34 thoughts on “Bitcoin DUMP FROM $9K = NEW TARGETS?! – LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News”

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  2. I knew today’s video would have the sirens goin on bc of the break, would of been sad if I didn’t hear it

  3. Do you think that it really tanked so fast because of all the sell orders at 9K and no time for traders to adjust because it went up so fast?? It was like a cascading sell order avalanche!!!

  4. We broke out of a micro descending wedge, but I argue that we're still trading within a macro triangle.

  5. Awesome video! You were the first one to call out the liquidation hunter bots phenomenon in 2018.

  6. So many different analysis’ of this last move…but as of right now, the Binance BTC/USDT 4hr chart shows the breakdown the clearest, w/the leg up of the Monday breakout topping to create a new parallel upper trendline to that of the lower trendline of the ascending triangle. Then some sideways action, and the move to 9k today…testing that trend line a-gain…then the waterfall right after breaking below the previous upward support. And now rejected trying to get back into the channel. It’s time to fill some futures gaps, and man are there some gaps to fill. Heinous and a borderline debacle on its way!!

  7. This one got me pretty good!!! Dame stop loss was just a lil high. Ya, live! Ya, learn! Just wish we could hit that 6800…. looking froward to a good short! 🙂

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