Bitcoin DUMPED -25%! Time To Worry? Altcoin PUMPS Coming Soon! (BTC/Ripple XRP/Cryptocurrency News)

going on guys Patrick here bringing you
a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of
information today I’ll be talking about Bitcoin dumping 25% is this the time to
start getting worried Rawls can be talking about all coins and all coin
season coming very very soon most tons of other news that went on in
the cryptocurrency space but guys before we get start with that if you have not
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very very passive just yesterday we had a leverage a we have both finance all
coin trades as well as levers trades we had leverage trade catching this TRX
pump happen very very fast guys see on the one-hour chart just a few candles
managed to make fit anywhere from 15 to 20 percent profit depending on where you
took profit and that to me it was a very happy day but moving on to the bitcoin
technical analysis i’m sure that’s something a lot of you guys are instant
if we look at the price change guys we go from the top over here and we drag it
all the way to the bottom bitcoin lost over twenty four and a half percent it’s
almost a twenty five percent job the biggest correction we’ve had ever since
we started this move in the first of a brother since this big can over here we
haven’t had this big of a candle and you guys can see this thing was absolutely
massive now one thing you’ll note is the white are are the wicks on to the
downside obviously the Bears we’re not able to take full control as we are
seeing a little bit of a bounce back up currently again wick on top showing we
do have the resistance that was previously here as well at eleven
thousand eight hundred and sixty nine now I do have my faith up on where the
number is so I’m going to be say the numbers out loud I did want to ask you
guys though shout out to do to DaVinci j15 in the comments for telling me about
the RSI that it was hard to see so hopefully we’re gonna be happy
came on the channel sometime soon as well so you stayed tuned for that but I
want to ask you guys what do you think would be best while we do technical
analysis should I put my head on the bottom left what should we do and then
move it back after I’m used to having it up top but if that is something that you
guys would prefer during the technical analysis I can shift it over there so on
the daily we’re looking something like this again we talked about the
resistance where we’re currently at if we zoom in a little bit more though we
can see we can start see a little more so what’s happening so we did have this
trend line drawn to draw this trend line for you guys to see we bounced off it
several several times clearly clearly support in this move we saw another two
bounces over here before finally breaking below it this was all during
that big move that came down again it was one big daily Candles you guys saw
but if we do zoom into the hourly we see a little more fluctuation we see a
little more price actions a few more weeks coming in but we did break below
that now what happens when you break below support that support tends to
become resistance and so what happened we came in and we tested that resisted
this is a very normal thing and we see Bitcoin do this all the time so it
tested the resistance did not break above it bounced back down and then
broke above it the second time it tested it and then again same thing we saw here
but reverse it broke above it and they came back and tested the resistance
that’s now support and now that’s pretty much where we lie so from here
definitely exciting to see where exactly bickmans gonna head on the hourly we do
have the our size somewhere around the middle and the stochastic it looks like
it is currently crossed over to the bullish side but again it is at the
higher levels so definitely something to watch out for if we go back to the daily
this is where I usually tend to look at the indicators a little bit more and
what we see here with a stochastic is a bearish cross that is pointed downward
so this is possibility of future bearish action and on the RSI one thing you’ll
know if you guys remember last video we talked about the RSI getting to the
highs that it’s previously been during this run we saw it here we saw it here
and well we talked about that being a warning spot if we were to touch that we
could be seeing a reversal and well pretty much to perfection that’s exactly
what we saw happen so we saw it hit up here and started to have that pullback
again a big job on the RSI as well jumping back into the purple zone still
in the high end but that’s currently where we’re sad right now the main thing
I was focusing on as well as the as what could show us not only the RSI obviously
getting to a resistance getting to a high the pies that it has been
previously during this run and we can see every other time it usually had a
pullback as well you know the increasing in size as we go we obviously had a
smaller one here a little bit of a bigger one over here and then obviously
the bigger one as we’ve seen currently right now but one thing I’ve been
keeping my eyes out on for an indication as to what direction the markets going
is Bitcoin dominance now if you guys remember last time with Bitcoin
dominance let’s open up our brush let’s get our brush bitcoin dominance was
somewhere around here it was testing the resistance it had in this range right
currently the resistance that was brought on by here now we’ve had this
marked above we talked about this as the other resistance from the high in the
end of 2017 that boom when Bitcoin peaked and all coins then started to
peak in their BTC parings once Bitcoin started to significant significantly
drop off so money left Bitcoin started to enter the all coins and that was the
all coin run of late to SMT if you go back to the charts you’ll notice a gap
of roughly a month between when Bitcoin hit its all-time highs and when other
all coins start to hit their all-time highs if you look at the weekly candles
one two three four it was basically a month as well so one thing we’re
noticing Bitcoin out right now it did come in the wake did pull a little
bigger now it’s currently filling up a little more but one thing you’ll notice
is the wick entered pretty much to perfection into this range that we’ve
been talking about in between 62.8% Bitcoin dominance and 63.7%
I’m still expecting all coin run to hopefully come in pretty soon I’m
looking at aetherium and XRP to leave the way I’ve told you guys before I
believe I’ve mentioned it in some videos the etherium usually leads the way for
all coins XRP follows that and then all the all coins come in after so that’s
why I’ve been talking about the targets in the last video for etherium and XRP
so if you guys haven’t checked out last bid and you want to see my targets which
all coins I’m bullish on right now make sure you do go ahead and check out that
last videos I think so one of my favorite videos to make in summary in
summarizing and summing up some of the all coins that I think could be doing
very well in the future some that I have already been doing very very well but
this one thing to know we talked about the break above here would push Bitcoin
even higher we saw that happen Bitcoin push even higher now again coming in to
test this zone again as I’m talking I’m watching this candle continue to fill up
and we’ll probably see a test in here again and see what happens from here a
break above this again there’s some resistance up top but these are getting
to some very high Bitcoin dominance levels I don’t think we’re going to see
it’s maintained for a long period of time one of the things we can see is a
little bit of a pullback from Bitcoin similar to all we’re seeing right now
allow all coins to move therefore you know they can start to pick up some
momentum before the overall market continues to move as well either that or
Bitcoin starts trading sideways starts kind of leveling off similar to what we
saw happen over here which again would allow for all coins to start picking up
momentum because all coins if you’ve been looking at them in the last two or
three months in their BTC parents they have dropped significantly
they’ve job you know 50 to 60 to 70 to 80 percent which is something that not a
lot of people were expecting a lot of people not a lot of people know because
if you look at the u.s. devaluation of them a lot of them are up in USD
valuations but down seventy percent in their BTC pairing and it’s all because
of the run that bickmans been having pretty much since here pretty much since
the beginning of April so one thing I do expect is all coins to start picking up
definitely I think money that’s been made the big money that’s been made in
Bitcoin right now they’re going to want their next opportunity and with some all
coins at all-time lows it might be time that they start putting their money into
all coins to you know give or cover their gains big money that likes to
manipulate the market that will continue to make big money they’re going to be
the ones that jump in first before everyone else comes in and then they
make the most profit all we can do since we don’t have that manipulation type
money is play the same game that they’re playing now another good news for all
coins is Netflix so Netflix is coming out with an altcoin documentary now this
could lead to and we’re seeing some articles already talk about Netflix
potentially pumping all coins and it starts to bring the hype back into all
coins and not only all coins obviously this would be good for the whole overall
market some documentaries come out there as
well but I think this is something that will help as well to see the timing with
everything the timing with Bitcoin and all can we start making the news a
little more a lot more people are talking about a lot of family members
and friends are probably reaching out to you asking you specific questions it’s
time to invest I’ve seen people who lost money in the last bull run because they
bought Bitcoin at the top and they sold at the bottom in fear I’m starting to
see them buy Bitcoin I saw some pictures of people buying Bitcoin at 13,000 at
third you know over $13,000 so already I’m worried for them selling at a loss
so with all that picking up Netflix everything definitely a lot of potential
for us to see bitcoin continue to move up but one thing I will note right now
or for the market to move up one thing I will note is Bitcoin currently at very
high dominance I want to see that cool off a little bit I want all points to be
able to be able to grow because if you saw yesterday with bitcoins big drop
you’ve looked at coin market cap it’s not up there right now but when Bitcoin
was making that huge 25% pullback if you looked at coin market cap in the percent
gain the last 24 hours if you are on USD parings everything was
down over double digits all coins were down over double digits but if you
switched it over to the BTC pairing would you do that simply by going
instead of USD you go to BTC pairings you would have noticed that a lot of all
coins were up 20 30 % and that’s the that’s the potential that we have with
all coins when Bitcoin starts to cool often allow all coins to have their
moves we could be seeing some massive gains for the right auto so it’s all
about being in the best position to make the most money now the market cap is at
330 billion dollars if we go on point market cap a 62.7% big point dominance
we’ve been talking about it dominance is getting again to some very very high
levels we’re starting to reach some resistance it’d be interesting to see
what happens if we break above that if all coins and their BTC parents just
continue to plummet and we see Bitcoin just absolutely take over the market
again but with all the good all coins out there I don’t think it’s likely that
we see bitcoins almonds continue to climb up continue to climb up to hit 70%
it doesn’t seem very likely to meet without having all coins try to make
their comeback as well but the biggest gainers of the day comodo up just under
18 and a half percent made coin eighteen point two seven clipper
coin several cryptocurrencies definitely in the green still seeing some
double-digit gains Bitcoin was up like two to three percent so no surprise that
we’re seeing all coins follow in terms of Green definitely more green than red
in the market today red we have auger we have digi buy we have rave and coin by
coin a few of them are definitely the red but most cryptocurrencies
in the top 100 right now are in the green now to finish the video off I do
have some good news for all combs we’re gonna be talking about ripple we’re
going to talk about nano just briefly going through some of the height of some
of the things we can highlight that are bullish for them now Bitcoin futures
trading volumes they’re breaking all records so an incredible 1.7 billion
dollars worth of Bitcoin contracts have exchanged hands on CM II just this
Thursday that broke all records as you guys can see on the daily exchange
volume chart what it’s been looking like definitely start to pick up the move
that’s been coming in and telling you more and more attentions coming into
this market not just with the news but also with institutions you’ve been
hearing more and more news about institutions of reaching out to miners
to buy directly from them there’s a lot of interest in the space right now
definitely those of you who held through the bear market those of you who
accumulated in the bear market and stay tuned because I do want to make a video
talking about dollar cost averaging and how it works and how much money you can
actually make with dollar cars afternoon why I believe that is the best strategy
out there and I’m also gonna be talking about how I’m going to be taking profits
in the bull market once we do have that explosive growth as well it’s important
to take profits a lesson a lot of people learned in 2017 when Bitcoin is at 20k
and they didn’t take profits and they just wrote it all the way back down to
just over 3k watching that dip probably sucked for a lot of people that didn’t
take profits so I do want to make a video on that in the future as well so
make sure you guys are subscribed to make to check that out once it is alive
now good news for ripple for XRP 1 if you guys have been the chamfers in time
you’ll know I’m very very bullish on it I hold I believe it’s the biggest all
coin that I have words the big the biggest cryptocurrency I have it’s
bigger than big where am i holding for rip on pretty sure it’s bigger than
Bitcoin I should probably go and check to be a hundred percent sure but I’m
pretty sure it’s bigger than Bitcoin right now they’ve had seven more jab
banks that have joined the SBI ripple Asia’s money
tap money transfer platform this came just about a month after they had
another bunch that came in a 13 that came in barely a month a barely a month
ago so a lot of adoption coming in for them continuing to pick up momentum
behind the scenes as we not have we haven’t had as much hype as we are used
to I believe with four ripple four XRP but still the adoption is there we’re
talking about actual moves right now in the actual real world not just hype not
just you know speculation not just that we’re talking about actual institutions
banks everything that’s coming involved all starting to enter the space all
starting to see the potential to space it’s a lot bigger than a lot of people
are giving it credit for and lastly a gem of mine nano now it is a mid tier
market cap I believe but I haven’t talked about it in a very long time well
it’s going to be exclusively integrated into capture electronic point of sale
devices so capture is a leading electronic point-of-sale company they
have announced its intention to make exclude to exclusively integrate nano
into its cutting-edge merchant device now the reason I’ve been holding down
the reason why I dollar cost average know the reason why I like nano is
because I believe it’s exactly what a cryptocurrency should do it’s meant to
be used as a currency it’s free it’s super fast like the transactions are
free it’s super fast it’s pretty much it’s it does exactly what it should do
it’s simple but it does exactly what it’s intended to do and that to me is
something that I think a lot of people are going to like once it comes to these
type of integrations and so far it looks like we’re right because they are
exclusively integrating nano into their devices and that to me is a bullish sign
for nano overall still something I’m holding I haven’t talked about in a
while I know you guys have heard about it before but I wanted to bring back the
news since this is a pretty cool news for Nano and for people holding nano now
guys that’s gonna be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did
don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below and don’t
forget to join the free ledger nano s giveaway that we are doing the second
link in the description guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video

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