28 thoughts on “Bitcoin Crashing Again – How Low Will It Go?”

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  2. I sold everything else for ADA. I've got a lot. I figured that BTC might go up 100x but ADA should go up more long term. Feel a bit odd that I own no BTC since I believe in it's future success. But I'm gambling on ADA.

  3. I'm on Coinbase and Binance, is there a better exchange? Not sure about Binance since its Chinese. Want the best exchange with lowest fees. Coinbase is cool…just wonderin what's better! Thanks everyone!

  4. This isn't a crash. It's reaction to rumors of Fed Reserve dropping interest rate. Money moving back to Dow. Look at total crypto market cap.

  5. With 55% drop I buy one extra Bitcoin. For me the bull is proven. But… I guess it would be very generous from the market. Maybe too.

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