1. Bitcoin is spreading through institutions like wild fire! Bitcoin is the conversation that almost every major bank and institution is having right now. This is good not just for Bitcoin but all cryptocurrencies. It's becoming clear that even if banks don't want Bitcoin or like Bitcoin the people do!

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  2. Currently moving my mattress into the living room. Miners are located in my spare room. Far too noisey, ive had enough!

  3. New Catalyist,just wanted to be the hundredth person with this aphifany,?Super Bowl commercial. Grayscale leading my speculative social meter.

  4. THEY ARE TOO HOT, YOU WANT THEM COLD, NOT JUST SO THEY'LL WORK BUT SO YOU'LL USE 1/3 LESS ELECTRICITY!!!!!!! 4 foot heat pipes!! Cheap capacitors die from heat quickly, not to mention when hot they put off poor regulated voltage which destroys hashing, cadence, stability, destroying hashing rates. 4 foot heat pipes!! No fans, no noise!! Just do one miner first and hook up a usage meter to it. Do the math on what you'll save in power bills!! Lower the clock rate till it barely starts to lower hashing rate. There's a lot of chips on one miner these days, I would have to engineer it out, but I think, just 1/4inch copper pipe with silver spreaders soldered with silver solder all merging to a 1 inch copper pipe that reaches approx 4 foot high fined with aluminum square sheets, and the power supply will use 1/2inch copper. I laid that out in a previous comment on G+ posts, good luck finding the G+ profile link is highly censored. Click on my picture, and go to profile, I think that works for others, they keep changing it, and google is killing G+ in a few months. wondered how long before they killed it.., lol… The heat-pipes are gravity feed and need no wicking, so just use hardware store pipe, 3/32nd inch silver sheet, and silver solder. Use a high heat contact cement, or heatsink epoxy. I just use the contact cement, it's toxic as all get out but works well. After it's set for a few days its permanent, but when your doing it its R&R able… I can find out what the cement is, it's common easy to get. Once the pipe is made you must have them, taped-vaced-filled-sealed. You can tool up to do this yourself, it's not affordable to pay for "professionals", it's just a matter of practice. Also you can sit at home around your family when doing it. Maybe I should do one for you on a dead miner as an example.

  5. Use case, use case. I get really tired of that one.
    By their standard, the dollar doesn’t have any, except maybe in the fireplace to keep you warm.

  6. BTC is NOT dead, it is alive and kicking. Hold every purchased or mined coin that you can afford or earn. Put a sell order in at your exchange for $50K, and then just wait.
    This is in no way financial advice, just my 2 cents worth of opinion.

  7. Does that mean we'll have to wait another 8 mons for another ETF decision from the SEC or will they still decide by end of February?

  8. hey, i'll play devil's advocate, i know you bitcoin maximalist think bitcoin is invincible with the decentralization and all, but I don't think it would stand a chance against US government. Just think, if they can listen to all our phone conversations, google through gmail, read all emails , and everything can collect information about us and no telling whichever other companies, they can confiscate most of the whales bitcoins, here you have it, 51% attack. Also, can shut down most miners….don't think bitcoin is so invincible…Venezuela is no comparison. By the way, would you be interested in selling a cryptophone to your subsribers…would be voice over blockchain, and not hackable? Dont know, i just don't think bitcoin is so invincible.

  9. The Antarctic Treaty is the one thing that all governments of the world agree on….just sayin. Thats an exception though and your point still stands. Great video

  10. I'm from Iran. and it is all wrong and opposite. Iran UNBANs btc and other crypto AND creating their own "national xrp" for interbank payments. Also some shops are selling persian shoes with btc and other crypto payments and they are not censored or limited.

    Mining in Iran known as Industry economy and Buy/Sell (exchanging) is all free.

  11. I agree – there are a lot of very positive things happening in Crypto space right now, and a lot of positive things happened in 2018 also. I am actually hoping for a lower Bitcoin price, as I would like to buy another Bitcoin!

  12. Institutional influencers have been getting involved for a few years… atleast the visionaries. Think of crypto right now as a movie in the making, late 2017 and 2018 are the trailer for this HUGE epic movie.

  13. Great video….the big investors don't come in blindly ,they know that Bitcoin is unstoppable. It can't be univented…to all those with there negative comments do research and learn how the crypto space works.

  14. Keep up the videos, your positive energy will go. I got a mini-farm of 4 – S9. I appreciate your videos. Cheers

  15. Forget the politics. It comes down to crypto having the ability to solve problems in the future "always online" world. It's a no brainer for me the more I look at it. It's a lot like when the Internet started rolling out. Who will be the crypto eBay, Amazon, Google etc. Or will the current big online players adopt Bitcoin, something else, do their own coins etc. I think the gold rush we went through was just growing pains, exactly like the dot.com bubble.

  16. Iran didn't ban bitcoin, on the contrary, few days ago it officially stated that they gona use it to bypass sanctions. Same thing did Gaza Hamas government 2 days ago.

  17. Be very careful with any ETF that is designed to Suppress the Price
    of Gold, Silver, Bitcoin etc. Bankers Short the Market with Paper Contracts,
    without owning "Physical" product. Let Bitcoin Freedom Ring!

  18. A lot of people are gonna get REKT, not by getting in but by not getting in.. No better time to buy Bitcoin in my honest opinion..

  19. Great news my man….
    Adoption is coming every where step by step….
    Maybe March April will be interesting ..

  20. Probs to the venezuelan miners out there. Cryptocurrency is meant for people like you. You really need a reliable currency and i hope crypto is a solution. Keep your heads up. Light is at the end of the tunnel you just need to get true the bad stuff. Peace.

  21. Regulators playing hot n cold but there are always exist countries that are more crypto friendly and make laws faster.

  22. Al the things that are happening makes it can go only 1 way.And that is up.We only dont know when that will happen.

    Iff u listen to others on YT,like the TA guys.They al say something different.Some say this year it will start the run,others say this year sideways and some say it will go down more.
    But the things u bring here Mr K,then i would think it cant take long anymore before it starts.
    How more Yt i watch,how more confused i got.Good there are some lights in the dark,like your channel.

  23. Hey Kristof, can you as part of new years resolutions list, add to ur music options in the background, yay. Current music is good btw😁

    Fidelity good news..rad.

  24. Thanks 😉
    Actually my understanding is that Iran is quite BTC friendly these days?
    I guess we all owe Trump a Thank You for opening government again.
    Check out WolfPack Cryptos. he is a trader. Telegram always has newest news articles and they are generally vetted.
    Joined your Telegram but its empty.
    No Discord?

  25. I think if its in their best interest to just take control of it, they will. Regulations left and right. Regulations for regulations.
    USD will become USB.
    Besides things can be opposite of what they want you to believe. Probably even usually.

    I take it that prices are guaranteed to go up with all these Institutes coming in?
    Since we are not going to out trade career traders that might be entering in droves, what should one do? Hold? Ride the waves? Throw darts?
    Join your Patreon? …start the next Bitconnect?

  26. All day im consumed with the thought…buy now or wait for the dip. I have 60% of my capital in fiat just chomping at the bit, burning a hole in my pocket and dripping with anticipation of what the next day will bring.

  27. Told you… Don't listen to cnbc 😂. They were banning weeds but still exist and after said it's legal : Colorado, Canada, Nederlands…

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