Bitcoin crypto-dividends are all the yield you need, other methods will Bitconnect you! Bcash, China

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 28th 2019 oh it still is in Denver you West Coast people what’s up
strong hand bitcoin is the next bitcoin in motion or we’re talking about people
in motion today five-digit realm value you’re wealthy bitcoin one bitcoin
equals one bitcoin offended by selling uncompensated you know you’ve got a
conviction here hello my leaf friends oh yeah it’s late
at night in some places here in australia it’s just the middle of the
day we had a bonus show earlier check it out it is linked to below retweet the
tweet that has a clip from 2016 in it exactly three years ago when i was
talking about $685 bitcoin and you know what i said i said hold it at least
until 2020 no my tomb has not changed check out these things right now check
them out right now retweet them it’s easy to do it’s in the links section
below we’ll have more about that in a second also check out this week a
bitcoin neil would find was my guest he is a block stream
he was a great guest this week in bitcoin tech Bolcom disrupt meister comm
tec HP alt on twitter yeah that twitter clip of mine has been getting a lot of
play from 2016 you should check it out and you should also check out the bonus
show from earlier today there going to be more bonus shows flashback shows
where you can you can learn from the past and get ready for the future by
looking at some of these compilation videos that i’m gonna be working on but
that that will be coming up soon alright let us start out with the great guy
swine with a very inspirational tweet that i
retweeted of course he’s been on the show before he is elite he is I mean
best guest in the space you get him right here guy is great when someone
says they’re a lot chain has more use cases than just money you can be pretty
certain that they don’t understand money there is no bigger use case none
literally it’s like building a spaceship to colonize the galaxy and they ask but
can it colonize Greenland I love that pound that like button dude yeah dudes
the block Pete don’t get tempted by these gimmicks
oh my blockchain can count chickens hatch in universe I mean my blockchain
can grow plants my blockchain can do yeah it’s about the money and bitcoin is
the ultimate money bitcoin is the only blockchain you need to worry about all
right so don’t get don’t get distracted by these gimmicks it’s about the money
blockchain has more use cases than just money
well maybe it’s got some minor gimmicks you can do but to just to just money yet
I mean what’s what’s going on money is huge money money makes the world go
round respect respect the money down that like
okay just the basic reminder out there people get distracted
alrighty lead friends how you do remember if you got questions type in
bitcoinmeister I will answer them even though it’s late at night back in
Baltimore in Denver it’s not too late in look in
LA it’s not too late in Honolulu it’s not too late
what’s up dudes yeah what’s up hey Death Metal what running shoes do you rare man
well let me get that for you there actually I get the best I I get the I
guess there this is number 20 that’s that’s out there now there’ll be I think
there’s there’s more modern ones than this now there I’d be 21 but
I try to get them as cheap as possible but I need the best because you don’t
want to destroy your feet and these are just great so a six whether they caught
Nimbus is that is that what this thing is the Nimbus I get in the same ones
every darn time but these are the ones I’m currently I’m currently gonna be
running within a few minutes all right show you thank you for the question
death metal yes death metal less on my type of music
classic rock yeah it is pound that Led Zepplin button all right
but if you weren’t for Led Zeppelin there would be no death metal it all
evolved from there moving on I hope everyone’s playing in this a chew X so
if you don’t like shoes and running you can fast-forward through that all right
not here is a this is from some lady out there and Vinnie lingham retweeted this
and clearly I don’t agree with Vinnie all the time and this is one I mean
these aren’t his words but he retweeted them it’s both exciting and overwhelming
how many options there are for earning yield on your crypto holdings oh my god
crypto whole things is you first giveaway that you’re in trouble there
they’re staking defy platforms centralized services for lending savings
rates US dollar coin and soon to be die whatever that is etc seems there’s a new
team up team working on borrowing lending every week oh my teams of people
working on crypto projects there there’s no mention of crypto dividends they’re
not one you see these you get the insider information crypto dividends
that’s the least risky thing of all those things that were just mentioned
out there all those other all those other projects I mean you’re gonna end
up bit connected there big connect provided yolk for people until it didn’t
crypto dividends all you do your you own your Bitcoin people for me off
Bitcoin people create air drops like MWC which we’ll talk about at the end of the
show and and you collect them and you turn them in the Bitcoin
there’s your yield there’s your interest on your holding you control your own
private key you don’t have to turn it into US dollar coin you don’t have to do
a play all these roulette people hold your big coin and give you up I mean to
give up your precious Bitcoin for this stuff so it’s as simple as crypto
dividends this lady wants to complicate things everybody wants to complicate
things you’re getting inside your information right here
just I would I do not and I would not recommend defy platforms centralized
services for lending this is not about centralization do deep you control your
own private keys you don’t give it to some set a bank a big point bag to give
you Bitcoin not an interest that’s uh earning yield on your crypto holding so
the only crypto you should be holding is freaking big coin okay
no diversification for the second thought versification hey but then you
retweeted this lady beware you make your own decisions it’s a keep it simple keep
it simple kiss and you’re not stupid if you’re keeping it simple with some of
these things you’re gonna big connect also provided yield and it was a it was
a it was a centralized project also so you’re gonna end up big connect in a
lobby hey somebody think these things might
work what’s the why risky why why rely on someone else rely on yourself to
control your own private key this this channel right here home of Bitcoin
insider information you’ve just got some of that Adrian black born just past
question how do you see the play out of a potential liquidity crisis and major
collapse in value of the US dollar in terms of its effect on Bitcoin price and
adoption well first of all I’ve been saying for a while the US dollar will
there will not be a hyperinflation it will not lose value much value over time
it generally loses it’s been losing value for quite some time okay and the
80 percenters are addicted to buying stuff with it so it’ll keep the losing
value maybe a little bit faster than usual the 80 percenters will still stick
in the dollar it will help all of the people who are smart enough to 20
percenters think that getting the Bitcoin so your scenario if it’s scary
if it’s not scary it’s not gonna be ski liquidity crisis all these if bad things
start to happen with the economy in general it will be good for Bitcoin the
smart money will run to Bitcoin so I’m not worried about a major collapse at
all I know how the 80 percenters operate they’re getting themselves into greater
greater debt we keep the United States key so I’m printing more and more
dollars and they’ll keep on getting away with it as people say and it’s not
getting away with anything it’s the greatest and most powerful country on
earth that’s the way it is it fiat you know to be the man you gotta beat the
man no one is beating the United States
everyone around this whole planet tries to be the United States travel around
the world you’ll see they’re addicted to the Fiat dollar and and you you say oh
that’s horrible if you think it’s horrible getting the big coin I got in
the Bitcoin so if it falls apart or falls apart we’re in the big point it’s
not fun to party and it’s if you worry about it
you’re just gonna be worrying and worrying and worrying and you’re not
gonna be emotionally but any any financial crisis with the US dollar it’s
it’s mine or major whatever it’ll hoping and it’ll help the price of Bitcoin whip
and it’ll get 20 percenters to adopt it adopted it to buy it the 80 percenters
they’ll never be a few will if roaming hughes says Bitcoin interest is the
increase in purchasing power achieved by delay gratification maybe no there’s
another positive take on it pound pound that like button but who would want to
spend their precious Bitcoin at this point no way baby no way a lot of West
Coasters jump in there I see it galleries in there and
mentions in there all right let’s see next to a tweet here is it this is good
this is from a CE and ledger which is a Chinese based new source and I’ve
mentioned them in the past I’ve mentioned them in a while if you want to
know what’s really going on in China and instead of you know reading coin desk in
particular sites like that go go to this thread I’ll link to it below it says
some direct consequences you might be interested in after President geez
blockchain talk you may remember the other day he said the word blockchain
and everyone went crazy here’s a quote articles saying blockchain technology is
a scam are now banned in China who still remembers the days when post prompting
blockchain getting deleted real fast okay the English is bad there but he’s
saying that in the old days which was two years ago one year ago they would a
post promoting blockchain would be deleted so they like the word blockchain
now over there what China wants to do is get all their people monitor all their
people through the blockchain it’s a centralized blockchain it’s a
private blockchain controlled by China that’s their prerogative if you’re in
China watching this don’t get stuck in that because you’re loyal to your
country you should be getting in the big coin now before you can’t get into it
okay so I think a lot of people are gonna react and say oMG can have a
private blockchain we’ll have one also it’s a distraction
this is all about Bitcoin he’s using it he’s using blockchain as a tool to
dominate his people take away freedom from his people I don’t like that but
he’s doing it and that’s what his take on blockchain is and that’s why he’s
allowing it to be talked about now but hopefully it’ll wake some people up to
Bitcoin you can do check out the thread what else do we have a tour tour des
Meester I feel like I skipped something oh no no we’ll get to that in a second
tor damn Easter for big this is from a few days ago so things change fast in
this space for you Fiat freaks for Bitcoin to retain its current price at
eight thousand dollars until the May 2020
we need to see net positive demand of 200 mm excuse me 2.8 billion dollars
before then that’s what’s required to buy up all the newly big minted Bitcoin
at eight thousand dollars in the next 200 days that is a unique perspective of
looking at it he figures out how much Bitcoin isn’t figure it out we all it’s
publicly out there how many Bitcoin are gonna be mined in the next 200 days
before the halving and multiply that by the the price you want Bitcoin to be at
which he said eight thousand dollars and that that it will remain steady and
you’ll get a tremendous number two point eight eight billion dollars that that’s
what the the that what new Bitcoin will have to be something for that will be
the price of big can that happen yeah surely it can happen surely it’s not
it’s not unrealistic at all when you look at it in those terms even more even
more than that hey we’ll see how it goes you know leading up to the 2016 having
there was the having hype people were playing were paying plenty for the new
Bitcoin out on the market is there wasn’t a lot of it was actually being
held back at that point so turn toward is not taken to account that that the
miners will begin holding back Bitcoin so they’ll have more to sell after to
having all right Adam how many bitcoins shirts do you have you have some great
ones somebody asks this the other day and the well this one says Satoshi
Nakamoto in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto and you can get the shirts that are just
like this they’re linked to below various people who are in motion who
make shirts that’s their business they make Bitcoin they just send me shirts
I have probably over 40 of them some of them have been
hired for various reasons I when I’m traveling around I have about well now I
have a Levin with me in the rotation huh because Adriana just gave me a new one
so yeah I don’t know I have 40 or 50 of them something like that there’s a lot
but some you’ll never see again because various reasons why but there’s a seems
like I’m always getting new ones I really appreciate them
I wear them your clothing me and you guys are people are buying them through
this site through below through the links below too so it’s it’s good for
them it’s good for me I love Bitcoin I’m a walking advertisement when I’m when
I’m outside with this I always wear this when I’m speaking and as you as and
almost days I’m also wearing this with my shows is you know occasionally I’ll
wear a tie or a suit if it’s if it’s a special thing so and I’m not a big wear
of ties and suits generally but sometimes things have like happen sorry
pal that like would remember everybody I am in Adelaide Australia and if you
happen to be here yeah whatever I knew someone’s coming into town I’ll be
hanging out with them on November 10th actually maybe we’ll ever we’ll have a
big thing of it no I don’t know there’s this is such a pleasant city I’d love to
be here this is a big city but you’re away from it all like I’m not it’s
Sydney I had something to do like every day is very there were a lot of events
here it’s very relaxing that’s like I came out here this Airbnb which includes
everything is like basically for a month it’s less than 1,500 dollars which is
which is correct which is a great great rate so I’m living well and it’s and
again that includes my internet and electricity every everything you can
imagine a see all the good stuff and everything’s fully furnished it’s
beautiful in a great location and that’s the life I live I just travel from one a
Airbnb to another and I go back to Baltimore four times a year to see my
family and friends and stuff I want to remind everyone that you file go to
sports meister comm you can easily get all my podcasts there i turn all these
shows in the podcast but every once in a while and maybe more often now than I’m
here in Adelaide and have some extra time
I make I make the podcast only show link to below is the latest podcast only show
you’re not getting it here elite bitcoin holder show it’s called it’s I talk
about Ayana Presley and Mark Zuckerberg and how they can all be happy with
cryptocurrency but she’s not a big fan of a cryptocurrency because it’s it’s
not being given away to poor people for free they have to pay for cryptocurrency
well maybe it can’t be given away for free but so yeah check it out that
that’s what it’s about I try to have a good spin on the sociopaths in Congress
wow that was and that was pretty well when she was a Yelp and at Zuckerberg I
mean when she produced and what does he produce trillions of dollars of wealth
he’s produced she has yeah you know all right here’s a but it’s a good podcast
link to below I know my buddy in Germany liked it so I’ll say that for next time
MWC has update Chris Gilliard has a update will he risk a response to
litecoins nimble Wimble extension black proposal you likely free to member
wendel freaks you could read that Chris is working diligently on having a MWC
nimble wibble coin and crypto dividend we all signed up for in era wallets
which we don’t have yet by December 11th that’s the big day for
MWC oh yeah that’s a good good good news it’s the day after my father’s York site
also December the 10th and it’s the day before I will be leaving Baltimore
because I want to be Baltimore for my father’s you are it’s like I’m going to
be in Tucson area Tucson Arizona starting December 12th so three big
things in a row your insight and them you see ed and Tucson for a month
that’ll be fun over a month in Tucson yeah but I only like more places and
it’s warm here it’s beautiful you’re beautiful here you’re not Adelaide
Australia there’s someone out there if if you guys are anyone’s a
project manager I’ve got a buddy who is in motion he’s starting an online
marketing agency if you have experience in that you know contact me I can put
you in touch with this dude you got to be doing that but I’d like it that might
be my buddy’s in he’s in motion over there all right it said beat Cash in the
title I’m saving the D cash for the end because I don’t like to ripple be cash
okay let them do their own thing we got it for free why pick buy buy something
why pay money for something you got for free them Oh God but they’re people that
are doing it the price keeps rising despite some drama and rocky rocky has
been rugged Columbo he’s been on the show before
he’s been mentioning what I’m about to share for quite some time but this is
not a quote for Rocky’s from Dan held good news for Bitcoin and it’s good news
for Bitcoin but it’s not good news for B catch the having will be catastrophic
for be cashed be cash having occurs first block sub sub as he drops in half
miner switched to bitcoins since they share the same hashing algorithm
security spend becomes dangerously low 51 percent attacks become very easy well
yeah the positive side is the miners are we going to be committing but we’ll see
if that happens Rocky’s been talking about that scenario for a while another
scenario that’s a current event that that’s going on right now interest this
is from Daniel someone or other here interesting game theory playing out in
be cash mining right now so this is kind of explained some of the weird stuff
that’s going on it’s a theory that’s about what’s going on in V cash right
now because we’ve seen some weird stuff love some large of the Bitcoin miners
are gaining be cash is difficulty adjustment algorithm by switching large
amounts of hash power periodically from Bitcoin to be cash alright basically the
mining algorithm needs to change or be cash made I so you can read the thread I
just something I some right there it’s a much longer
thread if you’re interested in seeing you know where understanding what the
heck is going on with B cash right now in terms of the numbers looking really
weird although they’re mining so many blocks in an hour then they’re not is
this is someone trying to destroy B cash is if Bitcoin miners check it out what
are they gonna have to do to solve this problem I want to go back to we were
talking about that getting returned on you’re getting healed on on your crypto
on your Bitcoin okay in that thread which I linked to below there are some
people in there that warned that say you know you’re gonna end up bit connected
but there’s some people like oh no tell me about the project tell me about the
people they’re gonna buy into these interest-bearing projects and interest
there and coins whatever it is they don’t know about
something like this they want the glamour okay they they want the glam
rock okay they want the fancy sets and glam and graphics and in the long run
most of them won’t learn that you just need to buy a whole baby and that again
is what my flashback videos are about what my video earlier in the day this is
about you see me in 2016 straight up saying it’s $685 big things
are happening just hold on to it 2020 hat alright so check out all the links
below people oh invention you’re actually mentioning it to I about men
going their own way in the yeah and in the video itself not in the shorter clip
that got clipped out at the Twitter thing but it’s all linked to glow okay I
think that was it’s in terms of questions i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe the channel like
this video share this video check out all the links below retweet this stuff
that’s the way you can to the show just retweeting the stuff is
great it really it helps spread the word we get new we got to get new people to
know this insider information so often people are like what where’s our
founders champ channel back in 2016 you’ve been saying oh I wish I knew that
what we hopefully more people that they’ll find out this basic information
so they don’t get big connected click on the squares that you see right there I
am gonna go running very soon

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  1. BitcoinMiester,… Do you put "gold and silver bugs" in this 80%ers your taking so much about???

    Precious Bitcoin?! Bitcoin IS Fiat, the damn dollar is Fiat. It works with very similar conditions… Bitcoin is no different than the dollar on many aspects. You'd be better off hedging against the dollar and inflation with silver & gold bullion. I'm curious how you feel about precious metals. Take Palladium for example… Palladium has outpaced Bitcoin by far…. Crypto currencies in my firm oppinion is no different than gambling… It's too risky perhaps less risky if you can afford to hold for a very long time,, Meanwhile you can use the same dollars you would gamble with Bitcoin and make more more money in less time with several different investments. This Bitcoin collecting is complete nonsense. Zoom out and see the big picture here…

  2. Are crypto dividends "undeniable accessions of wealth, clearly recognized"? The IRS says "yes" and you have to pay high taxes on them instantly, even if they subsequently lose over 90% of their value. If you convert them to btc, how do you pay taxes?

  3. Blockchain is about the money…lol. Seriously, it's so true! The only genuine, proven use case for blockchain is the MOOLAH use, no doubt. GO BTC!!!

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