Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Why Bitcoin is Down, Verge Attack….Again, & IOTA UN Team Up

welcome to the show of one its script alert coming to you from New Zealand bring you this May 23rd edition of what is happening in crypto Bitcoin 7932 dollars down 5.25% on the seven day aetherium 634 down 9.2 1% on the seven day overall the markets are red red red don't worry guys this is crypto any of the OGS have been here for a while this is what happens it's a pretty brutal time though and the reasonings behind the current market downtrend are many and varied some of course are talking about the GDP are and what the implications of that might be there might be a bit of jitters around that of course I think the primary reasoning for the current downtrend in the market it's beats a day guys bitcoin beats a day everyone is out there dumping their bitcoin to buy bucket loads of pizza that's what's going on it's as good as explanation as probably many of the others although the GDP r1 is quite compelling currently but you have to think wow is Bitcoin really so reactionary to all of these tiny little news stories perhaps we're just seeing a course a bit of a continuation of recent trends in the market although since it is Bitcoin pizza day if you want to pick yourselves up a red ledger wallet well the guys over at ledger are having that out today a slightly more compelling offer though from the guys over at rays or with a 10% discount if you want to go over there and pick up one of the new model tees for example – just arrived I'm pretty excited to actually get it hooked up and test it out China's largest TV network broadcasts warning on crypto currency investing to 1.2 billion people wowsers this of course a continued effort by the Chinese government to dissuade its citizens for investing in currencies that they can't control in this presentation they talked to a man named yang Chow a citizen of China who basically it seems did the classic investing strategy for making tons of money with Bitcoin buying high and selling low he said he missed timed his bets well it's not betting man holy cow and so what does he say the government has failed to protect my investments this guy has got the totally wrong mentality the point of Bitcoin of course is to get away from this whole structure and to see of course its state-run propaganda guys we all know this it's no surprise but it just really gives people a whole wrong perception the government's not there to protect you anyway the government's have largely proven themselves to be bad at protecting people leis and propaganda guys speaking of governments bitcoin owning contractors with US security clearance may be flagged as risky now in the United States a lot of people have security clearance a lot of people work for the government so they're automatically excluding potentially millions or at least hundreds of thousands of people from owning crypto currencies know this hasn't been definitively decided yet but it seems pretty crazy when you think about it but perhaps they're more thinking anyone who's owning Bitcoin they're probably subversives and unpatriotic or is Bitcoin going to be the the new communism for the pentagon time will tell of course the Federal Reserve's Kashkari Rip's cryptocurrency market it has become a farce he says it's a clever idea that some people came up with but now it's being taken to ridiculous extremes you know I remember another clever idea that some people came up with it was the credit default swaps that caused the subprime mortgage crisis back in 2008 that was taken to ridiculous extremes how are the barrier to entry to that unlike with Bitcoin was very high well for the banks anyway of course they were just throwing these loans around to people of course the thing in that situation is that none of those people got in trouble no in fact they got bailouts from the government he goes on to say if you can dupe enough people to buy it you can pretend you've launched something look I'm a billionaire because I sold you one and I own the other 999 million of them so that means I'm a billionaire so it has become a farce I'm seeing more noise and more fraud and seeing anything useful again for a Federal Reserve chief to come out talking about fraud is ridiculous now the guys from Sentra they've been taken they've been arrested and taken a court and they should have been but no bankers went to jail for the 2008 crisis they are picking on cryptocurrencies and yeah there is a lot of fraud and there's a lot of scamming and I wish that they would apply the law equally goes back to our old saying the strong will do what they can and the weak will suffer what they must governments Argentine bank ditches Swift for Bitcoin in world payments first that's super interesting now I just made a review of Ripple yesterday of course focused on doing payments but the whole time I was doing my ripple review I was just thinking hey wait a second why not just use Bitcoin apparently this Bank and Argentina thought you know what let's just use Bitcoin that's cool over in Zimbabwe the Golic is exchange files a lawsuit against the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe over their crypto currency ban be super interested to see how this turns out will these Zimbabwean courts actually work and uphold galaxy's claims interesting time will tell of course but I hope I hope hope hope that the courts will rule in the favor of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and rule against the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe the practicality is that happening though I'm not holding my breath over in Russia the State Duma unanimously almost unanimously one person dissented approves the first reading of crypto industry bill that's just the first reading but that is a pretty good first reading so hopefully we will see this come into law here very soon where we'll see cryptocurrency treated as property they have actually gone quite in-depth with looking at tokens crypto currencies mining I SEOs taxes all this different stuff so it should be a pretty comprehensive bill when it actually hits verge block chain exploited again hackers steal 1.7 million second time in two months that the verge blockchain has been cracked open and they've stolen money this is insane if anyone has any faith in verge after this it's based out of delusion what's one thing to look at verge and say well okay you know what it's a speculative thing I'm gonna get into it well okay I can get that that's cool but if you're actually like a real community member of verge still you got to really ask yourself some questions why this is the second time the blockchain has been exploited they were supposed to affixed to this exact thing two months ago when has exploited the first time but they didn't do it not to mention of course all the other malarkey going on with them raising money from their audience in order to sign a partnership and all this stuff very very disappointing news indeed circle ads by the market feature to its crypto investment app this is an intriguing development of course buying the market you know so if you want to go in and you know buy the top 20 coins for examples you put a thousand bucks in and you put 50 bucks in each of the top 20 coins that's buying the market so to speak that's pretty cool I think this could be a really powerful feature for app nice of course we're gonna see others doing that ethos is aiming to do a similar thing so the competitions on guys and final story of the day the iota Foundation signing a deal with you and ops very cool stuff this is really a a thought-provoking story for me because the UN is such a bureaucratic organization that has suffered a lot from corruption and lack of transparency and all these different things and this is exactly what they want to do they want to help them increase transparency so this could be a very very interesting thing and of course there's so much bureaucratic waste at the UN as well which means that a lot of money which is intended for these projects to make the world a better place doesn't end up where it's supposed to be that makes for a very powerful partnership for iota and a cool addition to the United Nations that's all for today long live the blockchain and peace out so next time

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  1. The Simon & Garfunkel segue into the market cap gave me a good hearty chuckle. Thanks for that! Good for IOTA and their new partnership. Now only if they could get that wallet working, we might be cooking with butter.

  2. The UN is Rockefeller created seat of one world gov and IOTA internet of things….freaken scary if you ask me. Its UN Agenda 21 all right there. Catalog every man, woman, child, animal, plant, mineral, thing for master control. Total control is the kind of transparency they are talking about.

  3. OMG – when did you get to 74k subs? Last time I actually looked at that box, you were, like, at 50k.
    Keep the train a' going, Lark. Good stuff.

  4. Greetings from Tonga – Well guys would you believe that all this happened while I went out for a pizza and then had an early night……Looks like a day to maybe go shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Guys, I got a question regarding the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network, it is said to be higher than what all households in Switzerland use. Anyone aware of whether this is going to be addressed? Or will it just continue to grow?

  6. The European Union is a cult of opportunistic bureaucrats who were never democratically elected to their positions. Of course they don't understand decentralization. Doesn't pay enough, you see.

  7. the main reason is just manipulation as they do in the metals market… But stocks will go up, doesn't need any corrections… just a corrupted world with the American shadow government on the wheel ๐Ÿ™

  8. they sure are picking on crypto…if they want to really stop scammers..the OTC markets here in the USA are real problems..scams fake shell corporations… but lets pick on crypto..its so obvious and sad.. Buy The Dip !!!!!

  9. A la Verge…..That is why despite its constant bagging, BTC remains the number 1 for security…sound & secure money guys!! It;s been out in the "wild" for 9 years now and never been compromised. To have your actual blockchain itself hacked should be the deathnell of any CC. Mark my words…..This is only the beginning ; Shit coins with their so called 1 million TPS , 32MB block sizes and various bells & whistles are in the crosshairs.

  10. Thanks Lark but honestly I am now sick and tired of Crypto. I think 2017 was one time fluke. I invested in December and ever since been hearing bull shit. Now everything is good. everyone is talking about crypto. Like everybody else I thought consensus would bring life back to crypto and we all know how that went. My knowledge is nothing compare to you but I don't think we will ever have 2017 again. I just hope i get my investment back

  11. I love this blood bath. Everything is so cheap ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the best time to invest, crypto will go up soon (like always).

  12. So many people within the Verge community are still defending this mess. It comes down to what you stated previously; people tend to treat their fave crypto as if it was their fave football team. That's why we have dozens of cryptos in the top 100 that have no right to be there (IMO).

  13. Guys : LNS on tradeogre since 10 days, MC=189k , x2 last WE, it begin..

    shitcoins are a good way at this time

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