Bitcoin Crypto Trading #2 ⚡BUY PIVX⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency Investing Tips

THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! All right fifth time a time hopefully In the chat let me know if you can hear my voice, hopefully you can Yo-yo All right good, sorry about that Looks a little bit better though So hopefully all those problems we have before got worked out It’s like you got to be a damn engineer to figure this stuff out nowadays Hmm That’s good Alright, so we’re gonna have our countdown Give you about 12 minutes There you go guys know how that works Yo, hey what’s going on in London? All right, so yeah, we need yeah, I did reboot three times every time I did something different to mess it up So now I think we’re good I think I think I I couldn’t mess it up anymore So we’re good enough till tomorrow ah Yeah, that looks a lot better now Five p.m.. Mountain time Matt I Don’t know what Mountain time is yeah Matt Mountain time I’m on East End time Hey, Matt. I’m on Eastern time sir so our original appointment was set for 4:30 Eastern Time So if you want to do 5:00 p.m.. Mountain Time, I think that’s gonna be like 7:00 here That’s fine. I just email me and confirm. We should be good either way. This is gonna be a quick video so We can either do one half hour from now or whatever 5:00 p.m.. Mountain time is I’m good either way I need to share this video real quick. We’ll do that This is why guys I need a new laptop because this scrapbook isn’t cutting it anymore See that see that little rainbow It’s disappointing Apple used to be good, too Hey you guys hear me you guys can hear me pretty good, right? Okay cool. Yeah, 30 minutes is cool. Whenever it listen whenever we get Matt. Whenever we get off this call We’ll just jump on ours so that’s cool All right good So you have two and a half minutes guys, and we will get started I think we got a long way to go if you want to get some free money today. We need to get to 75 likes on this video Right now we got 71 people Watching right now. I don’t think we have 75 likes so if we don’t get to that In two and a half minutes we will keep it moving so make sure You guys are liking this video if you want to win some money every day make sure you subscribe and in two-and-a-half minutes I will be Either picking a winner or i’ma be starting Just like that with no winner so either way works for me This makes me smile See that purple line Still holding true I Drew that line a long time ago off to intercept since that intersection and that intersection No, it’s taken off true to form That’s pretty cool It’s pretty cool, I almost don’t want to mess that up But we will Wow this thing is setting up pretty nice So I’m the real Nasdaq realness Yeah All right, let’s see where we’re at Oh y’all selves you ain’t get paid Did you message me your message me on Facebook? I? Saw that I’m pretty sure didn’t you comment your uh Joseph didn’t you comment your? Wallet on that thread. I’ll check. I thought I sent it All right Good just in time let’s get started What I’m gonna do is I’m a run through this intro And I’m gonna come back and grab somebody out to chat so the question of the day Is today vivix What’s the price, I don’t even know let me pull it up real quick on coin market cap Question of the day how much will pivots be one year from now That’s the question of the day Jonathan. I’m gonna do my best man Cookie you should have got yours Um Alright, let’s do this you guys. I’m writing your name down cookie and who else Jonathan cuz cookie. I know yours that day the transaction fee was like six dollars, so you may not have gotten But what I’m gonna, do is do me a favor message me on here on YouTube cookie and Jonathan message me on my channel on this page right now Message me your wallet and as soon as I’m done with this video. I will send it out to you So it’s cookie and then yo yosef, what was the guy’s name from yesterday? Yosef y ou s epa’s Bubbles Weibull pivots be banned are you gonna, ban? It? Are you gonna, ban it bubbles Here we go I don’t want this guy There we go Pemex All righty, I’m gonna let these pages load up And then we will go ahead and get started with our intro in about 30 seconds again. If you’re in the chat The question a day how much will pivots be one year from right now Actually Switch that swap that skrt skrt skrt skrt Skrt. That’s like that little sound effect They’d be making How much what pivots be by the end of the year so? January 1st 2018 is about three and a half months from now how much will pivots be BAM 90 days I’ma be right back we go do this intro I want to give you about a minute Because I just changed the question so jump in the chat. Let me know what will pivots be January 1st 2018 Got that got that Bam Bam Bam, and then I need to jump over in here So again our question of the day is how much will pivots be January 1st 2018 And I’m just trying to pull up this video so I can throw it in our Facebook group And that way we’ll have everything together I apologize it’s taking a little bit longer again I Don’t know why but uh Apple does not like YouTube apparently and all the software patents to do a broad stream live stream, so That’s kind of what we’re waiting on here I just want to share this video up and we do that Hey Can somebody copy and paste the URL for this video and just throw it in the chat So I can grab it out of there this thing is like so slow. It’s very painful It’s excruciating Actually, so yeah copy and paste the URL for this video so I can throw it up in our Facebook group with the link And then that way they have it and I have something to tie into for the giveaway Can somebody oh it doesn’t allow links Wow Okay there we go we got it alright cool. Thanks. Thank you got Perfect here we go good very very good There should be nice and clean alright Thank you for your patience everybody. I do appreciate it we bout to go ahead and knock this one out Let’s go ahead and get started And that doesn’t look like it’s working does it great just great Like a boss That’s right live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy, BK, and if you like me you? Must not like money today is September 4th. Happy birthday to my momma I’m here to make you some money Today is no exception every day I have the opportunity to grace this microphone it in with my voice is a date Someone else has the opportunity to profit as a result So with that let’s jump into our chat and pick our cash winner of the day If this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is BK my friends know me as a crypto traitor, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out I Give away money every day. You might want to hit that subscribe and like share Because without further ado somebody is about to get paid right now our question of the day was how much will Pivots be at the end of this year January 1st 2018 is not that far away How much will pivots be? So let’s see let’s go ahead and pick a winner real quick shoutout daughter people that was rockin out with me Earlier in the chat. I appreciate you to support you guys. I know is is difficult You know with all software trying me trying to figure everything out But thank you. Thank you Thank you, and that’s why you know I try to give give away some money every day Just to just as a token of my appreciation So let’s see let’s see my man James is very ambitious says $78 I hope it is James I might retire now angle never retired, but you know I might uh I could buy me a Lambo pick some 78,000 I could definitely get a Lambo, but because we got you know so many people don’t want to land belonging I want limb I get a horse and buggy. You know ride to a grocery store and horse and buggy You know I do that You know I need to be different So let’s see let’s go ahead and pick our winner who do we got who do we got? Who do we got we said the end of this year how much will pivots be? It’s a lot of big numbers out there you guys a lot of big numbers. Let’s go with my man BAM right there, let’s go with Darin doubt Dahl who said $9.99 so that’s basically Two and a half times what is that right now? So that’s pretty cool. Hopefully it does it you know I think it’ll have an opportunity and you guys will see why in just one second So this is what we’re gonna do again congratulations to my name to my man Darren I’m gonna throw you up in our Facebook group as our Bitcoin winner of the day and All you need to do darren is Jump on that page like this comment And then send me your Bitcoin wallet And then I’ll be able to get you a couple bucks out in BTC as a token of my appreciation Again you guys. This is our Facebook community We got about 9,000 members almost 10,000 now shout out the mighty joke and the doors are always open You know we only got a few rules keep it positive keep it encouraging and just know that we come to profit together We have a global community over 100 nature Isn’t represented and we’ll get into that in a little bit, but but now let’s jump into this money face first Right like uncle screws did back in a day on duck tails, so here. We go. We’re looking at a pivot chart This is tradingview dot-com this is a three hundred and forty-three minutes chart about six hour candles And we are looking at a seven and twenty one and a seventy seven moving day average, right if this is your first time tuning in and I have a playlist set up just for you you click a few links down in that description and That will show you a playlist called how to chart like a boss once that happens Once you watch that playlist you will be able to have your account set up exactly like mine, so here we go without further ado I’m gonna use a little bit Different methodology with looking at this thing because a few things are going on right now in pivots first of all We had this huge Breakout session right there right huge huge breakout if you look at the return on that thing You know you were looking at somewhere north of 3,000 percent absolutely ridiculous, and then we had kind of a cool-down period which was more so Consolidation right to where we went down We went up we went we went down we went up we went down and we basically you know pretty much stayed the same and Now we are on to the next part of this cycle, so what this means is essentially this was a very very Good part of the market we made some money, right BAM we made a lot of money right there three thousand percent Here we more or less broke even you know we didn’t break down we didn’t break out we more or less consolidated again so an understanding that fractals follow the path of least resistance Our number one assumption would be that the next big move for pivots will be in the area of This first breakout, which will give us something that looks like that Right How do we know that how do we get there a few different ways a few different things we can do Let’s get rid of all this. I just wanted to throw that up real quick Just to show you kind of how the bare bones look I’m gonna do a long term view of this chart you guys so in order to do that. I’m gonna cut off my 7 I’m gonna cut off the candles all together and I’m gonna throw up a 231 and this does a couple of things for me first things first when you’re looking long-term When you guys are looking at a long-term chart you want to make sure that you have Multiple months so right now. You can see I got all the way out from March through September that’s about seven eight months you guys That’s a lot of data in those three little lines So I don’t necessarily need the candles right because the intersections tell me where the candles are gonna go automatically by design, so I’m just taking one step forward making my job a lot easier and consolidating the amount of information I take into consideration So while we look at this we can see? Again the exact same kind of pattern if we just focus on the white line You had a big breakout let’s do the orange line a Big breakout right there and more or less Consolidation right if we throw our Fibonacci up behind it breakout to breakdown Look what’s happening vivix has consolidated quite nicely right inside our money zone And the Fibonacci you want if you’re gonna buy you want to buy between the six one eight and the three eight two Because when it breaks either way it’s going to break up or it’s gonna break down But once it breaks down it forms a new area to chart and you can refigure out What’s happening more like it’s not going to break down though? So this thing has already found support at the 3a – right there And I’ll actually start changing these colors I’m gonna make both of these green so we just know that’s our money zone right there. You know I’m saying like this is where we get paid at between six one eight and three eight – Right so that’s our money zone right there Bam Bam And that’s where pivots has been living in for the better part of three months Which is amazing right? Which is basically mean? It’s like it’s like a spring right it broke out and now It’s been winding in this tight little zone For the better part of three months so it can do something like that And how do we know that’s gonna happen well? let’s take one more look at this thing and Let’s draw our trend lines now So you can see the different steps that I’m taking to give you guys the fundamental Methodology behind my logic right it’s a it’s a tiered process. It’s not just look at a chart buy sell Yes, you can do that, but when you’re predicting momentum shifts. You kind of have to take a few extra steps To see how you’re gonna get there, and that’s what we’re doing we’re actually pinpointing Pivots breakout so that we can profit from it as a result Right and so now if we pull up Where is this guy AB? What I’m gonna do now I’m gonna draw two trend lines One is gonna be from the highest point possible on this red and This is how I used to draw my charts back in a day Bam Bam The next is gonna be from the two lowest points possible that formed this First section right here, so we’re gonna go from right there Bam Bam Right And actually we can grab that and put it like right about there, right? About there right where that low little dip is And what do we see right away? Well we see that most of our data falls on that Side of the chart That’s good. That means that the best is yet to come over here, so that’s that’s very good actually next thing we see is that These lines when you use this system That I’ve developed for you guys and draw these trend lines the right way They show you Magical moments and the chart Look at that intersection Right there for those of you that saw me chart Bitcoin cash on a 7-minute chart You can see that We’ve just created Another perfect 3d axis of our Trend lines what this means is that we’ve pinpointed The energy the fractals the harmonic no resonance the collective consciousness we have pinpointed The entity behind vivix the universal understanding to its pivots resides in lives in that moment lives in the agreement between these different lines and intersections That is not an accident. You can’t accidentally create a perfect 3d axis from three different lines at a local maximum You know right there local maximum That’s not an accident guys. That’s why this method is patented. That’s why it’s very very profitable That’s why it works, so What does this tell us about pivots this tells us that pivots is Essentially ready to take the next step in its journey right when we Do a horizontal line right there Move one up to the top of the red right there Move one down to the bottom of the red Right there You start to see what levels are built? into this chart very very naturally and This is where pivots will be living at over the next four to six months Within these blue lines most likely within those blue lines And Last thing when we throw our Fibonacci on top of it Break out And this is for the white line, so let’s do it from the white Which is essentially the longest range Fibonacci? We have white to orange? break out Break down Check that out that orange bounced off of our money line and now We are sitting quite nicely when we look at these candles We’re going to be consolidating right here at this fib level That’s where those candles are going to concentrate to and once it’s ready, it’s going to make a move Which will follow? the trend line That’s already built into the chart So it should be living in this channel Right there And once it breaks through that blue It’s going up to the orange and once it breaks through that orange. It’s going up to the next fib line Which is that green? Pivots is a long-term keeper And a current sleeper, so this is why we are buying it today on our hundred day challenge I just wanted to give you a little bit of a backdrop on to pitx1 It and this is how we buy it so now we go on bit tricks You can see that again every day. I’m going to buy point one Bitcoin I’m sorry point O one Bitcoin that way over a hundred days. I will have deposited one full Bitcoin Yesterday, I bought Bitcoin cash Point o one Bitcoin cash, and it’s down about 17 percent I’m completely fine with that because I’m not selling it you only get hurt on the roller coaster when you get off So you will see how this thing adds up over time again a lot of people let me pause this second a lot of people Want to look at the market today in all the red you know that’s in the market and and think that You should sell now that for whatever reason we’re going down You know some broke bloggers jumped on LiveJournal work Or tweet it that you know the market is red sell everything abandon ship, don’t do that do not do that This is a natural part of a cycle we had a six-month Ridiculous bull run to where everything went between two and 20 eggs Right so even if we get chopped into a third we’re still better off than we were six months ago So just understand that and understand that every opportunity is another Opportunity to buy and you make your money on the buy not on The sell right so again what we’re doing right now is we are buying Pivots because it’s ready to break out, so I’m buying this probably a week or two Before the market wakes up to it And I will profit quite nicely as a result so this is how we buy pivots we jump over here I’m sorry we go back to a Bitcoin markets We click this little button right up here in the upper left Bitcoin markets search Pete Ivey Click that little guy right there And it’s going to take us to This screen We have That much Bitcoin. I’m only spending point a1 on every trade so the way I do that is I say a bid I put my price at the latest bid I Say my total amount this is where I jumped down here. I don’t want to spend my entire amount. I just want to spend 0.01 see that and that will automatically fill in how many pivots that is at This bid level it changes. You know every few moments So if I pick the last and that’s like the last price of the market, that’s like a little bit more Expensive or cheaper depending how it is if you just pick bid that basically? Splits it in half and gives you the best chance to get it so again, it’s 0.01 Bam Bam Bam And there you go, it’s just that easy you guys I’m quite confident in pivots. I have owned pivots Since it was under $2 I Made a lot of money on pivots, and this is why I like it I like pivots because I’ve already proven to you guys that when Bitcoin goes down – goes up Vivix is Dash’s little brother. So it’s gonna ride its coattail and as long as – is going up Eventually somebody’s gonna look back at little brother and say oh my god Little brother looks like a bargain right now at 3 or 4 dollars – is $400 little brother is 4 dollars next thing you know vivix is highly highly undervalued and therefore highly over purchased And that’s when we make some real money right so that’s all I’m looking forward to so if you buy this today More than likely you will have that same opportunity and we can profit together That’s my goal on this channel each one reach one reach one teach one with that being said I’m gonna I’m gonna jump over to the chat you guys if you’re in a tap right now Do me a favor shout your country out. I’m gonna be coming to you in about 30 seconds again I told you baby. If you are now tuning in Congratulations. You can’t get this kind of knowledge any where else I live in these charts seven days a week in so Much that I went and created a community with a hundred different nations our our Facebook page 10,000 people our YouTube page 12,000 people and this is our website boss of Bitcoin Comm they said somebody got to be the boss when you go on there You go see this man over there in that soup Red white and blue looking like the American dream suited up booted up sheet up from the feet up They said it’s a hard job being a boss but somebody got to do it oh Let’s see how you can support the community if you are looking to be profitable and prosperous in this market, I’ve put together three different options for you the first one is called the profit package, it’s $25 and just like you see on that pivots breakout. I bought it at a buck 65 today It’s three dollars and ten cents, and it was one of the ones on this list I’m not telling you the rest of them, but I gave you that one for free to profit package is $25 if you want to be profitable this is your best chance the easiest money you’ll ever find That’s all coming today. Somebody somebody said so what’s on the profit package another guy was like man It’s only $25, but it can make you thousands of dollars. It’s literally that easy you guys I’ve done all the work for you, or arranged it organize it in a nice little list. This is the second one I just released this thing this week. It’s a work a thing of beauty, too It’s called the dream team if you know my man Jake. Oh he came out You know I’m saying talking about a dollar in a dream like some time dream chasers You just gotta have a vision and see that vision manifest in front of your eyes, and this list is full of those uh big-time Next-level coins they might be you know one or two dollars today, but look up to three years from now And they’ll a hundred to two hundred dollars, and so this is kind of like the best of the rest. This is the Crypto 2.0. List you know if you look at Bitcoin aetherium – those are the legacy coins those are 1.0 This is 2.0 3.0 coins You know – where a lot of them nobody even knows about and that’s when you want to buy right so both of those are $25 last thing we have is our one-on-one meeting – where I make myself accessible you click on that link Set up a one-on-one meeting with BK and that will take you to my personal calendar page So you pay 225 dollars the rest of the details are in the description and then? You get a link straight to my calendar so say you wanted to do something you know What’s the date Tuesday Wednesday Thursday? Afternoon you know you jump on Thursday 5:30 p.m.. BAM You know we set up a meeting face time one-on-one, and we working personally to make you some money I had a car with with my man today out of uh out of Washington Portland, Portland Oregon. I think you know that Brilliant brilliant mind, so I’m confident. You know he’s gonna be able to make some money in the market I try to make myself accessible I try to make myself available, and this is one of the ways We’re able to do it together so with that being said I did want to jump back into our chat to see Who we got rocking out with us now rocking out with the best so let’s do that again if you are in the chat Right now shout your country out We are coming through to do our global check-in as you know we have a global community And this is your time to show your people some love so let me jump on here and see who we have On the line with us tonight Let’s see let’s see We got let’s go up a little bit, let’s go up a little bit the Bose Let’s see who we got Danielle holding it down for the south side of Brazil we got UAE, New Zealand, Hawaii Slovenia lotof of Madagascar New Mexico City is in the building Sweden is in the building Portugal, Holland Toronto Canada Boise, Idaho France India three times nigeria florida texas UAE twice back to back young saying south africa turtle island jerk money is in the building Marilyn You know I’m saying Belgium big big ups the big leg down in Cape Town I appreciate your support big live been there since week one What’s going on? Austria UAE three times back to back to back jacks for the UAE tonight Ireland Trinidad and Houston Poland USA one mo, let’s see who do we got Jersey BAM my girl from Jersey, so we don’t network and then wine country and Kelly just cuz you know I’m saying sometimes I like drink a little wine with my pinky. Yeah, you know that’s about it. So listen guys. It’s just that easy I hope you appreciate this message Again, I spend almost every day living in these charts You know looking for breakouts looking for possibilities looking for profitable trades and over the course of this next hundred days I’m gonna take you step-by-step on how to build a real-deal portfolio Bitcoin cash today one pivots they – we building a dream team day by day And you have the chance to buy it ahead of time on the website right there for $25 So with that being said guys, I certainly do appreciate your time. It’s that time of day Signing out your boy B case. No matter. Where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California Good night. Good morning and good day. I certainly do appreciate your time Hit that subscribe button and share this video if you appreciate mine that being said till we meet again Stay cryptic y’all peace

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