yo what's up guys how is everyone doing hope you're all having a fantastic day once again we're gonna get straight into this Bitcoin analysis today we've seen sort of as expected what I've been saying for the past couple days is that I am leaning bullish what we've seen for a very long time is prolonged very painful boring sideways movement the topic of yesterday's video was that we're in a bit of a crucial time and sort of directly following that we've almost began to fulfill the prophecy that I laid out yesterday I'm making the sounds way more dramatic than it is and it's that we did break above the $6,600 resistance level now I don't want to give this move too much credit at all honestly this is also down to luck yes I did cool that we're gonna go up but not in this kind of way and also we haven't really done anything groundbreaking here as well you're gonna find out why in just a second first of all let's dissect what happened let's work out what exactly is going on so we can understand the charge a little bit better the first thing I want to mention is that you know yeah I mean here we did when we did end up getting rejected off the 6600 level now one thing I mentioned was that I expected us to go down to about 6400 and a signal that I shared in gold as you guys know I'm giving a lot more signals in the free channels now a signal that I did share in gold is that if we do go down to 6400 I am going to be looking too long now in a later video what I also mentioned is that we could only drop as low as 6500 and then continue on higher but but for me that wouldn't be a good enough setup to go long in this case it did actually only go down to 6500 and then break up like I said not good enough to go along though we did have ichi support but when you're looking to try you need more than just sort of one indicator confirming these things what we did have was a break above 6800 with volume that picked up a little bit refresh CMC here and we also have a little bit more volume market-wide we're now up to 12 point six billion dollars so just a bit of it you know like a 1 billion dollar jump in volume nothing crazy but still a good sign nonetheless we did see a wick up to the sixty seven hundred dollar level now as we know this is where that resistance the 67 68 69 hundred dollar it's it's a range there's that's where this range of resistance really begins 67 is where it's quite light we did end up going nearly as high as sixty seven and getting rejected with a very big wake big wake down still closing blue or in most cases green but when you do get a very sizable wick on a candle like this is actually a bearish sign what we do have following that though is still a good sign though because on this for our candle about to close in 20 minutes we did actually test the $6,600 level once more if we look at the OHL ohlc on the top the low where this L is the low was 6603 so what we've done is we broke above 60 600 with volume will be retested 6600 and now we're going back up that is a really good sign in the big picture of things it doesn't mean anything but for the short-term what I have been saying about the the incoming volatility like I mentioned with my posts in VIP and gold are these are potentially good early warning signs we have a lot of people expecting a lot of volatility as you guys know from a previous video maybe three four videos ago what I mentioned is that we also have very light resistance what I said was that the Bears were about to get very weak and we have some nice factors hair lining up to potentially sort of do what I mentioned could you know quite possibly happen on the whole though like I said at the beginning of this video I don't want to give these moves too much credit it still doesn't mean much it hasn't happened on extravagant volume I mean it's a job for volume of course but that's because it's the first time we've had volatility for a couple days and so naturally the volume is going to rise a little bit and this only rose by you know not even ten percent so it's still it's it's good but it's not anywhere near great now as for altcoins this is also a bit of a strange thing to be looking at today if we look at CMC right here Bitcoin up by 1.2 3% and everything else and not up more by more than 5% see us breaking that by just a couple decimal points but you know make her I mean this you know never even heard of these kinds of coins but you know nothing no no major coins breaking above you know 5% gain today and that's interesting you know of course Bitcoin has only moved up by 1.2 percent and so we've got the same thing and I always mention we're very sensitive to these price movements and so bitcoin hardly did anything we're still giving it a lot of credit in the same vein I did expect alts to rise a little bit further than usual and like I say you know typically when Bitcoin is rising alts will rise a little bit harder I mentioned yesterday that it doesn't have to be the case and in this case it has turned out to be that yeah I mean alts have risen harder than Bitcoin in almost all cases but by hardly anything so this is still more of a wait-and-see thing if anything it's potentially a sign of weakness but again we run into the same issue I've been repeating throughout this video in that I don't want to give this move too much credit we are actually falling into the trap of over analyzing and that's why I keep on repeating lists you know just to make sure that we even though we might be falling into the trap as long as we're aware of it so that we don't make any stupid decisions perfectly fine now guys yesterday and tied into what I've said earlier here I am giving a lot more signals in the free avenues that I run and so what I mentioned is that this is definitely a long you know if we look at all the conventional indicators the the daily EMA support the Fibonacci retracement all that good stuff ripple was giving us a long signal I shared that in VIP and hair on stream and in crypto mafia called the link to crypto mafia the gold is in the description it's the first link there that's where you get signals ta updates different things like that from me I did share this signal I did mention that it's actually not worth I you know rather not not that it's not worth it but that it's quite risky to enter this trade though because we were in such a sticky situation now in this case it did turn out to play out well I saw a 30 percent profit our sort of common rule in VIP is that we have sort of set leverage numbers and of course unless those things are mentioned otherwise in posts those leverage numbers stick and and so yes like I mentioned I saw a 30 percent profit and yeah people following that sort of rule in VIP also saw a 30 percent profit from that signal so if you guys are interested in VIP just one of the messages I got here this is from someone who decided to renew we have three plans and we start on the monthly this guy took the monthly plan to sort of test out VIP and after being happy with the service was a 100% down to do quarterly as well mentioned that the service has been 11 out of 10 and the calls with fantastic explanations earning unlearning at the same time I love this sort of lost second to last sentence here earning and learning at the same time pretty much summarizes exactly what my goals are with VIP it is to help you guys gain profits with the signals I put out but also to help you do what I do so that well yeah exactly you know it's the kind of concept of teach a man to fish it's yeah it's what I'm most proud of with VIP if you're interested same link in the description the first one there click on my name at for flies at the bottom of any post in crypto mafia gold in that telegram channel and send me a message shoot me a message ask me how to join and I'll get you in now as for potential plays really there's nothing to do right now ripple is in the middle of a range Bitcoin is in the middle of a range as well I like I said we have some bullish signs for Bitcoin but it's not good enough to be going long in my opinion if you're up for some very high-risk trades potentially if you want to go long hair it could work out you know up to potentially 6,800 technically speaking yes we have actually cleared this zone now and so yeah I mean we could see a rise up to 6800 but I don't see a point in playing that much of a risk it's it's unnecessary in my opinion but of course it is completely up to you with that I have covered everything I wanted to in this video quick short one just quite punchy getting straight to the points in hair I really hope it has helped you out if he has if it has make sure to hit that like button subscribe to take the bell join the free telegram channel VIP if we're interested and with that I'm out peace


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    Yo what's up guys? How's everyone doing?
    Hope you are all having a fantastic day, once again we are gonna get straight Into this bitcoin analysis


  2. You should switch your CMC to night mode (little crescent moon by USD dropdown) – to avoid eye strain from transition from dark chart to white CMC – thanks

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