23 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin + ALTS Technical Analysis Chart 5/28/2019 by ChartGuys.com”

  1. I like your attitude, Dan. I started off watching your channel being an inexperienced Crypto Hodler and swing trader in 2017. Now I trade the daily or 4 hour charts. I almost always find a nice nugget in your videos. Not so much the charts themselves, but in the psychology you talk about. There's no reproach or self-recrimination. You don't beat yourself up and you explain your thought processes as to why you accept this or that. The right psychology when trading is invaluable and helps us to learn from our mistakes. Thanks, man.

  2. I'm a big proponent of oversold and overbought conditions when it comes to trading, but I more look to the Connor RSI. Do you not believe in CRSI?

  3. well this one was very good video for me … thx for all the TA tips you gave that is the important part of your videos .. the information that you can keep using to improve your tradding .. thx

  4. I lit my joint liked your video and ended being the 420th like… life is good. Thanks for what you do ?

  5. Thx Dan for the insight ? , yeah I'm full hope on LTC with halving ..so next breakout I collect more ltc .. 380$ I saw today ta .. if btc breaks out as well .. after this moves I might go in ADA or neo

  6. Thanks for all the info you pack into your videos! So well done, I learn something every time! Really appreciate it ?

  7. I learned so much from you Dan! Thank you for covering crypto a lot more recently. It helps a lot for the members here

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