Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Elastos Giveaway, Warhol Blockchain, & Coinbase Gets Serious

welcome to this June 8th edition of what's happening in crypto with the crypto alert broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all of the latest Bitcoin 7660 $4 ripple in Bitcoin cash both maintaining good momentum on the seven day d– cred making some real movements as well it's been having a pretty good a few months recently great little crypto currency project Peak red coin base acquires financial services firm to become SEC regulated broker dealer Wow coin base just keeps putting all these little pieces of the puzzle together when it comes to being a very serious financial services company a little bit of investing fund over here requires some companies over here get some licenses over here the most recent development here is going to let coinbase work with regulators to tokenize existing types of securities that'll of course make them so much easier to trade they want to democratize access to capital markets the quote reads if approved coinbase will soon be capable of offering blockchain based securities under the oversight of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the financial regulatory authority if coinbase pulls this off its gonna put them in such an amazing position to offer so many different kinds of services and this company is just gonna continue to grow in size working with the regulators it has always been coin bases thing they like being compliant they see the advantage in being compliant and we can sit here all day and have conversations about screw the SEC and we don't need all these regulations and stuff but the reality is coin base is making themselves available to the SCC and working with the SCC I think it's gonna deliver coinbase crazy amounts of success moving forward fidelity is quietly building a cryptocurrency exchange so they report the internal hirings indicate that they are starting to acquire people with the requisite knowledge and to be honest why not building a cryptocurrency exchange is the equivalent of a license to print money look at the unbelievable excess that success that companies like finance or coinbase have had it's unimaginably profitable I'm not surprised to see a company like fidelity moving in to this space circle to seek federal banking license with the u.s. Oh see see again we see a continued movement of all of these different companies moving in trying to expand services trying to find new ways to bring people into crypto to bring the crypto markets to the people this is just a continuation in such stories Andy Warhol painting to be sold via blockchain in the world's first crypto art auction this is being done by the guys over at my Cena's the painting on offer 14 small electric chairs worth 5.6 million dollars is going to be tokenized and sold on the blockchain we see a big interest right now in bringing art to the blockchain and democratizing debts to the extent that you can imagine it the ownership of rare art certainly the high net worth individuals of the world and rich families of the world have long been involved in the buying low and selling high of this rare art this is just a continuation of that and bring it to the blockchain they'll only be selling 49% interest in the painting but still an interesting concept not sure if I would want to own a portion of a rare painting like this but I think for a certain class of investor it will be an attractive offering the UK government official archive is testing blockchain you know when I read this article I thought wow this would be a perfect fit for our we've this is exactly kind of what they want to do helping to create a permanent record of archives and information just like this kind of a cool idea and of course blockchain would be a great fit for these kind of things because centralized digital databases can be altered things can be erased things can be changed it's happened it'll happen again so long as we continue to use those centralized services something like a government archive perfect for blockchain Thailand's central bank is creating its own digital currency for inter bank settlements the takeaway here they're not using XRP we actually saw this just the other day also over in South Africa where the central bank using JP Morgan's quorum actually are putting together a really a payment network using their own blockchain technology this idea of national crypto currencies really seems to be taking off as we see more and more countries getting interested in the concept and look it's the practical reality is is that fiat currencies are not going to disappear overnight as much as we might like to see Bitcoin become the global currency tomorrow but if we had at least some nice stepping stones along the way national digital currencies could be a part of that but you guys let me know what you think about that down below in the comment section of course Colombian Senate debate blockchain could change lives South America is except for Venezuela Venezuela gets a lot of attention for various different reasons but the rest of the continent Brazil and Colombia and Argentina don't get talked about nearly enough in the conversation we're always talking about what's happening in East Asia what's happening in America or what's happening in Europe and actually Africa's pretty popular too but South America has so much potential for all the things we talk about international remittances Land Registry being your own bank the underbanked population the unbanked population all these different things perfect fit for many of these countries in South America so yes I agree with you Columbian senator blockchain could change lives and could be a great use case in your country to help lower corruption reduce banking fees etc etc we know the drill guys Japanese i.t giant Fujitsu unveils blockchain platform for retailers it's heating up guys it really is you see the massive interest from these huge companies they're all making their own block chains just the other day Baidu came out and said we're making super chain now Japan's Fujitsu is making their own blockchain platform it's heating up the big companies they're all gonna have their own blockchain platforms some of them gonna work with existing projects like IBM's working with stellar lumens because they looked at might wow that tech is we don't need to make grown blockchain we can just work with you guys and that's fine some other companies though taken different route I think we're gonna see a big trend of this moving probably next year in particular but it's already starting we're big existing companies deploy their own block chains in this of course will not be always for the public we'll have quite a few situations where its proprietary block chains used for their businesses inside their businesses for their customers curious trend without a doubt the guys over at koban Hood aiming to launch their decentralized cryptocurrency exchange great Gobin hood a lot of the centralized exchanges I think are going to have to at least have a decentralized option within their exchange services in order to keep competitive coinbase is always going to have a place in their centralized buy and sell service but you even see recently they acquired paradox in order to help with their decentralized exchanging offerings and it's just gonna grow guys I think in the future you will not be able to be a centralized exchange only you will need to have these decentralized offerings on board of course this is always in the plans for koban hood worth pointing out just like by Nance always had it in there plans to launch a dex as well Microsoft Azur lists the Aon node this is really just going to help developers set up while reducing the infrastructure one would require to build on the a on blockchain just a nice little step to help make it easier for people to use a on nice place for it to be listed – it's I think gives it very high-level recognition to be honest and it is time for today's giveaways quick reminder from now on if you want to be in to win you have to give this video a like guys give it a thumbs up it helps out the video so much as far as you know ranking on YouTube laws stuff and for more people to see this this information that I'm sharing so it takes you guys a tenth of a second and helps out massively so make sure you do hit that thumbs up if you want to be in to win for any future giveaways I'll try to remind you guys when we do the giveaways as well so we have got two giveaways today we've got a pública t-shirt who is it going to be public a shirt doo doo doo there we go not that one thanks a nice comment though Angie here we go do got a lot of comments just a lot of really great comments actually yesterday from everybody just talking about what they would do with you know their sick gains from the crypto space and it's really encouraging for me to see that oh here we go Austin public up me up for the t-shirt you are the winner mr. Austin but it's really encouraging for me to see all you guys kind of responding to that message and you know gelling with that message and coming back and saying wow this is this is what I would want to do if I get a decent amount of money back from my cryptocurrency investing in was really encouraging to see a lot of the answers there and finally we have some light coin to give away who is the winner gonna be Randy Brown amazing research thank you very much just a quick note as well both of today's winners did not like the videos so please guys just hit that thumbs up it helps so much on the videos next week a massive thank you to the guys from alas dose they have given me some ela tokens to give away to you guys so we're gonna do two winners next week two winners you have to hit that thumbs up guys 2 winners 5 ela tokens each so that's worth about 200 bucks at the moment so very generous those guys over the last those two give some tokens to giveaway and there is gonna be a 2 ela giveaway over on Twitter to retweet the alas dose interview so check those out be in to win put your elastin hit the like button on the video and then get over to Twitter and hit that retweet button guys thanks so much for watching today's video let me know what you think about any of today's news stories in the comment section down below if you enjoyed the video leave a thumbs up join me over on Twitter where I continue the conversation and share further insights into the crypto space long live the blockchain and peace out the next time

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