21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Deciding It's Future As Bitfinex Scrambles To Cover $850,000,000 Loss Of Funds”

  1. The WSJ stated that 80% of bitcoin was purchased with Tether. If the 850M are « lost » out of the ~2.85Bthis represent a 70 cents on the dollar haircut. 70% of 80% equals 56%. Since BTC was trading around 5500 USD before the news, I would expect BTC to visit 3000 USD again. But keep in mind the market is rarely rational.

  2. Tether FUD = reminiscent of previous FUD when USDT lost minus 20%… And then all the other Stablecoins got released — USDC, GUSD, etc?… With Bitfinex exchange FUD… Isn't it suspicious that eTrade announces BTC and ETH trading (a NY based company)… I expect more regulated institutions launching crypto trading soon. These government officials use legal threats to gain press and manipulate investors emotions/psychology…. And it's not illegal for them to do so. ?

  3. Jebb , I liked your addition to your CTAA trading classes, thank keep up the good work. Been in and out markets since 1987 and your class are spot on and recommend them to everyone, great value.

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