25 thoughts on “Bitcoin Fell Off A Cliff! Will Bitcoin Get Support?”

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  2. the natural value of ALL cryptocurrencies is 3 tulips. so borrow all the 'fiat' phony money you can and BUY BUY BUY because there is a sucker born every day.

  3. Keep mining, keep hodling, and keep calm 😉 Here are some good news guys : https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/06/10/cftc-commissioner-cryptocurrencies-are-not-going-away/
    Peace !

  4. bitcoin solves the inflation problem, bitcoin wont rise significantly again until/unless fiat inflation worsens in the hear term

  5. All these vids are just saying its going to the moon over and over and its not and i am here wanting it to crash, please 1k please

  6. You're all pawns in the hands of the pump and dump brigade. TA on something with no intrinsic value is like spinning a wheel. Lol this is the funniest sawtooth to $1k I have ever watched.

  7. Please, give the information about Zilliqa in the next release. I have receive coins from their airdrop yesterday www.myairdrops.info/airdrop-zil Now I think about is it better to sell them now or to hold for a long term!

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  9. Best crypto to buy right now is Dimecoin & stronghands stronghands will make many millionaires in a few weeks dont miss this opportunity…

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