Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – BTC Market Manipulation, Mining Wars, and Barcelona Blockchain

welcome to the sheriff won its script alert coming to you from New Zealand bringing you this May 25th edition of what is happening in crypto bitcoins seven thousand five hundred forty four dollars down seven point three nine percent on the seven-day aetherium down thirteen point four three percent on the seven day of $589 most coins still in the red although we did see a bit of a bounce for many of the alt coins in the last 24 hours but they have then again sunk back into the red one of the biggest stories at the moment u.s. launches criminal probe into Bitcoin price manipulation oh brother they're gonna find a lot of dirt currently the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are very heavily under regulated and I know we are kind of anti regulation in the cryptocurrency space but you have to realize there is so much dirty dealing going on and there are so many people getting screwed and are so many people doing the screwing and making hundreds of millions potentially billions of dollars for some of these bigger frauds they're happening essentially this goes from spoofing to wash trading and on down the list of pump and dumps and all this kind of stuff that is illegal in regular markets but in the cryptocurrency market seems to kind of be accepted by everyone and it to be honest it's a bad thing it gives the whole industry a bad reputation and there are a lot of people who have come into the market they've realized the potential for manipulating the markets and making tons of money by doing it it's a very very problematic thing it on the one hand it's kind of refreshing to see this investigation happening on the other hand though it is definitely worrying because heads might start rolling here I think there are very few exchanges that are not implicit or complicit in this investigation because you look around the exchanges you see it happening sometimes if you know what to watch for of course it's very obvious when you see these things happening they're gonna find a lot of dirt they're gonna bring down the hammer on a lot of people a good statement from the Winklevoss twins here though in regards to this the Winklevoss twins who are known for getting rich off Facebook hired Nasdaq last month to conduct surveillance of digital coin trading on their exchange Cameron and Tyler have also urged trading platforms to band together to form a group that would serve as a self regulator for the industry I think that would be a really good step the exchanges need to stay ahead of the regulators the exchanges that do that are gonna be here for a long time the exchanges that don't do that are gonna be running from jurisdiction to jurisdiction looking for a safe place to try and avoid these investigators very interesting story what do you guys think about this one do you think that this is gonna make some heads roll in the crypto space or do you think that this won't come to much at all I'd love to know your opinions down in the comment section below singapore fighters compliance warning at 8 crypto exchanges orders an IC o—- to halt sales curious of course this is a continuation of a lot of stories been covering recently of crackdowns continued pushes for more compliance to bring people into line particularly all of these exchanges where we see so many things happening this of course not surprising to see just after the u.s. launching its probe Bitcoin gold hit by double spend attack wowsers this is the third network attack we've seen in a week mona coin was attacked verge was attacked and now bit coin gold it's pretty crazy makes you realize how great bitcoin is in this high-level security of the Bitcoin blockchain Tom Lee still bullish on Bitcoin holding to his 25 thousand dollar Bitcoin price prediction in spite of the recent downtrend tomley remains in ever bowl Russian central bank do pilot first official ICO cyberbunker the National Russian Bank in the biggest bank in Russia will be bringing out an ICO this is one that has been officially sanctioned very interesting to see I guess the maneuvers of an officially sanctioned ICO will it be popular I'm sure with the institutional investors a Moscow they'll probably gobble it right up will it be popular with the crowd time will tell of course tech giant GMO to roll out world's first seven nanometer Bitcoin miner whoa whoa this could be really really big the the arms race for Bitcoin mining is well and truly on GMO has been working on this 7nm chip for quite a while Samsung as well is gonna be bringing out Bitcoin mining chips bit main may finally be seeing some real competition coming in from these giant companies like GMO like Samsung that can actually have enough money to challenge the supremacy of bit main and I think that's a good thing because right now bit main has way too much power when it comes to Bitcoin mining we need to see the actual decentralization of the production of Bitcoin miners otherwise all the power lies in the hands of a very few people American Express explores blockchain to protect user identity curious tell me more American Express this is a continuation of course of big companies finding ways to use blockchain to enhance security reduce costs etc etc American Express just the latest in the line Spain Barcelona to create blockchain center in the city's tech hub great this is a captivating story for many reasons because Barcelona is really one of the the many of course economic engines of the European continent to see a blockchain center coming to Barcelona will only result in good things in my opinion so that was really great to see that happening IBM announces 1,800 new jobs in France in blockchain AI and I out within the next two years it's getting big guys it's getting big in a course IBM working with stellar curious let's see how that plays out Tim Draper blockchain could free individuals from inefficient governments I totally agree Tim I totally agree he talks about how bureaucracy along with blockchain artificial intelligence could come together using smart contracts to create a bureaucracy that would help free us from the woes of corruption for example obviously in order to get to this space of combining blockchain and smart contracts and AI to replace bureaucracy we actually have to get the corrupt political system to adopt a system that's gonna kill the corruption it's problematic but I'm of course always optimistic and hopeful for the future do you think that we could see a future where blockchain smart contracts a I replace bureaucracy in to a large extent replace a lot of the governing structures that we have in our societies I think the use case is real and I think that we could definitely see it but let me know what you think about in the comment section down below guys and our first book ICO being launched on pública nice this is gonna be 1,000 copies available 10 bucks apiece $10,000 hard cap you can come over here and buy the book by nomadic matte backpackers guide to Europe once you have that book you will have the license for that book and you can resell the token version of the book on the resale market later on I'm very encouraged to see that public is finally bringing this forward this idea could certainly be disruptive for the e-book industry overall very very interesting channel update about podcasts podcasts are now gonna be live or call it crypto waves with crypto alert there are links down below in the description if you want to hook it up on an RSS feed or you just go over to iTunes and find it there of course so for all you guys been asking for podcasts we finally got them up and running so go over there and hop in and find those if you want to check them out and finally we're giving away 50 bucks worth of nulls who is our random winner gonna be this week francisco CM thanks lark you are welcome francisco 50 bucks worth of nulls coming to your address soon next week we're gonna keep it simple 50 bucks worth of Bitcoin well wins Bitcoin put your address in down below guys long live the blockchain em peace out the next time

34 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – BTC Market Manipulation, Mining Wars, and Barcelona Blockchain”

  1. Great video! It’s not just whale manipulation either. I don’t know how many times I have been tracking ETH on GDAX to purchase and seen the multiple .01 transaction price spike. I just wait a few minutes for it to correct though.

  2. You're my Lark, your my soul, you'll keep it shining everywhere you go. (Modern Talking) Thank you! BTC 14g2squWbJGKdzvFQKJkK7Fvgf339U7zfm

  3. I love how people are acting like manipulation only happens to supress prices. What if they found out that the ATH was heavily manipulated and the real price is WAY lower for alot of coins?!

  4. Missed out on the NULS last week, maybe I can buy some with the BTC this week 😉 1FvNTMiKJDChqpiLuseqUkUDeVB4vxoAq9

  5. hey Lark, there is a scammer impersonating you asking repliers to email him. his username was crypto lark, without the "The". He uses the same avatar as you. Most people know to ignore, but some might not. All the best!

  6. Hey lark, always impressed about the content! especially about your knowledge about the European infrastructure. Best from Dortmund, ‘cheese up’


  8. It is interesting​ to see these rapid changes with how much market manipulation is going on
    BTC: 1AoMRSDYeWrHDZyHe8BbDj6YxFk1eKbKnF

  9. If they are going to arrest or investigate someone it will be crypto zombie for shilling deep brain chain, chico crypto for shilling all that is Neo and Elastos and last but not least the crypto lark for making great content videos on crypto. The big boys always get away with everything they do. Hope they arrest suppoman though.

  10. Please review NIX, it is a game changer when it comes to privacy and dex trading. Or do you only do paid reviews?

  11. I'm so confident in Ethereum that I no longer check news everyday, I know it will go up and down constantly but I ain't selling for at least 10 years at the very minimum! Crypto is here to stay!


  12. Lark, what do you think about QTUM? Still the same thought as you shared few months ago? People do not talk about it any more. The team is silent and the mainnet sucks. I`m still holding some, but don`t know if I should keep buying (it is really cheap now) or wait to see what QTUM team is gonna do … Please share your thoughts

  13. I think this will be the reason Tzero and similar exchanges will be game changers for the ecosystem. Agreed on the decentralization of the network of course. About time bitmain had some competition.

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