4. There's possibly going to be one of 3 bottom dips.
    1. The non threatening "expected dip. $2500.
    2. The oh shit I think we just hit the bottom dip. $1200
    3. The OMG what the fuck just happened dip. $800.
    With the current state of bitcoin and the crypto market I would say number 3 is more than likely to happen.

  5. As there is still hope in the Bitcoin market old trading veterans says we are nowhere near the bottom. I believe in that. Bottom or capitulation will likely by connected with (almost) complete disbelief in Bitcoin. That I think will be ultimate bottom..

  6. Why do people hate on Tone Vays? Show me ONE other TA that CALLED this ENTIRE downtrend from the beginning ALL THE WAY DOWN???? Just ONE? He was ON RECORD with video WEEK after WEEK (and many times SEVERAL TIMES A DAY). He never wavered on his position and was very clear about it.

  7. that tyler jenks guy with this hyper wave shit saying hes 99% sure btc will go to 1kusd. yeah right why dont you short the market right now with 99% of your net worth

  8. I've been in crypto since 2013 so I've seen a few Cycles. I think it's likely to have one more fast crash leg down that gets bought out very quickly. Or this is the bottom and we continue in accumulation. I am planning accordingly for either case.

  9. The price is pushing down into the "HODLERS of last resort" territory now. There may still be some weak hands left that can be shaken out. But the lower the price goes the more the bears are pushing into a wall of us who entered the market long before the last bubble. We have all seen this movie before, so we are not scared. I'm not selling. Period. In fact, as soon as I pay my taxes this year I intend to start buying Bitcoin again to add to my stack. I agree with you. If we have not already touched the bottom we will soon. Probably before the beginning of summer at the latest.

  10. as of today – gov is temporarily opened up for a few weeks .. being a federal excepted employee – this back pay thats coming will have a nice buy order in for when we attempt to make possibly a double bottom. i know im echoing many other comments – but if we go lower, it wont be much lower. i would like slow and steady growth instead of another rocket ship. rocket ships only create prolonged bear markets… part of the game tho i guess.

  11. You're all over it. Whatever they say on wallstreet is the opposite of the truth. They talk it up at top to dump and talk in down at bottom to accumulate.

  12. Exactly why i continue to dollar cost average…small amounts all the way down from 11000. to now…a lot in the 6000. range…my thinking in the 3000.range is a gift!

  13. I thought he said he currently has 4000 crypto investors and that gold was thier primary investment. He definitely danced around lol

  14. Well good luck Kris – sorry to hear your machines going off. But there is likely a brighter future longer term – we just need to sit tight until then. You can bet your bottom dollar – wherever everyone is LOOKING right now – the real action will be taking place elsewhere – that's always how it works.

  15. You are totally delusional, the market didn't react only because it no longer cares about bitcoin, not because it think there Might be a silver lining in this piece of news

  16. according to CMC since the november drop 100.000 BTC were bought or are in circulation right now. hmm


  18. Only stronghands in the market now…. it did not even move when the news if the etf came out. If this would have happend 5 months ago you would have a crash in this market so big as the trumptower bwahahahaha. ?????✊?

  19. We haven't hit bottom yet. The US still wants the USD dominant over all. HODLers are messing up the elite's plans to come in and scoop up blockchain at pennies on the dollar. Keep mining, Kristof – you will have "clean" BTC worth more than so-called "tainted" BTC one day by the IRS/FBI/CIA trying to enforce their outdated paradigms. Put those BTC away in a Trezor or six.

  20. Good points, but I will proceed with caution, This is reminiscent of when BTC was 6k, it ran sideways for weeks between 6300 and 6400 near everyone was saying bottom, then bam we dropped to 3800 almost instantly.

  21. Crypto's been hammered for a year with the majority of the traders left in this market right now being hardened veterans, not prone to getting wood at every faint smell of perfume. From a traders perspective, the moves for the last year have been awesome, not so good for miners based purely on price. If you look at one year price action, like you say, charts are flattening, volatility is slowing. The only thing that's going to substantially move this market lower would be big money shorting heavy the non-existent market cap of $120B and the pros piggy-backing for profit. Other than that, I see the price action with a slow classic arc to the upside. Yellow flag until mid-summer then we go green. PS. I just loaded up on ADA a few weeks ago at .028¢! Thanks for all your work, Mr. K!!!

  22. I feel like we have the final capitulation left. Just look at 2014, and compare it to now. We are just before the final drop. When the big players say anything on TV, always assume they are lying to you, and that you should do the opposite.

  23. To answer your closing question; they already announced their plans months ago- drive BTC down to $1,200, with a maximum tolerance of $1,700. "They" is Wall Street. They will swap between addresses and wallets to do it. We all know they have multiples of them. I'm certain that they have amazing mining farms on the ready also- only to be warmed up at maximum profit potential. So, what's stopping them? Us. The miners. You are by far a bigger miner than I, however, as a group, the miners that still mine are relentless- we believe in this, our eyes are opened, we know the game. They hate that. They will do all possible to kill it, then, like a Phoenix on the old magazine cover of The Economist, they will resurrect it to maximize value and swap all currency to it. Keep mining.

  24. Today when there is mainly Bots and Holders left on the scene, there may be reversal on the horizon … ??

    as this technology is the future, no doubt… there is no turning back from this point… ??

  25. Good points, we are about to turn the corner and you are sitting very pretty, I’m thinking a big feb coming up!

  26. If we are finally at the point where everyone has actually lost interest in crypto, then we could be there. Especially if no one is even bothering to watch for news on crypto anymore – probably means they've all given up and are now just getting on with life again (and that just gave me deja vu!). I was really hoping it might drop to 2.5k. Let's see if the OTC whale sellers from 3 months back now use their remaining holdings to help drive price lower so they can go long and buy back in on the cheap .. maybe .. that would be very smart!

  27. Great video my man very true …
    Everyone thinks price will go down Will be nice surprise to go up…
    ETF it was not surprise for anyone…
    I dont think anyone is selling anymore …BTC Bottom around 3k

  28. Patience, could be 3-5 years for pure adoption. We are being played, setup.
    It’s our market, only way to keep is HODL, cost average.

  29. I checked the markets after seeing the CNBC interview and they were down half a percent. I wondered at the time whether it was delayed reaction, but then they came back into the green. Strong signal for sure. Good vid. Keep them honest

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