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hello hello welcome to a late-night session of the daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news I haven't had these in a while so I thought it was important I thought it was important to have this because a lot of people's freaking out BDC got a flash crash so I'm here to talk about it give you sighs so support and have a few beers with you guys and hopefully hopefully we recover so actually the market is recovering really fast it got down to 60 100 now it's about 6300 and looks like it's gonna come right back up but nevertheless we're gonna have we're gonna have a good time tonight we're gonna have a good time tonight so thanks for tuning in guys of course the topic is why did BTC crash it crashed 400 points 400 dollars and and why did it happen so we'll talk about that give it a few minutes for people to tune in welcome everyone welcome some of you guys that can't make it in the morning hopefully you can make it tonight and since we're at at night and we're at home we get to crap you know crack open a few I was actually going to put out another video for my car channel for those of you guys that are interested in cars so I'll do that after this live session alright so are we ready we're ready to get started today today my morning one about Ned Bloom credits even though there's not much to talk about seems like there's not a lot of interest I thought there was a lot more people that would like Ned Leo and tune in but the views are kind of low so interesting but I did make a few mistakes want to clarify that the couple are not married I thought they were and when I showed the test net it was the black bloc explore was a test net one not the main one but still I checked the main one most transactions are proof of stake anyways all right so that's enough about that I know most of you guys here you want to know what is going on right this is a perfect opportunity you know we we know the bottom right you guys know this those of you guys have been watching me for a while we know bottom is that 6000 okay and we weren't anywhere close to it so even with this flash crash that we saw we got down to 6100 and what now we're up above 6300 okay so we're up to three 200 points already so I don't know why people are panicking 6000 is bottom all these nonsense ta people keep trying to scare people saying oh you know the charts show we're going to 5000 3000 this makes people scared you're thinking oh maybe this is the time where it'll go down no we're not we're we're actually recovering just as quick as we went down so so right now I have 6,000 ct100 definitely definitely a buying opportunity and even now see 300 is less than 6500 6600 that we have seen recently but you know this is what we've been saying so let me bring up another chart that I've been showing for a while and that's this one now what this flash crash it did break the bottom because I had this drawn out before was more like this right so you had this channel and and we definitely broke through it with this giant drop right we're still seeing pod so now it's 60 180 now we dropped it on 100 points but and why is this happening right we were in a normal normal normal market that was moving towards breaking this wedge right and why this happen well this is dude as a stock market alright a lot of people always theorize well just stock market does bad then crypto should do well right and I said well it depends it depends because the stock market does really bad like we're talking about thousands of points crashing then a lot of people are gonna be fearful they're just as fearful just like the crippled Mario they go pull their money out and that's when they go you know I'm when that's one everything's they'll crash but it was small Corrections here and there I think it will help the market but obviously Asia disagree because in the US the US now crashed 800 points today 800 points ounds like a lot but honestly it's only 3% this is what we see with Bitcoin pretty much daily okay even Bitcoin now it's by 5% so it's more than this so this is really nothing right now so and today this morning BTC in the crypto market only felt 2 billion everything was holding well so why did this happen well it's because Asia is panicking so the Nicky market in Japan they're down over three three percent and this doesn't show Korea but Korea is probably down as well and you know what Korea and Japan they are the two largest countries that trade Kryptos and they're probably panicking they're like I'm losing a lot of money in the market so I better pull out a Kryptos so that's that's not that's not a good good thing to do but this is the reason why there's there's no other bad news it's just because people you know large investors in the in the stock market is getting fearful right so the this thing this fear that we're used to in the crypto market that's that's translating everywhere now all right I shouldn't say translate every word it has existed forever but where we're seeing that now okay so why did the stock market why did a stock market crash 830 points we haven't really heard about that okay Nasdaq puts the worst day since June at John 16 so two years over two years so why did it go down according to this article because I honestly I've been following nothing but kryptos I have not been watching I have not been watching financial news and stuff like that so according to this rising rates is hurting okay so rates are going up obviously wanna when the market is starting to do well rates are go still coming up fang stocks which is basically all the tech stocks all the major tech stocks you see here Amazon Netflix Google Facebook and NVIDIA all these guys there they have taught all taking massive losses today October volatility okay the first a season in the fourth quarter that I was dying okay I seasonally October has been bad period from for markets I did not know that I did not know that so November December I guess they're too good months I didn't know October has been traditionally bad for markets never noticed that before all right and that's pretty much in and there's all these technical breakdowns and all that stuff but none of that is really the reasons it's it's based on these bad fundamentals right and honestly it carried over a lot of people's been talking about the the stock market's been too high right that the fang stocks especially tech stocks have been just going crazy we saw Apple reach a trillion dollars and then like right away Amazon reached a trillion dollars and you got all these companies just going up and up and up and up mostly in tech and now of course there's trade Wars going on so a lot of these industries starting to hurt but not tech industry and it's been really carrying everything that dialed S&P match that everything has been carried up a lot of people say well we need a correction so maybe this is the start of the correction and if this is you know this is gonna last a while it'll be interesting to see if this money truly flows back in the Bitcoin because because a lot of people always terrorize that hey you know in the market stock market goes bad a lot of people want to hedge or diversify and they could put money into cryptos well we know cryptos is pretty volatile too so we'll have to see like whatever however bad is 830 points seems this is like a slow a very very very slow day for Bitcoin this has imagined the you know the 20 or 30 percent that we have seen on some of these points just over a few days imagine some of these guys moving cryptos and experiencing a 20% drop in like two days imagine how they feel right so that's the good thing for us we've been in it for the last 9 10 months or over a year we're kind of used to this so this is really tame but this is the reason why things are going down this is a reason why things going down and it's not to undo anything else this is a great great great buy opportunity okay we have so much stuff coming you guys those of you guys are regulars you know you know I talk about it all the time right we got we got back still coming we got CBOE TS coming are other ETS as well we've got the winter months right we got a whole bunch of stuff just another you know Yale the other day said they were investing in crypto funds today Harvard MIT all these reports came out they're all invest in crypto funds we got a whole bunch of merchants we got everyone getting involved it is really the calm before the storm and the storm is it'll be a perfect tsunami it's gonna be a perfect tsunami and things are looking good so all this is nonsense this is all short-term volatility gotta ignore it you're actually gonna be smart about it you got to be smart about it Graham don't think this is a dark day my friend this should be you should be used to this by now obviously if you guys started tuning in smash up the like subscribe to channel okay always appreciate it and make sure that you don't miss out on anything like this right now usually I haven't got a late-night session in a long time so so this is one of the reasons why you want to subscribe and hit that notification button car Donna will be kicking ass very soon hopefully it's a project everyone wants to succeed everyone watch car down to seat I don't hear anyone talk bad stuff about card ah no I mean all this fog surrounding all these other projects like really really bad flood you know again cos rip wall trying but you don't hear about a car dot oh so they execute flawlessly they're gonna be in a really really really they're gonna be a really good shape where's the bottle I decided to drink some beer tonight rather than then the hardcore stuff Taylor I appreciate that appreciate that why 6,100 stream but by NASA's 6300 while this might be a little bit low I mean this might be a delayed this is based off coinbase so maybe on other exchanges is higher it was that sixty three hundred and then this came down so don't know let's see where Gemini is no Gemini seems to be done now Gemini is more more or less the same 6145 look it down 12% Z cash down 10% almost under 200 again man this is it this is a buying opportunity there's a lot of steals going on right now so what's going on 205 billion so this is still far off from our 188 billion that we saw as a low right so we're still way above that obviously not as good as the 220 that we recently seen just just this morning right we were at 217 this morning so we had 12 billion crash market you know the market is so low right now so I just don't see you know I don't see us going much further than that I think this flash crash will get over we're gonna have a huge recovery afterwards back to where we were this morning this will pass over you guys I actually should think this is a great buying opportunity you should really think that way I know a lot of you guys are sick of hearing that don't have money or too fearful of doing sold then you can sit on the sidelines but just as fast as some of these all points fall they recover just as fast but you got to make sure you invest in the right ones follow the right strategies make sure you don't go all in sprout your buys right and follow to 50/25/25 rule and you'll do okay you'll do okay all right so AGame thanks for that thank you a lot for that I was wondering what's your take on the IMF bashing report for Forbes actually kind of trimmed me up I sorry I haven't uh I haven't heard anything or read that I definitely should so I will do that Michael come on you get you guys are tuning in too late the market crashed because Japan and South Korea and basic Asia is panicking do the stock market crashing that thou Jones and as that the US markets crashed decently okay three percent we're not talking about like a five or ten percent crash like what we're seeing now in the Crypt Alliance so a crash and now Japan and South Korea they're also panicking and they're pulling money on them Corp DOS right there they're just as fearful now as a lot of people in the crypto space so we're seeing the effects of that unfortunately unfortunately it's not it's not what people anticipated people anticipating stock re being weak that it's go carry over and Kryptos that's not happening right now ta says is going lower okay okay then you follow the TA you don't have to follow me I don't buy ta okay I buy ta for short term okay if you want short term Direction guidance that's great special utilizing our side it's indicator but if you're using your using TA and trying to make a bottom guess like oh it's go go down to three thousand or two thousand one thousand I don't buy that one bit I don't buy that one bit I'm dumb baby TC ah no no and the maintenance is not that bad I am gonna release another video right after this one about K&N filters which a lot of people already know a lot of people don't so I will be releasing that video if you guys are interested in that video definitely subscribe to my other channel alright what else is there the charges alarming I am chart trader I feel sorry for you no I shouldn't say that right obviously there's a lot of people that we utilize charts patterns I mean there's a lot of stuff that you can utilize you know what I use it for short term guidance but I don't I don't believe the people that are making bottom calls and stuff like that especially on a long-term specially when fundamentals keep getting better and better where things will go okay is based on fundamentals in my opinion at least I focus on a long term I don't focus day to day to day to day which I guess if you're day trader done it makes sense so those kind of questions is it go crash to 4000 no I don't think so I don't even think it's go crash below 6000 because I think that's the bottom and we have seen that time and time again we're holding a 60 100 even we go down 660 160,000 right I mean let's just zoom out for a second here so this green okay then I plotted here just green line and I came and draw this all the way over here right so we have hit a 1 over here to them account we didn't hit it and all how many times we did it here here this is the bottom I mean you could clearly see that we're not going to 4,000 3,000 none of that is happening we know 6000 is bottom so I don't know why people are panicking over that number it's it's brightest day Sparta state Peter I do too but there is something with the Ferrari that doesn't like Hannah and I'll explain that in my video yeah and I you know Lexi that chart trader can't call bottoms or tops all guess the same thing I'm not saying that I could call bottom to top but it's pretty obvious right pretty obvious when you look at all 2018 you look at the bottom we establish a bottom right and we truck it's it's just a it's just a pattern this is the pattern and I'm not calling any tops either no one can really tell you what's bottom or top but you can make educated guesses but ultimately if you focus on a long-term not short-term long-term we know Bitcoin will go much higher we know all coins will go much higher so right now it's a time to accumulate and right now is the time to buy and and cost average the good ones not not the coins okay the good good projects and good coins Jake see that is the right mentality I'm loving the price drop just what I wanted this is the right mentality if you guys could get into the mentality where you actually enjoy seeing a drop because you can buy in that is the right mentality if you don't enjoy drops that usually means you're out of money or you you've invested too much you never want to invest in more than what you can afford to lose that is rule number one in any kind of us thing so you gotta get in that mentality all right Mike thank you m3 a lot of people haven't a lot of people haven't do you still endorse Lobby I don't endorse um I do like them I still think they they have something no one else has it's pretty obvious so so it's good it's good to have advantages need to know how to use it Pedro yup yup yep Calvi that is exactly what's going on that's exactly what's going on the crasher we're seeing now is Asia thumping because Asia is crashing – according to stock market again putting things in perspective the stock market going down 800 points today that's that's nothing okay so the Dow went down 831 points everyone is freaking out oh the biggest drop in two years and bla bla well look at it it's only found 3% guys this is this is laughable we experienced 3% within minutes in crypto world okay so this is laughable SMP thousand three point two percent asset down a little bit more four percent and according to this the world markets I don't know this refreshes let's refresh you know Nicky is down 3.5% Hong Kong is down three percent you got shanghaied down 2.5 1% so you've got a lot of places in Asia right now that are experiencing that they're fearful too and unfortunately a lot of those guys aren't losing money in the stock market they're pulling out at cryptos right now that could be orchestrated with wales as well because this was a huge dump we'r time off of sixty five hundred thousand two sixty three hundred sixty two hundred sixty one hundred and now we're kind of recovering from there right so this could be coordinated but this is the reason unfortunately a lot of people that thought when the stock market would go down Kryptos would go up i think that's kind of answered it if it doesn't really it doesn't really so we actually want the stock omar to go up we're a lot more money then flows into cryptos at least that's at least what's looking like right now who knows if this is a prolonged correction for the stock market which a lot of experts think we're due for because we've been hovering around this twenty six thousand for a long long long time if we do go down to say twenty thousand okay or eighteen thousand like a bigger correction then maybe things are different you know then maybe people do really want to hedge against their their their stocks you know they want something different they want diversify maybe then it will help the the markets but that's the reason why things are going down there's no there's no other bad news man eight hundred and twenty people watching thanks for tuning in guys thanks for tuning it this is a great turnout obviously hit the likes if you're new to the channel hopefully you're enjoying my content make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out I have a daily session every weekday at 10:30 a.m. Central Standard Time so make sure you tune in for that what crash what crash is right what crash is right all right any alts you recommend there's a lot there's a lot and you know what since we got some time why not right so let's refresh CMC we're about 206 million 206 billion so we're still 11 billion off from this morning right look at this dip so the top 100 there's a lot of coins I'd like that I think there's a lot of huge potential Uther and fans won't like this but I'm not a fan of thorium I do think the weakness will continue I do think probably by the end of this year if not even by early this year or next year Uther name ripple will flip and he ripple will stay up and number two I do think that's go happened Bitcoin I do think you need to have 50% of your your portfolio in Bitcoin for stability and when things go up I'll still go up very well so I think that's that's number one Ripple I love at rapid a lot of fun against ripple if you don't understand ripple rather than a spread flood reader box rapid read about what they're trying to do and then you understand and you'll like them there's all this fog around ripple is just simply people don't understand what they're trying to do yo it's the same thing I know there's a lot of problems with governance right now people are trying to fix it and so forth but they got a large large Bank they got all the time in the world and you got a lot of good projects for example ever pedia which is looking like it could be a serious Wikipedia contender it's created by a co-founder of Wikipedia and they're on EOS right there's a lot of gaps going our yields I know governorís is a problem but they will solve it and they will solve it stellar their ties the IBM is huge basically any any project iBM is involved with stellar is involved especially when the companies deal with payments like coin not a fan of although I gain more respect with Charlie after watching his debate with Roger beer which is a horrible horrible the way he debates is just horrible like he's just so one day you just want to tell shut up or punch in the mouth but so Charlie handle that debate really well but I'm not a fan like one because I don't see any competitive advantage of like when compared to say bet Bitcoin Bitcoin could do everything like I'm gonna do better so I'm not a fan of like point card ah no love everyone loves card ah no wishes it to do well but still waiting for it to to be done to be completed basically right Manero is really good privacy coin there's scarcity really helps them in this case Tron I do like Tron I like them better than Neil I think Justin's doing a brilliant job in marketing in this down market so that is really good for them and a lot of people don't like Tron I know that but I think they're they're they're doing well they're doing well I owed I like – I like especially they're making inroads with men in Venezuela finance coin great utility coin almost everyone everyone should have some financed coins to save my training fees at least neo I'm neutral on I like ontology much better I like Tron better the chained to severely severely undervalued Z cash I like Omi's go I like ontology I like 0x I like a lot I do thing to go be added to coin base and coinbase keeps using their other products that use of zero box protocol so this is a really promising project you got by coin that's been delisted from from finance and rightfully so and then silica looks good did you buy neutral I people like did you buy I like nano butter – did you buy – me honest so I like nano icon ok neutral Pondy a lot of people like pun D but I think they're gonna be in a world of hurt when square implements crypto payments on all their terminals and dongles that's exactly what pony's trying to do when Square is already in tens of thousands of merchants when they flip a switch and they enable that that's goal really really hurt pundit in my opinion electron meet en a lot of backers I just don't get it I don't see them having a bright future but that's just me basic attention point I love hollow looks interesting but it really comes down to adoption Stratus same thing they could be acquisition target from Microsoft so if that's interesting you got populist comodo Walton Walton's butter I like them because they're in the supply chain space but populist Komodo neutral arter neutral they had ten months to come out with a DAP and they haven't had one chain link is good when chain is good I don't even know what eternal token is used for mithril it's okay Guin shares obviously good using ku kind and neutral cybermiles I do like their maintenance coming out there have a really popular app five miles in the US so that really helps them and it'll implement CMT in that pretty soon loop ring is descent point B is decent obviously if you're using a high B nebulous looks pretty good then to coin no no to Denton point okay look to that decline uh what else is there Monica line no arc knows I'm cash is decent loom network I like Power ledger I really like crypto calm which used to be Monaco I like last dose very promising they need to get on a better exchange pronto big and I'm finance it's gonna help them tremendously this should be worth at least even in this down market at least twice of you know twice of where they're at right now in my opinion they're very undervalued data looks interesting let's go to page two you know Qyburn is okay you know their relationship with my ether wallet a lot of people seem to like Genesis vision I don't like it dragon chain okay a burpee dia I think they're gonna have a huge potential nulls obviously I'm big backer nulls you know nulls deep right here I think they're gonna have a very bright future what else substrate um I like by box and the exchange is kind of weird but you know if you use them that's great ravine and somehow back up this used to be a high-flyer just makes no sense actually for it to be this high I guess everything else has dropped so low tell point I gave up on them because they did their communication now sucks I usually like to open a lot and your coin is very good helps with games and they have a great universal wallet that's so so gift oh I like storm I like I know I'm more neutral and idle now Raven and I have to talk about Raven the key same thing Modell's loyalty this MDA has been pumped on by Nance like crazy makes no such HTP HPB a lot of people don't castrate them under my name or fusion I'd really like to think they're really undervalued I just didn't host beyond wo this morning neutral and cache kind of neutral ethos neutral ethos used to be high-flying blues L descent streamer is descender a good competitor Toyota pull it descent Quan Stamp pretty decent I haven't heard much about them auditing anything recently block that it's pretty decent alright let's leave at that let's leave I that it's that two pages worth for you guys Jesus almost nine hundred people watching thank you for tuning in guys thank you for tuning smash up the likes have a beer with me or have a drink or whatever you guys are drinking that is very true you know ripple and ex rapid you're competing with Swift but a lot of people don't realize Swift you know they're in a bad spot but they're obviously a leader there's no reason why Swift can't adopt ex rapid an ex current that'll be tremendous as that happens so now my Noel's deep of course do you see you see the shirt you a shirt come on bitcoin is like gold yeah you know there's a lot of Bates going on Jimi song is getting some heat because he tweeted out something about hey you know you want to use Bitcoin just buy everything with big with a credit card and then pay off the credit credit card with Bitcoin and he's taking a lot a lot of heat for that okay honestly this whole thing about usage of Bitcoin and stuff it's great and all but ultimately guys it's gonna become a store value it's digital gold it is gonna be worth a million dollars in the next five to ten years there's really no reason why you want to spend it there are much better currencies you can use for that purpose okay you could even say Bitcoin cash is one of them or Nano or even did you buy it or even a light coin you want to throw that in there those are not gonna be store values they can be transactional coins where you could use day-to-day right so right now you got you got cumulates much Bitcoin as possible you know this this whole thing about yeah I could have bought Bitcoin when I was $100 or yeah I could have bought a $20 well when Bitcoin is at 50 thousand or a hundred dollars then you go here a life you'll say yeah I could've bought a six thousand many times in 2018 I didn't I regret it don't be one of those people cheers for Morocco thanks for tuning in thanks for tuning in wife drugged me to the drug or dragged you to the bedroom oh man man what would you rather have a comforting wife and bed waiting for you or watching my stream well that's easy you picked the ladder right you guys here to have a housing market is crashing well that's also a thing besides a lot of financial people saying that stock markets will crash that the the housing markets didn't hear another crash I don't know I don't know I mean a lot of places in the u.s. at least hasn't fully recovered to their pre 2007 prices so so I don't know but there are some places that are still extremely high Colorado thanks for tuning and I really want to go skiing Colorado when these days are you getting black hops for art no the only games I play our our sports games like I'm be a 2k nineteen or matte a ninety matter nineteen is amazing game I haven't played Madden for like ten years it's amazing Jase is another four hundred trap from here and then we will test the four to five thousand level okay your opinion my opinion in this note XRP a better buy than BDC well it really depends really depends whenever you're faced with this question of should I get a or B they're both really good to spread it out right and I truly believe everyone should have a large amount of portfolio in BTC maybe at least 50% so if you don't have that you should reach that first before thinking about the other 50% so I don't think so super jobs I'm pretty good in 2k 2k 19 Byron I will talk about whatever I want in my channel okay so stop stopping at when cryptos takes off and we're in better place where would he move to well I would probably buy multiple houses in a lot of places one in Colorado for winter one in Florida one in in California of course one in Chicago I'll spread out I really I really want to get a ban in the airport so I could do what top gear does or what the Grand Tour does or people thoughts on next an ardor the bold I hate both of them they both pumped up extremely well in 2017 Artur was supposed to be a best-of next with additional features like side chains and so forth but the next network never got decommissioned an ardor has done nothing they wasted 10 months they released their main I'd like January and for 10 months they've done nothing so I'm gonna up on an order as well what cryptology is prefer of course Jesus coin that's easy Johnny yes I will recap for those of you guys are tuned in late obviously first of all hit the like and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on any future sessions like this but the reason why I crash is because people are fearful because stock market is crashing okay the us-led to crash the Dow Jones crashed about 830 points and now across the world so you got China you got Japan's you look at Japan Japan is they closed – almost four percent so even worse than the Dow Jones right now you got Hong Kong you got Shanghai they're kind of fearful right and your office go open pretty soon in four hours and you know they're probably boat crash so now we kind of know that when the stock market is not doing well cryptos not gonna do well at least today okay at least today I shouldn't say that long-term and there's a prolonged corruption or stock market than the maybe a lot of those people put money in the kryptos but but that's the reason that's the reason why we went down 400 points like a flash pass of 400 points and we are down 5.8 percent but this is really going up and down right now like we went out with 6036 360 260 150 obviously it broke on in this channel because it's unnatural you know we were doing pretty well now man I don't know we were just right there we're just right there we're gonna break this this this triangle this descending wedge that we've been seeing basically forever we were right there so hopefully this comes back so we can test it again otherwise we have to start down here again then it prolongs it and prolongs it until the end of October but eventually eventually we're gonna break out of this and then then the Bears have no more excuse in terms of old ta shows that we're gonna go down to 3,000 blah blah there's gonna be none of that because then we finally broke out that's the first time in 219 it'll be good and then combine with the rest of the fundamentals that's coming later this year it's gonna be glorious let's go be glorious and you guys go reap the rewards your patience will be paid off and it'll be good and be good Marlin nulls price prediction 10 years I can't guess 10 years from now 10 years 10 years Noel's could be like $200 bitcoin could be over a million dollars in ten years so that's gonna be really hard call right now that's gonna be really hard do you ever CEOs going to heights of paths in three years in terms of market cap yeah it could definitely beat her they'll get there sooner than three years I think but it really bends a lot of people get confused about you know how high things would go and you got to look you got a look at circuit and supply right so f is at a hundred and two million and yose is at 906 so it's roughly nine times more right so for it to reach 200 the would mean that it would be at almost 200 billion which definitely is possible and let's say ten years or five years but when you're saying the next three years that's probably a little by our reach people always get confused by that people always ask me Oh can rip we'll get up to $20.00 no because $20.00 will put this out like you know tens or hundreds of trillions it's gold it's gonna be it's not gonna be likely so you always gotta look at don't just focus on the price look at the look at the price time circulating supply because every coin has a different circulating supply so and that's that's how you look at it I hit a thousand a thousand two people watching this is amazing I never had a session with the thousand people watching so I'm gonna take a screen shot now and tweet this and you guys aren't following on Twitter you should okay and if you're not you're a car guy should follow my other car channel which I've pinned to the comments already so that's good this is a critic pretty crazy pretty crazy a lot of you guys must have tuned in late thanks for tuning in smash of the life subscribe to the channel if you are homeless you wouldn't be on this live session now would you now in terms of dive Doge Doge just like those shouldn't even be up here even Jackson Palmer is like sick of the Doge however they generate a lot of hype for themselves a huge huge community there's memes everywhere so it's looking like Doge you will stay here for a long long time and ER there doji tharam thing that they did recently that definitely helped boost their price so Doge is actually pretty safe bet and safe bet I mean obviously I'll go to up and down but it's hovering up there in the top top 20 and that's pretty impressive for a coin yeah top 20 pretty impressive for a coin that really has no use at this point and the founder even despises it I don't know why Jackson Palmer doesn't go back and and be part of a team it's not too late I think he works at Adobe he does all these videos now why not join dogecoin you invented it you're the founder why why would you not support what you found it I don't I don't get that he's gonna miss part time Jason you already bought 287 the other dish well make cash to buy some more make a buy some more I'm not really a fan of comodo I'm not a fan of comodo I know there's a privacy space but I just remember researching them and I don't know why my life session is so broy hopefully it's not blurred for you guys but the team has tried like five or six different coins and have failed in all of them so their history is just not there and when I appreciate that appreciate that hopefully you'll start tuning in why do you guys want me to get drunk I can't get drunk well I could but I don't want to we got scammed I don't know when you're referring to but well BBC is still holding at 61 68 I don't think it's gonna go below 60 100 guys I think it's gonna recover but we'll see when when South Korea you know obviously the two countries that trade crypto is the most is Japan and South Korea Japan already closed so South Korea still ongoing China's ongoing so we'll see what they do well I do think that we're gonna see a rise up I do think that tomorrow we're gonna see a big rise up we're just itching you know we're itching to move into bold country and the Bears are trying hard but try as hard as possible to to keep that from happening but it's gonna happen and we have experience too once we experienced in November December and January 2017 we will experience it again this year and it could be even bigger this year repor 89 is not happening it's not happy 30 years from now American Japanese Europeans and people and many other rich countries and some relative importance will be paying for their shopping with the same currency yes that that's what that's what the best-case scenario is think about it right if you have a digital currency that basically it's universal like right now basically everything is backed by USD right it's a dominant currency almost every country backs you know a ratio court to the USD imagine that everything is backed against Bitcoin or some kind of crypto that's gonna be huge you don't have to worry about you know all these exchange rates and stuff like that you just use crypto to pay for everything that's that's like the best-case scenario best-case scenario Alex Jones equaling that he's in a world of hurt okay all all social media everything has banned them I don't know how he gets the message out I don't know how he monetizes or makes any money he's in a world of hurt he's doing world of hurt stellar is awesome Stellar's awesome there will be in a supply chain space their partnership with IBM is so so so severely undervalued and overlooked it is extremely extremely good George what happens if we cash out on profits and USD tanks well I don't know I don't know but that's less likely than say cashing out to tether and tether going belly-up that's a lot more likely scenario and you don't want that to happen Sonning I appreciate that appreciate that any comments in ETF I really think I really think that the CBO you want us go get approved I do think all of a sudden there's eight other ones pending I don't know where they're from but if one gets approved that's all we need and we need some good ones if coinbase has one I think that would be good because they're backed by Blackrock which is the biggest IDI ETF provider in the world with like eight or nine trillion in assets that's just insane imagine nine trillion dollars in Kryptos that that's insane and that will happen one day I think who said recently that Kryptos would hit 80 trillion Tim Draper some Draper said that the overall market will hit 80 trillion by 2022 I don't know why 2022 but that's less than five years now come really fast my face is red because I I get Asian that Asian flush whenever I drink I get red can you ever see an ontology on coinbase it can happen but I don't see any time soon stellar 0ax basic attention coin even Z cash car Donald the ones that they're testing are much more likely to get on first I think ripple will get on pretty soon that is going to be very likely and those are all good points there was all good coins they're not coins do you think at some point China will open up crypto citizens yeah they're not doing a hard ban all right if they're doing it they're truly doing a hard ban then we chain neo ontology all these Chinese companies will be shut down all right this is all fake they're there they're doing things behind the scenes they want control they're trying to set themselves up to control the market think about it all the Bitcoin mining is all the miners the pools they're all China they're doing stuff behind the scenes trust me they're they're no fools there they're playing the long game I nowhere near drunk okay all right guys I think that's it it's a good session I never had over a thousand people in one of my live sessions so thank you for for you guys for the support joining I hopefully learned something this is a great buying opportunity all right great buying opportunity and it honestly it doesn't matter if Bitcoin it's at 6,000 7,000 10,000 this is all go look foolish because when Bitcoin is 50 thousand a hundred thousand a million dollars in the three five ten years that's coming all this will be will be like laughable like why didn't I buy Bitcoin six dollars why did I buy ten thousand that is coming it always comes this has happened time and time again to everyone so don't miss out so if you're saying on the sidelines and you think yeah we're gonna go down further or this is not the right time to buy you're gonna be missing out you'll be missing out Madison all 19 is an awesome game you had a strong title game on your live stream well hopefully this is a strong title all right guys that's it this is good stream of course tune in tomorrow 10:30 a.m. every weekday 10:30 a.m. Central Standard Time I know sometimes it's hard to me we joined that but trying to join if you can and if you like cars check out my other car channel and I will be making I'll be posting another video pretty soon so check that out overall guys the market crashed again for those of you guys tuning in the market crash because stock markets weak the US markets went down Japan went down and now China and South Korea they're going down people are freaking out but don't worry this temporary these temporary I anticipate that we will see a major comeback pretty soon as soon as tomorrow and once we cross that green line then you guys see this wedge and then we're gonna head into Bowl country and things will just be flying alright alright guys thanks for tuning in hit the like subscribe to the channel and a notification button and I'll see you guys tomorrow ok take care bye bye

20 thoughts on “Bitcoin CRASHED $400 – WHY???? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Smith Van. I didn't hesitate to contact him, I traded with him and went from having 4Btc to 12Btc. Thanks to everybody who posted about Smith Van, you are all part of my Success Story. You'll need an edge to overcome the laws of probability and the uncertainty of the marketplace. That edge comes from information flow, the ability to correct your habits in terms of the market's characteristics and being able to learn from people who know more than you, expand your information network and take recommendations. It’s no news that Smith Van has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. You can contact him via email at {[email protected]} seek him guidance.

  3. I posted on your stream 3 days ago that we was gonna break down hard and we did , and I'm telling you again it's gonna break to new yearly lows on Sunday this Sunday we going down near 5k …

  4. Also here is This our Instant exchange, if you want to buy bitcoin instantly only click on this link below

  5. $400 dollar crash…that is not a crash, that is a swing! Buy as it goes low, it is just a good buying opportunity that is all. Crypto is the future and all you people dumping…I am buying your coins and yes, I am that guy who just drove past you in the Ferrari.

  6. THE TRUTH! CVE-2018-17144 vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core is very suspicious and the reason I am out of bitcoin and why everyone else should be out of it too! Its been compromised! take the crash on 11th of October 2018 for example! It would make complete sense for all the duplicated coins to be converted into Altcoins as well then simultaneously sell everything off at the same time when bad news is expected thereby covering up the sell off of the duplicated coins! BITCOIN HAS BEEN COMPROMISED and I challenge people to prove me wrong! REBUILD Bitcoin with mimblewimble integrated and lets start over because bitcoin is broken lets rebuild

  7. I'm picking up some hpb and banyan network on the dip, probably a long shot, anyone invested in either of these?

  8. buy in the red ..since aug i got in at 6230 sept 6217 n now oct 6205 buying them dips was upset i didnt catch it at 6100 but im good price avg n to the moon 2019

  9. Nice shirt. I'm nuls deep, Polymath deep, Elastos deep, Ethos deep, deeponion deep, viacoin deep, Ryo deep – I wish I were Monero deep but that's a future goal.
    Prepare for the possibility of sub $5K – I say this sincerely.
    It would be THE TIME to buy. It's the moment that you're making your future monies.
    Wise words you said, "You need to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible." I would add "…as much bitcoin and monero as possible."

  10. There is no steals !!
    There is no good buying opertunities.

    10-15% recovery in the market just gets wiped back out.

    Rinse and repeat until everyone gets bored DCAing.

    And I'm not fudding, I'm balls deep.
    Everything I own is in BTC, XMR, Hedera Hashgraph and tZero.

    I'm just tired of the gains getting wiped out every month.
    And trust me if I'm tired of it I bet a million others are to.

    I'm in the long hold, but time for a normal life and recheck things in 6 months.

    And trust me there'll be a Christmas dump, big time.

  11. Havent wrote a comment once but been following you since late dec. i invested a lot right before the big crash end of dec. invested in (7) coins. Litecoin and (6) alts , im nervous because i never pulled out. Never touched it once i put my $ in, and trust me it was not a little bit that i invested. What advice do you give? Long hold? 5-6 yr do you see it going back up to December 2017 #s?

  12. this is probably the last buying opportunity before the November/December highs – don't hesitate, jump in and make splash

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