14 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Crypto Markets Due For A Big Drop | Samsung Making Big Investments In Crypto Space”

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  2. Once we retest the 200ma that will signal the bull market.It is a good thing because we can acumiliate more crypto.

  3. Talk about money being stolen and lost: https://beincrypto.com/cyber-criminals-in-us-made-off-with-2-7b-in-2018-while-cryptocurrency-hackers-stole-nearly-1b-globally/

  4. and then… Tether gets exposed as to why it wouldn't allow AUDITS for it's claims of a 1to1 Dollar ratio. Turns out sending a boat load of your funds to vacation in Panama isn't a good idea.

  5. BREAKING NEWS: Shortly after I recorded and uploaded this video, a massive bombshell was released regarding Tether: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitfinex-allegedly-covers-850-million-loss-with-tether-funds

    Looks like Tether is on the verge of collapse. This is most definitely going to have huge implications for crypto and most likely lead to some more bearish price action.

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