"Bitcoin could be worth over $10 million in 20 years" | Fidelity Exploring [Crypto News]

hey now welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency everyday my name is Austin and like always let's get to the news alright big news out of major financial juggernaut fidelity but fidelity is considering the addition of five additional crypto currencies onto fidelity digital assets which as you may or may not recall that's their new crypto trading and custody platform for institutional investors so this is a big green flag for any one of those Kryptos even though probably not all of them will be added but just to put this in perspective fidelity digital assets that's relatively new in itself in fact this was huge news back in October when fidelity announced that they would be coming into the crypto space yeah they announced that last October so I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that they already offer Bitcoin and etherium which is a big deal but now they're looking into XRP stellar Bitcoin cash Chios and the litecoin and any one of those coins could be next up hey here's a direct quote from the head of fidelity digital assets Tom Jessup he says I think there's the demand for the next four or five in the rank of coin market cap order so we'll be looking at that so essentially what he's saying is yeah he's just picking out of the top four or five most valuable kryptos and it could be any one of them what do you guys think is next well I have a question for you you know now that they are the top five narrowed down how will they be choosing from there well when it comes to adding new coins the company is playing paying close attention to what the clients say they want next that's one of their qualifications let me know in the comments which one of these coins the you realistically legitimately think should be added next on to fidelity digital assets but they'll be asking the customers or listening to what the customers want but number two in addition one of the main considerations is whether a given coin is likely to be deemed a security so I'll just keep it real I think XRP that's the that's the big one that we're not sure about right now from the sec if it's a security or not time will tell but just to put this in one last piece of perspective you could argue I mean I don't think anybody would argue that this is not a big deal but just to show you what what's you know how big a deal this is fidelity holds more than six point eight trillion in total customer assets and they've approximately over 27 million clients so they reach a lot of people financially guys I'm not gonna be su there's only 13,000 at the moment you know you know taking fidelity up on their platform of fidelity digital assets but they've they have a big pool and it's growing steadily anyway I like that let's keep going all right US SEC charges Floyd Mayweather junior big boxer and dj khaled for unlawfully promoting icos so this is sort of an interesting piece of news Mayweather began promoting an ICO called Sentra back in last year September 2017 some of you may or may not remember that he was claiming back then that he were he was already using his titanium center card to use digital currencies like Bitcoin and aetherium in his business transactions something he was claiming and at the time Sentra's ICO was the third ICO that was being promoted by Mayweather in just a few weeks later dj khaled joined in saying that he liked you know Sentra and the center card well turns out that Mayweather was paid $100,000 to do that and dj khaled was paid $50,000 anyway point is they got charged by the SEC Mayweather now has to pay three hundred thousand dollars plus three hundred thousand dollars plus fourteen thousand dollars so over six thousand dollars obviously a loss for him and dj khaled has to pay a little bit over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars point is guys I mean in general this is a good thing because it's going to keep everybody honest you know when promoting their icos but just a friendly reminder the few times that we do paid reviews we will always tell you so we don't want to get in trouble – more news stories to go feel free to like the video subscribe to the channel if you found value bitcoin could be worth over 10 million dollars and 20 years says Tom Lee I cannot wait to hear this and I hope we can but let's see uh and so Tom Lee is the managing partner of fun strapped so you know a very smart man and he made a few comparisons before he got to his prediction he compared earlier generations and their investments he essentially said that you know everybody born during the Great Depression they put all their money into gold you know as they were growing up and you know every generation has you know a an asset or some something that they invest in and the same thing is gonna happen with crypto and Millennials and he said that Lee said that every generation creates its own fang stocks thang stocks in this case meaning facebook amazon netflix and glue and google the big players today he says every generation creates its own fang stocks and the next big thing is within FinTech let's read this quote the next big thing is within FinTech crypto I think is in the early stage there's only 50 million active wallets sounds like a lot to me but when you compare it to other notable financial things there's 4.6 billion Visa and MasterCard accounts and by using the social network value of cryptocurrency Bitcoin could be worth over 10 million dollars per Bitcoin in a 20 year period what do you think about that I mean in my opinion we just got to get to 20 K before we get to 20 before we get to 10 million but let's just pretend you know what would the world look like if bitcoin was one bitcoins worth over ten million dollars I mean essentially that would use up so much of the world's just gross you know all the money value in the world that Bitcoin would have gotten mass adoption I think if we're gonna see a ten million dollar Bitcoin Bitcoin is gonna have to be scaled somehow because I don't think I can take up that much of the total world market cap without being scaled in some sense but it's ridiculous I think Tillich at 20 years cuz who knows where we'll be in five years anyway I hope he's right let me know what you guys think but Lee he's not a total dreamer he went on to say what's the next step just a simple next step in getting to see maybe even just new all-time highs and he explained that in order for institutions to come into the space institutions are actually looking at the 200-day moving average of bitcoins price and he clarified something he clarified that institutions are not going to jump into the Bitcoin market just because backed is launching that's something that excites me I think it excites everybody but institutions are not going to come on board just for that they're writing for Bitcoin to recover from its 200-day moving average which is around 7,000 so according to him you know institutions aren't even gonna think about coming until we hit a $7000 Bitcoin let's read this quote unless you think crypto is completely broken we have a price correlation that is we have a price correction that is taking place that is call cause the price to fall even below the 200-day moving average but if you got time arise excuse me that's then or I highlighted this for reason he's saying not three months not one year but two to three years this is a golden time to be long on crypto so I hope it doesn't take two or three years to get above 7,000 but I think in his mind if we're gonna see a ten million dollar Bitcoin some day these next few years a few years are going to be key to taking out positions and we know that as soon this is what written weird guys I and we know it and we know that as soon as Bitcoin goes above 200 days there's gonna be a flood of money coming in team don't to not on the yet you know Tom Lee is a dreamer but you know what I bet he's not the only one we have one more article to get to and then for those of you that want us to ground we will take a live look at the market something fun I like to do but the last piece of news is Seiran labs their thousand dollar blockchain phone will start shipping in December let me quickly clue you in and the blockchain phone is called thinny and its final design was revealed for the first time at an event in Barcelona and I'll show you that in a second but they'll be be shipping out their phones between December 15th and 25th and if you want a blockchain phone you can pay a 999 dollars and pre-order one now and let me ask you something obviously what to do what is this blockchain phone do what are the benefits of you have have you had it well first of all it's designed to carry around cryptocurrency meaning it's a secure cold storage wallet so instead of having your maybe treasure you know cold storage wallet and your phone now it would all be one piece that's one thing that it does and to and here it is right here it'll be a native mobile platform for DAPs so according to them guys do not – not on me this is exciting right now the inherent limitations to require every application installation would it right now the inherit limitations require that every application on a phone that's installed have a separate wallet implementation so it's not optimized for depth decentralized applications well with this blockchain phone I would be just a native mobile platform for devs guys here's the phone sexy chic would you buy it I mean I mean it looks like every normal phone to me you know obviously this is one step closer to make you know to lessen barrier of entry from mass adoption but I've just you know the the real hardcore crypto guys are gonna be buying this nobody in the general public will in my opinion but it's great that it's one step closer and just a reminder more players have sinned entered the space since Finney was first proposed fun DX pun DX they're making the first blockchain phone and HTC has also promised guys those were three you know significant pieces of four pieces the news wanted a clue you in thanks for tuning in today guys feel free to subscribe and we'll see you tomorrow except if you wanna join me for this last part let's just take a look at where we stand on the market we've actually had a positive last few days in the market Bitcoin has jumped and sort of sustained you know it we went as low as three thousand to seven hundred it seems we're forming a little bit of a base around four thousand two hundred to three hundred who knows you know I'm not trusting anything anymore it could easily go back down but if we take a look at the top ten bitcoins up Stellar's up because I think a lot that people feel stellar we thought this before it would be the next one added to coinbase as we know is e cash just was obviously is e cash is up but all in general great day in the market I feel good about that guys my name is Austin and we'll bring you a video tomorrow as well peace

45 thoughts on “"Bitcoin could be worth over $10 million in 20 years" | Fidelity Exploring [Crypto News]”

  1. Such a bullshit caption of this video: people dont know what price of BTC will be tomorrow and he is saying in 20 years, LOL. HUUUUUDE DISLIKE !!!!

  2. Download ABRA on Apple Store —————————– > Transfert BTC and buy BIT-10.

    May i have your opinion, please?

    Thank you !

  3. Only picking assets that can be broken with leverage and shorting ? it fits into the big perspective of scamming you for 90% of everything you invest

  4. Bitcoin experts predicting 10 million dollar bitcoins….. nobody saw bitcoin dropping almost $15,000….in a year…. Lol

  5. Lee is a fucking moron. who the hell makes a 20 yr prediction on bitcoin. How about a 2 yr prediction. He cant even get the end of this year close

  6. bitcoin wont last 20 years, it will be long gone by then. The technology is old and it serves a purpose for now to fuel the alt coin economy, after that it will get replaced.

  7. As analyst i think bitcoin will never hits high amounts like people wish . Simply big institues and banks will creat supports and resistances levels to block the prices from over charging . So if you want to make money on crypto learn how to spiculate using Techniqual analyses and stay away from fundamental news cuz its just a non credible infos.

  8. 10 million dollar BTC is absurd. I don't think the collapse of fiat currencies on a global scale would bring BTC even remotely close to that. Tom Lee sounds like an insane huckster preying on people's desire to be rich. Either that or he genuinely believes his own shuck and jive.

    While I have no doubts Bitcoin will grow in price, I am one of those that doesn't think it'll ever be worth even a quarter million much less 10. 50k? Maybe, but unlikely.

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  9. Such a great video
    I also try to make some online earning related videos & get much guide from your videos & tutorials

  10. Love your videos and content! Would love to see a video about bitcore (btx)!! such a great coin with huge potential! only 21mln supply and much faster than bitcoin with lower transaction fees!

  11. @9min, 35 sec; 4th paragraph, first sentence; this blockchain phone’s chief marketing officer’s name is NIMROD. Reminds me of Anthony Weiner getting busted multiple times sending dic pics to minors. You can’t rite this stuff, folks! I’ll be looking for Apple to incorporate the block chain into an iPhone very soon.

    Bullish on Bitcoin, bearish on altcoins. The world has lots to learn.

  12. I think Stellar (XLM) will be the next. It is still up 200% from a year ago, is thousands of times lower cost and faster than BTC, ETH, BCH, etc. The infrastructure cost factor being so much cheaper could really play a big part of the market picture, if BTC and ETH break even lower lows. Jed McCaleb, the Co-Founder/Main Developer of Stellar.org, has a long history of success from creating Mt. Gox, which he sold long before it collapsed, eDonky (P2P) and CTO of Ripple.

  13. Guess people don't research the 2030 initative for sustainable living. Don't really matter about bitcoins million dollar price when 90% of the worlds population will be living in severe poverty. To save the earth of course.

  14. Im from the future bit coin will drop to £1800 by March 2019. So Wait for the drop .March time will be the decider. Buy two bit coins, pull out one bitcoin when it has paid for your investment, then leave one bitcoin running. War in Israel is on the cards and you will see the world trading going in to a massive change. 2019 is the year of the wolf's don't be a sheep.

  15. Fidelity Digital Assets, adding another coin..:
    LTC makes the most sence with implementation of the lightning network.
    LTC's code being so similar to BTC's I assume it would be pretty easy.
    LTC has a huge growing community behind it, it's silver to BTC's gold.

  16. pre ordering the phone myself as crypto has been a huge part of my life the last 5 years it will be a nice sentimental piece

  17. The IMF started the Bitcoin concept so as to create a one world currency , all electronic . It is part of the NWO . With advanced AI integrated into the system later , all people and transactions will be recorded .

  18. BTC won't be worth anything in 20 years. Tom Lee is a BOOB he has changed his mind 3 times now 25K no 15K no 10K so what the hell will it be by the end of the year "I KNOW 4K"

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