Bitcoin Death Cross INITIATED?! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crown scoot okay wish you a nice and relaxing early start to your Monday early evening and we got plenty to talk about with Bitcoin once again today but first I want to dress a few situations that's overall I'm gonna start to switch up these these uploaded videos just a little bit more because overall bitcoins been in one massive consolidation phase recently so it hasn't really been all that much super like interesting stuff to talk about and I think the way to kind of spruce this up is to do a little more scalping within these ranges because it's really the time to be a scalping trader rather than show my options traders with that which I'm happy to show anyways but I just feel like people are you know less interested in something like that as I might be in some like scalping so when Bitcoin comes to the culmination of about a six month parabolic rally and goes sideways for weeks at a time I think it's gonna be time to break out the streamer accounts or sorry the scalper account on my streamer account so I'll be loading up a buy but account today and hopefully we might actually kept some trades so without further ado as always wish you the best the best the haps of the houses as we say as always it's you know it just doesn't cost anything to wish someone well so why not do it anyways but with that said let's get a live scene right here right now and waste no more time and there she is Bitcoin in all of her glory as I realized that my chats in the back not working all that well come on baby what what did I up now oh is these some man's what what is that even coming in from um should I just should I just let it go maybe just let it go alright you know what just gonna let it go time time to focus on more important things anyways back into the chart so bright on over here a Bitcoin having a nice reaction off that green 50 exponential moon average so you know the range is is the same that we've been looking at for the past week right or five days or six ways whatever it was just playing between the yellow 21x pension would average as long as we're below there I don't really want to be having any like real Long's go on and in the 50s maroon average right here to the downside as long as we're above there I don't really want to put on like spot shorts but I will short some more options like I said I will for full disclosure to show all my options trade right here I'm running a about about not 0.77 Bitcoin profit going on right now scoot ashore – it's on a premium against some of my some of my more long-term Long's and then some just for you know short it for premium like these eleven thousand and eleven thousand five hundred strike right here they had some significant amounts of premium on him earlier this week I mean it's insane like three hundred dollars for something that's just a thousand bucks out of the you know out of the money that's insanity anyways like I said we're gonna be focusing on the lower timeframes here as you want to keep it fresh and going back down into bit Mexican charts right here what do we see Bitcoin trying to dig itself out of a little bit of a little bit of turmoil situation and actually put back on these drawing tools right here we do see that we've actually dipped down into the blue box territory the secondary or sorry not the secondary one but the one did the downside right here which to me is the big one for the next sort of move if you want to call it that and until we actually close a dildo outside of it technically it's not broken and if this and if it does break anywhere below about anywhere anywhere below about 10:1 if we close a dildo below there I'll you know pretty much of any timeframe that that matters like hourly above then I'll be looking for a move next move down to about 9700 ish area give or take a few bucks but for right now Bitcoin being resilient in this area yes the death cross actually has has actually happened here we do see the green 50 exponential moved average cross the downside of that purple on it exponent remember it's right there so that is historically a pretty damn bad thing if I took off all these moving averages right here we actually very rarely get fake outs with these so this actually happening and and it being legitimate I well I suppose you'd kind of want to see one more for our totals get set in stone for to like really you know feel legitimate barring any sort of like a major massive move back up back above 10 550 we will you know we will further confirm this and historically speak and this has not been a good thing for for good old Bitcoin land I'm just looking at the discord over here Jesus Christ now this is so good I'm always watching my friends Moyes watch it might not always be commenting because sometimes I get stuck in the in the annals of my you know of my of my inbox but but always watching from afar anyways going in back testing the death crosses of course we can look at it through 2018 but that's more of a that's you know that that was a bear mark so those cross gonna you know carry a lot more weight but the mark but but the priority is before that were a nice straight uptrend so the death cross on this timeframe with regards to the for our little time frame should we want you know we're looking for similarities here anyways mark turns around right over here yeah round around 2016 we got our first real death cross on this guy right here so Bitcoin I've been consulting for a few weeks and then drops off to face the earth from from from from price action cross to actual low about 26 and 1/2 percent right there let's kind of zoom it on a little bit further once we get golden cross once again that's actually the real next buy area for me is looking for that next golden cross opportunity anyways looking at the next one button over here the the cross actually happens well after the fact here you do see that's price action from cross to I mean that's not that's not even the low it actually did it actually already put in the lobe you know after the cross but basically telling you that the momentum of this you know you know of this move was mostly done and in more importantly once we get the golden cross running over here you know part you know party begins once again to the upside so actually really do like that and that's really what I'm gonna get out during this video right now now that we officially do have the death cross I'm happy to be a buyer once we actually get golden cross once again how long does it take well if we are gonna remain in overall upwards market I would expect a similar signature to what we've seen on these last few examples during the last prior bull market with those with regards to that death cross you know relatively fast about a week week and a half to two weeks it looks like Oh a week to two weeks is what we're looking at essentially this guy right over here actually happening on this slow but then we get this nice down move right here this one about a 20% move from top to bottom that one actually did that that that one actually was quite nasty another another good example right here from from price action high to low after the death cross about 23 percent move to the downside and then another not so good example right here actually when the death cross happened the the damage had already been done really the low is put in and then again once we get the Golden Cross run and over here nice and glory times once again in the upside and then we see basically Bitcoin puts in its higher twenty thousand so those were all the examples right there so at most about twenty twenty percent at you know I you know what the littlest I mean in some cases the you know the the the downward move had already been played out it kind of looks like that's what we might have going on right here but I would say that this is going to be significantly more nasty if we actually do confer below this next blue box territory right here this is not just the blue box that's kind of holding up these the these current loads going on but it's also the seven eight six minute retracement if you are looking at this from a more bullish fibonacci perspective which if the bots are gonna be someone is six one eight which is where we put on our last high they're likely gonna actually be forcing this guy down to the eight six especially if this area fails and that'll be their next zone and where is that Zone in around ninety six 50s so ninety six fifty to ninety seven hundred kind of the next area that I'll be looking for if we do break downwards but I'm actually not so I really want to take the deductive process here you know with the overall lower timeframes as I don't really think that you know you know trading these time like analyzing and trading these time frames yes it's good yes it's worthwhile yes you know I'm not gonna tell you that it's you know it's it's it's it's it's there there's money to be made absolutely but the greater picture is still that of one massive consolidation so even if we do head down does that resolve the whole consolidation no it doesn't and even if we head up from here does it resolve the whole consolidation again it doesn't really until we actually break like major major areas like thirteen thousand I mean you can maybe yeah you could say thirteen thousand the upside and to the downside anywhere below about 9,200 you know the greater picture is still you know still remains essentially I would say that I am still bullish on the greater picture i do think that bitcoin probably does resolve this whole formation to the upside which i think i was a little bit i got a little bit scared earlier this morning because i think a you know perhaps i might be being miss miss miss heard on these sorts of what when I presented sorts of ideas because you know someone said you said this was gonna break the upside and we just dumped and it's like uh this is an hourly Tilda right here and it's this price section does not account for the last four weeks of fried section right here doesn't mean that I can't happen but that would not be how I would describe and and and and judge a resolution so hopefully hopefully I am clear and concise with that Bitcoin taking off right now so I'm gonna I you know actually have my bit account open right here it looks like I didn't get filled on any my any my trades right now but you know I'll probably look for a counter trend scalp relatively soon it imagine that if this does get any more you know any more liftoff the next major air that'd be looking for is kind of like the breakdown area right around about ten 450 so I'll put it in a put an alert right here just in case and we'll see if we can catch just a quick like you know 2050 dollar move do it 10 times so 200 to 500 bucks and I think that that will be you know nice nice nice little time use I suppose anyways um going back to these time frames right and over here like I said for you know for most people I think I think they probably get that but I just want to make double double sure you know for those people as well not necessarily because I think that that person was like to like being deliberately misleading maybe I do a bad job of communicating these ideas but more importantly I want to make sure that the people who you know who kind of like stick it out and have been here and I like really you know you know going after it you know I hope that I hope that that message is loud and clear for that sort of thing again when you know when in doubt pull it out and looking at the weekly right here has anything really changed off of this price action no in fact I'd say that this price section is you know more or less a healthy consolidation after a major massive move to the upside I always like to kind of bring it out to this and show that's Bitcoin actually had a pretty damn good reaction off that red tense moon average with last week's closure which was last night right and so any sort of downwards move actually you know what you know I'd actually probably like to be a buyer we do see the bread 10 somewhat coming in right around 98 50 which do you consider that already a test to the downside right here on a weekly I mean that will pull it up next week and you know barring any sort of major break down below 10,000 once again but um you know it's it's a what I'm trying to say is that this is gonna look like we had another reaction right off of it the problem is or it's not really a problem it's a good problem to have right but the thing is is that a healthy asset is extremely likely to come down to its yellow 21x mention moon average on a weekly dildo basis for you know for its consolidations for its you know major tests and we actually haven't tested it at all this whole run up which is okay I mean there's no like real rule with it it's just that's your traditional area what we do see however is that bitcoin is is is testing the red tensa moon average all the way up which that is indicative of a very very very very strong trend to the upside which i mean obviously we've literally about 4x from the lows from 3100 almost a 14,000 i mean she said even more than that really and you know and my point is is that with with regards to this price section right here I mean this is a strong market and as long as we're kind of holding this base especially I mean you could even maybe say it's around ten thousand or ten thousand one hundred basically the area that we tested today you know this overall looks hell view of this and I just realized that's my bastard [Laughter] Oh [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Oh [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] it's

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