45 thoughts on “Bitcoin Crashing? Nobody Knows Crap! And Other News”

  1. Im interested to know if BTC was easily manipulated in 2017 at all, compared to now in 2019, by the "whales" if there is really such a thing and if there are really players like this co-ordinating the waves in the directions of their choice?

    Im just tryin to understand if this is still an interesting world or if it is just shit and corrupt as watching football and many oher sports?
    Not sure what your opinions are?

  2. All these exchanges are trying to raise a ton of money to cash out before the traditional exchanges like Charles Schwab, T.D. Ameritrade, etc…..take over the crypto market. Remember how the Option Market paned out in the 70's? The big option exchanges were bought out by the traditional exchanges and the rest of them just withered died out. The entire crypto market will change as regulation takes over.

  3. Thanks Crow! Great to catch one of your live streams ago. No other Youtuber is as informative, entertaining and honest as you.

    You should check out Krowns Crypto Cave for TA. He keeps is honest, doesn't make wild predictions and shows his current trades.

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  5. Yes ADA ought to do well in to the future with the way they are professionally approaching this journey to get all those projects completed by 2020 will be amazing. I'm just hoping for Shelley and staking will help tremendously! Keep up the good work and get as much ADA or your fave coin as you can while they're still cheap compared to what will happen when all the Inst Investors start piling in, oh boy! 🙂

  6. For anyone still not being aware that BTC is FAKE Bitcoin, and same goes for BCH, this is what you need to think about:

    – take the original Bitcoin protocol, you know, the one that was outlined in the Bitcoin white paper (its working principles) and its code
    – take the people behind today's BTC, BCH and BSV… and go back to see what they DID in respect to original Bitcoin protocol… ask yourself, did they keep it, did they protect it, did they change it?

    Once you look into that, you should start to see things more clearly
    So, here is what actually happened:

    Blockstream hijacked the code, they started propaganda and censorship, they changed the protocol with SegWit, RBF, prevention of scaling, removing OP codes, which literally changed almost all of the working principles of BTC which no longer works as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a SYSTEM wit very specific rules which are defined/outlined in the Bitcoin white paer, which Craig Wright now has Copyright on (as well as the original code). Blockstream literally cheated and used PoSM trickery (exact same thing politicians do during elections with help of MSM parrots) and have since the first chain split abused the Bitcoin name, and have been using the name alone to exploit greed in people, as well as tons of YouTube parrots, so manipulate perception in people as to what Bitcoin is and what is not. Their SegWit is NOT Bitcoin. Blockstream also call Lightning as scaling of Bitcoin, which is completely FALSE also.

    Then the second chain split happened because Roger, Jihan and few others wanted to change the code again and deviate AWAY from Bitcoin protocol exact same way Blockstream did. They CHEATED the hashing war, colluded with few exchanges, which was planed well in advance, and Craig KNEW they are going to do all this, and played them like little kids. The document which was modified and presented recently as evidence that Craig lied, because in it there is this BTC address which belongs to Roger, but Craig has the original document which showed that one shown to the public was FAKE, and guess who put the fake out? Greg Maxwell, with one of his many fake accounts where he has been pretending to someone else, and has been stiring shit up in both r/bitcoin and r/btc to create lies and propaganda against Craig Wright… the truth is now known (for those of us who care about truth and who have been paying attention to these things, which I can see you haven't) and we know all these lies that were created by both BTC and BCH cult members and though leaders who have been manipulating people's perceptions through PoSM "consensus.

    BCH is NOT Bitcoin either as those guys CHANGED the protocol also, CTOR, DSV, centralised checkpoints, Avalanche and other shit they plan or have added already are NOT part of the Bitcoin rules, instead THEY BREAK THEM same as SegWit, RBF did in BTC.

    BTC is literally most useless crypto there is as it has least amount of on-chain capacity and it is not going anywhere. BTC is nothing but a Ponzi scheme now… and all Ponzi schemes eventually come down once there are no more greater fools wiling to participate in it… just give it bit more time… lot more things coming.

    Bitcoin is BSV, for anyone that read the Bitcoin white paper and actually UNDERSTOOD what Bitcoins is about, which 99% of people didn't, even the many so called "experts" have no freekin' clue about Bitcoin. All the evidence that Craig is Satoshi is already out there for everyone to verify on their own, just look at the WORK being done.

    Blockstream's WORK was to sabotage and change the protocol… and that can be verified by anyone, all you have to do is try using BTC and you will see it no longer works as Bitcoin

    Jihan, Roger, Amaury etc WORKED to change the protocol also, some of the are Anarchist type idiots who think kicking the gorilla in the nuts will make the gorilla go down… it doesn't work that way… the gorilla they want to take down will come down on them HARD, this is also coming, just give it time.

    Craig's WORK has all been in PRESERVING the original Bitcoin protocol and SCALING it… he's been mining it, and all of this is verifiable by anyone also, people just need to get their heads out of their asses.

    So if you are looking for some evidence as to who Satoshi is… dude… not only did Craig WORK for the Bitcoin protocol and everyone else against it, he is the one that understands its the best. Those other idiots never intended to scale Bitcoin, never intended to preserve it, which shows in what they did and their work (or lack of it). Charlie Lee for example… what is his legacy? What is his WORK record? Copy/paste the code with few little tweaks and ta-da… use PoSM principle to hype up the people also same how everyone else is doing, make them buy his useless LTC coins… and while telling everyone to HODL, he does the OPPOSITE… yet many idiots still love that guy… that shows you how STUPID those people are.

    So you don't need any more evidence to see who Satoshi is and what real Bitcoin is, you just need will and some good working logic and common sense. Throw out all that PoSM scrap and what parrots repeat, and think on your own, like I did, and it gets vert obvious very quick who did what and why. Proof is in the WORK, not PoSM or some signature or Copyright grant and that proof has been out there for a while now… people just haven't been paying attention to those things, because their stupidity and greed was being exploited by traders which YouTube is full of… so much for "experts", they are all IDIOTS and CROOKS.

    Bitcoin is BSV and we are just getting started… buckle up

    PS: looking ar price, trading, traders… is a DISTRACTION which will NOT help you figure out any of these things I mentioned above, they will only lead you on the WRONG path… so its up you now what you want to do… have fun

  7. Dude you are badass CARDANO,
    Is the future… I love your brain ?
    You are really smart compared to many out there…. thanks Crypto Crow you the man… ?

  8. People taking profits. Bots following suit. Normal correction. I think. Its true, nobody can really claim to know.

  9. Your so right on Crow', been studying TA for a year … most of the time I do better not listining to the bull shit! LOVE YOUR HONESTY! Can't wate to bump in to you one day!!!

  10. I'm 22 year old who pours all of his money into crypto doing day and swing trading after my work. And while doing this for past 5 months I could call my self a noob. I've watched so many videos lol and you're the only one who make a lot of sense. You're not selling me a strategy you're just giving me your opinion. I trade on binance. Anyway just appriciate that you arent throwing bullshit up there new sub.

  11. You are exactly correct TA does not predict any move with certainty. The entire point of real TA is understanding the probability of potential moves. Good TA only give an edge over the basic retail trader who just buys and sells at a whim. Understanding when your in a no trade zone is more powerful then not knowing.

  12. It goes up then down, repeat. Meanwhile my life is progressing. You look well Jason. Keep it up. ☝ and thanks?

  13. Kraken offering perfered stock, means they are having trouble raising private capital. Which tells me they are hemerging capital which tells me they could be next to shutter.

  14. I love this video because you told the truth about all these so called cryto gurus. Most are completely FOS! If you were a psychic I'd think you were channeling me lol….

  15. Come Over and let me teach you how, I've been 100% right on Twitter @CryptoChartsJoe I'm calling $BTC moves minutes BEFORE it happens!! It's ALL documented, & timed stamped

  16. Yes content is important, but crow 1 video a week is what's hurting you. People have short attention spans these days so ya need to kick out more vids. At least 3x / week

  17. cant believe i only bought 10 eth at $100 because i thought it was going lower.. done fckdup again just like in 2017

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