30 thoughts on “Bitcoin Death Cross! – Will Bitcoin Sell Off? – Justin Sun Investigation – Litecoin Price Target”

  1. Huobi is stopping Americans from using their website. I already can't exchange my icon. They're frozen. Any idea why icx is frozen on huobi?

  2. It's time to stop gambling money and looking at prices all day by building a rock strong winning strategy and start making profit by sticking to it. The key is to do this without emotion as this is the biggest self setback as a business person. Some people are still waiting for a correction to start buying bitcoins and others are waiting for a major bull run to start making profit but those approaches are wrong and my portfolio is a testimony to that. I actually may not be as good as i sound but i am smart. I researched and follow Bento Feliciano for trade patterns and signals which have been so accurate, easy to use and good my portfolio is exploding with profit. I suggest him [email protected] for all who seriously want to make incredible profit from bitcoin without having to just buy and hold which is easiest to do but very unproductive right now and most likely in the future

  3. Icx over eth. The only thing eth has going for it is their alliance. Most of the people choose or promise to use it are due to network effect. it is the most established platform. From a technical perspective the eth blockchain is stubbornly difficult to scale. Network effect can only take it so far, if it can not be used when the time comes for heavier blockchain usage. People will not wait for the tech to catch up. That day is comming fast. It will leave people with no choice but to skip over it to something better suited. It needs to scale and it needs to do it soon since there are so many competitors that are already leagues beyond its capabilities. It has to at least catch up but it doesn't necessarily need to surpass. With suggestions from vitalik such as piggy backing on BCH (which still has a low throughput in comparison to the other top smart contract platforms) in order to scale short term doesn't make it sound as though sufficient progress is being made on that front. All eth has to do is remain relevant and it will soar beyond everything else. Follow the team not the news.

  4. Great video Chris. It's great to see the trading group boom over 1300 now ?. I haven't spoken to family about crypto at all. It's too volatile. After being in your group I know that it takes work and dedication to be a successful trader. My family will not learn this stuff. I'm not prepared to recommend something that could cause conflict down the track. Crypto is my dirty little secret lol.

  5. Justin Sun may start to lose credibility with people if he is seen to be unreliable or untruthful.
    I can tell you he's not much good at selling me things. he's constantly on a sales pitch, but you
    never see the goods it seems. it's like getting excited about a birthday candle burning. it's quickly
    fizzled out and you're on to the next hype. what if he were meeting a billionaire lady for a date?
    he'd stand her up with stones?? ok. go VeChain, it's one of my larger bags. I have seven alt bags so far.
    and I really need to start up with more BTC & ETH now.

  6. Between eth or icx for long term hold and massive gains, my bet is on icx. Koreans work hard without talk or hype. They put their heads down and make things work. The gov’t, academic institutions, hospitals, big companies and banks will all be integrated.

  7. ICX no doubt about it and I am getting more and more whenever I can – so as next month Icon will start POS Staking with 5 times larger profits than NEO or ONT – how do you think what will happen with ICX price when they will announce it 🙂

  8. Great video i must say. Meanwhile After a failed rally above $ 10,800 tension is quite high as some anticipate further dipping to below 9k while others see a correction which would take bitcoin to $ 16,000 region. Well, what matters most now is not even the price but the number of coins one can accumulate. If it dips, buy some more and if it corrects, I will also advice to buy some more. But most importantly your first priority should be Trading with the right strategy, the right step as well as the right mentors who have carved out success for themselves in the crypto currency space. Now Based on my personal experience I will recommend Jason Mason, a crypto expert i met in a forum whose trades i have been copying for over two months now and have grown my meager holdings by 18btc already. His signals and strategies are on point and winning is always certain. My advice to the whole community is to find someone like him and be motivated while earning consistent profit. Mr Jason can be contacted via mail (jasonmason.trade @ gmail. Com) for his professional assistance concerning bitcoin trading.

  9. Litecoin just broke it’s bearish support heading upwards. will hit $100? What’s your thoughts?

  10. SEC will like what we are showing them, lower lows.Looking like the Market knows we should be letting in institutions' and need the new money.Should be heading lower so we can make that 8.5k target and start the bear season, 5k then help with that sub 2k after the Christmas dump.

  11. Justin Sun had no problems until he was going to meet with Warren Buffet mister Banking system himself. ? Banksters trying to make sure that meeting doesn’t happen. He should do a video conference and send his representatives

  12. I see it the other way. Coins that are closer to their ATH have more potential to break pass their previous ATH in future.

  13. Both ETH and ICON are good coins but has invested more in ICON. The coin I really prefer is APOLLO. ..fastest, only one to achieved sharding where as ETH tried and failed, best privacy and can be public also, DEX soon 1 weeek< and too many features to go through..Apollo is a hidden gem.

  14. Look at ICX icon trading charts, it's a massive dump that can only be done by its creators/developers. If the creators/developers don't have any faith in their coin why would anyone else put their money in a burning house

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