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if your never won so I've just come to test my new pet coin debit card outlet for the first time there it is so let's see if that works I'm just going to fit to come around you go so there's a card stick in there I've got to put my fin in please note that your card issuer may apply a cash advance charge to you should proceed yes I do all right let's see um I'll drop I've got about three hundred fifteen pounds there that's about four hundred dollars or on a go ahead I want to get them cash and let's take out about a hundred pounds today see if that works my god there you go 100 pounds there you have the clothes 100 pounds is taken out your car strap cash machine a Bitcoin into cash how you do it oh by the way if you want that client if you want that crowd I just used to get this cash shell to convert your Bitcoin into cash then I'll leave the link in the description below it's an easy account it's just like coinbase or block chain or chapeau similar sort of things I'll leave a link in the description click the link and you'll get one of these cards I think it takes about one week for it to get sent to you so until the next one take it easy

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  11. Yeah there's like 8 or nine cards now that do the exact same thing. If you want us to use it over the others then drop the fees below the rest

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  15. yo bro…your video is great and it helped a lot bus can u please tell me which card is that??… and will it work in Pakistan??

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  20. Amin, on every video I see about the debit card poeple showing keep there thumb on the spot where the name is.
    Could you tell me why that is?

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