Bitcoin Depot – How to get Bitcoin Cash from an ATM

hi I'm Brandon Mintz I'm the CEO of Bitcoin Depot we offer four different crypto currencies today I'm going to show you how to buy Bitcoin cash it's all you need is a Bitcoin cash wallet I'm using the Bitcoin calm wallet and you're just going to need some cash to get started we're just gonna quick touch to begin next we're gonna click buy coins I'm going to select which tier I would like to purchase in I'm purchasing three hundred dollars so I will click this first tier next I'll log in to my account via my phone over next I'll type in my pin number now this is a PIN number kind of like you would normally type in with a debit card if you where withdrawing cash from an ATM on this screen I'm going to select Bitcoin cash out of all of our crypto currencies we offer and because my wallet address generates a QR code I'm just gonna click scan wallet and here I will scan the wallet and here you'll see my Bitcoin cash address and I'm ready to go and put in my cash so I'm gonna put in $300 here displaying on the screen you can see I'm going to get point three B CH and I'll just click finish and in just a few seconds I'll get a notification on my wallet that the Bitcoin cash has arrived now I just got the point three Bitcoin cash to my wallet and I'm gonna go ahead and print a receipt and that's it now you have Bitcoin cash

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