Bitcoin Chart Analysis & Talk April 8 – BTC USD

everyone is James of geometric charts calm about 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time we got the daily chart of Bitcoin on the BitFenix exchange so BTC USD first of all the video is not investment advice second of all I thought that Bitcoin kind of CHOP around and then start to try to grab some footing and maybe try to pump up one more time or a couple more times very similar to like what we've seen in some of the alts across the board so far it looks like it's holding up fairly well just a lot of chop here I think like as long as bitcoin is not giving back the consolidation base like around like 4800 bit facts then we should have a pretty good chance of continuing the move upward but I say that with with extreme caution that just be read just just be ready for a nasty drop because I think when this market corrects and even if it's just a corrective move to a continuation higher it's going to be very violent and more than likely I imagine happen like late at night to catch as many traders off-guard as possible and then that will steamroll the panic and create probably a deeper corrective move than most people are going to expect from this price movement but I do think bitcoins trying its best right now just to try to pump higher and I do think this is going to eventually lead to a bullet trap that will lead to a deeper corrective move and then like I said in the future depending on how price reacts from that corrective move as long as that corrective move it isn't a racing 100% of the move like we've seen almost every single time since 20,000 then I think that'll be a positive indicator for the market and possibly even forming kind of more of a rounded bottom to the Bitcoin market which would be a very good sign but I just got to see how that corrective movie is gonna play out again I'm not gonna try to make any any assumptions on what I think it's going to happen until it just and so it starts to happen in real time that's kind of how I try to do these videos but right now things seem fairly stable and guards to volume the money flow it just again it's in a chopping period we made a massive massive move just like any of the other times that bitcoins made some very big moves there's been a lot of shop thereafter even if it is going to make a second leg up or a third leg up it just is with any asset that just needs to kind of chop around regain some energy and then make that price movement upward but I will not stop stressing just be ready for the hammer to come down because it will come down especially when the home when you have a majority of the market a big majority of the market extremely bullish again you this is the market that I feel like every time there's a pump upward it's always the bottom it's always guaranteed to go to the moon and and that's it like there's there's really no other way about it like this market is guaranteed to make you a trillionaire you just have to be able to time the bottom and now essentially everyone's saying it this is the bottom and you buy here and you're gonna be a trillionaire next year so again it's a craziest sentiment I've ever seen in my entire life in any market it does not mean it's not like like it's not like I'm saying it's not the bottom just saying that this market goes from like poking Bitcoin to say and do something to oh my god we're all going to become trillionaires and they're all giving us the opportunity right now because it's always going to be guaranteed to go higher so it's just it's just a crazy crazy sentiment but again I do think as long as we try we chop here will migrate higher then there will be a deeper corrective move depending on how that market reacts to that deeper corrective move I think will be a telling sign on whether we're just going to repeat all the rest of the pumps that we've had since the 20,000 top pumping dumps or if we're actually gonna start to establish that uptrend so that's pretty much it for the analysis there's really not much else numbers-wise I mean I imagine Bitcoin can chop here and continue to pump higher we're probably gonna see close to like 6k maybe even slightly above like in the low sixes if Bitcoin can hold this range and stabilize but again I just can't stress enough that when the hammer does come down it's going to catch a lot of people off-guard and it's gonna be more I think it's gonna be a violent like waterfall event just like we've seen and you can look at the through the history of it I mean you used to kind of like stair step down stair step down avalanche avalanche avalanche avalanche this one kind of just chopped its way down so maybe things are changing a bit but I would just expect they're gonna have lanch like a waterfall event when this market does correct and then depending on if we're able to like stabilize like 50 60 you know or 6 180 or tradesmen or something like that and that would be positive if we start to go a hundred percent then I think it's just a repeat pump-and-dump so that's that's pretty much it everything in a nutshell hopefully they'll be able to something else to talk about on Wednesday but right now to say expect the chop and and then if everything goes as planned possibly another little wave up and then from there I do think things are gonna get a little choppy and I imagine sentiments gonna get even crazier at that point and instead of parabolic moves it'll just be straight moves like like I imagine charts in the future are gonna look just like this so there's there would be no curvature at all it would just be straight to the moon and that's it but anyways so that's it I hope everybody has a great day great night in Japan where you are just a short little video thank you for your time support if you do like the video please like comment subscribe follow and I'll produce another one on Wednesday

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  1. I love the fact that we have proponents for trading and not just hodling alone but most confuse buying and holding coins as investment. That's risky because most commentary about future predictions are wrong. Nobody knows for sure the future with bitcoin or the ALTs and speaking about capitulation and a reversal where the bulls take charge completely, you can only be sure when its already happened. A year ago, we thought it was a capitulation when btc dropped from about $20,000 to $6,000 and it was expected to quickly rebound and find new highs. To do well with cryptos, you need to find a working system to use in expanding that portfolio over and over again until the next resistance which many believe to be in the range of $6000. I got 5 more btc last month and now, with the help of Samuel Garcia's patterns and signals, I have grown that to 11 btc already and I intend adding another 3btc every other month. When bitcoin value eventually starts skyrocketing, I would have had a very good stock in my portfolio. It is no secret Samuel Garcia's signals and trade strategy are some of the best and speaking with him for the first time 2 months ago gave me a clearer understanding of how to make money and propelled me into this system of his that has really helped me in growing my portfolio. You can reach him on Samuel Garcia([email protected]) if you need advice or any assistance to help you trade better

  2. this dude has no clue, 3 videos ago he said we would b going sideways for years, and it would take 10 years to get back to 20,000, just like the nasdaq , but now hes saying were going higher , a whole 3 videos later ????

  3. interesting enough, everything and every indicator is screaming we're topped out for the last few weeks. and every bear is now screaming the moon, Venus and beyond. let it be a violent crash. thanks James.

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