Bitcoin CoinMe Kiosks, TRON Sun Network, Bullish On Bitcoin & Chinese Bitcoin Premium

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you're all doing well and that you're all having a great day to starts things off according to Krypto slate there's a partnership between Coinstar and coin me and this will allow Americans to be closer than ever to buying a Bitcoin users that have never had any contact with the virtual currency can now purchase it using cash at any of these cash enabled kiosks a few days ago on the 20th of March the CEO of both firms Neil Bergquist and Jim Garrity talked about Bitcoin mainstream adoption mr. Burke Quest is a co-founder of coin me a Bitcoin ATM start-up and mr. Girardi is the CEO of Coinstar a firm that operates 20,000 kiosks in 12 countries these two firms allow users to purchase Bitcoin for cash at any moment the kiosks are one of the many on ramps available for users to change their fiat currencies for Bitcoin Neil Bergquist commented and said that something that's been missing in the marketplace today even today is the trust factor with this partnership you can walk into a grocery store with the brand that you trust and buy Bitcoin through a licensed exchange partnership it's a key piece of infrastructure for the digital currency economy at the moment Coinstar is making 70 million transactions a year allowing users to turn coins into spendable currency the company has also been working on other financial services such as a bill payment or Bitcoin fortress Bitcoin transactions Coinstar is also working with retailers such as Walmart and Kroger offering services to users so I guess the news here is apparently everyone in America within 5 miles can now buy Bitcoin that's kind of insane apparently I don't really understand the specifics of it but I assume it's some type of an integration for coin me into the actual was a coin star yeah coin star machines so that you can put your money into the coin store machine but get Bitcoin out as if it's integrated with the coin anything by the way I think it's very cool I think we need more of these things around the world there's also I think a number somewhere around here papa papa yeah at the time of writing there are four 500 Bitcoin ATMs around the world 72% of them are North America and 23 percent of them are in Europe there's clearly a need in other parts of the world but for what it's worth it's still nice to see that Americans now have another way to be able to purchase Bitcoin easily next up we had news about this about two or three days ago people thought it was a joke but apparently it's not sorry Bitcoin blockchain Wow blockchain based decentralized application platform Tron has revealed the expansion plan of its second layer scalability solution known as the Sun network according to a release published on the 8th of April the networks test net will launch in late May the Sun network expansion plans Inc oh my gosh plans to include developing DAP sidechains in cross hand infrastructure the second layer protocol is expected to increase the overall capacity of trans network while simultaneously allowing daps to run with extremely low energy consumption and high security during the first phase which is scheduled to start on the 30th of May Iran will focus on launching small side chain smart contracts the official launch of the Sun Network maenette which will further enhance the characteristics of the centralization an asset security is set for the 10th of August in mid-september Iran plans to launch an optimization process for improving the ease of using the network and facilitating easy development of these side chains ok we also had news today or yesterday I remember anymore where Justin Sun announced that they were apparently going to be collaborating with the people from aetherium later this year now we have not had confirmation from Vitalik butyrin cannot say for certain if that's actually gonna end up happening however like I said a couple days ago we thought that the Sun network was a joke I rather I think he said this on like new not New Year's Day on April Fool's Day and lo and behold it's actually real so I assume that this will have some type of a a positive effect on the price of Tron simply because whenever anybody announces a new update that's actually going to happen like a set date prices tend to rise I think it's also very interesting in my opinion I think a lot of companies rather cryptocurrency projects and stuff like that are announcing upgrades as they kinda like us like a smack in the face to the face of aetherium because the etherium has been promising updates for around two or three years now they don't have any upgrades but a lot of the other cryptocurrency that also supposed to be like the etherium killers I've noticed that there a lot of them are coming out saying yeah we have like five upgrades coming out this year Wiley theorem may not even have one yeah next up grayscale investments just released an update of the composition of the digital large cap fund which offers qualified investors exposure to the top ten crypto currencies comprised of the five largest crypt of the market cap Bitcoin etherium XRP Bitcoin cash and litecoin the fund increased its litecoin investment by 83% from one point eight to three point three percent at the close of quarter one the increase represents the biggest percent gain among the out coins held by the large cap fund here's the actual list right here they went from 66% of Bitcoin for the fund to 68 percent they went from they lowered e3m pi by 0.3 they actually dropped a lot of XRP 14.7% than the fund to around eleven point nine so there's a significant drop they went up a tiny bit for Bitcoin cash and they almost doubled the amount of litecoin that they actually have in the fund grayscale rebalance is the DLC on a quarterly basis adding or removing crypto currencies based on the company's fund criteria they talk about the actual movements of numbers the investment firm which is owned by digital currency group is the world's largest crypto asset manager with over 1.1 billion u.s. dollars in assets under management 1.06 billion allocated in his Bitcoin trust and 11 million in its DLC grayscales incredibly huge I think in the future they're going to end up being like the you can't really call them like the Amazon but they'll be like the largest like fun to the entire world especially if we eventually maybe potentially no one knows end up getting into a multi trillion-dollar crypto market depending on how crazy you kind of want to get with it a lot of people think that eventually crypto will be worth around like 20 30 40 trillion as an entire market if not more I'm not talking about the crazy other Bitcoin price numbers but this will be probably one of the largest financial entities in the entire world kind of crazy to think about we used to have a lot of news about Venezuela before in the past it's kind of slowed down more or less in the cryptocurrency space but what's been happening once again is that Venezuela and I think many other South American countries as well are starting to buy an enormous amount of Bitcoin once again it's not over-the-counter it's through local bitcoins which is pretty much a an app where you can pretty much say hey I have money hey you have Bitcoin let's swap if you're going to use it or net have never heard of it and it sounds appealing to you please do your own research a lot of people have been getting robbed is the nicest way of kind of saying it because there's no real intermediary you meet someone on the street and you kind of swap it this way but what's been happening is that Venezuela for those who don't know is going through hyperinflation like their currency has gone up by a million percent in hyperinflation so it's not looking too well for them a lot of people starting to switch their bolivar is that they have in the country into actual crypto currencies we're also seeing a huge spike happening as well and other South American countries as well because it's just not I mean it's just really not doing well for anyone in these countries so we're also I mean rather there was once again a spike when prices started going back up I wish that there was more exposure for these people in these countries to have access to be able to buy and hold I mean not only real money but also like crypto currencies as well because I still think that these people can benefit the most from it when the prices do start to go back up but yeah let's move on he has a very confusing article simply because it's just China bitcoins price surged last week has led Chinese investors not only to return to trading but pay a premium for doing so this was reported by social media outlets en ledger a day or two ago reproducing price spreads from crypto currency exchanges who will be in okay X C n ledger revealed an increasingly common practice among Chinese traders who wish to acquire Bitcoin since China formally banned cryptocurrency trading in 2017 investors have few options they now have to purchase stable coins such as tether via over-the-counter services and convert them to other crypto currencies and apparently this is now the way that they're doing it now in the wake of the bullish week for Bitcoin which saw BTC USD advance by over $1,000 prances prices prices for those over-the-counter services have steadily risen and CNY as well they said Chinese markets reveal strong buys over-the-counter trades almost only way to buy Bitcoin with Fiat and China showing considerable money return or premium normally 1 USD T is 7 CNY rather people are paying this as opposed to the official 1 USD for 6.7 C and why China it's it's so I don't know if they'll ever be back in the crypto currency space officially I don't think the government's gonna allow something like that to happen unless there's like super crazy tight capital controls like you can't trade more than 2,000 a month or something crazy like that there's already a huge thing where China doesn't like anyone not even rich or poor anyone to kind of take money out of the country they have very strict money controls like very strict capital controls as to who can use what and who can do what and how much money you can take out of the country to suppose a couple years ago people were taking millions every single day out of the country and they were like nope so I think the maximum now is like 50,000 per year or something crazy like that and they try to have such crazy capital controls over everything if we had China back in the crypto currency space prices would probably quadruple over the course of a four week period that's not me joking at all it's interesting to see that trading is banned in China but people obviously are still gonna find a way to kind of get into the cryptocurrency space it's kind of sad because it would be really nice to have an entire country of a billion people I get back into Bitcoin but alas we must wait or just simply have them doing it I don't want to say illegally I don't know if that's like a legal loophole buying tether and then buying other coins but I know I think that owning Bitcoin in China is still legal so maybe that's the way that they're kind of getting around it I I thought this was funny that's what I'm gonna end the video with where is it Don alt a cryptocurrency investor and traded recently suggested that those who wish for the price of Bitcoin to retrace back to its former levels are those who did not buy at the lows and hope for it to plunge so that they can do that to tweet read why do I have the feeling that the only reason a lot of people think Bitcoin will go back to the lows is that they missed their buy-in I mentioned that before a couple days ago and even before that a couple weeks ago my idea was if you are into if you're if you're planning on buying or holding any of the cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin or a very long time or you are maybe even just planning on selling at 20,000 maybe you plan on selling at 50,000 there wasn't a really big difference between you buying in at a thirty four hundred or thirty two hundred or thirty two fifty a lot of people I mean no one knows if this is going to still happen but a lot of people I've noticed are constantly coming forward saying hey hey hey no no no no no Bitcoin still gonna go back down remember a couple days ago somebody was like bitcoins going back to 800 and then somebody said Bitcoin was going to 1,300 a lot of people are talking about bitcoins gonna go around like the the two thousand dollar level it's not really a reason anymore for bitcoins to actually go back down that low I think it's a lot of wishful thinking for a lot of people forgive me for thinking this way but a lot of people who tried to be like master traders and stuff like that and they're like hey I I know exactly when the price is gonna bottom I know I've I've looked at all the charts looked at the scales I know when it's gonna happen Bitcoin is definitely going to 1,800 and this is what a lot of people were shocked about what was it a couple days ago when Bitcoin winner by $1,200 everybody was like oh no no no no it's it's definitely overbought it's definitely gonna crash by another four thousand dollars so I can get in where I want to buy I don't know fundamentally why anyone would logically think that bitcoins price is worth or going to be worth twelve hundred dollars after all the stuff that's been going on how many buy orders people have or had around like twenty two hundred twenty four hundred twenty-six hundred twenty eight hundred three thousand two thousand nine hundred ninety nine kind of all over the place I personally don't see bitcoins price falling and that's simply because of the fundamentals in the amount of people who are buying back into the market and simply because of the price going up over the last a week or so it seems a bit illogical that the price of Bitcoin would drop down four thousand dollars because a chart told you so or someone else's chart told you so like I always say I believe if Bitcoin hit twenty thousand US dollars before before even major players were in the in the cryptocurrency space because we have all these people in the space right now I am a believer that bitcoin is probably at some point in the future going to hit one hundred thousand dollars a coin there is not a real difference between me buying at thirty one hundred or thirty two hundred and thirty three hundred or four thousand a forty 140 150 or five thousand or five thousand two hundred because I'm still gonna make a pretty huge profit when it hits a hundred thousand dollars a coin I think everyone is this is my opinion this is how I feel about a lot of it had a lot of friends who were traders and stuff like that and they they swore up and down that they could tell when this price was gonna dip here and when this was gonna snow and so on how high this was gonna go and I'm like dude just buy it's like eleven hundred dollars like stop just and then they ended up having to buy in when prices were surging around five six seven thousand dollars in 2017 anyway the point is I thought this was funny it was also something that was floating through my head I a lot of people have been coming forward talking about you know bitcoins dead no no no no the bitcoins not done Bitcoin definitely has to go back down and it's like what if it doesn't why didn't why didn't you just buy when Bitcoin was 3,000 like what was the was there really a big difference between the extra 150 dollars that you didn't just buy Bitcoin anyway my opinion I think that's definitely do it for this video I hope you all enjoyed hope you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon degrade evening wherever you are wherever in this crazy world you might be a hope it's absolutely fantastic thank you all once again for watching and are listening very interesting news every single day in the cryptocurrency space as always a very special thank you to my patreon supporters they are se Vercelli fine art crypto artists coldy 3d shaolin fried rice RF dusty kripp nanak minting coins setsuna nicholas one earth one piece one love Jeffrey damn taxes Carl Barton off Cody Geoffrey Ramsey Richie Rich the third Amy star seen Jeremy Fox Jerry Schneider Jim Gardner crypto Joe Joey Crafar wise niteowl singer-songwriter Mike sabbaths Nick Kanaya Anthony Charles Yasha Harari travis haines nick m'angil Avadi professor Wally from gun but university arthur yaku L Doug Brady Nields Rui Rui Gil blow a snake Gilda blow a gale boa snake and vlad the impaler there we go thank you all very much for your generosity I do appreciate it very very much and yeah I'll talk to you soon see you

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  1. There is one coinstar btc atm a few min away from where I live. I checked the price out of curiosity: 1 btc= $6,250

  2. Thanks for the shout out! If you ever want to talk more about the Coinstar collaboration or the things we are working on here at Coinme, don't hesitate to reach out.

  3. TMI, I am following you for more than 1 year and a half I think now and wanted to thank you very much for your dedication and all your hard work. If I would have a chance, I would build a statue in your name.


  4. The coin star machines are great way to spread the crypto use, in the US homeless and panhandlers are the biggest client as it is such an easy way to turn change coin into bills for like 11% fee. TMI great info.

  5. NOT a trader, but would like to be able to afford a full BTC below $2k/coin! I know it's going up to a million eventually!

  6. Bottom picking never works. You buy early and price continues to go down or you wait to buy and never do as price goes back up.

  7. To be honest, I think it'll go down, but not lower than 3.2-3.5k levels. That was, and is, the bottom.

  8. exactly right the only people claiming we will retest low levels are those who missed out — the price is on the way up and will not go below $4700 ever again

  9. From all my reading, short now wait for the the correction and buy again, I love your videos and you one of the few influencers I trust but I think dismissing the oversell was a mistake

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  11. All these pple saying BTC is going down by 4000 3000 are probally listening to Bloomberg, CNN, The Motley fool, etc, etc on mainstream media, and probally regretting they didnt by in at 3100 !!! All those Media channels are Jelouse because there Money in the stocks they have dont go up by 1000 dollars in one day like BTC does!!!

  12. This is a big deal ! The biggest problem, which preventing new people enter bitcoin market is the difficulties and the hoops they have to jump through to get buy bitcoin. I lived in Silicon Valley, where we literally have many of them in every town…However, the biggest problem was the last time I bought some bitcoins, I had to pay 25% premium…(that was over six months ago, hope that got better now..)

  13. Tron?.. how are they able to move so fast? the other platforms don't seem to develop so quickly. Are they that good?

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