Bitcoin comes first! Interview with Money20/20 USA Payments Race winner Amelie Arras

hey I'm sitting here once again with Emily Aris the difference is this time we know that she actually won the payments race of money 2020 for Bitcoin I actually couldn't believe that I thought maybe second yeah when did you find out that you were really just that yeah really so were you surprised I was a little bit surprised because I really thought gold right gold because this is America right takes gold made it and I said the main thing it was like security yeah what do you mean by the community the community I mean Bitcoin has got such a community behind it there is Lexus vision I wouldn't see that everyone to use it he's not on banks without any surf party is literally like transacting like you and me like we transact and and everyone wanted to see win did they really want to see quick coin with the Bitcoin community right yes I wasn't sure about the DMC no yeah he sounded almost a little bit disappointed when Bitcoin won yeah or at least surprised yes he's like who's your sponsor that week so my sponsor is IG TV and was like what's good about it is that they sponsor me because of a challenge and the D help the bums adapting to what they say is like no challenge is too big and like they really wanted me to see well I think this is probably the biggest challenge they're gonna face so what using Bitcoin like a cross country USA I don't even want to think about how difficult that is but what was what was the toughest thing for you like where did you really get stuck I got stuck in Chicago that's right and explaining why if someone's never heard of it and it's just like used to cache it just could not figure out I was talking about and I tried to explain like like was a representation so that one sucks the biggest one by like a coin and people were looking at it like saying like how much is that worth and I was like that's not worth anything it's kind of like when I talk to my family so did you get a prize for winning or was it just like mom in a glow just like and the satisfaction as a Bitcoin er I'm actually kind of a starfish better yeah so were you a convert now you are you know a Bitcoin of yourself yes so what's the next move next move when I'm gonna carry on like wispy good like for my surf I've got according to plan of like something and then there is a mixed race from these easy March like before like to the red up for money 22 attention that's right and that's racing to Singapore yeah all right that was Emily Aris winner of the great payments race at money 2020 in Las Vegas see you soon

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  1. Sooner or Later , this is the Future , and the future is now , financial institutions had failed us , we are our own financial institution with BITCOIN, PERIOD.

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