31 thoughts on “Bitcoin DOWNSIDE Targets ( Is It Over?!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. Bitcoin behavior now is very typical to its occurrence in 2015 and this sends a strong signal to traders and investors alike. Now the fight to hold the $8,600 resistance is a very important one in that once its broken which is soon enough, the next test region for bitcoin will be $10,000 and after that, it will be a full blast of the bulls. if you are not already an investor I would advise you get in now because in a short time buying a whole bitcoin would be out of the reach of many and my advice is increase your portfolio now as much as possible so you would take full advantage of the bull run when it kicks in. I don’t just hodl and wait I am currently increasing my portfolio everyday waiting for the full swing of the bill run here is what I trade I day trade and hodl my profit. Am not an expert trader but a smart trader because I use the services of the best professional signal providers and I highly recommend Gérard Barrientos ([email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640) because he is the best out there. His signals are always accurate and easy to understand and implement in your own trade. Contact him if have any crypto inquiries or want to become a better investor.

  2. There are 3 funding rates per day though. 0.07×3= 0.21% per day which is still $2100 on that 1mill contract!

  3. Krown you said you closed your long and took a short @ $8,900 can you tell us what you saw on the charts that made you take that decision please….cheers

  4. Every fee you take
    Every trade you make.
    Every support level you break
    Every fee you take

    I'll be keeping you SAFU

  5. look how quickly the likes come in when this is uploaded only 2 mins ago. krown you've worked hard to deserve the love! thanks for everything

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