Bitcoin Could Reach $89569 by 2022?! March 2019 Long Term Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns Cato cave wish you a very happy very special Sunday morning over here from Helsinki Finland and of course it's just another bad hair day for me but a new shirt and because it is a Sunday it's a very special days we'll be going over some very long-term price analysis for Bitcoin in the market in general of course always want to be wishing well always want to be wishing that best the best the happiest is the happiest as we say let's get it alive seem right over here wasting no more time as bitcoins just been wasting time for the last fucking week so again the range on the lower timeframes nothing's changed there if you've been watching the videos from this past week it's quite the same story through as long as we're above 37 50 don't want to be too damn bearish looking for a move probably back down to 30 450 3,500 by the same token as long as we are below 38 52 the upside um we're just kind of hovering it in a range I think best C Mon perhaps a four hour total time for him as you can see right here yeah we do have this 3850 resistance if that it gets taken out I don't necessarily get full-on bullish for that but I would be looking for a move to the 3950 area right over here in this blue box territory if that gets taken out to the upside then yes if this 3950 resistance gets taken out then actually I look for a move straight up to a prior high at around 40 150 4200 and probably beyond over time but for now pressure is on to the downside technically speaking this is a descending triangle I think better seen on on mr. Peter all actually he looked you he looks the sickest of the top market caps but overall you know at the at the other day I don't care what you call these formations I only care about how you react around these supported resistance and right now it's just been doing the same thing for the last week and that is 3750 support 3850 resistance that's all it has to be until bitcoin actually breaks out one way or the other it's all just mentioned masturbation which is great it prevents blue brains but not necessarily safe your free account until until action is confirmed so we do have we do have a nasty exponential moving average across board over here the yellow and the green on the 4-hour dildo time frame they are seeming to gain a little bit of divergence away from each other telling us that the trend is somewhat strengthening to the downside but this is really splitting here right here as you can see it is very very very very very lackluster either which way showing a lot of in conviction non conviction if you want to call it that for our Stokes j-just cross the upside so definitely be a point in the bullish court for our our sis Kim this is a very bearish RS I mean it's just basically all sorting between the bearish control zone and the neutral zone essentially looks like you know I mean if tell you though the Bears are in control I mean that's really all that we have to see over there I'm sure that you could fit some sort of formation there as well but I wouldn't really want to complicate things with that right now now our lower timeframe all swords are actually switching or switching around to the downside this is your two-hour or sorry actually they're there they're currently still up is the hourly that I switch them down yeah Aled is coming down what about three hour three I was probably sneaking around technically down right now but that can change around quite quickly we did just we don't get another one for another two hours so it's going to take a long time actually for too long it's Q fucking hours anyways medium to high time frames are actually starting to switch down and around six hours are coming down now so that would be a little bit more with precision to the greater trend of course and same thing with the RSI actually looking basically the same thing as a four hour same thing with the ADA I mean all the timeframes are essentially one in the same they are in a bearish posturing lose momentum on the Stokes right now this is your eighth hour by the way lose momentum here ten hour loose momentum here twelve hour lose momentum as well but again until I actually see a full-on break of this area I do not want I don't want to have that position though do you believe that this is gonna be resolved relatively soon and when I say relatively soon I mean within the next couple days is very likely and the weight that I kind of figured that one out is I go over here to the historical vault volatility rank which will actually go into a little bit later when we go deep and dirty and down into the long-term analysis but basically our historical volatility rank is right at the level where usually moves to do initiate from I mean this is like as pretty much as low as it gets not point not to under naught point naught three Jesus Christ man yeah each and every time that you do have a big move you actually do get around to that level first and foremost now because I actually do see this sections some what kind of floating with a slant to the upside I do think that it likely breaks on to the downside obviously I'm always gonna be bearish in a bear market but again opinion aside I don't trade my fucking opinion if this thing breaks above 30 and 50 do I want to be short fuck no because I would be looking for a move to 39 50 now I would try to try I would try a trade at 39 50 however if 3950 gets blown through absolutely I will take the loss as soon as possible immediately and actually perhaps even consider a long as at that point in time I just don't see much stopping you from the prior highs and likely beyond so again I do want to be very very very very very adamantly clear with that anyways you do see the store bolt or the ring basically getting exactly down to that level that that we initiate some nice moves from I mean this this this movement right over here this move right over here this move right over here this move we're not really there right now yeah so again and then this move right over here this move right over here before that drop and this move right over here before that pump so of course doesn't tell us direction but it does tell us to be on guard and with those kind of medium to high timeframe all sort of starting to switch down yeah I am you know uh it's I'd probably be going with that if I really had to chief he put a gun in my head and said choose a direction that's what I don't essentially think and let's go on over here now to the daily just check my phone so my phone's going crazy at all hours of the day but apologies about that anyways daily is also quite clear as well I mean we have the Red Tent moon average which has been governing price action to the upside and the yellow 21 exponential moving average which has been governing it to the downside so if you even do want to be a little bit more precise on a daily that's what I'll be using right here we are trying to below the exponential on the daily as well in the RS I'd not necessarily the most bullish polishin of all time daily Stokes coming down as well lose momentum so fair enough that could be a counterpoint to what I'm saying right at the edge of the bearish control zone so I would expect to see some defense here but again I need to see a full on daily total closing above 30 950 essentially this cyan moving average right here before I really become really let go of my I suppose short-term to slightly medium-term outlook I mean if Bitcoin takes out this area right here it's it has a free ride right up to the prior high and it I know I keep on saying this but it's important to say probably beyond I mean my personal opinion is that we'd see 4300 after that and probably a quick move at that I mean look at the volume profile right here there is very low market acceptance above this 4150 high so as soon as if it Bitcoin can actually get its way up there I mean it's it's gonna find it's gonna find some legs here's your four-hour just basically showing you the same shit yeah you can kind of see you know where where the resistances come in due to this you can see that we are right at the point of control so this is kind of a decision point for for the medium-term outlooks actually if we do break this guy to the downside by the same token yes there is support at 36 about 36 50 the 0.5 Fibonacci right here which we actually did already find support off of earlier last week on the 27th of February but my personal opinion is that this would probably just be a slight bounce maybe maybe pop back route test 3,700 but ultimately come back down and and really be aiming for the 6 1 8 all the way over here at 35 30 ish area which would essentially be at the current kind of trajectory with price action be fulfilling a retest of this rising trend line that's been governing are rising bottom since bitcoins putting the current low at 3,100 so again do I believe that the lows on Bitcoin are in no I do not so we'll be going to that in much more detail a little bit later in this video but I do want to be I do want to have that cognizant in the back of my mind because even a Bitcoin does breakout to the upside you know I would want to step aside for for some time but eventually be looking for a sell whether it you know it ends up being 4,300 or 4,800 that's a different question but by the same token if we do burrow into the downside you know the the strategy is essentially the same the next big tray that I'm essentially looking for is in that direction although I certainly would consider taking along if Bitcoin takes out 3950 there it's it's it would be a pretty easy player in my personal opinion typically speaking if that would have happened it's you're gonna you're gonna see some upside after that to day right over here what do we have on today I think two days Stokes did just turn around and we did we get another tick last night I don't believe so no we get another one but this has confirmed down and again each and every time that we actually have turned down on the two days Stokes those have been major dumps the last time that we did it was you know your January highs in 2019 at 4200 the time before that was September high at 7400 before going to 6000 time before that was you know your early August high at 8400 you know the time before that was your high in May of last year at 10,000 and so on and so forth you get it I mean we've been going over this you know every day for for the last week basically the same things being said same thing on the daily actually even more precise with my settings on the onus Stokes you know we got above that we got all the way up to 90 which each and every time that bitcoins gotten up to the to the 90 level on the daily Stokes for the past year has matched up with not just a major turnaround but a major dump back down to the lows of the range again you know same areas right over here this was your early September dump from 8400 – sorry 7400 6000 this was your early August dump from 8400 to 6,000 this was your early May dump from 10,000 6,000 this was your February of last year double top at 12,000 and then all the way down to 6,000 so all of them actually been perfect over the past year and we actually did get a similar signal on that on that last run too – about 4,200 but of course Bitcoin not really seen any continuation ads of just yet which does make me skeptical um now I could just read this as a retest of or kind of like coming up to test the exponential on the RSI and that's kind of where we're floating around in this area but but at the end of the day I do want probably price action first and foremost I want that to confirm the next the next move to me because either which way in the point of this video really is that either which way that price section moves out of this range I'm not in a hurry right now because there's plenty of edge on that trade to be made there's so many different venues to of opportunity and to be quite honest I actually don't really play breakouts all that much I play supporting resistance all the time which is just my sort of strategy works best with my trading personality some people are better with breakouts but me myself I actually don't really care all that much to catch every fucking breakout you don't need to in order to make a living I mean I can tell you that I can verify that you as someone who actually does this as a living you don't need to catch every fucking move I mean shit I mean if you even caught you know 75% of the moves you'd probably be fine it's gonna depend on your age gonna depend on your trading personality's gonna depend on what sustainable for you that's gonna be much more important than you know trying to do something that quite literally can't be done as far as as far as I know anyways okay so we talked about that we talked about that yet Daly did see the cross to the upside of the 21 exponential in green 55 or starting the green 50 actually over here and they are gaining governs away from each other so fair enough this is actually typically a pretty damn powerful cross however when you're in an overall bearish market the history for this guy has been actually getting the last-ditch effort of a rally before an eventual major downturn what do I mean by that well let's actually go back in the history I'm again we're looking at the yellow and the green so the last time that we see that we actually even had this cross was oh my god we're you know on this area right over here where Bitcoin made a quick run to 7400 and right when we got the cross actually the next day it was just a red dildo party all the way back down to the lows of the range at 6000 the time before that a little bit less precise but getting this consolidation right here crossing and then the last leg and this is what I'm talking about getting that last kind of leg of that rally then once we break back down below at the 21 exponential it is straight on it down to the low side of the range from 8400 to 6,000 the time the time before that that we should that we got this moving average cross was right over here in May of last year where Bitcoin had this last little rally to 10,000 sorry get the sleep out of my eyes apologies about that didn't mean to hit the microphone as well I know that's annoying but gets a rally over here we break back down below the 21 exponential and then straight down from 10,000 all the way to 6,000 the the the lows of the range so again we have not broken the 21 X bench to the downside just yet so that would be my next big indication of where again where's that coming in around 37 15 so doesn't he be any more comp kid than that of course people want to make trading sound like some sort of fucking's forwards backwards somersault 360 flip it's not it's typically from what I've seen the most cessful traders actually typically have relatively simple strategies they just are very consistent with actually playing them out which if you've been listening to the psychology series is really the crux of just about any successful strategy no matter how complicated it is or how sophisticated any ways so we just we we looked at that let's go look at the four-hour dildo time frame as well because this one's actually showing something a little bit more precise remember we looked at the four hour doodle golden cross what was it two weeks ago two weeks ago on the 17th you know I was thinking that this whole area right here was kind of doing the same thing as what we're doing right now basically go in sideways for about a week week and a half and once we got this cross I immediately got bullish how bullish should I get I mean you know that's that that's that's that's a debatable question in an overall bear market but in the past this four hour dildo Golden Cross some talk about the green fifty-five in the purple 200 has been a pretty damn powerful indicator of a decent move to come and again in line with what we looked at on the daily Stokes on the two day Stokes on the daily exponential moving average cross that we just looked at as well we could also even do the daily Jul but but this this Golden Cross is actually producing from bottom to top a nice 1718 percent move over the span of about seven days before having the red dildo party began you can also see that we have now broken back below the green 55 expedition we've been unable to both open and close a dildo above this green 55 so let's actually go back in time to the last few examples that we have of this for our dildo golden cross example in bitcoins history which has been pretty damn good at again getting that last-ditch effort of a rally before the eventual downturn but we can get it we can get a gauge of how strong this past one was because by comparing it with the with the ones of the last year and you can see over here that you do have this for our golden cross right here which does produce about a 9% move over the course about six days before breaking the green 50 right here and then straight down to the bottom side of the range well what about the time before that we have it right over here right we have it right over here which actually depends where you kind of take it from but of course that this one obviously a lot more powerful about 25% from bottom to top and once we break back down below at the green 50 foot the green 55 right here it is straight on down to the lows of the range from all the way from 8400 6,000 well the time before that we have a beautiful cross right here for about 22 percent over the course of about 17 days and once we this one actually snakes around the the 55 a few times but this one was a fake-out but after that we broke back we broke below the 55 we were unable to both open and close a green dildo above it and it was just straight on down from 10,000 to 6,000 then there was one time before that in the past year that we actually saw the for our dildo golden cross which was right here and this one was about a 12% move 12.5 percent move over the course of six days and again once we broke the green 55 right here just straight down true from 12,000 to 6,000 so again you know my point is is that this crook this one that we saw most recently is was on that was on the more powerful side it lasted if the if it is going to if this is the end of it then it lasted certainly definitely on the lower side outside but overall does it kind of meet does it kind of meet what the past performances of this have done and of course for past performance it's not indicative of future performance or whatever the fuck that past results are not indicative whatever the fuck that saying is it doesn't matter my point is when I'm looking at these sorts things I want to get inside and what the bolts in the algorithm what the market movers what the operators are actually doing in this market and we can actually get some pretty damn good gauges off this because typically what their function using anyways you do see that the green that the green 55 it's actually defended right here that's what's what's been holding us back so as long as we're below that I would be leaning to the downside actually so if you did want to make a little bit more of a of an expert decision of course it's not for h5s one on finalizar but what I could say is that I'd be making a decision right here which would tell you at about thirty thirty eight twenty if we can both open and close a green dildo above that that would be pretty damn powerful as each and every time we've gone this cross the it's it's when we break back below it that party's over so again that's what I'd be thinking here of course multiple ways and multiple ways to not skin a cat don't do that it's bad PETA will not like it and also you know cats are kind of nice too so so again that's what I'm looking at right over here underlying market dynamics still very bearish we got the Bitcoin Long's and shorts Bitcoin Long's basically basically where we left them yesterday but shorts have fallen off a cliff we lost we lost what about five shorts from yesterday to today shorts are actually starting to pay a rent a rate once again which is no I mean this is pretty much normal Long's pain about double that rate but that's not a high rate to begin with it's it's not of concern it's really only when you get above like not point out 5% where you're gonna be paying you know few thousand bucks to hold a million dollar position per day about one and a half thousand these guys are head so we really have about sixteen thousand open naked shorts so again a gross imbalance between the two this is a very similar setup to what we saw before the breakage of six thousand didn't actually a break and actually the major dumps from each and every one of those highs that we looked at which by the way matching up with the daily soak smashing up with the will go over the daily Jul as well washing up but the two days Stokes matching up with the meshing up with the RSI mashing up with those exponential moving average crosses that we saw on the daily and the 4-hour and we can also actually do a few other examples well if we really wanted to but overall each and every tell me that the overall total shorts have gone into this red box territory that has initiated major major major dump activity again this was February of last year double talked about 12,000 before going to 6,000 may have last year from 10,000 going to 6,000 August of last year going from 8400 to 6,000 November of last year six thousand to three thousand and then once again we're in this range of course you can stay in this range for you know a couple weeks as we've done so in the past but it is on the radar and that's the big and that's what I hope that when I repeat these things they really start to seep in because that tells me that no matter what price action does here don't lose sight of the trees in the forest or whatever the fuck this is no one knows what the saying is and someone's gonna school me on it in the comments which you should do you should fucking do but you know what I mean you know what I fucking mean anyways okay so let's go look let's go keep in mind what the CME futures did on Friday they closed at 38 20 they closed at 38 20 and they closed below the 50 and also the 10 simplement average they also do have their daily Stokes coming down as well and this has also been a great a great caller of tops in the past again getting you're getting your September dump from Sony for getting your August I'm from 84 getting your may dumb 10,000 right over here and again just with perfection pretty much ever since we've actually had the CM e future is live so again they will be opening up later tonight at 6:00 p.m. Eastern a timeout imagine that we actually do see the daily come down further but remember they closed last Friday at 38 20 so what does that mean in fact I would actually be completely cool with just waiting out until the seamy future is open because that's probably gonna be the next big trade for me and I'll be very open and honest with what I'm gonna do I've no positions right now except for a few options positions but what I'm looking at right here is that if we open if if spot exchanges are lower than seamy futures on when they open then I'll probably be a seller on gap fill if the if spot is trading higher than seamy futures on open then I'll probably be a buyer on gap fill and that's probably gonna be the next move but I'd feel confident if to say that that's what we saw last week actually it is actually what we saw last week so again you know it doesn't need to be any more complicated in this however you know I do read this as a rejection of these movement averages if we put on this on these drawing tools you can see that's we have a very obvious descending trend line right here and with that very low look at the volume on the breakage of this trend line last week that we saw or so I guess this was two weeks ago in the 20th and 21st the volume on this is non-existent it's not just anemic it's literally flatlined so to me this is a this is a little bit of a liquidity hunt a little bit of institutional order flow dynamics that play bring it above resistance and then smash it down so as long as we're essentially below this 3850 marker i would actually be pretty damn bearish but again if Bitcoin breaks above 38 50 I mean from from from the way they look at CMI's I mean yet you technically you will have resistance right here but honestly my personal opinion is that you make a straight line for for 4300 essentially maybe not a straight line I should not use these more aggressive words because that's not the way that it typically works out and a fear that it gives people the wrong ideas not that you should be listening to this finite for financial advice or anything like that but I just fear the messages that I get sometimes perhaps I perhaps it's also my fault for not being the best communicator at times or perhaps more often than not anyways okay cool so yeah we've looked at we've looked at that what did the weekly clothes like on Cimiez actually haven't checked this just yet closed above the ten simple but not really telling us all that much we do have weekly Stokes headed up that would be a more bullish thing no doubt about that weekly RSI weekly RSI is interesting right here by the way weekly twenty is coming in around forty four so that is of note as well but uh the RSI is I mean the the our site does look like it wants to snap back to me to be honest the but then again you know that's that's a highly variable thing in fact on the weekly you can see very clear that the resistance is four thousand huh interesting variant soon anyways um okay cool so we've talked about that we've talked about that what about GBC where did GBC closed on friday close that five or sorry 458 again basically looks like simi futures but look at this when you look at on the weekly what does it look like it looks like a rising channel bear flag is what it looks like of course on the daily not so much actually daily looks a little bit different daily just looks like lower highs and lower lows actually daily stokes had a fresh turn and again these guys have been calling the tops perfectly for the last year again this was your january high this was your this was your november turnaround from six thousand to three thousand this was your this was your august high this was your May high this was your fed you know February of last year high so again all of those major major dumps on spot and we actually did to start turning this guy around as well although this one in a significantly better posture than a lot of other things in fact if I was just looking at this I would be thinking to myself that the next tick is gonna be right back to the prior high to be quite honest with you but you know the indicators work until they don't so I would be going with that as that has been the trend and the trend is your friend until the end of the trend this is a trend that's been going on for over a year now so again it works until a dozen and that is I know a very it can be very frustrating when you're first beginning that's what my mentor used to tell me and it really frustrated me as well but after really meditating on that idea it makes a lot of sense it works until it doesn't and that's that's all has to be that's quite literally all has to be anyways that's what I'd be looking for over here same sort of thing though looks to me like we had a descending triangle which actually broke out to the upside yes that certainly can't happen as I said before but overall if we were to break back down I'd be looking for support to come in on a retest of this ascending triangle former resistance right over here at around 4:16 if this area does break then I'd be looking for a quick move back down at low so the range that would also meet that would also essentially be Bitcoin breaking down to about what 3400 and probably beyond after that if this is gonna be a hunt right here this is a really fucking nasty hunt too which looks even more gross on something like OTC bullshit but uh but yeah again if this breaks back down around here yeah I mean sorry even $4.20 which is a great number extremely lucky that you hit the lowest range once again and honestly at that point you're likely to see new lows if that were if that would have happened so going back onto mr. Bitcoin right over here and we spoken about all that we want to speak up speak about all the lower timeframes is it time to get into the higher time frames right now um-hmm well let's quickly look at the daily I forgot to look at the daily Jul you know again the daily Jul kind of giving you the same reason all the other things that I was looking at as well but basically any time that's got gotten above this 80 marker it's called the tops perfectly I mean it's it's it's been so beautiful all the same areas that we spoke about before going all the way back to basically the turnaround of of late 2017 or early 2018 so I'll leave it right there and let's actually get into some long-term analysis now so when talking about long-term analysis I want to first come at this discussion by speaking on why I do not believe that the lows for Bitcoin are in the things that I look for in traditional markets where I come from I used to be a market maker authorized trader you know with a series 56 written on the floor of no such a change arc and then later above Chicago Board Options change and the things that I used to look for or the things that I'm the the things that I look for for a major market cycle turning I do not see present in Bitcoin right now and these things are typically very very very very very consistent amongst all trading assets as I know there's gonna be some you know some some dissent that perhaps you know bitcoins different well actually the reason why charting formations are typically very similar going back to the psychology series because we're dealing with humans we're dealing with humans humans I called you which is imperfect it's irrational it is in a way predictable in its unpredictable Ness which creates very similar structures over time and then within that realm each and every asset will have its own personality but those general rules apply for just about any trading asset that I've seen whether it's you know equities which which is where I come from which whether it's forex whether it's commodities or magic Internet money I've seen it's very consistently throughout all the same so the things that I look for are first and foremost I want to see major major major volume being thrown down on the actual low now as you can see right here this massive spike in volume right here is actually on this massive girthy red dildo which in my opinion actually started to really change around the overall market structure as that broke the purple 200 exponential moving average for the first time basically in bitcoins history so as long as we're below there I could even say from more form from perhaps a more peripheral sense that's nothing's really changed now of course more importantly this volume spike is all selling when we're talking about major market cycle lows I want to see the major volume spike being don't on the actual low like you see over here on the last of violent capitulation that Bitcoin saw in 2015 now of course this is also very deceiving as well because these volume metrics are measured in coins traded not dollars traded so when I'm looking at this guy over here and comparing it to this guy over here there's a gross exaggeration because or sorry or gross on exaggeration because the price of Bitcoin over here was you know trip sorry five digits the price of Bitcoin over here is literally in the 3,000 s so the volume done as far as dollars traded is much higher over here than compared to over here in fact if we could actually look at the Bitcoin dollar volume which we can we can look at it right here we can actually get a very quick guide into how how big of a difference the volume was and this is what you're looking at right here this was your parabolic cycle in 2017-2018 this was what we did on the break of 4000 so again let that be a very enlightening factor a lot of people are talking about how exchange has never been higher or it's or it's been highest this year on coin markup well first things first point mark cap has an absolute dogshit feed to volume statistics it is not to be trusted and you can verify that yourself extremely easily by just going through the actual data and adding it up I won't do that right here cuz it's just me too fucking long and it's all so pointless exciting anyone could fucking do this also more importantly you can do it this you can do it you could do it this way just looking at this but I think people are also getting just confused perhaps and maybe I'm just wrong about this but perhaps people are getting confused because the volume is just showing the volume for this this year alone well yeah this is the highest phone we've seen this year kind of well maybe not no yeah yeah it has been the holy of the highest form that we've seen this year but that's because this year encompasses this area right here which spend nothing anyways more importantly you can go through all the different exchanges and look at look at the volume signature no matter what it's pretty much consistent so whether it's a bit stamp like we're looking at right here we can look at Finex same sort of signature we can look at GDX same sort of signature we can't really look at bid mexico because it trades versus a dollar and also it just got popular recently same thing with finance as well but they actually they actually pretty damn somewhat to begin with anyways in fact I'm curious what by Nance looks like I don't have buy nets readily available here but because it wasn't really let's see where is it come on baby show me the money there it is finance all right it's Bitcoin versus USD coin dammit man oh you bastard well I can't you just use which fucking stable corn are we gonna agree on III can't I can't agree on one we'll look at bit wrecks I mean bit wrecks basically gonna be the same thing you know you see the same sort of metrics over here or maybe sorry this isn't even showing the past terrible what is oh that's cuz it's versi actual dollar we want to see Bitcoin USD T I suppose there we go now we can get by Nance and there you go my Nets actually showing some some some some pretty high activity right over here but again you know this is this is an exchange that didn't really catch fire and tell more recently so I would argue that anybody's back onto the background of the spot over here and let's go through the other reasons why okay so volumes not good enough also the time is spent at the low is not really consistent with the way that I see that we've seen Bitcoin play out major lows in the past look at this area right over here let's actually put it on our daily Bitcoin spends at the current low it gives you one two three four days to buy the actual low it gives you four days to buy the fucking low now in my experience markets are not that generous especially with Bitcoin land Bitcoin gives you about a couple hours or about really 10 minutes to buy the low and then within about you know four hours it's already rallied off its face as he over here a four on a four hour we've you know we spent well again four days right below there let's look at a couple of examples of some potential capitulation events in the past and actually if you around last year during a February of last year there was a very nasty move all the way from about 20,000 down to 6,000 in the span of a couple weeks or so and that could be an example of capitulation that is actually an example of a capitulation feels and looks like an axe like now obviously that was not the major market cycle low Bitcoin I would actually argue after that put in its own bubble but you see Bitcoin essentially bounced up 100 percent in the span of a week and a half from here to here and within a four-hour dildo time frame right off the bottom in just four hours it did eight and a half percent within a day it did about 40 percent so that's 40 percent in literally one day compared with and this this is where it gets very very interesting compared with Bitcoin rallying about 25 percent so significantly lower almost half half as much in a span of well what is now about 14 to 15 weeks so we've quite literally taken significantly longer and not gotten anywhere near also important Bitcoin has given you not just four days to buy the lows when it was actually there but also gave you another chance right back on over here within about a few percent this is also a very inconsistent with the way that I see major market loads being put in they do not give you multiple chances to buy within a few with within bounds of that load now of course bitcoin has its own percentages which are more exaggerated than traditional markets they're gonna be less so but but the overall relevancy does does still does still just a lie around there that's by the way how we knew that once this this guy came all the way back down you know this area this was not gonna be the capitulation low let's go back to the last time before that was right over here in 2014-2015 and you see that this weekly dildo bounced up I mean this is a weekly dildo bouncing up 69 fucking percent in one week compared with 15 weeks 25% when we're actually sitting below 20% right now and then you never get a chance within about 35% to buy the low again that's what I'm looking for something like that a major balance that just does not give you a second chance by the way let's actually go into the four hour as well and look at look at this area in the past because again when Bitcoin plays out a major capitulation that is well that that's the most obvious example that we have because it's the most you know it's the most picture-perfect textbook where is it right over here huh yeah there we go this is a four hour day little trunk timeframe so again in just one for our dildo or sorry within just about one day we bounced up about 30% within one for our dildo we bounced up 25% retested it within about 10 percent and then then flew onwards and upwards so again and now is all done in literally one day at the end of the day again ending around 40% up from the lows that's almost two times and what bitcoins done in over you know what is it like 14 or 15 weeks now maybe not that much so it's actually it can't be 14 or 15 weeks let's actually count this one out 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 it's 15 fucking weeks Wow what the fuck anyways okay so the volume Ethel oh not good enough tea time spent at the load not good enough the reaction off the low not good enough the return to the low not good enough either okay what else can we look at well let's actually now start going back into the historical volatility rank which it's a very powerful indicator again something that using traditional marks to to to to judge major inflection points on the market let's get rid of this and if you're not familiar with volatility it's basically a mean reverting indicator that tells you about the how likely it is to revert to revert back to a mean of an average price over a given amount of time basically I'm probably butchering that that that but what's more important to understand is high volatility its suggests that the move is likely coming to a conclusion low volatility suggests that the consolidation is ready to explode as we looked at on the lower timeframe so to beyond this and you can see if we actually order the BLX index you can see very clearly that on our current low and this is only to be used on a daily with this indicator on a current Loeb we got up to about a naught point six two which is good it's good enough for a major inflection point but is that the way that Bitcoin puts in a major a major market area well let's look at the past what's backtest this okay got got up to a 1 a 1 read over here fucking all the way whenever you see a color it's it's getting an extremely high that's what we saw on February's on february of last year during these during the area to 6,000 we even flashed at the top at 20,000 as you'd expect we had a massive bond opportunity right here telling you that this thing was ready to go we had a massive buying opportunity right here we had a massive sell opportunity right here again all these areas hit him perfectly selling opportunity right here selling opportunity right here before this major down I mean these don't look at that impressive in hindsight but these are like 20 these are like 20 or 30% moves that happen very quickly of course before the ultimate turnaround or sorry this this right here is what it did on the last capitulation in in 2014 2015 and of course the time before that was right whoops this was not one but of course hmm this is what I'm looking at right over here is this this read all the way up to basically straight up a1 which is kind of what I'm looking for so again it's been perfect in the histories past for for judging like major major market cycle lows major market cycle tops what I could what I could say is that a market cycle low like the actual low of that mark cycle and the D high of a mark cycle both are always gonna show as far as as far as I've seen on Bitcoin and pretty much all traditional assets as well major major volatility being thrown down on the daily if you're going to traditional markets you might want to use the weekly for this but for a dick but for Bitcoin because he's younger we'll use the daily which seems to have been getting which back-testing it has been good enough so I'll run with that you do see us kind of perk back up right now but overall I mean yeah this bounce can get played out my point is that the low you know we can play on a bounce all the way to 4900 and still put in lows I mean if we came all the way up and tested the 200 exponential right here I mean that you know that'd be brutal but good deal anyways okay so the so-so historical volatility to drink not sing only low what about the MBT sonam which has also been perfect in judging the ultimate loads and ultimate highs at Bitcoin and as and again we could even go as far as saying on any major market cycle high or low the MBT sonal has been perfect but it can also signal other areas that are major highs major lows but not the market cycle high and low so again did we see a buying opportunity on the MBT – no right over here no actually this thing got all the way to a 70 which is pretty low but we need to get below a 50 which is where the market cycle has always bottom doubt in the past perfectly actually each and every time in bitcoins history currently speaking we're actually right around this or we got all the way up to 120 Oh perfectly we got into this kind of block territory right here which is which what which I do consider resistance and just kind of backed us this guy you know yes we did flash green right over here that's why I talked about 6000 earlier we flash red right over here at the high of 20,000 we flashed green before the ultimate turn around and we flashed green right here on the actual mark cycle low of 2014 2015 we flashed red on this bold trap just like we flashed red on the bull trap of 2018 we flashed red on the ultimate high of that mark side we flash green before that and we flash green before that on this low right here in this right here so again perfect in the history of Bitcoin which is what I care about and the fact that we did not quite get down there and are actually you know healthily above right now is not to is is not to confidence inducing the other the other few things that I'm looking at that that denote the lows not being of course the shorts and the Long's suggesting the same sort of thing again it grows in balance I literally want to see these things the opposite of each other I want to see a I want to see a greater number of shorts and Long's like sixty to forty percent ideally something like that or higher which you probably will see on the actual turnaround and of course the crypto fear and greed index which is taking out a forty four right now which is fear but just last week we're actually at a sixty nine which was the highest it's been in the last year so our second highs has been in the last year which has actually called all the tops perfectly in confluence with all the other indicators that we look at you know I mean again your that this was before people were more optimistic last week than they were at above 6000 right here right here right here again it just shows the massive capacity for dissonance within this space that people will get more excited when nothing's really changed and we're actually in the heavy grips of a bearish market right here than they did at any other time when you could argue that it was actually in a potentially better posturing but with Bitcoin really breaking 4,000 to the downside it really did do some damage as my phone goes crazy once again there you go okay beautiful alright so turning that off and or actually no not just yet I don't want to turn this off just yet what we hear on the weekly I do want to say that there are a lot of similarities between this price action right over here and this price section right over here that we saw in 2014-2015 now I don't want to incite the flat dubrow's but I can't even fucking do it right now man it's too it's too early but what I do want to talk about is the Stila mater's between this and and how I'm kind of judging it going forwards and overall you see a very similar signature right you have a descending triangle right here it breaks down you have a nice 52 percent drawdown and then ultimately you bounce back up about 25% over the course of that one was 12 weeks well over here we have this same sort of descending triangle it breaks down about 52% Oh that sounds familiar and then we bounce up about 25 or sorry about 25% over the course of 15 weeks not only that but if we go over here to the MU T sonal we are actually in funnily enough the exact same area that we were in 2014 this is the area in question right here that we were just looking at in 2014-2015 you do see the MBT sandal signaling right here that it was right around the the 90 marker which I'll mark off right now and by the way look at where this sort of we had this sort of block right here so I'm actually gonna fast forward into 2018 2019 and you see very quickly that where do we kind of you know drop down into well right here on that first major drop right this is this is that price action then we bounced all the way up and where we find resistance right here on this sort of blockage territory so it does kind of make sense to me and if you're not familiar with the MBTA's I'm sorry I should explain it it is the network value divided by the daily transacted value then interpolated use of 90 days forward backwards to 90 days bluth a movement average probably repeated that a little bit too many times but my point is is that it's called the highs called the low is pretty damn well in Bitcoin so again it works until it doesn't and it would be kind of saying that we were around the the resistance area having a different signature on the MU T but kind of bouncing about my you know it's having a different signature and this is why I don't want to make it sound like like like I believe in fuck doles or anything like that but what I can say is that the overall areas that we're falling into do make a lot of sense again finding support in this area finding resistance in this area very similar very fucking similar and that's something that I would pay attention to it's not just like saying well we did this over here in the net over here and then that over here in the wave five over here subtle it's like no no what the fuck 2014 high high flat doable ok let's go back let's let's let's get off that topic ok cool so cool that's why I don't leave that the lows 4-bit corner in however I always have to know where am I going to be wrong where do I know that I'm gonna be wrong on this price action and they're actually you know there's quite an easy way to know my way of knowing if I'm going to be wrong in this with that assumption that the lows are not in is if first things first if the weekly is both opening and closing weekly dull is below the two hundred exponential moving average right here as long as it's doing that which is at forty one hundred I have no reason to believe that the bearish market is over if they quit for both open and close a weekly little above this purple children exponential moving average right here I would probably drastically change my overall to non Bitcoin but that wouldn't be necessarily getting it done just yet the next thing would be the monthly which I put a suit shit-ton of weight on again this is actually some that I used significantly in traditional markets and you can see over here that the yellow twenty my expansion moving average is very far away from price action and you know again in traditional marks how do you use this kind of judge if something was generally bullshit gently bearish over the long term you can see that we are well below the twenty one exponential moving average we're actually about to get a very bearish cross on the monthly if this I mean basically if we don't have if if we fail to have a rally above fifty two hundred in the next month we will get that cross this will likely be considered consolidation as you can see on the three day till the time from that this has the nice price structure of consolidation the volume signature also that of consolidation you see that nice flowing off in volume going from left to right and again you know it's one of those things where if that's gonna be the case and I consider this consolidation below this fifty exponential moving average right here while these two moving averages approach each other then I would be looking at this could be a signal to tell me when the boss Nuala's are gonna turn up there so programs and likely cause an actual break down into the eighty nine exponential all the way down below 2500 so again but hey I completely just got around what I was trying to really get at and what I was getting at is that if Bitcoin I could actually close a monthly till above the twenty-one exponential which again is that fifty two hundred I would immediately become bullish actually in fact it actually perfectly got bitcoins last turn around into the bull market you see that it was living below for about a little over a year it takes it out right here and then perfectly gets the next three years straight up and then the third and final and most important but you're probably to know beforehand probably the months he's gonna tell you is a Bitcoin gets back above the area of breakdown at six thousand if it can do it can do that zero reason to be bearish after that as far as I'm concerned from it one ounce perspective of course weird things happen but very very unlikely anyways okay so we spoke about that yeah if this area does break down if we do see this one have further breakdown I would be looking at the weekly to tell me the pink 200 something average right here is gonna be my signal for that if 3350 3400 breaks to the downside I would be looking for a nice quick flush likely into this next blue box territory in encompassed by this area between 2300 and 2600 that's also gonna be the 88 6-pound lunch retracement all the way over here which is actually where bitcoin did bottom out in 2014-2015 by the way and we do have some Thai historical horizontal lines coming around this area and some massive volume profile nodes being thrown and down in this area as well not only that but the BLX index does show that this blue 377 exponentials coming in right around 2600 as well and of course as we just spoke about the monthly if we do break it down if we do take out essentially the current Louis and I would be looking around this area around 2500 so a lot of things coming around that area does that mean that it's you know it's it's a done deal it's definitely going there no I need to see the pink 200 simple on the weekly break first so just like changing my views to the upside you need to see the purple children X pen should be broken at 4100 I need to see the at 33 50 or 34 whatever it is it's gonna be 3400 soon enough anyways so what does say 3400 break to the downside before before really going on with that I need six seven this why guys with damn Thursday so much better okay back onto the analysis all right so we spoke about that we spoke about that okay we spoke about where can go to if it does break down and of course just because I have this area marked off over here does not mean that that is guaranteed to be the ultimate Mars cycle oh I need to see the reaction I'm not like the other I'm not like most analysts who will who say it's definitely going here and it will not do anything else and that's that's it it's like no that shows that that person really does not understand or has a very naive understanding of how major mark cycles are being put in if you want to know how major mark cycle those are being put in understand the perspective of who's actually doing it because how does a major mark Circulo be put in well basically someone with extremely deep pockets you know half a billion billion plus whatever the fuck it might be comes into the market and just buys up all of the blood because their perspective is more on a long-term time frame and they know that whenever they buy they're gonna tell everyone else the market because whenever you see you know billion billion plus being thrown down it shows itself as you see right here as you see right here as you see right here as you see right here all those major inflection points on the market so once those guys enter into the market everyone fucking knows and so their perspective is that they need to get as much as possible for it you know for for that so when it comes down to it these bottoming areas are highly variable and that's why I'm not really be held into it I'm more interested in seeing the reaction rather than just blindly saying it's definitely gonna be here or it's definitely gonna be there it's like no so fucking silly and very naive and very misleading probably not deliberately I don't think anyone's deliberately misleading but of course I do want to say some very quick about that anyways uh oh by the way I forgot to check out the weekly Stokes they're still headed up nice but oops but hey you fuck come on you actually do you see this trend line forming right here now don't you and we're right there ah ha interesting anyways ok so yeah that's what I really want to see on a low yes I do a few areas if this one were to fail like like this sort of reaction I need to see the reaction just like I saw over here if I see this same sort of reaction right here I'm not gonna think that that's too low either and I'll go to the next area that I'm looking for at 1869 if that if I get the same thing there then I go down and I guess I joined the perma bear is that fucking 1000 I don't know there's probably people even signaling lower than that no he's in there but fair enough I'm not I'm not I'm not super bearish on Bitcoin long term I'm actually quite bullish on the Bitcoin long term I'm a believer in Bitcoin long term actually first and foremost and let's guess let's actually get through that now let's let's talk about these ideas so this is what I call the matrix again very highly prototype type should not something that actually makes decisions based off of but it can help to show my sort of long-term buys with Bitcoin and each and every one of these dogged trend lines represents a support trendline for a parabolic market cycle in bitcoins history of this first one originating in 2010 and 2011 the this support trend like it's broken in 2012 and that becomes the highs of your 23 Tina 2014 marks cycle right here then we create another support trendline for that next parabola motorcycle right here and right here are the anchoring points in 2012 and 2013 it gets broken in 2015 and that becomes the highs of our 2017 and 2018 marks that we just played out right over here then we created another support trendline for that past parabolic mark cycle right here and right here anchors and that gets broken on the drop below for thousands which was also the breakage of the weekly 200 exponential moving average which you probably now understand why it's so fucking important and that does that become our governing factor going on onwards and forwards from here I would argue that I mean it's three times makes a trend right so this would be the I mean if we could just come up with the governing factor of this we could say that by next year at the potential you know potential high would be 14 thousand a year out from that though look at how fast this goes get all the way over here right – Jenny Way of 22 90,000 then we go over to 2023 but again I don't want to make it sound like a like I think Bitcoin is literally going to this is this is 2024 by the way it's going to six hundred thirty thousand I don't want to make it sound like it's going there I just want to show that that could be the governing factor the potential high of your parable if it does play out another pair of bookmark circle just like we saw in the past one of the one before that so again you know do I am I saying that that's exactly gonna happen no and you could also you know blow it off beforehand because each and every time that you actually do the sooner that you test that the more likely it is that you are to fail actually so really what you want actually what you do want for Bitcoin if you are like a long-term believer and you want to have more sustainable growth is you want a more drawn out Esther s-curve type shape where Bitcoin you know gradually grows over time in a way not the parabolic blow-off tops the parabolic blow-off tops are very bad because they almost always result in the same thing where they come back down to where they came from which is what we're seeing right now this is this is a parabolic blow off top if there ever was one anyways um so yeah you know that's you know you can see you can see the potential bitcoin long-term of course though I do talk about these descending solid trend lines right here which you see I have one in 2014 right here and I have this one in 2018 right here both of them represent the same thing Bitcoin was consolidating underneath this trend line in the first part of that year and then it breaks out puts in a bull trap which we saw as as verified by the MU T signal after that and you'll notice that Bitcoin never breaks that first initial trend line that it broke out of on the way down in fact based off of it once base enough of it twice and then when it breaks this secondary trend line governing the bull trap that's actually the beginning of your bull market well could we do the same thing in 2018 absolutely and we have this ascending trendline right here which held in that first consolidation we break out put in the bull trap right here 284 8400 run and then where where do we actually bought him out on currently right here on that same trend line could we walk it down and come up with a potential you know a potential date in time for a low well you know going off for the other going off the other targets that we were speaking on I suppose we could I suppose we could as if we were talking about a low 2000 target that would actually be late March if we're talking about a high 1000 target we'd be talking about perhaps early May I mean again well I I'm actually not really of the opinion that bitcoins gonna go down to 1000 but okay you know it's it's possible I suppose and that would suggest a tart you know perhaps a date in middle of June again do I believe this that much I mean it's worked in the past and it's actually been working so far now but again highly prototype things I don't make trades based off these this is more meant to masturbation which is fun it's really fun to do but I wouldn't be making decisions based off this by the same token we have this this descending trend line right here governing the the bull trap right and perhaps when we break this guy that will be demonstrative of the bull makasar diem it would be currently coming in around about 4700 which is actually very similar to the weekly 21x specials so again I'll kind of get off this topic now that's the long-term outlook for Bitcoin and you know what let's actually talk about some shit coins now let's go to mr. beetle how's he doing how's it's like coke let's go to shit coins talked about mr. beaudreau mr. Budrow actually yesterday broke this trendline that we've been looking at went down to the lows of the range or sorry even broke to new lows at 1:32 but we're gonna be fighting some some bullish divergence now aren't we yeah one two three strikes actually so we have a very obvious support trend line on the for our deal of time from at one thirty five and thirty cents as long as we're above that on Finex it is a difficult chart and it does look like it wants to give a little bit of a rally attempt back up to at the very least retest this broken trendline which would be coming in somewhere right around 140 ish area and rise in overtime by the same token if you do break 135 to the downside first I mean where is the next support trendline coming in right here at around 127 and a half we do have our four-hour Stokes turn into the upside right now so that would be a more bullish thing what about the a tower a tower are signaling down actually what about to our to our are up what about one hour one hour are down what about 12 hour 12 hour actually fresh crossed down daily is down to day is down three day is lose momentum right at the former kind of turnaround so overall what am I saying about that will you know all the higher time frames are switching around or already down and the lower timeframes are you know you can fit a lot of the lower timeframe into into a higher time before before it actually you know has carry through so again I would be I would be cautious on this but again you know you see the same thing here holding above the 21 exponential if you want to make it simple for yourself 133 and a half is a support to hold if you break 133 and a half probably quick move down to about 117 basically retest this this trendline that we broke out of a few weeks ago going all the way back to May of last year at eight hundred and forty dollars which would be meeting current price sections somewhere around the six one eight Fibonacci retracement around 117 if that were to happen by the same token you know if Bitcoin takes out to the upside you're probably gonna find mister be rolled back around 116 let's go over to mrs. like coin what's she doing this is like when final resistance right at the error that we spoke about yesterday as well this guy right here and actually kind of forming a rising channel now isn't it but a very obvious resistance sorry what do we want to call this kind of blockage torte area in this tortilla block just block ish resistance area right here you know as long as we're respecting this $49 areas resistance you know hard hits I mean technically speaking this is a rising channel it is a bear flag now for our Stokes did just cross the outside for our RSI a little bit of bearish divergence there but not as essence daily Stokes just crossed to the upside so you know again if mrs. litecoin does get going I'd be looking for the children I've spent sure to be resistance right here but overall missus like when is the best example or the best the best argument for it for the mark circle perhaps turning around she's the closest she's she's knocking on the door she is get above about $56 but if she gets if she cuts above 56 bucks probably have a quick moved to $70 I mean this has been a pretty phenomenal reaction off the lows still in a rising channel though overall so yeah would be constant of this of this major area right here again that basically the two undred exponential in the daily 50 about a little over 50 bucks so that's what he be looking at right over there but you know a lot of things actually switching around over here a lot of things swishing around 200 simple is actually supporting price action for the first time in a very long time that's that's really fucking good really fucking good but again if bitcoin is gonna turn around if mr. bjur are looking sick typically I put more weight on those guys so I'll put it that way but uh but hey missus litecoin doing her own thing and very impressive very impressive very resilient Z cash bad making another making the descending triangle just lower has be cash bad making lower highs hanging hanging on to the support right here but again if the major is rally just gonna rally with it kind of it's not really worth it even look at these these things Tron cash break in the support right here likely coming back down to about two point one nine cent neo cash resistance right at 9:30 as long as below their directions down daily Stokes are down yep okay yes yells cash resistance at 368 if you can get back above there it's going to have another run towards for 12 and a half but overall again you know you see the same thing actually as very similar to misses like one but Stoke still down on this guy retest in the exponent when the RSI ripple cache whoops wrong wrong ripple cache chart here we go ripple cache still struggling still filling out this ascending triangle if it does break 28 sent to the downside it would be looking for a move perhaps into the high teens actually but hey if this thing breaks above thirty four and a half cent I mean as long as it's things below thirty four and a half cent nothing's changed I'd be overall parish but if this thing breaks above thirty four and a half cent I'd be actually I'd be looking for a move to forty cent pretty quickly Manero cash what are we doing over here a little bit different a little bit different but overall kind of the same will be up right here it's something like this huh yeah something like that there we go yeah being governed by this guy's long as you're below fifty three sorry fifty four and a half not good but could rally I mean just found resistance out the ten simple right here looking very similar to everything else did not get the did not get that nice exponential moving average across that we saw in Bitcoin daily still coming down what about stellar cash how's miss Estella doing bad really fucking bad Jesus Christ man wants to come down wants to come down still daily so still down daily RSI training below the exponential just Austin between the bearish control zone in the neutral zone as long as this thing's below eight and a half cents very bad you're actually about to get a pretty nasty moving average cross if this thing fails to get back above eight and a half cents in the next couple days between the red ten in the yellow twenty being governed by the fifty all the way through as well you know as long as these things below nine and a half cent it's it's in big trouble if it gets above nine and a half cents then actually we have something completely new did you actually if if this thing gets above nine and a half cent you're probably gonna see a massive rally to about twelve twelve and a half cents something like that but again for now pressure down the trend is your friend until the end of the trend as the saying goes anyways I'll leave you off right now with just a recap of the lower timeframes again if you want to make this simple for yourself 3850 resistance 3750 support if we break 3750 to the downside it would be looking for a move down to thirty six hundred probably a little bit of a bounce there and then move on to thirty five or thirty four fifty something like that if we're if we're on to the upside by the other side of the coin then I'd be looking for a break of 38 50 I'd be looking for a move to 39 50 that's where the real resistance is if Bitcoin can actually close a two-hour dilib of 39 50 I'd be looking for a move to about 40 40 200 and probably beyond overtime anyways that's gonna do it for today I hope this one finds you well again gonna be releasing the option series later say it's being done in a ton of different parts so it's gonna be very incomplete at first obviously there's about 12 parts right now and I'm actually gonna include one of the videos from the front from the mass for your options programs because it's just it's just the best way it's already fucking done it's just the best way to actually go through an example as it's very meticulous there and you can also get an idea of what the program looks like so look at that for that later say I'll be back on tomorrow with some more video and live stream action as it as it is a Monday got some new gadgets as well so I'm really excited about that anyways been closely with you as always and I'll be back on it tomorrow so see you there if not want to wish you well and take care

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