BITCOIN CHALLENGE DAY #5⚡⚡ BOSS METHOD Free Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis & Crypto News BTC USD

THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! And We See This is Exactly What is happening Now They’re Saying That Gold is increasing right Now not because of the Geopolitical Events That we’re Seeing That with north korea and everything Like That This has to do with The Market Mechanics The Underlying economy so what we’re seeing right Now is These Things They Understand They’ve Been accumulating a Lot of Gold a Lot of Silver don’t be fooled by this Central Banks Have Been accumulating gold in so our Countries have Been accumulating gold and Silver Because They realize They understand That the dollar is not going to last Now James Rickards Was Out there and he’s Been talking about Crypto currencies and He’s Saying That These Central Banks in countries They don’t want? To put an end To the typical Currencies They want to Control The Crypto Currencies and He’s Saying That There is Every indication That You’ve Got Roots Regulator Tax authorities and the Global elite are moving? In or the Crypto Kill he said the future corn and all the Other Cryptocurrencies Maybe The dystopia in Which big brother controls What’s Called the blockchain and Decides One in how you can buy or sell anything and Everything This is What They want to do because They understand That This is going to be the next Generation of Electronic Currency and That You don’t want This to be an open Decentralized System They Check Check i’m in a Chat Right Now can you Guys Hear My Voice okay Let me know if you could Hear me to date vip One-on-One meeting That We Have One Set That Would you schedule it If we Haven’t done it i can assure you it’s not because i was sitting on a Couch Watching television I don’t watch television All right Cool so we’ll go ahead and Get started down um? Make This quick we Got a Nice clean Chart Tonight Salad Breakout a Big Crip don’t Stay Safe Man and Stay Inside stay Safe If he’s still in buckle down Hopefully You’re Able to get up out of there though Cool Let’s Go ahead and Get started We Go put about five minutes on the clock today for our Countdown Let’S see we’ll Go 905 I’m gonna test This Out one more time Let’s see if today any Better Look like it’s still a Leg I’m gonna check let me know iF it’s a lag I’m a Clap Three Times That might Be Good is it low lag Does my voice Match My Hands That’s Good Yeah i like Weird it’s not as Bad as This Mornin oh? Hmm It’S interesting Every day it’s something a Little Bit different Bitcoin Caches getting Ready to make some Money That Was the first coin we Bought on day one So if you got it hold It and Send Your boy a little tip once you once you once you break out If you’re an Attack remember to keep it positive or you uh Will Be Kicked Out Pretty quick Put me Through University That’s What I’m here to do i like it So again Guys We Got. Two and a Half Minutes We Need to get up to 75 likes on this video If we’re not Able to do that Then Nobody Wins nobody Get some Money and i keep It moving yes i’ve Checked out d Tube I Think i’ve Uploaded a Few videos on there Just Haven’t done Every single one i will avenge alito? Going from ashy to Classy Was uh What’s going on Everybody What’S going on Miss Danielle? Make sure you Guys Hit that like Button we need 75 likes how many are we Out right Now i Don’t even think we close yet We Should Be Hopefully Let’S see here? okay Good Perfect i Need to go ahead and Throw This and our Group There you go Good Good Deal Let’s Go ahead and Get Started yo It’s actually not that Bad Now the lag looks Pretty Good Alright Is This lag Fit It Looks Like it’s straight on now Pretty close Yes i prefer to be called bk Kc don’t send your wallet through The chat That’s not cool Don’t do That All right Good Let’s Go ahead and Get started Laughs That’s Pretty Good Yo-Yo! Good we’ll be back in two minutes Live From The usa hoping you get paid every day This is the boat and i got the number one website on the Market for you to cash in and cash out in cash Money for Bitcoin it’s called Big quick dot co there’s a Link in the description And it’s in the number-One comment on this video you go to their website you’re gonna see this right Here you click on buy? and You tell them how much Money You want To spend and it will automatically convert That Amount in a Bitcoin Once You have that Amount Ready you let them know how you want to pay for It you can Either do a cash Deposit or Money transfer i do cash Deposits through a Major Bank Right Here in the usa you pick what bank you want personally I use bank of America Because They have so many Locations And it’S quite convenient to my house a Big Thing to note Here is you only Have three hours? To get that cash Money Into the bank account that they send you They’re gonna send you someone else’s bank account at bank of America Who’s a Member of Bank of America And You will Put Your information into the system So that Once you Deposit the Money into their account they send you the bitcoin So this is how it Works you Put your state your email Address They will verify Any Phone Number You give them with a simple six digit text message and you also Put Your bitcoin Address notice That there is a Two percent fee this morning When i sent five Hundred Dollars They Charged me Ten Dollars to send it but That’s not Bad at All In crypto land so you click on Next right Thereafter it’s confirmed and They’ll Send you an email And notice This is cash Only you guys don’t Go online and Try to transfer it into the person’s account because it won’t Work you Need to go into a bank with cash Money in the email that They send you They’ll Put Their name They’ll put A 12 digit account Number They’ll Put that Holder state That’s all You Need and They Will also confirm Your bitcoin Address where the Money Will be sin Biggest Thing To note Here is that You will need to receive the upload link And Send them the receipt of the transfer this is What that Looks like When you go to bank of America You fill in copy and paste the information from that email Verify The account Number and all you do is you take a picture of The Deposit Receipt After You Send it you Type in that little no Refunds are a Big quick on bitcoin boom Upload It into That email right There using That link and congratulations Baby You are Now a Part of the Money team this is the boat With Another Breakthrough website for You Guys i hope It Helps and i hope You will be profitable and prosperous in the Market Let’s go Like a Boss That’s right Everyone Live From The usa helping you get paid every day this is the Boasts of Bitcoin The Cristo of Preped oh it’s your boy bk and if you don’t like me you Must Not Like Money Today is September 7th and i got another Mover for You Guys That’s ready to break out in the Market We are looking to buy bottles and you are looking to buy It quick it’s on the ground floor and it’s about. To break out This is your first time tuning in congratulations Baby You are now Rocking with them best My name Is became my friends know me as a Crypto traitor and i am the Boss of These Charts as You Will soon find out Every day I’m fortunate enough to grace This microphone with my voices a day That somebody Else Is fortunate enough to Profit As a Result and Today IS no Exception with that being Said i’m going to Jump out Into our Chat and Pick Somebody at Random Everybody has Been Jumping on Throwing comments Out There i forgot to give a question of the day so Let’s Just do this Let’s Say How much Money Will Bitcoin Will The price of Bitcoin be One Week from today So the price of bitcoin one week for today i am going to show you our Facebook community And Then we’re gonna come back and pick a Winner so if you’re in the chat right Now you got about 30 Seconds How Much What’s the price of bitcoin going to be In Seven Days We Go come back and pick a Winner again if This is your first time tuning in i give away cash Money on The air Seven Days a Week and One of The Ways i do that is right Here in our Facebook Group It’s called The Number One bitcoin Group in the World Bam There we Go right and so as you can see on this Group we have? 10,000 of my Best Friends coming Together 24 hours a day Seven Days a Week to make You Money They made me a lot of Money and i in Turn Try to make them a Lot of Money So That’s Why we’re here? you Know it’s an amazing amazing community a Lot of Very Talented Charters And Crypto traders you know and and i give i give you Guys Little little Hints on what is yet To come so this Was a Chart That i Picked today? you Know this is voxels chart on a three Hundred and Forty three minute chart and you can see this thing is Consolidating on the Ground floor and we are about to buy some prime time real estate so with that being Said let’s Go ahead Jump Out of Here and Let’s Go to our chat and pick our Winner so the question of the day How much Will? Bitcoin be in one Week today What’s the price of BtC today bitcoin is about What Forty To forty One Hundred something Like That? Somewhere in there we’re still above four Thousand so let’s see who do we Got Who do we Got Who do we Get Bam Let’s go with my man Jonathan carpenter Real quick who said five Thousand One Hundred and Forty What i did is i Read pick me and then i Just saw the Next person that Actually put a Number So i’ll give you a Hint if You could Pick me i’m not gonna Actually Pick you Congratulations My Man Jonathan Carpenter This is all I’m Doing right Here i’m Saying bitcoin Winner of the day Go ahead Like That comment Message me Your Wallet Big John and i sent you a couple bucks in bTC as a Token of my appreciation Thank you for being a Member of This community Thank you so much for getting Involved Let’s get to the money so here we Go baby we are looking at Voxels and i Showed You the chart Before That’s it right there on a three Hundred and Forty three minute chart on trading view Dot-Com Let’S go over – This guy Bam There we Go you can look at This Thing right here and see basically that we are setting Up like it’S it’s it’s really you Know a Pretty Pretty Beautiful Breakout and Then Break Down right so even if we Go pete – pete Just like That up up up Right And Even These dotted Lines Show the Breakdowns With This dotted line Right Here how did i get that line well in order to get that line i Just did The Top of the moving average From This Intersection It Looks Like Right There Where did that Come from Was that in the past? came from somewhere oh That’s a One day i never used One Days i was on the wrong candle i was like Why don’t that Make sense That’s a Big Thing You Guys Make sure you’re always on the right candle i had a Couple videos Early on Where i was looking at The wrong candle and i Completely Missed a Chart Up that Was My Dashes cache video i was Looking at You know the wrong Candle Said Dashes trash and sure enough It Broke Out about a Week later cuz i look you know Foolish enough Not to look look at the right candle so here we go 343 minute chart Bam Bam right Breakdown to Breakdown Green line to Green line you can cut the candle off Just look at The Seven and a Seventy Seven and That’s gonna Tell You most of all The information you Need to know to make Money for My trendline The Two intersections i Picked Right There and Right There Copy and paste It Throw It Up top To that moment in time Throw It down low? To that moment in time? And on both Sides We Get Confirmation Right There that It still Holds And Pretty Sure We Get something all The Way back here too let’s see There you go and that top line we Got Confirmation all The Way back there At That top line Was sally Right So when you got a Good trendline It Doesn’t matter Where it confirms that as long As It Confirms it will tell you When it’s ready to make some Money and Make some moves and so with that being Said One Other Thing we Could do Real quick is a Freestyle own of fibonacci so let’s Bring That Out right Now we go do break out to break down and you can see we Spend a lot of time in that Money zone and Right Now we’re basically Consolidating on the Ground floor if we Walk This Thing down to Break Down to break Out look at That And Let’s Just do the bottom of the Green To the top of the Green right there and that will more or less give us the range That we’re looking for i Normally Like Sticking It right There at All Break Out the Breakdown Right so essentially This is a Pretty Good consolidation to be in and That’s It right There Actually Right so that might have Been a Bit confusing This is how we do to freestyle on a fibonacci Let’S Go from this Point right Here All the Way Up the chart? The Original trendline That we were Looking at Break Out. To break down and you can See that Basically we are consolidating That two two three six What we’re gonna need to do is we are going to need to break Out of that area we’re gonna Have some downward pressure on us at first but Once we Do Get Out of There We’re Shooting Up into that Money zone and That’s where we Spend a lot of time in the past right We Spent a lot of time in that Money zone Trying to figure out What was going on but The minute we’re Able to break Out of That Money zone Do something Like That come back down to the blue and we are off. To the Races To high-five That orange line right There One of The Ways i know that we’re due for that Money zone is if you look at This Chart This trendline You Throw it Up top to that top Green that basically Gives you this moment in time at the top of our Money zone Which is Very Fortuitous Because It Shows You that That’s Just How the energy and the Charts Lines Up and It Gives you this time as well Which means that We Should be Crossing and look at That i i’m trying to tell you i’m a Boss at Freestyling on fibonacci We Should Be Crossing into That Money zone no Later Than 1/2 Right So there you go guys This Thing Should Be getting in there right Around There buy it Now buy it while his cheap is set up to break Out as long as This Market is strong Voxels Will Be Outperforming Bitcoin Pretty Consistently and That Is how you chart like a boss oh? Hey do me a favor real quick i wanted to make This Thing Clean quick and to the point so if you are in the Chat Right Now Shout Your country Out we’re gonna come back to you guys in about 30 Seconds so if you’re gonna Chat Right Now imma get you guys queued up Shout Your country out i know we Got Miss Danielle Holding down the south side of Brazil But Let’s see who else is It gonna Check in on our global Global Global Check-in coming Up so this is how we buy Voxels Now that We See that This Thing gets a Solid Pick Now we want to buy it So again This is bit Ryx all we Do Is Type in vito x up top you can see i don’t even got it yet but I’m Buying It right Now So we click bo x Oh boy Dang This Thing Then Jumped we Click on Bid Right Click on Macs Actually no i want to buy 0.01 btC always point oh one? buy Voxels are you sure yes give me 750 42 voxels Bam That’s how you do It man it’s Just That easy you know it don’t Have to be overly complicated it don’t. Have to be no a long Drawn-out process Once The Chart Shows us that it’s time to make Money and on This one It is time to make some Money It literally can’t Go much Lower you know and even if It Does Say It Does Break down there Which i doubt it but it’s possible That Means We Got To start delivering Some pizzas and Working at Domino’s cuz we Need some more fiat to dump in at the bottom Cuz Now we Got We Got Half off you know It’s like This Thing is guaranteed Just about i’m chantal You the energy in the chart This Thing is guaranteed You Know even if It Go down there it Would Be guaranteed to break out By November That’s not That Bad That’s not that Bad of a trade So there you go guys That’s a it’S a Very strong Chart Voxels a Solid so if you’ve Been following us Day-To-day day One bitcoin cash day two pivots day three golem day four Mysterium and day five Voxels That’s a Solid list You Guys That’s a Lot of starter coins you got a couple power Players in there you Know and we are setting our portfolio not Part for portfolio Up Pretty Nice but a Long-Term This is how you do it We haven’t even sold Anything yet Because a Lot of the coins are Just now Starting to make some Money so we gonna be sitting on Poor a couple Weeks riding that wave in the minute It start to fall off Pull That Money off Put It on something else and you Go see Exactly how we Flip When that started Happening So if you found this content Useful again Make sure you hit that subscribe button i come on This Channel 7 Days a Week? To try to get you paid so let’s Jump into the chat and see who we got rocking out with us right now do me a favor Do not Throw My Channel or you will get blocked and Called out Live on it Here Miss i surrender don’t do don’t Do so, Let’s Go Guys We Got new Zealand London Canada mile high city salute egypt Morocco usa angling Down under australia Belgium Germany One time title in Australia Two Times back to back Sactown quebec india um Philippines New Zealand Two Times washington Heights decatur Shout-Out to the dirty south scotland uk Texas and Canada Eastern Europe Romania is Bringing Us home you know and That’s it you guys It’s pretty late Tonight i Just wanted to Jump on give you Guys you know a quick Break Out trade to make some Money iF You appreciate This content Make Sure you like subscribe Turn notifications on come back with me tomorrow i’m gonna have another banger Fight? If you appreciate that content Guys You Go love What we Got in the future this is a Growing community 10,000 People Facebook and YouTube a Hundred Nations all come together and Make Money That’s how it’s gotta be That’s What’S gonna Empower our People That’s what i’m here to do So with that being Say Guys it’s that time of the day Signing out Boats Your boy bk No matter Where you stay from brazil To bait and california Good night Good Morning and Good day i truly do appreciate your time Just subscribe and share This video if You appreciate mine with that being Said I wanted to Jump in to our website Just To show You the community and the different products We Got to help You be profitable all you do on your computer or on Your Cell Phone as you go to boss of bitcoin comm i know we Got a lot of first-time traders i was about to Jump off The air Without Helping Y’All Get some Money i apologize about That you Got a Boss Big bitcoin Right Now you go see that guy on the right Hand side suited and Booted Looking Like The American dream Wearing That Red White blue so proud you know Saying they Said somebody gotta be the boss and i think he’d do it Pretty Well so let’s click on Shop on Boss of Bitcoin comm We Got Three products for You the first one is the profit package and Again i Say This is the list of the Movers the Shakers and The Money Makers Hundred million Dollar-Plus These coins are have Broken Out will break out again and are essentially The ones controlling The Market When One gets cold Another gets Hot and right Now Since august 15 three of them are North Of Triple digits Twenty five Dollars You can Have that list It is a Very Very solid and getting You to the next level if you Just getting started Their dream team Is a Is one that i Really Like Right Now it’s a Reminder of J cole song They talk about it Just started with a Dollar and a Dream you Know and and this is the next Generation 2.0 3.0 a Lot of coins People Haven’t even Heard of That You can Literally buy for one and two Dollars Right Now you Throw them on top of on top of the profit package and you got an Arsenal That Will Be Making Money for Many Years to come And The last Thing We Got You Guys Is a One-on-One meeting with the boy bk $25 will like open Up my Calendar to you the rest of the details are in the description so once You Pay That $25 you will get a Link to my Direct Calendar Say You wanted to do something i think this weekend is probably sold Out but yeah Monday Monday Afternoon Once The Kids Get back from School 5:00 p.m. Bam click that button you are now one-on-One Setup With the boss to make You some money so like i said you guys That’s What i try to do 7 Days a Week is is talk to people Around the World and Help People Make Money Help People Stay Empowered Help People Get Out of Debt Help People Pay off day home help People pay off Their car help People Put Money Away for college Help People You Know Have to Work 30 Years 40 hours At 40 hours a Week you know for 401k gross in 8% a Year Let me tell you something i make that in my Sleep no Joke 8% Year no scam Artists on wall street want to tell you 8% of Years Pretty Good The Boss Said it ain’t That Good no more Boss Said we can Get 8 Percent by Tomorrow That’s Right We Get 8000 percent this Year By Swing training using the Boss method That’s coming in another video i Gotta Go guys don’t Get me started it’s too late Get my blood pressure up That being Said it’s that time Today you guys Signing Out Your boy bk No matter Where you stay brazil debate Phone i a Good night Good morning and Good day subscribe share This video Let’s empower each Other Let’s love each Other Let’s profit together less prosper Together Till We Meet Again Stay Cryptic y’All Please you

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  1. Isn’t it interesting that chart patterns, no matter the market there showing, always seem to develop and behave the same way? Fear, Greed, Risk, Reward, Probabilities. Humans behavior will never change. Let’s make America Trade again Brandon!

  2. Poor BK, by the time he gets to buying the coin his followers already pumped the coin! Might have to buy at the beginning of the vid and THEN show us why, LOL

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