Bitcoin Dumps!!! Crypto NUCLEAR Winter?!? Manipulation EXPOSED! $ETH Whales FAKING Decentralization?

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so it's Monday back on the grind and what a way to wake up today to a sea of red across the board you guys know I hate when we have these red days by the way the person that won the large crypto zombie t-shirt it's been two weeks you have not reached out to me so guys I'm actually just gonna give it back away so sorry you snooze you lose I have one more crypto zombie t-shirt for you guys it's a size large if you want it just drop a comment below and you know mention the shirt but also say something about the video too or else it just becomes you know spam about shirts so make sure you actually have a comment of value related to the video now talking about the market let's give it a quick refresh live well I so we felt a little bit more since this morning okay we have a three thousand four hundred sixty four dollar Bitcoin we have an x RP at almost 30 cents and one hundred and five dollar aetherium coming down here you'll notice some big differences in the charts again litecoin has overtaken Tron Bitcoin cash clearly fallen down tether is that the fifth spot now might as well be at the first right and if we have a look at the biggest gainers of the day we have pun DX yeah it's basically all stable tokens so yeah there really are no gainers guys today so today is just a rough day one thing I want to point out though is that the Bitcoin dominance is up fifty three point six percent now zooming out over just the year you'll see that with the exception of a few peaks right here around 57 and 54 and 55 for the most part guys we're pretty much sitting at all-time high Bitcoin dominance so this is telling me that people are definitely losing a little bit of faith in the alt coins right now the alt coins are getting hit a lot harder than Bitcoin so people are moving their money into Bitcoin and obviously also into teather clearly as a safe haven now having a look at the charts we were just talking about this yes today this this line was very very critical we had tested it about 11 times and we finally broke through I feel like we knew this was coming it was just a matter of when so now we are currently sitting around 3416 as you can see we're struggling right here we had massive insurgence of volume and it has pulled back so zooming out a little bit having a look what is the next potential support well the last time we came down here we touch that 3000 120 130 dollar mark and that's pretty much where we bounced back so the question is are we trying to form some kind of gigantic double bottom are we gonna touch again are we gonna go lower that's the question on everybody's mind but the farther we move away from these other key resisting points the more difficult it's going to be to you know obviously breakout to the upside now I actually have a poll right now I was curious what do you guys think this is over on Twitter it's the crypto zombie if you guys haven't checked it out yeah I said the total crypto market has lost another six billion overnight which level do you think Bitcoin will see first 3900 or 2900 and so far out of 249 votes it seems that the majority of you think we are going to go much lower before we go higher some of the responses it's sad to see even though we are super bullish long-term it sucks that we are so bearish short-term this is one big-ass grizzly bear not a lovely polar bear we are enduring right now that's right it comes down great I get to buy more there you go that's one way to look at it if it goes up great my bags gain and juicy vegan dwarf says I don't think this is even a negative sentiment it's just the more of us are hopeful that we get the opportunity to buy Bitcoin under $2,900 I agree actually there's a lot of people recently that have entered the space I know this because I'm getting comments about people telling me like hey I just bought my first Bitcoin like a week ago so it could be that these new you know people in the space are actually just hoping for a cheaper Bitcoin because they just got in right so I'm definitely let me know what you guys think about that I'm gonna give these all likes cuz you guys Rock now moving on what are some people saying in the space because you guys know you know I'm not an expert right so let's talk to what let's see what these other guys are saying well with this strong move that has recently happened analysts have begun to reassess market conditions one Texan trader who goes by the name of magic poop cannon recently noted that investors should start paying close attention to the markets you can see right here he says if Bitcoin Falls about five percent lower to around thirty three hundred it will be testing the ever-important weekly two hundred moving average which a lot of people are talking about and this has been the consistent support for Bitcoin for quite some time now and what force the last bear market to bottom if we closed below that things are going to get nasty in fact in response to the tweet you had Vinnie Lingam the CEO of civic sticking with the nasty line and saying that if we go under $3,000 which is regarded as a level of utmost importance the current crypto winter will become a crypto nuclear winter so although there's a chance that Bitcoin could hold above 3,300 for an extended period of time some are a little bit more skeptical in a recent post off the chain Morgan's Creek Anthony Papa Leon oh known for touting anti Bank Pro Bitcoin rhetoric noted that he expects for lower lows in the coming months along with a bear market that could persist until q3 and potentially q4 of this year are you guys ready for the journey what will you actually stick this one out that is the question you also have Clem chambers the founder of ATV FN recently explained that Bitcoin could find a bottom at twenty five hundred that's my personal number I've been sticking to twenty five hundred now for like think over a month now so he says that um you know that's the possibility so that's pretty much what these guys are saying but another thing to know is you know accounting for the lack of price action and volatility you also have crypto analysts alex krueger he identified some actual factors that have put a dampen that have kind of put a damper on the markets now these are real factors these are things that are actually happening okay so for one thing you have all these different delays and disappointments that have hit the industry over the past weeks the institutional bitcoin future product backed is pretty much delayed indefinitely not saying that you know they're they're not going forward we just saw them trying to hire people but as of right now there is no date so they are technically delayed indefinitely you know until we see what's happening now obviously we had some good news about the government you know shut down turning around so maybe that'll speed things up a bit we'll see but you know you also have these other things as well we had van X solid X Bitcoin ETF getting pulled and then he's telling everybody to go buy gold you know so these are all situations that we're having on top of that we had aetherium Constantinople upgrade fork had a critical vulnerability so that got delayed as well also the increasing closure of North American bit Mac's accounts could also be negative you know they're just shutting it down for Canadians shutting it down for USA he also points the abysmally low interest in Kryptos referring to Google Trends which you did literally look like the chart I mean it's almost exactly like the chart which is crazy and he also pointed to the indications that the crypto asset market has gone into an accumulation phase as wallet activity is decreasing Delfy Digital has conducted you TXO analysis in the recent months to arrive to pretty much the same conclusion which while potentially is a good sign for the markets overall health it also suggests that the markets will be less exciting finally he says for someone to accumulate someone else has to distribute it is a zero-sum game accumulation per se is neither bullish nor bearish with the current trading volumes I bet on exchanges and miners currently accumulating eventually they will likely start dumping again so this is something that we have to keep in mind and hey you know who else had something to say to chime in on this as well our good old buddies over at JP Morgan that's right so outside of the letter that they gave out the other day saying that bitcoins going down to one thousand two hundred and sixty bucks I think it was now it says is there any sense to enter the sphere for Bitcoin mining as you know Krueger was just speaking about so according to analysts of JP Morgan Chase & Company the American multinational investment bank and financial services company says that no mining is not feasible at all that's what they're saying let's dive into this a little bit more after having conducted a thorough research the experts found that the production weighted cost to create one Bitcoin in the fourth quarter was approximately four thousand sixty dollars world now you can't say that's what it is worldwide because the price is different all over the place in fact if we come over here to market watch now granted this is a little a little old now because we've had differences in hashed differences in difficulty adjustment we've seen miners closing down but this chart roughly shows where we stand and you can see right here with the current price of Bitcoin you know being as low as it is a lot of these countries can't afford to produce bitcoins for a profit you know I mean look down here Australia you know that's a no Belgium that's a no Brazil that's a no Cambodia nope you know and you're seeing more of these now China it says 3172 so they actually do speak about that they say there is a clear group of miners who still have a chance to win the situation in China to generate one Bitcoin they're saying it's roughly estimated now around 2,400 bucks which means it has dropped since that chart I just showed you the drop in Bitcoin prices from around 6500 throughout much of October to below 4000 has now increasingly pushed margins further and further negative for about every region except low-cost Chinese miners but if the number of miners decreases the production costs will fall for example if only Chinese miners remain it will cost less than 1260 to make a Bitcoin right and obviously we know the difficulty adjust so that's the beauty of Bitcoin you know it never really ends if everybody just turns off their you know they're mining their ant miners or whatever then it just makes it that much easier for the next person to mine okay but the one thing that I do want to point out is although these statements are not entirely you know on an inaccurate they're true at the same time I just want to point out that JP Morgan has been absolutely known to fudge the market while in the background accumulate bitcoins on the low so I really don't trust much of anything that comes out from guys like this that talk about that in fact I don't know if you guys have seen this video you may have seen this video if you have you're welcome to skip forward but there might be some new people in the space and I want to point out something that happened back when Jamie Dimon was busy calling Bitcoin a fraud and Bitcoin a scam and yet they were busy in the background accumulating so if you guys haven't seen this just check this clip out real quick this has really been extremely egregious so September 12 Jamie Dimon says bitcoin is a fraud he says he'll fire anyone of his traders buying Bitcoin bitcoin drops 24 percent when Jamie Dimon speaks people listen people listen so that weekend we found out that the largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund that's in Europe the buys physical Bitcoin right the largest buyer was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and that's not illegal he says it's a fraud said you fire on the fire yes and at the same time his company is buying his company is buying it so it's just I mean so unethical right so moving on you can see exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to these guys blatantly manipulating the markets and crazy enough it's not actually illegal to fudge something and then buy it crazy right so moving on let's talk about some more damages that are happening in the bear market we have the most recent exchange likley shutting down they sent out this announcement that said we're happy to announce the changes in our policies we gave you the rights to decide whether you want to be with us in the crypto journey etc and then they said much to our regret after this step liqui is no longer able to provide liquidity the irony lick we can't provide liquidity but hey they said that there's nothing we can do we also don't see any economic point in providing you with our services however we do not want to return to where we were a month ago hence we decided to close all accounts and stop providing our services it broke our hearts to do that so anyone that has your money on likley it's not like their exit scamming okay they're saying you have 30 days from this message to withdraw everything and then after those 30 days they're not guaranteeing anything because they don't even know if they're gonna be maintaining the site anymore they say they might be back but it just depends on the market which has clearly significantly changed since 2017 so yeah there you guys go then they end on a quote that says we want to finish this message by the phrase of Marianne Williamson every ending is a new beginning through the grace of God we can always start again so there you guys go we have another exchange that is shutting down okay now I want to talk about you know not just these exchanges but also there's so much talk about regulation so much talk about what the SEC is doing some people think the fact that the SEC got involved so heavy last year and the beginning of this year could potentially have something to do with that um you know negative connotation of the space as well so you have Manero core developer Ricardo fluffy pony Spanky you might know him he said he expects regulatory arbitrage to become an increasingly prevalent and impactful phenomenon in the crypto space in the coming years so he began by dismissing the notion that the very existence of crypto is going to cause governments to topple okay obviously ludicrous pipe dream okay we've gone over this yes there's the Bitcoin you know libertarian maximalists that you know really believed in this crazy decentralized future we know that in reality the future is probably going to be a little more hybrid okay there's gonna be centralization with decentralization and what he proposed instead was a more subtle shift in geographic distribution of talent and innovation that will be sparked by uneven global crypto regulatory landscape he suggested that crypto companies will increasingly turn to regulatory arbitrage to adopt jurisdictions that have made themselves open to decentralize projects through regulation and tax breaks this won't necessarily lead to governments being toppled but it's going to lead to an interesting brain drain some of the smartest people on the planet are working in crypto and when they start clustering in places that are more friendly from a regulatory perspective that's going to create something very interesting he pointed out to Malta for example known as the blockchain you know Island right so you know his prediction recalls tech investor Tim Draper's response to harsh anti crypto agenda pursued by India's central bank right so last April in the wake of the Reserve Bank of India's prohibition on domestic banks dealing with crypto related businesses Draper warned of potential brain drain characterizing the move as a huge mistake for the country facts on the ground so far have suggested that arbitrage is indeed underway globally in fact we've seen several crypto industry leaders okay their operations to malta and this includes by Nance okay X and bit Bay just to name a few guys so I like it that these guys are fighting back I mean for example you have startup kik has actually warned the US regulators that they are going to fight back against a proposed enforcement action so Canada based kick is facing a perspective enforcement action over an alleged securities infringement after the US SEC judged it in 2017 that it's IC o—- had involved the sale of unregistered securities not the first time we've seen them you know pointing fingers at people obviously we had arefox and paragon okay so in a blog post that was published yesterday the kik CEO and founder Ted Livingston stated that the startup was poised to fight against the action arguing that the crypto space as a whole must challenge the application of security laws to emerging assets such as decentralized platform tokens right so kicks letters submitted to the agency on the seventh argues that the SE C's regulation by enforcement approach to date has had a dramatic and negative impact on the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in the United States getting back to what fluffy pony was saying about all these guys saying screw this we're just gonna go somewhere where they're actually gonna let us do what we're trying to do right so the letter notes that the US regulators would be doubling down on a deeply flawed regulatory and enforcement approach if the recommended enforcement action was authorized the startup says that it's not asking the SEC to change the law to accommodate disruptive technologies on the contrary it argues that the SEC erred in stretching the definition of an investment contract under security laws beyond its original meaning and intent so this implies that if the SEC indeed pursues its enforcement action against kick the case is likely going to culminate with a judge in a civil court case being called upon to rule on and potentially set an important precedent for the question of whether IC o—- sales are to be regulated as security offerings in the country so if these guys continue to fight moving forward and they take this thing to the next level this could potentially be that one case you know that one case that they always put in the history books that really will help us to under stand truly what the heck is going on in this space so I'm interested in seeing what's going on and I also think it's cool that these guys are standing up for themselves being like no you know this is a utility and we're gonna fight it so I think that's pretty awesome also speaking about the fact that you've seen guys like the SCC really complicating things you're seeing so much taken into the hands of just the the local law in general right how many states have been coming out with different bills you have the wah the Washington State Senate introduced a bill that would through amending existing legislation encourage the development of distributed ledger and blockchain technology so the bill appears to codify blockchain enabled digital signatures and licenses and provide the legal recognition necessary to enforce these standards so on January 25th the Washington State Senate introduced SB 56:38 an act relating to the recognizing the validity of distributed ledger technology so essentially the bill would amend and add to an act already in state law the Washington electronic authentication act revising the purpose and construction and definition sections of that Act so you are just seeing these guys taking the situation into their own hands and this is what's happening blockchain companies are moving local you know states are starting to come up with their own you know ideas about how they feel and their own laws about if you can be taxed and how to pay using crypto et cetera so it's gonna happen it's what you know innovation is not gonna stop and if you guys are trying to bring it down locally then we're gonna move okay and as far as these guys fighting the price getting back to the whole JP Morgan and all that stuff it might work a little longer you know but you know you're seeing less and less and less and less people selling it's just you know what I'm saying so eventually you're gonna reach a point where you know you're just gonna look at the price and the last guy is gonna go I'm not selling that's too cheap I'm not selling and once we've reached that point well you guys know what happens so moving on to some coin news of the day we have a little bit of a conspiracy kind of building now I did see this it wasn't an article at the time at the time people were just pointing to different aetherium transactions on the blockchain I remember seeing this but I didn't cover it because I wasn't really sure if it was just kind of over speculation right well these guys are now bringing it to the spotlight and I want to share with you what happened so something fishy took place on December 1st so new analysis from a I powered blockchain investigator ors crypto hound has uncovered some unusual activity on the etherium blockchain which took place last month so RS crypto halan took a look at the 100 largest aetherium transactions for the last quarter of last year and in doing so found a strange pattern in the block chains wealthy elite so the six wealthiest wallets all transferred a sizable sum of ether coins on that date in question totaling almost 500 million dollars at the time of the transactions each of the wallets in question contained a 92 to 98 percent share of Omi's ago which is interesting so now some people are thinking could this be at Mesa and Omi's ago advisers or something like that right not saying it's you know vitalik or anything even though he was advising but talking about this the wallets were all seemingly created on the same day as well so this kind of says that this was this was almost being planned this was a strategic thing right and then the wallets all cycled through their holdings we have multiple transactions in a notably similar manner until all of the initial tokens being tracked were divided equally among 39 new wallets containing exactly 150,000 eath so this could be nothing or it could be an attempt to almost make aetherium look more decentralized than it really is potentially so they say clearly the transactions from the six wealthiest wallets in question were all coordinated but the question is why I think I just answered it but let's see what they said though the team behind the investigation did not directly point fingers fingers it suggests that one or more aetherium whales or prominent stakeholders attempted to make the project appear more decentralized than it really is by separating the coins and the OMG so there you guys go let me know what you think coincidence are we paying too much attention I mean it's really weird how I don't have it pulled up right now you guys can go on ether scan and verify this but I mean it's literally like the exact same amounts getting moved all the while it's created on this you know at the same day then all of the funds moved later on at another day that was exactly the same so a lot of people are wondering what the heck is going on with aetherium what is going on with these whale wallets so I just wanted to bring that to you guys also we have more accusations it's kind of a kind of one of those days guys right so we got – Merchant Venezuela is getting severe punches from the global – community for supplying deceptive documentation about salary remuneration so let's have a look and see what this is all about so – watch has published its financial report regarding October to December of last year saying that DMV – merchant Venezuela the team working on adoption of – among the merchants in the country had supplied false data regarding the payouts of salaries to its employees further on details were reported that the fake data had been sent in you know they were basically they were worried regarding the team's concerns about the possible disclosure of the data in Venezuela taking into account the current unstable political situation there so the reports of embezzlement or even a shadow of such suspicions could turn the coins recent progress into a deep fall especially taking into account the long dominance of sellers in the market now – watch has assured the community that from now on DMV will be providing only accurate data and has already supplied the necessary documents which earlier had been falsified purely out of security measures so that's what they're saying despite the negative media reports about the incident with DMV – adoption in Venezuela seems to be going quite excellent so that is good news as well in fact just you know let's talk about some positive news let's not just like kick the coin when it's already down you know they finally released their newest upgrade point one three so it – evolution point one three automatic insta send features are available which means you will be able to send simple transactions with no cost instead of waiting for transaction confirmations they'll instantly be confirmed by fewer nodes while remain while removing the additional fee for instace end this moves – closer to getting its goal of being a true digital cache so there you go now let's also talk about another coin we have ripple that has been quietly working away with a focus on expanding its networks of partners and increasing the usage of adoption of its native token XR P so the latest initiative is a ripple net accelerator program that offers financial incentives to institutions that help promote the ripple payment system so the volume rebate which is the first one is an incentive that offers XRP rebates to ripple net members which have reached certain milestones in terms of process transaction volume the announcement goes on to add that the reimbursements can cover anywhere between 50 to 300 percent of the integration fees and first year licensing fees it can be taken in XRP or USD but resale of tokens will be restricted to support healthy XRP markets the second part of the initiative is an adoption market incentive which rewards members that promote ripples services to other companies ripple net members will be given marketing tools and materials to help expand the ecosystem vice-president of marketing at ripple Monica long likened the initiative to the early days of PayPal so there you go that is the news from ripple and XRP now here is another theory that's been circulating around ok so this guy right here this is the X Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and he is saying that he is considering running for president of the United States so some people are saying well you know it's Starbucks and backed being in cahoots you know are they gonna you know he's the X keep in mind but you know is is this guy gonna help us out you know he's gonna promote Bitcoin well unfortunately probably not because he's previously slammed Bitcoin saying that it's not legitimate he said I don't believe that bitcoin is going to be a currency today or in the future and this was in January of 2018 he also said that another more trusted crypto other than Bitcoin could become currency in the future however it must be tethered to a legitimate brick mordor establishment where the customer has trust and confidence in the company that is providing the transaction so here's the thing he doesn't oppose crypto he just has a problem with you know Bitcoin he's a fan of blockchain tech and we see this among a lot of these guys he even hinted that Starbucks which has more than 28,000 locations worldwide is considering integrating blockchain into its mobile app he said I think blockchain technology is probably the rails in which an integrated app at Starbucks will be sitting on top of now keep in mind you know Howard Schultz whose network a net worth is 3.3 billion he was the CEO of Starbucks from 1986 to 2000 and 2008 to 2017 he now joins a growing list of liberal candidates who have publicly announced their candidacy so yeah we'll see you guys we'll see I mean I don't think that this is gonna do anything for crypto or Bitcoin personally but some people were speculating so I figured I would just talk about it but hey let's end on some good news before we go guys so Germany's largest online food delivery platform has swelled to over 13,000 restaurants and accepts Bitcoin for payment the Berlin based I don't know how to say this life Lee Ferrando I guess operates across the country to deliver all types of culinary dream dishes from fancy to fast food so online customers can pay with Bitcoin credit cards so Fort or PayPal when paying with Bitcoin the company says it does not charge any fees while it costs an additional 6% to pay with PayPal or credit cards so they also just announced the winner of the best restaurant award out of twelve hundred thirty-one restaurants it's a pizza joint are you guys not surprised you know I'm a New Yorker so we got our thing with pizza over here Leifer endo is owned by takeaway com who started accepting Bitcoin in 2017 and the company says that the payment option has actually been very well received by it's by its customers not to mention that they also power Bitcoin payments for deliveries in Netherlands Austria and Poland so if that's not enough good news guys I just want to end on this note this was an interview with Patrick Byrne CEO of overstock talking about Bitcoin in the bit cryptic podcast and I just want to end on this little note and then we'll get on for the end of the day so let me play the clip in that space let's say we get to a world where everybody has digital money on their thoughts if did your dollars its digital wherever your rupees if you're in India on your phone then when you want to go send them to other people the rails can be crypto the rails can be blockchain that those kinds of systems are emerging in several countries we're talking to several countries frankly and across we've seen some announcements about Africa you're gonna see this stuff popping up I think this year some of these technologies actually rolling out this year and what will happen is crypto and Bitcoin or floor and coin or aiming point will be the backbone of a bunch of that and then eventually people will start asking why do we have to have all this junk on top of it why do we have all these banking systems and things called dollars or or euros or whatever on top of that we actually can do all just use the rails and eventually this stuff will kind of wither away you know have marks or we said the state will just wither away I think as blockchain gets more infiltrated the other stuff is just gonna wither away so on that note guys I want to leave you with that I think that was good for today's video I really appreciated a let's go back real quick see how we're doing oh my goodness guys we are we are still falling Wow all right well you know welcome to the ride guys this is uh this is crypto you know I'm still calling twenty five hundred but you know I'm not saying I hope we go that low I mean it'd be nice to not but at the same time I have prepared myself for this and I hope you have as well also one thing before we go I just want to say that you don't have to buy every day okay this is a big mistake that some people make they think every time it falls you half the dollar cost average now dollar cost average is great if it's money that you don't mind you know if it's like 10 percent you don't need it sure who cares price goes down price goes up right but if it's something that is maybe worrisome or you know don't you know don't put your uh don't put your rent money into Bitcoin right so that being said please be safe out there guys please be smart we are in a bear market there is a clear downtrend guys so I just want you to just be safe and yeah it's not gonna be this way forever but currently what are you gonna do this is what we're at so looking forward to the years to come guys I'm really excited that you guys are on this channel I really appreciate it please as you guys know lick wheeze closing down there's all these different situations you may see some more exit scams in the future so just be careful with any of these projects because a lot of them are gonna be very desperate right now and you know when you are pushed into desperate situations well you make desperate calls and sometimes these people don't necessarily do the right thing so that being said guys I do as you guys know always suggest to keep your hardware or to keep your crypto on a hardware wallet guys be safe out there as you guys know I do have links below for the ledger nan OS and ledger nano X does help the channel out doesn't cost you anything extra but that being said guys I do appreciate you stopping by the channel it's Monday back on the grind you rule seriously everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting you guys are the reason that I do this every single day and yeah that's all I got for you today guys it's Monday let's do it my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto

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    The black Swan is already born but not been spotted YET
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