21 thoughts on “Bitcoin ETF Approval, XRP And Brad Garlinghouse Ripple Swell Questions”

  1. Bakkt Announces Launch Of Bitcoin Futures, Federally Regulated Futures Exchange Listing Imminent https://todaysgazette.com/bakkt-announces-launch-of-bitcoin-futures-federally-regulated-futures-exchange-listing-imminent/

  2. I see the Bitcoin fan boys have swarmed this video in particular. Hi fellas, Bitcoins great, but the first person to become King, never stays the King.

  3. Every single office I have ever worked in, someone has said "back of the envelope". This means nothing. Its such a common statement so you haven't discovered anything of significance

  4. This guy reads headlines and tries to make a living off the XRP Community. Most don’t even realize it. He’s been offered to help others that are educating the XRP Community and has turned them ALL down. Smh…. Don’t fall for the southern charm. He’s just in it for the $$$$$$$ and will disappear if he ever makes enough to go off the grid.

  5. THe tweet about the volume was the most important thing you talked about here. The volume is going crazy right now at this price level while the price is holding firm. Next stop is 10k. Everyone is underestimating how fast these markets are going to rise once all the onramps for the institutional investors are available.

  6. Btc creator is probably best not knowing. It's interesting tho. I read some books from 50 years ago describing what we now have.. So they were looking for solutions to money problems before any of this become real.

  7. RIPPLE SHOULD BURN/DESTROY 90% of their 55 billion coins! It will be fair to the investors in XRP! Ripple and XRP is the biggest scam in the world! They own such a massive supply close to 55 billion that they did not buy or invest…. they just pre-mined and are allowed to sell it ''slowly'' indefinitely! That's called a never-ending ICO!!! they sold 535 million last year, and have just released another billion to sell this month. IF YOU REALLY WANT THE XRP PRICE TO GROW THEN AS A XRP COMMUNITY YOU NEED TO DEMAND that 90% of there 55 billion xrp coins get burned and destroyed never to be sold! if you care about the XRP community then you would see the logic in this and rally up the investors to demand it get done

  8. DAI don't promote that crypto cafe. They have "Ripple wallet here" right above the garbage. C3Nick's buddy covered it n a vid. He actually went in there n debated The guy on camera.

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