Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin Extinction and Price Predictions, & China

welcome to this June 1st edition of what's happening in crypto with crypto lurk broadcasting from New Zealand bringing you all of the latest bitcoins seven thousand four hundred eighty nine and dollars it was worth a different price yesterday it's probably gonna be worth a different price tomorrow soo and next week in the month after that and I want that to be lead-in to our top story of the day Bitcoin could be extinct by the year 2182 Abarth Siller really 21:18 fascinating it's so easy to make predictions about Bitcoin especially if you're going out to 21-18 because Robert Shiller will have been long gone by that point so if he is right then they'll save Yale economists predicted back in 2018 that 100 years later Bitcoin be extinct and there it goes so just like the dinosaurs I can see it being extinct right now but if it doesn't happen nobody cares nobody remembers it's completely irrelevant to try and predict where bitcoins going to be in a hundred years is incredibly difficult and yet we seem to love to make print price predictions don't we people are always throwing around numbers and hey we throw around a few numbers on the show here at suit just for fun I made a video a few months back talking about the $1,000,000 price prediction for Bitcoin and of course we have the mecca feed johnson eating line for the bitcoin price and you know a lot of people are throwing around different numbers Tom Lee from fun strats says $25,000 by the end of your data – says $50,000 by the end of the year basically throw a number in the air and see who's right at the end of the day with Bitcoin price predictions the loser whoever didn't get the number right nobody will remember about that and if you happen to be the one who gets the number right then all praise and rewards go to you but it's completely in exact science and to make these kind of long-term predictions on the price of Bitcoin outside of just being for fun kind of don't really add a lot of value if you're investing in Bitcoin the fundamental analysis of what bitcoin is and what it can offer to the world it should be really your focus point because the reality is we can get stuck in a bear market for quite a long time we also the alternative reality is that there is a whole giant market going on out there of over-the-counter Bitcoin trades that are being bought up by institutions and that stuff isn't causing any kind of ripple effect on the market because it's all happening OTC big banks are buying it straight from companies like Genesis mining or bitfury or bit Maine it's not going across the exchanges guys and so it's not moving the markets like you would expect it to movie the markets and so there's all this stuff going on and these guys aren't buying up giant piles of Bitcoin just for fun no they're buying it up because they understand the fundamental value of it so something to keep in mind but hey for fun Bitcoin price prediction 1 bazillion dollars no ok let's go on to our next story of the day crypto currency exchange who will be expanding to Brazil fantastic news for Brazil in my opinion I think it's really great to see more people taking the Brazilian market seriously it's a giant country I'm surprised that there hasn't been more of a focus on exchanges trying to get into Brazil I know Southeast Asia in the cryptocurrency sphere usually gets a lot of attention East Asia in general but also south southeast asia but south america such a big market such an underserved market I feel like crypto currencies I feel like there's so much demand for it there and I think we're only gonna see that demand continuing to grow as more services are offered to allow people to easily access crypto currencies bitch Rex speaking of letting people access cryptocurrencies bit tricks has landed a deal to help customers buy Bitcoin with dollars this has been a key feature missing from bitch Rex for a long time so really great to see it coming to fruition without a doubt China's President Xi says blockchain part of the new technological revolution the new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence quantum information mobile communication Internet of Things and blockchain is accelerating breakthroughs in its range of applications nice of course we have so many projects which have come out of China some of the ones that are the most popular projects in crypto have come out of China neo matrix Tron on and on goes the list of course Hong Kong official rules out plan for central bank digital currency fascinating story coming out of Hong Kong of course it would make sense for the banks in Hong Kong to be issuing out digital currencies but I think Beijing still has quite a strong sway over what's happening in Hong Kong and with the recent moves of Beijing against digital currencies overall an unsurprising move although maybe we will see a change on that in the future Vermont governor signs bill clearing way for block chain companies a bill allowing for the creation of so-called blockchain base to limited liability companies curious development without a doubt refreshing to see more and more states and jurisdictions globally taking positive steps to welcome in cryptocurrency and blockchain related businesses of course Vermont is one of the places where there is a test city running for the proppy project which is pretty cool the Polish government Poland's Benin is a lot recently Polish government invites bit Bay to join a working group at in the same week that bit Bey has to leave Poland and go to Malta because Polish banks won't cooperate with bit Bey crazy situation guys hackers demand 1 million dollars in xrp after bank data theft this could be an interesting new thing for hackers or for bank robbers I can just imagine they'll be at some point a bank robber walks into a bank with a gun give me all your xrp disillusioned token investors demand real talk about risk this is a good article and I think it's so true with ICO investing because the reality is for a lot of ICO and a lot of tokens that are out there white papers are not really business plans in fact the majority aren't even close to business plans they're just idea papers really the risks involved in cryptocurrency vesting are real we all know that but it would be nice to see more of these projects saying hey here's the real risks and involved and investing in our project in some white papers really give a good outline of that and my hat off to all those companies who take their investors money more seriously than some other ones but it's also on us to an extent as investors to demand more of the projects that we are going to be investing in u.s. inventor of Beats headphones applies to the SEC for a 300 million dollar ICO because why not 300 million dollars I'm surprised you didn't go for 400 million dollars would make just as much sense the embattled headphone manufacturer monster Products Inc has applied to US regulators to launch a giant 300 million dollar initial coin offering so many companies are doing this if your company is struggling throw an IC o—- raise a bunch of money do you need to deliver something later on maybe see what happens I suppose so many main nets guys it's crazy the oyster main net now online the Tron main net it's awake John has awakened nulls public test net going on June first course later in the day Sonam also public tests net open and we have another ten coming in the next month so it'll be a very exciting time for seeing a lot of these projects actually kicking off it's been an outstanding week for limpo getting listed over on earth FedEx but also partnering up with the Dallas Mavericks Wow I think this is one of the things that I was thinking about during my research for limpo is you know what they really need is like a major sports team or someone like that to come on board and gonna add so much publicity and legitimacy to the project overall and here we go they got the Dallas Mavericks rock and roll iota teams up with D NBA sa Norway's largest financial services group and one of the largest in the Nordic region overall they were working together to help innovation in the machine economy and decentralized data marketplaces more great partnerships for iota which is always a good thing and finally we got some crypto to give away 50 bucks worth of Bitcoin go into one random lucky winner who is it going to be this week dudu hey there we go Karina girl love your work 50 bucks worth Bitcoin coming your way if you want to be in to win next week we're gonna be giving away 50 bucks worth of light coin to put your light coin address in the comment section down below thanks so much for watching the video and of course a massive thank you to all you guys are hitting that like button subscribing to the channel and commenting on the videos make sure to let me know what you think about any of today's news down below in the comments section join the conversation over on Twitter where we share further news and insights into the crypto space long live the blockchain MPC next time

38 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin Extinction and Price Predictions, & China”

  1. Dallas Mavericks? I thought Mark Cuban didn’t like crypto. I think a lot of the big time ney sayers secretly have blockfolios and are just trying to drive it down to accumulate.

  2. Hey Crypto Lark, love the videos! Nice new intro too! Would love to hear your opinions on a couple very promising ICOs, namely Muirfield IP and Fr8 Network. Thanks!

  3. Price predictions are the hardest to do. lol. Any thoughts on how Ethereum price will move or decline in the near future. I know EOS just launched but ETH still has many ICOs on the platform such as fr8network. You think that many companies going forward will switch to EOS?

  4. Great stuff on the LARK Channel! Always fun and informative! Keep up the good work 🙂


  5. Over 1600 crypto in the market and those hackers demand XRP? Really? Did they start robbing banks yesterday? Because every n00b wants XRP. lol LSeE8uQKxvPSQWVy7z5vvYULswF62wxG9g

  6. What's happening Lark? Love the info. you provide keep it rolling man. Oh and if I'm the one, then LTC me up!

  7. Thank you for your daily digests, I love watching them. Keep up the good work!

  8. Price prediction is easy: Bitcoin will worth 1 Million Lark Dollar on 2118.

  9. I predict Bitcoin will die before the year 4.000.000, better get it now!

  10. Love the intro. Epic! the Robert Shiller guy is funny. Crypto is going nowhere, bitcoin is going nowhere. Privacy will forever be in vogue so privacy coins like DeepOnion are definitely going nowhere because of their relevance to the real world.

  11. It is silly to think that, with such speed of tech dev and how fast Humanity is expanding awareness of Consciousness, in 2118 we would be playing with bits computation or more be playing with money idea.
    Sometimes I think we cryptos are in mental stupid bubble.

  12. Just a heads up we have our first huge institutional bank to start trading crypto last monday LMAX Exchange! They average $4T a year. Thats just a start and the ceo of that company said they have "unprecedented demand" on FOX Business

  13. Huge meteor could hit earth in next 50 years so a vague 100 years out prediction is truly laughable. Can anyone be so fucking pointlessly stupid and gutless? We can all make dumb 100 years from now predictions. Most of us also will be dead in 50 years.

  14. Lark I just want to know, how often do you make your news video? Cause I subscribed, I ring the bell but still I miss half of your video. I dunno but it's look like youtube don't really want me to see all your video or maybe they don't send more than a few notification every day, I also miss some of David hay vid. Don't know, but it's seem pretty bad to me that I don't have one notification for every vids as I have one for any other youtuber I subscribed that are not relative to crypto. Anyone else have this problem?

  15. One thing i find is if you tubers say crypto is crashing it;s time to buy and if they say it's mooning sell sell sell and run like hell they make predictions and don;t have a clue what they're talking about

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