Bitcoin Falls Under $7K | YAHOO! Sells Crypto | $ADA $ZEC $BAT News

boom-shaka-laka what is going on everybody Randall here from crypto love and welcome to this Thursday episode oh good news we're going to talk about Bitcoin not being able to find sports $7000 breaking back down underneath also Yahoo selling crypto and we got some other updates about cardio z cash some other stuff before giving the things guys little red markets today it was a big green yesterday big red today kind of happens big red that kind of like the gum this episode is brought to you by big red gum but before we get into things guys just wanted to say thank you to everyone subscribing and hitting that notification bell thank you to everyone nuking the how the white button left thermos today and if you want to find out how to win one of these shirts make sure you come in on this video every other video enter for your chance to win also pause with me to read the disclaimer not an expert not telling you what to do with your money don't be a retard so today Margeaux you can't back down to two hundred twenty-one billion dollars and you know it seems to be finding a spot between two hundred billion two hundred and fifty billion seems to be sitting there for the past couple months bitcoin dominance back up fifty three point six percent now if we take a look bitcoin sixty eight eighty three broke under the seven thousand dollar mark aetherium still under three hundred of to seventy five x RP to thirty-two cents be catch at five thirty n EO s at 585 let's see today the big gainers dogecoin for the win absolutely dogecoin pump today also nulls bitcoin diamond what is the big losers nano iota plan chain and a loop arena so taking a look at things we've been in this little ascending path for a few days okay looks like we're bottom app on it right here where we're sitting right now the 6850 level we've seen previous resistance there and this has been some support ish movement there i didn't even look further back yeah boom look at that this is an area where we find a lot of support and resistance so we'll have to see what happens with the Bitcoin price today also guys looking at the MACD down here it looks like the histogram is coming back down so it may be closing up maybe time to shift positions back from Bitcoin to stable tokens but keep an eye on that and financial advice not telling you what to do this is just what I do for fun sue today Bitcoin price update price enables stay above $7,000 amidst news of tightening EU but hold regulations and future contract expiration I was just saying if you're listening that's all that's all I know my voice is just so soothing and you forget to listen and pay attention but anyways bloomberg reports that the finance ministers from EU member-states are scheduled to meet in the first week of September to discuss the way forward as concerns virtual currency regulations in the region so the EU wants to know how to best make money from this and protect the common person who doesn't understand money yet invests their money it just doesn't make sense I mean okay fine it happened it has to happen regulations will happen because they need to protect people because that's what governments do they protect everybody so instead of No Child Left Behind every child is left behind that's what's happening in America right now also the CM EBT see future contracts are set to expire on Friday yes Friday so as we've seen previously when future contracts expire the president Bitcoin drops for up to six days leading to that expiration and then goes up for up to six days after so we'll see if that happens also our market is being manipulated there's this article in Reddit our market is being manipulated every single day which is massively impacting volatility and it's true and this book that I was reading the all coin traders handbook basically every all the price action we see in cryptocurrency is just like a well manipulated market a Welman well done in pumping them that type of thing okay because the markets are so small because there are such big wells it happens here it happens in traditional finance markets but I got to say special thanks to my man a bit boy because he told me he's helping me learn how to use Twitter I'm still I'm a total new when it comes to Twitter but it turns out that the market right now is being manipulated by a 20 or 22 year old developer who just flew out to Vegas and ate you pornstars ass so that's what caused that giant green candle a couple days ago it's like all over the news on Twitter we don't see it on Frankham of things because everybody's blaming CNBC but this is actually the reason for it so I guess we need to get more developers out there eating more s and then we'll see more green candles that's what will really start the the the price spike so you know any volunteers out there just hand up you know anyways this is okay so worst episode ever I think I'm doing today can't get much worse than this certainly can Bitcoin transaction value reaches 1.3 trillion as it patches PayPal and discover yes the transaction value so normally look at Bitcoin transaction volume the volume is not that much it's slow people may not be using it but the transaction value take a look at this bad boy this is an awesome graph okay we look at the annual Bitcoin transaction value in u.s. dollars guess what in 2013 it was 38 billion 50 billion 45 billion hundred and twenty eight billion 1 trillion 1.3 trillion in 2018 and when I'm done 2018 but we've already surpassed discover we've already passed PayPal coming up on MasterCard Visa and Union pay which is one of the bigger ones out there for all you Chinese fellows out there but it's coming up we're only an order of magnitude below visa so if we get to thirteen trillion 10 exes the market goes up ten times and we see Bitcoin I mean yeah okay if we've actually another mark at the end of this year we're surpassing Vic visa in Bitcoin transaction volume the Nasdaq is ready to list and trade a Bitcoin a theorem and other cryptos now there should be no surprise to anybody with backed Isis backed but they say doing the math here look for regulatory bodies to provide guidance in q1 of 2019 and an announcement and a coin exchange to be either announced or launched in q2 of 2019 it looks like every everything is setting up for February of 2019 that's when everything is coordinated for the next big bull market so I mean not financial advice but what I had to be doing is thing up for February 2019 one thing goes bananas Yahoo this is big news this is big news yahoo 113 million Yahoo Finance u.s. users can now buy and sell Bitcoin aetherium be cash and litecoin that's right crypto is spreading like a virus okay yahoo is partnered with traded inc so you can trade with Yahoo Finance using your online broker so for most people who are used to just using an online broker to buy and sell stocks they're going to be do that be able to do that with traditional crypto currencies okay Bitcoin etherium be cash and litecoin it's crazy but that's 115 million users who can now get into the market simple as that who may already have a yahoo account there on there all the time they may not have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency or may have heard of it and thought it was a joke now it's on Yahoo Finance now they can buy it that's gonna be bringing a lot more people and I'm telling you things that all the news is looking good Cardinal in Z cash in the news today u.s. dollar markets available on big trucks so they got US dollar pairs on bit trucks you know big trucks now you can go US dollars with many different cryptos today car tonneau and Z cash do we see any price action because of that I don't think so I don't think so let's take a look Carano down eight point two eight percent now Z cash down four point seven percent and that didn't see any price action but that's good news but tricks is doing a lot of US dollar pairs used in the news today dan Larimer came out he was talking again about his baby named Leo's has a couple announcements about use alum hackathon on September 22nd the warbly air drop on September 7th and they're having their own decks yes he was having their own decentralized exchange coming soon pretty cool decentralized exchanges are the way of the future basic tension token who's crossing new my major milestones they have the brave browsers some people use I used a little bit but then I stopped using it just because it wasn't as easy as using other browsers so I stopped using it even though I could earn money doing it or whatever just you know it's gotta be easy I'll be honest when we get when we get adoption full-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies it's gonna be when people don't even know they're using them when I use brave I know I'm using it so I stopped using it however they have hit a milestone they've reached over ten million downloads with its privacy focused web browser oh it does have privacy enabled so maybe when because privacy is important and stuff like that so maybe I'll go back to it eventually also you got to remember basic attention token is one of the tokens that coinbase is taking a look at using so potentially we could see it on point base now yesterday there was a curious phenomenon that happened okay we saw this little X rapid ripple totally not a security right whatever billions worth of ripple transferred in seconds less than a penny is ripple the big fish so yesterday if you remember there was a transaction for two point 1 billion ripple that was worth about 740 million dollars it's like 15% of the ripple supply maybe it was even larger something like that but we were like what happened why I mean what are they doing why is nobody talking about this well it turns out it was a well coordinated marketing effort totally 100% and you know what I ended up reporting on it so me a couple but yeah so they transferred it 700 almost a billion dollars of ripple for less than a penny that's their marketing that's what they're doing these little bees check this out BRICS countries signed blockchain agreements so we all know that blockchain is going to be the future other people may not know that yet but we all know that stuff well check this out the state-owned Development Bank's of China Russia Brazil India and South Africa signed an agreement last month of the ten BRICS summit in Johannesburg to collaborate on blockchain research in the context of the development of the digital economy so here are five superpowers that are working together to kind of build blockchain for the digital economy I how come the US is not in there that's just my question probably because regulation and Donald Trump wouldn't want to be in a picture with all these people I don't know why but I mean they are getting together to build blockchain so that's good stuff that's good for development good for us in the future I just wonder why is it us because maybe then the name would be different it would be like new bricks yeah or brick sue or break us or björk's Bjork's because i know had to change the name though so that is it for the news today the big news today basically you know Bitcoin back under seven grand we have to see what's it gonna do in this channel keep an eye see if it breaks through the $6,800 area also watch the MACD all that fun stuff also if you guys can fly more coin devs I didn't say she cleaned OHS Bigler said that if you can find more devs or youtubers or whatever I'll just eat porn stars asses in Vegas that would help the market go up sit up so those of you want to come say hi to me today I hope you a convention in Philadelphia yes indeed yes indeed I will so come say hi to me there today and tomorrow you could buy a ticket links down in description also this someday I'm going to Darlington where it's going to be like a NASCAR awesome event all the old NASCAR people are going to be there all cars are gonna be done awesome there are three can three cryptocurrency NASCAR's out there monumental that's pretty awesome so crypto is taking over NASCAR if you guys have it crypto or no some of you guys are crypto that wants to be seen on the NASCAR contact me or contact crypto rusty you can his numbers up there also guys I'm going to be the litecoin summit that's pretty cool with Charlie Lee none other than Charlie League yes I'll get to meet the man say hi to him and check it out they put my picture on here boom crypto love look at that hmm with matey minor beetles some other people that I know I could have been cooked a nice Brit VR I thought I thought but bit boy and then lastly lastly guys I've been having fun using signal profits which is Jake from I love cryptos crypto trading signals it's really good making between 10% and 60% on each trade working pretty well so so far I mean recently has been like 22 for 22 trays things may not always be like that but guys if you want to check it out you can sign up there's a link down in description I think it's like a first link it says signals $7 for two-week trial so check that out it's pretty cool I've been having fun with it see if you have fun with it too lastly guys let's give away a shirt so we head to it one episode yesterday just one episode we don't need a random number generator that's right just one episode and the winner of this will be remember guys if you win a shirt email me and I'll send you the shirt anywhere in the world 149 comments oh my goodness you guys are commenting you guys want to win shirts I wanna give you shirts because I love these shirts I can't wait to running be wearing my shirts that's not frickin Hoku KO you already won I'm going to do it again until somebody who has not won does this I'm pretty sure hoping Keo did he just he's just comment he's just gonna collect like a billion shirts just a billion church for Hokkaido but congratulations on winning twice that's the second winner this week who's won twice I don't know what's going on with this rain random thing yes Jameson Churchill great beard oh great comment Jameson thank you yes the beard I think event soon enough was going to grow legs and just kind of run off into the woods it's over you know bad stuff but Jameson email me email my Babbage winter shirt guys the rest of you thank you so much for watching I'll catch you later tomorrow Oh get this for tomorrow I'm doing a video on the MACD trading strategy in case you guys want that because yeah it's been fun so love you very much peace

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  2. Yahooooo moon for us! =D Best regards from Slovenia, would like to hear your take on Eligma (ELI) Peace

  3. BRICS is an acronym for major emerging economies. So USA would have to decline all the way third world status, so they could *become great again, again*, before they could join that club.

  4. DogeCoin pumped again. Can't figure out any cause, but mine triggered over to DGB missing out on some of that gain. Thought it would go down after the first pump.

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