Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Price is Crashing, Why? BTC & Crypto News

welcome everyone to the September 6th edition of what's happening in crypto with crypto LARC broadcasting to you from New Zealand bringing you all of the latest in the crypto world and beyond today's top stories what the heck is happening with the crypto markets we investigate some of the potential causes sharing some bullish news as well for the future of the markets and the guys over at High Times keep on hitting that Bitcoin bong Bitcoin down nearly 13% in the last 24 hours ethereal down nearly 22% overall the markets are being absolutely savaged now why is this happening we're gonna explore a few different reasons that are being put forward but at the same time I think it's important to understand that it's been a tough few months in the crypto markets and confidence in the markets is still low even though there were some exuberant times over the last two weeks or so the actual recovery is far away and people are still scared and so when we do see negative stories coming out people panic it when they see things starting to slide they panic even more and this is a bit human psychology playing out here but some of the stories that are being quoted as being some of the potential reasons behind the current drama or seeing with the market goldman sachs dropping plans to open crypto trading desk now i really hope this isn't part of the real reason why this is happening but nevertheless some big investors may look at this as a negative because really we don't need goldman sachs guys seriously that being said though citing unnamed sources that the bank has lowered the priority of their crypto trading project waiting of course for regulatory certainty before they do it this is something that we see really right across the board with big institutions when it comes to the crypto markets they want certainty they want to know that there is going to be certain regulation in place so they can do this with confidence and it's not the Goldman Sachs's throwing the baby out with the bathwater here they're just saying we're lowering the priority the project until we see some regulatory certainty coming through people saying that something adding fuel to the fire is that shape shift a long time peer-to-peer training service will indeed be moving towards a more centralized position asking for example for memberships and people to sign up and give IDs and different things like this so that's not really that big but it's an extra log on the fire so to speak one of the big reasons most likely that we are seeing what's happening happening is that a hundred and eleven thousand Bitcoin are starting to move around from an address that hasn't been touched in years now it was suspected to be a Silk Road Bitcoin address looking like it might be a mount GOx Bitcoin address we don't know exactly who the person is who owns this address but that Bitcoin is moving and a hundred million dollars worth of Bitcoin has been moved over to BitFenix by Nance in bit max actually my tiny bit on bit max mostly to BitFenix and Finance now imagine the cell pressure that that can cause when you have somebody come in with eighty million dollars of the Bitcoin into a market cell that can have some really strong effects on the market because this is a substantial amount of Bitcoin having a look at the charts here briefly we can see bitcoins lost nearly a thousand dollars in the last few hours great just put that into your retirement account and make it good at work for you and it's got what sorry yeah that's God are though we are returning to support levels where essentially we have seen support here before yet the Bears are still calling for a return to 5800 we have seen it touching those lows previously in the market a lot of bears saying that we need to see this once again before we see actual solid recovery starting to happen so hold on to your butts guys we may not be out of the woods quite yet to share some more bullish news though the average CEO believes that the Bitcoin ETF is indeed going to happen the sec is just looking for the right person to do it essentially I know we have been putting a lot of emphasis on the ETF and it is going to happen it's just a question of when it's going to happen and for very bullish news looking forward in the year you have to remember that ice the Intercontinental exchange is going to be launching backed this is going to be massive when it happens and I don't think that should be underestimated even though we are seeing a rough day in the markets today even tiny ghost towns in Canada I want to get it on Bitcoin it's actually an interesting story about how a very small village that happens to have a hydro dam wants to get into some Bitcoin mining curious story indeed speaking of Bitcoin mining Bitcoin mining giant bit fury trims cooling demands by 95% with magic liquid now liquid cooled Bitcoin mining machines it's not a new innovation necessarily there has been some tests being done with this but to see someone doing it at scale is definitely interesting and can really give anyone who's doing it a highly competitive edge when it comes to Bitcoin mining Tom Lee says the ether Futures might be a bad thing for aetherium but might be a good thing for Bitcoin as we'll help spread out those who want to bet against the market not just betting against Bitcoin but they also bet against the theorem so he's thinks that there will actually see an increase of people using these to bet against aetherium but that that might spread out the load between aetherium and Bitcoin being an overall good for Bitcoin the really bullish news though korean entertainment project taps at the ethereum blockchain for a k-pop idol search I know this was the news you guys were all waiting for and it's here it's official guys kpop is going on the blockchain oh my god they're actually amusing the etherion blockchain to enable fans to vote for their favorite entertainers and award ceremonies and auditions with more transparency the project will discover and nurture talent and power fans to support talent and develop talent into global stars keep the classic Korea over in Australia iconic Queensland Island to be tokenized this is going to be 300 million dollars worth of security tokens giving you a stake in the development of this island to become a resort now the the old slogan of keppel island was it's a great place to get rekt australia i love it IBM reveals stellar based near real-time blockchain payment network this is going to be a serious rival to what ripple has on offer now we just need to see some big partners building up for this and we have a real game on our hands the guys over at High Times they were accepting crypto they weren't accepting crypto now they're accepting crypto again oh man that's awesome High Times happy to have you back on board let's let's watch for a future attraction and over in ledger land a newly launched stable coin you've never heard of is coming to ledger fantastic great ledger thank you very much this is actually koala one of the many stable coins out there on the market their CEO says we suck at marketing admitting in good humor that's a harsh way to start your article man we suck at marketing get better if you know that's a problem get better you wrote a seriously competitive market man with lots of other stable coins that are good at marketing if you want to survive in crypto you got to get your message across the people now speaking of the ledger very exciting news that we do have new integrations for the ledger wallet hai Kaun fic network pearl a chroma I've never even heard of some of these things more interestingly though waves and rise also on there but the real one gos Yost's finally on the ledger wallet which is super exciting news and finally a bit of navcon news for you today they've got an ongoing competition for what they're calling open alias open alias is what they're seeing as their paypal like innovation which lets you send a payment to an email address versus having to use a cryptographic address so for example John at Nassau Community is someone you can send nav coin to now they're gonna be giving away 2000 nav in total 1000 AB to the top winner and ten prizes of a hundred nav cone quite a generous competition only a few entries in you have five days left to get involved if you want to get involved it simply requires coming over and registering and address so get amongst the guys free money and it's easy to win thanks so much for watching today's episode let me know what you think about any of today's stories down below in the comment section thumbs up the video and share these videos around the internet to help our community grow join the conversation over on Twitter telegram or steam it long live the blockchain and peace out the next time

48 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Price is Crashing, Why? BTC & Crypto News”

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  2. Binance is a corrupt exchange. They systematically depleted my account that was worth $25000 in July of 2018

  3. Hey Lark, not sure if I am allowed but I'd like to shout out for Pigzbe who is running their ICO currently and have pegged the ETH value at $294.These guy have a great project, awesome team and are helping people make the ETH go further in this current drop! DYOR guys, of course, I just wanted to shout out these guys because what they are doing right now, is pretty cool!

  4. Jesus coin! Get on board early.
    People say it's a joke, well yeh but so was dogecoin! I got 6500000 coins for $80

  5. Hi guys have you heard about the feniks finance project? he won a contest promising projects who conducted Ian Balina.

  6. I see a big problem. When a new company decides to accept Bitcoin or another Altcoin as payment, (eg. Rolls Royce and such…) this has a bad effect on our overall market cap. explanation: You pay $100k in crypto for your new car. That car company now has to sell that crypto back to dollar to pay its costs like workers and supplies. In the case of Rolls Royce, until their suppliers also accept crypto there is no way to stop these sell offs as the company needs to keep selling cars. Our market price needs to contract more, favorably resulting in a more stable 1%-2% change per day. Then becoming more valuable (due to scarcity). But we will have to wait a bit longer for your average companies to join ship.
    On the futures topic, back when we seen the bitcoin futures. All of the bad coins got caught out by the short seekers. People should understand that shorting gives people, profit when they find the 'shit coins'. But as soon as there are less shit coins about the bitcoin brand becomes a lot safer and overall stronger. Keep this in mind for the upcoming Ethereum. Including the ICO's that accepted Eth as funding are now under the cush! There will be more people looking to short what they believe is bad. I feel we need to spot these fakes before they do and call them out publicly.
    This is the reason when a short goes down there are multiple pieces of negative news. Just to make the short is successful. Thats your manipulation!

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  8. It really has no change on my position. I'm not expecting institutions for awhile. Lots of great mining info lately. Lol.. they spelled rekt wrong. ? Nice NAV competition for sure.

  9. Glad u mentioned the Keppel island sale (Thank you!). This strangely enough has been plugged & pumped heavily on aged mainstream investment TV & radio programs such as 3AW aged money shows & elderly audience cable TV finance programs. I am astounded at the extensive mainstream marketing of this project, visible to places where the word Bitcoin might as well be a four letter word for fornication. Therefore it really is helping to integrate Crypto with mainstream adoption in a very tangible way. As a symptom the success or failure of this project will have a massive impact on mainstream and 'old money' sentiment long term (in Aus). Like it or hate it… its success or failure will have a very long term influence on crypto sentiment. Either dooming it or paving the way for a new type of investment or altcoin future.

  10. First time viewer, I stopped watching the crypto schmucks of YouTube (Bix Weird in particular), but I like your format a lot, good info, entertaining, and this video wasn't overly lengthy as you steamroll through it all at a good pace.

  11. Well that 25% profit I had on my portfolio over the last 3 weeks has been wiped out in about 14 hours. Hope the millionaire manipulators made a ton of money.

  12. Keppel Island is a lovely spot, went there before Christmas last year. It's got the old resort thats in ruin and lovely reefs to dive. It has good internet connection too, was watching my crypto moon… and then that crash happened shortly after, remember that downtrend, the one we are still in 🙁

  13. No real evidence that FUD caused this dump – probably whales or bank traders that manipulate this to cause it the market to drop like this. Bots and central system whales working to get in at the lowest low.

  14. I wish Colin Cantrell would take the ETF forward to the Sec.. Soo much good nexus news.. decentralized internet here we come! Great vid Lark

  15. Good show as usual Yep! Long term we're better off without 'Goldman Sachs'. Expecting $100 billion BTC marketcap to hold!

    (As regards recent Shapeshift regulation news, won't Atomic swops mean they will be bypassed?)

  16. Goldman Sachs will just pump and dump the market until it crashes anyway, so I am happy they have gone and I hope they dont return. This is why XRP will be the king, as it is not based on speculation and pump groups. XRP will have real life use case and therefore a constant demand (irrelevant of FUD and BTC dump groups).

  17. Great time to accumulate coins, try to ignore the price , we have seen dumps like this prior to the huge increases in December 2017.

  18. Sorry guys. I added to my portfolio yesterday. Every time I buy more crypto the market tanks, I should have warned everyone. My bad. The good news is I can't afford to buy any more for a while now, so maybe we'll see a rally 🙂

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