Bitcoin Ethereum NEO BCash 4⃣ 🏇 2017 Cryptocurrency News Best Crypto Trading BTC Technical Analysis

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14 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ethereum NEO BCash 4⃣ 🏇 2017 Cryptocurrency News Best Crypto Trading BTC Technical Analysis”

  1. Bitcoin has gone up 60% since 15.9.17 let's skip the ballistics here nothing's gonna stop it. Whether you buy it at the top or bottom you're destined to make money. And neo will drop another 15% before it starts to rise

  2. everything will crash untill the BTCGold is out. everyone will trade for BTC to get Gold, taking their cash out of altcoins.

  3. BitcoinCash – are teaming up – lots of different businesses are investing in its future… bitcoin is taking the front seat coz it's giving away free lollies to children like a creepy man in a van.. but of all the splits only BCH had Eda and replay protection .. November will be interesting 🙂

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