32 thoughts on “Bitcoin Crosses $6400, XRP FOMO Begins And Ripple Money Transfer Connections”


  2. And still the Digital Asset Investor
    has a shitty microphone. Maybe he buys a new one when BTC goes to 10K lol 😉

  3. You do a fantastic job!! Always have!! I have been watching a long time. Don't ever discount yourself! XRP to the MOON and BEYOND!!!!

  4. Thanks for the insight.

    Side note: Why do commenters are so eager to post their exact amount of XRP holdings in the comment section. Why? ?

  5. Interesting idea I just had. You buy a house and instead of renting out part of it to property destroying tenant, you sell token shares in the house and you live there without the head ache.

  6. When I 1st started listening to you DAI with the southern accent and your relaxed nature, I didn't take you seriously. That soon changed with the substance of your videos. You nail it every time. You, Tony and Eri are my favorites. Strait shootin news is what gives us confidence. One thing I get confused at though. I think you should also be mentioning the Trezor Hard Wallet. My opinion, it's better than the Nano. I bet you had a smile on your face until I mentioned the Trezor, sorry man. LOL

  7. I've just predicted the future of Bitcoin! You should too 🙂 Use my reference code YJYDRPA to signup at

  8. Like your vids but what kind of moron buys someone's name for a domain (shiffdigitalassets.com) and then tries to sell it to them for 1 btc? 1 btc is extortion, who do u think you are?

  9. YEEEEEHAAAW!! I have a little bit of BITCOIN!!!! You're AWESOME!!! And if I were your wifie, I'd LEARN from the MASTER XRP MAN! I'd be SO PROUD!!!

  10. Mate, I used to love your vids. They where my daily info with so much insight. Now all you do is read tweets. I’m sad to say. I won’t be coming back. Peace out to you brother zerper.

  11. Yeah, don't watch your own videos. They are perfectly fine the way they are. BTC pumps first then Alts will pump hard and then the cycle will repeat itself until March 2020 to all time highs.

  12. Good video DAI. I wonder what the "official" story would have been if the fires were put out and the towers still disintegrated ?

  13. XRP will reach a certain price point and never return to 32 cents again. Expect a higher price soon. Maybe $41 by year end.

  14. XRP is pure cancer, seriously every investment I made is up EXCEPT FOR XRP. All these claims XRP is made to be 200+ dollars. Jesus this XRP can't even stay 31 cents man. This thing is like a fart

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