2 thoughts on “Bitcoin drops to 7700 | Are you fiscally prepared for what's next? | To HODL or not to HODL?”

  1. In a recent interview hosted by Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, Sonny Singh, the chief commercial officer at Bitpay commented on Bitcoin’s future and why it is okay not to panic looking at the current market condition. Singh, who seems to be a Bitcoin maximalist, called Bitcoin an “800-pound gorilla, as it has access to the most notable “network effect” of all decentralized networks. He is assertive of the fact that there is a high possibility that BTC might reach $15,000- $20,000 by Thanksgiving, 2019, explaining that everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Diego's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with 1.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on [email protected] com or telegram @Diegodouglas440 or whatsapp; WhatsApp +1(985)686-0034.

  2. I literally don't understand this video title, or the first 10 minutes of the video… The title is wrong, and you do not even comment on the huge ascending triangle on the 4 hour, or the outstanding break we are seeing. The reason BTC is rising because of technicals, mass adoption, and geopolitical and financial turmoil in the world. Not saying it will not correct, but you don't mention any of this. I am very disappointed in your not even mentioning these things, or at least changing the video title. Come on, Amol – get with the program!

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