24 thoughts on “BITCOIN & ETHEREUM on E*Trade Crypto Trading! – Monex Group Crypto Trading July 2019 – SBI VC”

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  2. I seriously doubt E-trade will sell real bitcoin that anyone can withdraw. If they did, BTC would go to a million dollars. Instead, there will be no supply and demand principles to bitcoin or ETH on E-trade just like Robinhood. The purpose of the powers that be letting BTC on E-trade is no different than Robinhood. To prevent stock money from going into real bitcoin and crypto. E-trade will also not dare to supply trade volume of the fake markets on the platform just like Robinhood does not. If they did, too many people would figure out that the entire supply of ETH could not possibly be traded in one day on E-trade without the price going up. Instead it's just E-trade selling triple the entire supple of fake ETH at a resistance level. I wouldn't be surprised if they were in tandem working with Coinbase by having E-trades controlled prices a few percent lower then the true market in attempt to get actual bitcoin deposited into Coinbase and sold to the powers that be or instead of buying, they will just says no one at Coinbase filed there taxes correctly, so they are shutting it down. Of course that will be so they can just steal everyone's bitcoin.

  3. Tony I just saw this on DAI channel supposed to be DAI saying this scam. I posted to Eri as well regarding an old Ether scam. Get the word out

  4. Hahaha funny intro. Bitcoin moon please. E trade with 5mil client individuals……I prefer 5 trillions dollars a day transferred on xrp we going to see soon. XRP baby not Bitcoin

  5. Kitao is balls deep in XRP he is a real business man and will have the whole of japan using XRP very soon – the rest will follow

  6. SBI and Ripple make money, while XRP is the worst performing Crypto in the top 10 in 2019. Not a great business model for XRP holders!

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