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today’s video is how to buy crypto
currencies for mature aged women without the massive fear of losing all your
money if you’d like to know more please keep watching hi I’m Schellea this is
fabulous fifties a lifestyle channel that celebrates women in their 50s and
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be alerted every time a new video comes out today I’d like to introduce you to
my son Nathan and he’s going to show all of us how to get in on the
cryptocurrency bandwagon without the fear of making a mistake and investing
lots of money and losing it Nathan what can you tell us about how to do
this yeah I can tell you lots of things about how to do it but I want to say
something about what you said in your intro the goal isn’t to give advice to
mature a driven on how to buy a Bitcoin it’s advice for everybody most people
have no idea what’s going on or what’s coming so it doesn’t matter what
category you’re in I mean I know at least for my grandparents they had a
real hard time catching up with the internet after it came out they did and
it took a long time to catch up and it’s gonna be the same with this so the
people who get involved early and start to figure it out as it evolves are gonna
have a crazy advantage over everybody else and the good thing is we’re still
in very very early days yes and I believe out of the whole population in
the world only 1.5 percent of the population in cryptos yes but it’s
actually the future of all of our currency try to even but what I want to
make very very clear is first rule of buying crypto currencies is don’t ever
buy more than you can afford to lose and why is that well cryptocurrencies have
just exploded into this whole new thing that wasn’t around a couple of years ago
it’s still very new we’re still working out kinks everything’s being tried and
tested and the winners are starting to rise to the top but
you know in 2005 if you knew that everyone on earth was going to have a
cell phone at some point like you’d say these things are so good everyone’s
going to have to have one so as a smart investor I’m going to go buy all the
Nokia shares I can find you feeling like you know not great today so we know that
this technology is going to be in everybody’s hands soon but we don’t know
who’s going to come out on top so just be really careful because it’s highly
speculative anyone who says they know exactly what’s happening is you know and
this is how I’d like to share it with you so that you can sort of get some
ease around buying crypto currencies if you are currently buying a lotto ticket
or some form of gambling maybe spend twenty dollars a week on your lottery
ticket and you can pretty much be sure that you’re not going to get your $20
back you’re not going to double it triple it
quadruple it you’re just happy to spend it have the gamble and see what happens
so if you put that process into buying twenty dollars a week worth of crypto
currencies or twenty dollars a month whatever you can afford it’s a way to do
it without the fear of losing all your money so if you swap by and watch your
tickets to buying crypto currencies and you can buy in small amounts Nathan how
would they do that there are a lot of places you can buy Bitcoin but the
biggest ones are sort of bitstamp and coinbase their websites and exchanges
where you can go on you give them real money and they will give you crypto
currencies in in return so just to stick on that if we if we show the description
down below on how to get onto coin base for example what you’ve got to do when
you’re signing up to a Bitcoin exchange you’ve got to go to their website give
them your details sort of like setting up a bank account no no not all of your
bank details you don’t give them your financial details you just give them
just your basic info photo if you driver’s license or something and for us
here it takes about three days and you’re approved but another thing that
this is just news today you can now buy the Bitcoin Etherium litecoin and
ripple at news agencies in Australia 1800 news agencies so what does that
mean to the future of cryptocurrencies what that means is the value of crypto
currencies is a representation of how many people are involved so right now
it’s 1% yeah so Bitcoin went to 20,000 dollars come back a bit it’s going to go
up again I believe but don’t bet the house on it speculative so the total
value of the cryptocurrency network only represents 1% of the population being
involved so they predict by the end of this year will be at least 13 percent of
the population will be involved in cryptocurrency yeah maybe not Bitcoin
but cryptocurrency in general because there’s a lot of other coins so what
that means is provided everybody you know proportionally buys the same coins
they’ve been buying every coin is going to go up in value 10 times okay by the
end of the year right and in saying that I’ve been reading just correct me if I’m
wrong that the crypto currencies might go up 30% and then down 20% and then up
and down up and down so if you’re buying kryptos it’s going to be like this but
eventually just keep going up and up yes so what what happened for the last 200
years the share market has been following a trend where it goes up and
comes down it goes up and comes down and it you know has rules about how it goes
up and comes down Bitcoin is doing exactly the same pattern that the share
market does but in a very very compressed time scale so what it takes a
hundred years for the market to do bitcoins doing in a year okay it’s
probably the same pattern just extremely quickly okay so back to the idea of
swapping your lottery ticket spend for a Bitcoin spend can you buy $20 worth
yeah the first the first Bitcoin I’ve bought about $20 worth of Bitcoin when I
was three hundred and fourteen dollars yeah so so you set up your account you
entered your money because if you enter $20 then it might take a couple of days
before you’re allowed to actually buy them yeah so with the example
just using that spare money you might have been spending on a lottery ticket
or something else for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you you can think about
it like this Ripple last year we’re not forty thousand percent forty thousand so
she bought one Ripple one unit of Ripple it would go up forty thousand percent in
value in one year so this isn’t like buying the lottery people could predict
that was going to happen you can with not too much research and not too much
homework you know a couple couple of hours of you know attention you can sort
of make a semi educated guess about what’s going to happen in the short term
and the risk of lotteries is incomparable to the returns you can get
out of Bitcoin if you just do a little bit of homework yeah so the risk of
lottery is pretty much you can be sure that you’re not going to get your money
back unless you’re very very lucky which some people are but the risk of buying
crypto currencies is you may double triple or how much times forty thousand
percent your money and you may lose it so there the risks that you can take but
I think if you’re spending money on lotto anyway or the lottery anyway why
not try this and get in the game and be excited about checking the market every
day and seeing where all how your money is doing and it’s just a new thing to
try and something new to get into the rest of the world’s going to jump on
board so why not be one of the first can i buy something with cryptocurrency yes
what can I buy you can buy anything on Amazon at the moment really you can buy
a test log with Bitcoin Tesla is one of the first people to accept Bitcoin so I
can buy Tesla and something on Amazon and soon soon you’ll be able to spend it
everywhere so what what your exchange is going to offer you you know most
exchanges do this now is it is a debit card okay you can have a debit card
attached to your Bitcoin account so you still walk around tap and pay and spend
it but the beauty of that is if I go to Serbia and then to bali and then back to
Sydney there’s no exchange right there’s no there’s no international
transaction fees there’s no boundaries this this is why bitcoin is going to be
such a huge thing because yeah as international trade becomes more
prevalent and more people have more family overseas and the the flow of
money is not within a country anymore it’s a flow of money around the planet
and the world is getting smaller because I can buy anything all over the world
the financial institution that supports the payments disappeared with bitcoin ok
the whole middleman is gone all of the fees associated are gone I will leave
some links below on how to get you started on Bitcoin fuel you know
treating it as a bit of a gamble and there’s a good chance it may all go to
nothing but because you’ve gotten in at such an early stage if it does succeed
if it does turn out ok then you could have you know multi generational wealth
bitcoins spent a lot of time at less than a cent per coin if it’s reached
twenty thousand US dollars per coin already then it’s gone down so from
twenty thousand it went back down to ten yeah and it’s on its way back it’s going
back up if you want to buy some Bitcoin then I think it’s got a lot of room to
grow yeah throw $20 in and set up an account and see how you go and if you
enjoyed the video of please give it a thumbs up okay
Thank You Nathan and thank you to all of you and have a great day and I’ll see
you next week why

23 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies For The Novice – Son Explains to Mom Very Low Risk – 2018 – fabulous50s”

  1. This is soooooo cool. I popped the video open as soon as I read the title. I'm the investor in my family and have been investigating cryptocurrency; you've saved me loads of time. Wish we would have jumped in 2-3 years ago but it's not too late! Thanks Nathan and Schellea! Love the variety of topics you cover on your channel.

  2. That's a very interesting topic. I don't even know where to buy it. Didn't know there was so many different kinds.

  3. Here is a great example…last Christmas, I gifted a friend a $40 lotto scratchie…no winning numbers…If I had of gifted $40 in Bitcoin instead…it would now be worth $700!!!

  4. I'm one of those people who have no idea about this!!!!! So thanks for helping us get involved! I've been hearing about it a lot though… so when you said it's like the internet WAS… I'm thinking.. ok… better pay attention. Thanks for doing this! I've been wondering about it. ~Elizabeth

  5. Hi! I just found your channel and subscribed! I love all of the different topics you cover.
    This video was really interesting and it made me google 'Bitcoin' to try to learn even more. I'm already hooked, lol – Thank you so much for making me aware of crypto currencies. I had of course heard of Bitcoin etc. but never thought "this was for me". Now I'm going to set up an account and invest a smaller amount, just because it will be super fun to check in on and see how it goes! And I agree, it's so much better to buy into Bitcoin/crypto currencies than to buy lottery tickets.
    I wish you a lovely week! Greetings from Norway. xx

  6. Wow! That was fascinating! My children tried to explain bitcoin to me. I think they got a little frustrated with me. I’m going to educate myself starting with your video. Thank you!BTW I have a son named Nathan, too. He looks about the same age as your Nathan. 🙂

  7. I'm getting all these random emails about Bitcoin! Thanks for clearing up the mystery and I might actually buy some thanks?

  8. How timely! I just left a page of someone who claimed to be a bitcoin trader and deleted him on my fb list as well even though he was a nice man until I asked him to Skype me as to see his face if it's the same to that of his profile photo before I invest and he declined w not so convincing excuses. And now I see this video, so thank you because I really would like to understand it better. Took a look at Coin Base, will register myself there.

  9. This was wonderful and so timely. It's so funny because my 25 year old son and I are currently getting involved in crypto currency. We both found this video very helpful!! Thank you?❤

  10. Wow! Love stuffing money away! (Seriously)
    Schellea, we have to stop buying makeup and shoes! (-; Great video!!! Thank you for sharing! XO

  11. Great video! I’m 57 and my 33 year old son got me started last December with Litecoin and Ethereum. I’ve really enjoyed learning more and more about all of this since then and I’m excited to see where it all goes. I found a lot of great info on you tube, too.
    Btw, I just recently found your channel and am really enjoying your content!

  12. Out of curiosity, is there a crypto currency doing better than all the rest? Is bitcoin the best currency to experiment with?

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